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    You need to do a gluten free episode!!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband has celiac disease and loves your show but would never be able to be on it because he wouldn't be able to try any of the food he'd cook. Please please please please please please please do a gluten free show(s). It's becoming more popular now because of the dietary reasons and trend of eating healthy. Please please please please!
  • Choppism

    This is one of the most "racism by omission" against African Americans show I've seen yet. The judges consistently allow blacks to compete and win until a black contestant gets to the final two, at this point an African American can clearly be winning on every category and its at this point that at least one judge, predominantly a white female trashes the black contestant. The rest is history, pure and blatant racism which is totally unacceptable and needs to be addressed. I believe in fairness not color. Clean it up now!
  • Just needs a little crunch.

    Most frequently heard judges critiques: 1. Item needs more salt. 2. Dish needs just a little crunch. 3. The dessert is too sweet (isn't 'sweet' the main draw of a dessert?). 4. The dish needs acid. 5. The basket items weren't transformed (yet they shouldn't be transformed TOO much). 6. The shrimp wasn't cleaned properly. These overused responses are too predictable and boring. I really feel they need new blood as far as the core group of judges go, in order to keep it fresh.
  • A little salt goes a long way.

    One of the most recurring comment on Chopped is that the food needs salt. Please, for the sake of people's health, stop! Many people these chefs are cooking for, and everyone in general, needs less salt in their food. You can always add salt at the table, without insulting the chef, if the dish needs the spice to meet your individual taste. I'd much rather taste the ingredients than salt. I don't want to taste the salt.

    I love Chopped.
  • Chopped -SUPER bias!!!

    I used to really enjoy watching chopped. I have watched almost all the episodes. After watching many episode, I began observing a pattern that was very alarming. I noticed while many African American chopped contestants were making it to the final round, the dessert round. They rarely and I mean RARELY ever claimed the illustrious title of Chopped Champ winning the covenant 10,000 prize money! Time after time they would get to that final round and never win. I personally believe they bring them to the end just for the ratings! Even the teen tournaments are the same!! What a pathetic, bias They won't be getting any added ratings from me. The prejudice and bias continue in the year of 2015. Some say African Americans have come so far but there are MANY who still want to desperately hold Us back!
  • ultimate chapions pros

    still do not understand how Ted Allen can come on the show and say you Have to use all ingredients but yet judges put people through that do not use all. Yes sometimes if a chef not know what to do with ingredient leave off and taste great is not a judge choice Program needs to be based on what is use all ingredients if you have two do not use all can judge from that or NETWORK NEEDS TO CHANGE WHAT TED SAYS IN BEGINNING OF SHOW TO MANY GO THROUGH NOT USING ALL INGREDIENTS. Rating is based on requirements you ask for

  • I hate this show

    Why is it that no matter how depressing or horrible their life story is, the coloured never win this show? Yet the whites could be competing for something such as a chance to open their restaurant and they make it to chopped superstars? This show is so extremely biased and overrated, it's absurd. Why does anyone even watch this show, retire it already Jesus Christ.
  • Judges

    I use love this show but now I'm not to crazy about it even though the viewers don't taste the food so we go one what y'all say so that's how we judge but when it come down to it y'all say one thing and do another I don't know not liking this show y'all can take it off booooo to the judges new judges plz thks just being honest
  • Aussie baskets show

    I think the judges need to go back To school as the voted off the older guy who over cooked the beef where the younger guy served raw beef and as far as safety, health issue the one who served raw beef should have gone home as raw beef can cause server health issues. If I served raw beef and health dept found out I be out of work while over cooked I may have to cook a new steak but it would not be a health issue I guess they love raw meat
  • Season 2 Episode 9

    That chef was gross who tried to feed the judges his blood then double dipped in the last 2 challenges. Will never and would never want to eat at his restaurant. They should have chopped him the second round because they warned him the 1st round and he didn't care. His unsanitary ways and total disregard for the judges was unacceptable! He cooks this way all the time because he didn't even realize the last challenge he double dipped. His gross behavior should have gotten him eleminated immediately!!!!!! no matter how great the food tasted yall shouldn't have eaten any of his dishes yall should have chopped him in the first
  • Back Stories are making me crazy!!!!

    We all have dead mothers, fathers, brothers and do we have to be reminded of them every time we watch chopped?? I cook for 150 senior citizens for a free lunch every Thursday and get a "chopped basket" from the local foodbank every week. I'm sorry you've lost a loved one, but we all have. I want to know how you decided how to use the unrelated ingredients to make an edible meal. I don't tell you about my murdered brother or abusive father or sweet grandmother that taught me how to make gravy, so why do I need to know ALL of that about you and your family. WE ALL HAVE A STORY! Get it back to a cooking show instead of a sob show or I'm done. I'm hearing the same thing from many people that try to help me with my challenge each week, so it might be something to consider. It's a great show if you go back to the original purpose - cooking.
  • from s20 episode 11

    I thought it was very rude the way the judge talked about how she butchered the fish. Give me a break. They can be major snobs sometimes.
  • tonight chooped judge

    The judge was totally out of line jumping all over the girl for they way she handled the fish. I will never watch again as l9ng as he is on the panel.
  • chopped Review

    I love to watch chopped at times I tear up like the NYC Firefighter that lost his wife I watch the reruns doesn't matter I absolutely love the show.
  • judges

    Judges are very condescending towards everyone. They are judging according to their own personal tastes in many cases, and very rude, not necessary. Why are they even there.
  • So what happened to the judges comments!!

    Why are they messing with a great format!! We really miss hearing the judges deliberations!!
  • all star bad behavior!!

    On all star show for charity, my husband and I were disappointed in Chef Penny's behavior towards the other contestants, at that level there was certainly no need to gloat, and that it was shown on the show all disappointing. Normally we love the whole show and have watched almost every show.
  • "An Egg Up"

    I'm probably never watching this show again. It was easy to determine from the comments of the judges who should be cut in the first two rounds. In the finale the basically said this George guy did not perform at 100 percent but it was good . The other guy, Jeremy was tasteless. Someone needs to review the final comments and see how Jeremy won. I don't know any of the contestants, but if you see this episode you would think that the Green Police stepped in and forced the judges to pick a healthy chef. This show sucked... If Guy Fieri had been on this show as a contestant he would have lost for not being healthy enough with Mitch too Mitch flavor. I believe the only way this show can ever be fair is for a blind fast test and a number rating before the judges can critique the dish. If I tell the judges I'm going to use the prize money to put my blind daughter in a special school to win. Other is only one way my opinion can count, and that'that's to never watch again.

  • The Unused Ingredient

    One of my greatest pet peeves for this show is when a contestant doesn't use all the mystery ingredients and still wins the round. The justification is that their dish was so much better than their opponent's that it overcame this misstep, but we don't know what would have happened in the counterfactual universe where the opponent also only had to use 3 or less ingredients. It might have been even more amazing. I would like to propose a solution to this problem. Whenever a contestant doesn't use an ingredient, it should be placed right on top of their dish as an untransformed ingredient. That way the judges could still get a sense of whether or not the ingredient might have worked in the dish, and it would also affect the plating, which I think is completely ignored when an ingredient is left out. I have a couple more minor comments as well. I really wish the show used a blind taste-test as they do on Beat Bobby Flay. I often feel as though judgments are made about the character of the chefs rather than their culinary abilities. Even if that's not true, as an audience member I would still find it more satisfying. Finally, I feel like the show tries too hard to create suspense when someone is about to get chopped with the side effect that some dishes are probably presented as more worthwhile than they really are . they are falsely shown to be as good as their competitor's). What this does is lead to a sense of injustice on the part of the audience member, because when the judges act like the dishes are really close in quality, the audience gets a sense that they can tell which is better, and then is disappointed with the judgments. If a dish sucks, don't pretend like it's got a lot of merit, it just makes the audience mistrust the judges.
  • Yes it is about race.

    Scott Conant is easily racist and misogynistic, he's harsher towards contestants who are PoC and when he's judging I've never seen a colored chef win. He out-talks the female judges and completely disregards them most likely to try to make them look stupid or something and hes rude to the female contestants as well.

  • They favor the black chefs

    The black chefs are like children and don;t know how to cook. If they make a meal that a child could make they expect to win the whole show. All they know is jerk seasoning, why are they so ignorant?
  • Judges are Mean and disrespectful

    CHOPPED is a good show, but the judges are mean and disrespectful specially to the minorities competitors! It is very frustrating and maddening to see the judges on TV showing disrespect to the colored chefs!!
  • The judges suck and are NOT REALISTIC!!!

    The judges ony chopped are unrealistic and arrogant as hell. Let's see there uppity overly critical asses go up there and do better!!! And the y are petty and racist . One of the female judges with blonde hair is always high as fuck, looks like she's high off of pills her eyes are always low as hell and she looks high. And she has the nerve to be a judge !!! Wow the judges are petty and jealous and can't cook that well BC the food on their cooking show looks Nasty and flavorless and burnt!! They should be the ones CHOPPED
  • Chris Santos

    I LOVE watching chopped BUT can not stand Mr. Arrogance himself Chris Santos , ugh I loathe when he's a judge it ruins the whole show. He's an asshole point blank to the point pompous asshole and I wish he'd leave the show! I absolutely can't stand him! Sit up for Christ sakes! Stop slouching and stop acting like you're holier than thou ! It's as though you get your jollies from being condescending and rude to the competitors!
  • Not a fair show

    I watched chopped America on February 5th.. The chef on the show was chopped due to hair from his beard in his plate. If this is the case the contestants should wear hairnets, beard nets and gloves. It is very unsanitary. I find it not fair..
  • Great show, but...

    Love the show but can't believe you value the quality of a meal over the value of cooking staff by allowing Chris to get by with falsely accusing his "co-worker" and then stealing from her. Wonder how you all treat your staff? :(
  • Double Dipping

    Why do the judges let the cooks double dip while tasting the food? Don't they realize they're having spit on their food?
  • The show is an unprofession view.

    I can't wait to view critics remarks, the judges are so arrogant, they either have their nose up to the ceiling or they smell their own mess. African American's don't have a fair chance on the show. Chefs Collide was the most critical show, this show is so obvious I have cancel all records and I don't watch it anymore. Alex so stuck up, Geoffrey that arrogant sob should have been at home soaking up retirement and Sanchez, not any of them should be judges because there head is so big for thinking they are the only cooks in the world and Alex always messing up because the nose to far in the air. I don't even know why African- Americans let them fool them to be on the show, they are destine to loose only or two has won. I bet that killed the judges because they must let someone black win. I have stopped watching the show it is to obvisious how much prejudice is on there.
  • Need too dethrone the Queen

    Time too replace chef Alex as a judge!!! She's too picky and if u disagree with her opinion's you get the common eye roll or blank stare from her. Plus she takes obvious offence if you don't like the guest chef she likes. Gawd almighty already please stop letting all the sob stories and rule breakers win all the time. It's a cooking competition , not a who's the best whiner too the judges competition.
  • Desperately seeking Emily

    Rarely do you hear a Judge say "hers was the one that I enjoyed the Least, of all of them tonight", then she wins?

    A joke. The older Black woman clearly out cooked Emily in 2/3 rounds said the Judges, and yet she loses? Not even credible. They so desperately wanted to give her the money-weak.
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