Season 8 Episode 2

Ladies First!

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jul 19, 2011 on Food Network

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  • CARA

    LOL at TVFAN2012 but she sure is Fine though. Also the other girl Susan didn't even know if cooking was for her and said so in the beginning and displayed lack of self-esteem. When you really look at it, Cara told the truth in a way about Susan.
  • Cara clearly thinks she can get by on her looks with a hefty portion of arrogance

    I am an avid chopped fan and don't think I've even seen a more arrogant contestant. She thought she had it in the bag from the start of the show and when the judges gave her feedback on what she could improve upon, her eyes trailed off and she was obviously not paying attention. I guess she didn't think the judges could offer any suggestions to improve upon her supposed perfection.

    Yes, she's nice to look at but her reluctance to accept feedback and he glee at bashing her competitors make her less attractive. The fact that she lost says her cooking could use some improvement as well.
  • Cara...?

    You know, there's a difference between "having balls" and arrogance. I watched the entire episode and what I saw at the end was a humble chef, passionate about what she does versus an arrogant chef that thought she could win on attitude alone. There is a difference between confidence and arrogance, and Cara should learn that. Otherwise there will be people like me who delight in the fact she didn't win. I absolutely LOVE Deirdre, and hope to see more of her soon. Congratulations to Suzanne, your humility and courage will carry you far and keep you ever reaching new heights.
  • Cara Thompson

    Is there any chef out there hotter than Cara Thompson? So skilled and so beautiful!