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  • Chopped "The Truth"

    What you have to know is this - the producers have little ear mics in the judges ears and tell them to say negative things, to "Critique" the dishes. So that no dish gets all positive. Also, the judges discuss the dishes for a very long time before determining who is sent home. Due to TV, they can not show all of the discussions and sometime arguements. Second, these judges have developed palettes to taste every spice, every ingredient, after all that is their job on the show and in their own business. For those who don't like a judge (Chris Santos, Jeffery Zakarian, etc) not all they say is their own words, again, the producers have great input and make these guys the fall guys. I know for a fact Chris Santos is a teddy bear. As for all the remarks on racism, get a life. Just because the "Black, Latino, Asian, guy/girl doesn't win, doesn't make it about race. Puleeze!!!! If one person is ethnic and other 3 are caucasion, that person has 25% chance to win - get over it. Many ethnic races win. As for women, this is a man dominated occupation, so if you want to hang with the big boys you better bring it. I am a woman, I would like to see all women win, but only if they deserve it. Nuff Said
  • Love watching Chopped

    I love Chopped It is fun to watch and interesting to see what the contestants can make out of such wierd ingredients. Lets have more Chopped episodes and less diner and dives shows. Its getting tiring.
  • Chopped

    Chris Santos is a real jerk. He finds fault with everything & is extremely arrogant. He takes away from the show. Please take him off!!
  • Why do you need to through in the race card on a cooking show

    candyman2487 clearly did'nt watch or hear why his favorite contestant did'nt get to move on,

    he made a taco with a raw tortilla, who in their right mind makes a taco and does'nt heat up

    the tortilla, especially since he had plenty of time to do so. The judges job is hard enough as

    it is to pic a dish that has used all of the ingredients, that is prepared correctly as possible

    which includes needing to be edible, This is absolutely "not " racism, as suggested by

    candyman2487, but lack of culinary skills in regards to preparing Mexican food for a dish

    he was being judged on.

    I think it's time candyman2487 finds somewhere else to grandstand. If he's only interested

    in the show when African/americans get to move on up, or win. Maybe he should watch BET
  • chopped is racists

    I think the show is unfair to African Americans I was just watching the show and the black made a taco and they like it but they didn't like that he didn't heat the tortilla and the other guy they said his was over cook and was not tasty but he had a good presentation I thought this was a cooking show how can u win with a presentation and bad food I was disappointed a black person never won chopped and I see why
  • every reviewer complains about the same thing

    i don't see how this show is misogynistic or racist. people of multiple ethnicities win all the time, women win just as often as men (when compared to the statistics of how many men there are vs women in the kitchen--which yes, is less.. sorry kids), and all the judges have incredibly successful restaurants. the show is produced almost entirely by women, including the people on the very top, with only one man listed as a producer. the story does get repetitive, yes, but that's a formula that works or else so many people wouldn't keep watching it. no need to bring your own racism, sexism, or other form of bias into it.
  • Used to like this show a lot but...

    It seems the more I watch, the more I realize that it is very biased against the women chefs. I know that the majority of chefs in restaurants are men. Most shows start out with 1 women and the rest men. In the first round, the woman is the first to go much of the time, even when their mistakes are less than the others. It seems like women are only wanted on the show to go through the motions of having women players and the men (white men) are often excused from same or worse mistakes than the them. It has become very obvious that this is the way they role on here... don't know how much longer I will watch this. And I agree that Zakarian is nasty sometimes with people he doesn't "like"
  • He wouldn't have liked Julia Child !

    Judge Zakarian has no right to sit on the panel ! His obvious dislike of the English female chef on last night's show, was sickening to watch. His comments about her talking and messiness were completely unprofessional and made me very angry. A very small minded man . I hope he is replaced ! He wouldn't have like Julia Child !!!
  • Jan. 29 final round.

    Shocking decision on part of judges. Sickening. Male chauvinist to the extreme. Horrible decision. You know she was the better performer. Hands down she deserved to win. She is clearly an amazing chef- Wonder if male judges have chip on shoulder where she is concerned because she is not intimidated? Male judges seem to have a serious man crush on Jun. and taken by his accent and demeanor. Most disappointing episode ever. Getting so tired of male dominated approach to judging food on this show.
  • Whata show

    I love this show! I continue to be amazed by the talent these chefs have. I must say the show is missing an important rule, once a chef cuts themselves they should be forced to walk over to a medic and be properly bandaged. How is it ok for these people who are dripping blood to prepare food for another person to eat? I'm sorry, the plastic glove isn't doing it for me. Aside from that it's a fantastic idea for a show and I watch it all the time.

    I can't stand it when the chef's are asked why they're on the show and they break down crying and say it's in memory of their dying parent, sick kid, poor childhood-who cares----it's as if they're begging for sympathy-just cook! The show is great-no need for sad sob stories.
  • Love the show,but!

    I see this show is obviously racist against African Americans. Unfortunately, but not surprising. If not for that, I would've rated it a 10.
  • Guilty Pleasure

    Just got into Chopped within the last year and I can definitely say I am hooked. It's given me so many ideas for cooking and I just can't get enough!
  • Blood spills

    I could never come up with the cooking ideas these cooks come up with. I just want to say that if a person could come on this show and get kicked off in the first round, they are still doing more then what I could do. Cheers to you people..

    I think it would be fare if someone cuts themselves then they should get a 5 minute cleanup time to correct the problem. It seems really unlucky that a potential winner looses a chance at winning because they are bleeding.

  • Contestant Advice

    Love the show; it amazes me how anybody can create an edible dish with the bizarre combinations of ingredients they get. Some advice to the contestants: do not attempt to cook rice--it won't cook in time and you will be CHOPPED! A substitute, if available--orzo pasta. Also, do NOT use Truffle oil, I think every contestant who has used it gets CHOPPED! I also suggest if contestants know who the judges are ahead of time that they research their likes and dislikes. I think the Jeoffrey guy hates green peppers, black pepper, and someone--maybe still him--hates red onions. Seems like when he's a judge, if those items get into the dishes, the chef who prepared it gets CHOPPED! Additionally, the round that is beginning to bore me is the dessert round. I am tired of bread pudding. Contestants--please plan ahead and have an adaptable dessert idea if you make it to the final round that doesn't utilize bread. Like, how about a parfait, a mousse, a crunch, or poached fruit? I also think it would be cool if the show would eventually, even just once a year, have a fan competition and allow fans who are not chefs, caterers, or cooks compete. Maybe a celebrity competition, too.
  • Chooped

    I have been watching Chopped for such a long-time and the only judge that I feel is unfair is the mexican judge Arone Sanchaz. He will support his race no matter what. See I am spanish,indian and black. I live in San Diego California and I know how mexcian stick together no matter what, if it was not for the other judges all the mexicans that came threw chopped Arone would vote for no matter what. The spanish is tought to stick by your culture no matter what.
  • CHOPPED Judges are Unfair-also rarely do African Americans win!

    I love Chopped & I watch the show often! I am quite disturbed at how often the rules change & you can be sure the African American chefs are going home!! If you leave out ingredients, you shouldn't be able to move on! I just want to see more African American chefs win. The show I just watched, the chef had poor presentations, no creativity, entree meal was huge-but he won! Doesn't make sense!!
  • really, salt

    I love chopped but latly the person who slathers salt on stuff, the judges say theres not enough salt.This is wrong judges!Get a pallet!
  • General Comment

    I have been an avid chopped viewer since season one. I am extremely unhappy with the fact that you say, in the beginning of each show, that you must use everything in your basket and then when people don't, sometimes you let them move through to the next round. This is incredibly wrong. Must means MUST,no matter if someone is a better chef or not they MUST use all of the ingredients. I will soon be discontinuing watching your show if this policy continues. You are entirely inconsistent when it comes to this matter.
  • Good idea for a show.

    Why are chefs on this show always full of theirselves. but love the show.
  • Maybe not fixed but certainly racist

    Fisrt show the Black fireman was eliminated his meat over cooked but so was another

    Next show a White lady left off her almonds; she won the show against a Black whose food was just as good and he didn't miss any ingredients.

    Next show a White left off ingredient the judge said that was a terrible error and was chopped

    I like the show but didn't realize how racist the judges were. I won't watch when Black chiefs are on because I know the outcome! Shame on the judges! It's insulting to listen to them make up reasons to chop the Blacks. Aired 11/6
  • A New Kind Of Challenge

    First off, I would like to say this is one of my favorite shows. Right now as I am writing this, I am watching your Halloween Episode. What I would love to see would be everyday wives/husbands doing these challenges. There are lots of us out there that are good cooks and are just as creative using the basket ingredients. (I am not saying this for me, because I could not maneuver around the kitchen that fast anymore, am disabled). Also, why is it when a cook gets into a bind they always seem to turn to arugula? I think unless you have arugula in the basket it should not be able to be used.Keep the show showing.... it has given me some great ideas for cooking with. One idea is that I had a mystery ingredient given to me. A three pound container of mango puree. Not wanting to let it go to waste I finally decided to make a jam with it. Then when in the frig realized I had a large bowl of fresh jalapenos from my garden. So with the taste testing done by my husband (you can't make it hot enough for him) I made a hot jalapeno mango jam. The mango puree mainly acting as a base. Needless to say, I have a jam that I can use for cooking with also. Heat from your food needs to be balanced. Watching your show and listening to my husband, I have learned how to use cracked red pepper, not so much to add heat, but to strenghten the taste that is already there.

  • Winner being judged on more than dessert round

    Why are the chefs being judge in the final round on more than the dessert they made? My point being if they are in the dessert round that's what they should be judged on not the appetizer or entree, they were already judged on those.
  • Ghost Chile Entre

    Judges get off your high horses and grow some backbones. If you can't handle the heat then get out of the kitchen literally. What kind of a chef or judge compares hot chiles to shards of glass? You guys actually chopped her for putting pieces of ghost chile in her stir fry which actually was one of the four ingredients? And the irony is you kept the one who failed to get all the ingredients on the plates TWICE. The ghost chile is here to stay, what are you guys, chickens?

    Did you even stop to think that a judge or judges going into an extreme hot chile induced HOT OUT will shoot your ratings through the roof? WTH is wrong with you guys, man? Toughen up!

    These judges either need to get used to it or move aside and let more cultured judges do a fair job... chickens.

    I think it's awesome watching people compete on chopped. But some of the judges are unfair, it's like you can guess who is gonna go home & who is gonna win. But idc i like this show because people can get creative with their cooking & i like to cook :)
  • Chopped

    I like the concept of the show. I watch a lot of shows from Food Network. What I dislike immensely about Chopped is that judging is quite unfair. It seems like I can pretty much predict who will win by who has the "saddest" story. Take for instance the "Chopped: Teenager chefs." The black girl won because her brother died recently. If you watched the whole episode, you can see by her facial expressions from judges comments that her food was not the best, i.e. under season, sauce did not stick with chicken, crepe was sloppy. Yet she was the champion because the others did not have a "sadder" story. That is crap! Chefs (young and adults) should be judged honestly by their skills and not because judges feel bad about them!
  • Scott Conant - raw red onion prick!

    the guys is the biggest ass.. just because you don't like red onions doesn't mean you can tear apart someone's dish, they are not your personal chef! props to the guy that used raw red onion twice in episode "in a pinch" > in yo face!
  • Class Acts

    Best best best episodes on chopped ! The real cooking heroes ! We need more !
  • biased?

    I was just watching the current episode on TV, and had to switch to other programs. I don't understand, for the entree part, the female chef completely messed up the duck breast, which I think is the most important component of the entree. She simply didn't have time to cook the duck breast. But she wasn't chopped!! The chef who was chopped cooked perfect duck breast, only one piece of potato was raw taste. This is not fair. I bet the judges can enjoy their raw duck breast with large portion of raw fat on it. But I cannot!
  • All the ingredents

    One of the rules is that all the ingredents have to be used in so way. Why is it that a chef that uses all their ingredents is chopped when another chef forgets one. I don't think that is right. Go by the rules.
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