Season 13 Episode 9

Happy Turkey Gizzards Day!

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2012 on Food Network

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  • Come On!

    The first one to go should have been the guy who left the tamal whole.

    And it's TAMAL for a single one. Tamales is plural. Fancy schmancy chefs don't know everything.
  • Good Gizzards!

    Watched this episode with interest, as my Italian grandmother used to make a delicious appetizer with chicken gizzards, onions, and mushrooms. Saute them with garlic, salt and black pepper, and add tomato paste and some liquid--wine, chicken broth, water, whatever you want--to the mixture so it is the thick consistency similar to a greenbean casserole. Eat it by itself or on crusty Italian bread. I couldn't believe the one chef did not know to remove the gristley cartlidge between the two halves of the gizzard--I mean, come on, even if you aren't a chef, isn't it obviously that junk isn't going to cook up and be edible?
  • blatant discrimination against blacks

    At least try to disguise your disdain for chefs of color. i guess it wouldn't be reality tv if you didn't get rid of the darkies first. how about an episode of all black chefs. You would find a way for no one to win that show! The lady from "Worth Our Weight" got robbed in first round. Time for TVOne or BET to

    start a similar show.
  • Dumb Judges

    This is the most prejudice, nic-picking, unfair judges on this show out of all the cooking shows.