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  • all star bad behavior!!

    On all star show for charity, my husband and I were disappointed in Chef Penny's behavior towards the other contestants, at that level there was certainly no need to gloat, and that it was shown on the show all disappointing. Normally we love the whole show and have watched almost every show.
  • "An Egg Up"

    I'm probably never watching this show again. It was easy to determine from the comments of the judges who should be cut in the first two rounds. In the finale the basically said this George guy did not perform at 100 percent but it was good . The other guy, Jeremy was tasteless. Someone needs to review the final comments and see how Jeremy won. I don't know any of the contestants, but if you see this episode you would think that the Green Police stepped in and forced the judges to pick a healthy chef. This show sucked... If Guy Fieri had been on this show as a contestant he would have lost for not being healthy enough with Mitch too Mitch flavor. I believe the only way this show can ever be fair is for a blind fast test and a number rating before the judges can critique the dish. If I tell the judges I'm going to use the prize money to put my blind daughter in a special school to win. Other is only one way my opinion can count, and that'that's to never watch again.

  • The Unused Ingredient

    One of my greatest pet peeves for this show is when a contestant doesn't use all the mystery ingredients and still wins the round. The justification is that their dish was so much better than their opponent's that it overcame this misstep, but we don't know what would have happened in the counterfactual universe where the opponent also only had to use 3 or less ingredients. It might have been even more amazing. I would like to propose a solution to this problem. Whenever a contestant doesn't use an ingredient, it should be placed right on top of their dish as an untransformed ingredient. That way the judges could still get a sense of whether or not the ingredient might have worked in the dish, and it would also affect the plating, which I think is completely ignored when an ingredient is left out. I have a couple more minor comments as well. I really wish the show used a blind taste-test as they do on Beat Bobby Flay. I often feel as though judgments are made about the character of the chefs rather than their culinary abilities. Even if that's not true, as an audience member I would still find it more satisfying. Finally, I feel like the show tries too hard to create suspense when someone is about to get chopped with the side effect that some dishes are probably presented as more worthwhile than they really are . they are falsely shown to be as good as their competitor's). What this does is lead to a sense of injustice on the part of the audience member, because when the judges act like the dishes are really close in quality, the audience gets a sense that they can tell which is better, and then is disappointed with the judgments. If a dish sucks, don't pretend like it's got a lot of merit, it just makes the audience mistrust the judges.
  • Yes it is about race.

    Scott Conant is easily racist and misogynistic, he's harsher towards contestants who are PoC and when he's judging I've never seen a colored chef win. He out-talks the female judges and completely disregards them most likely to try to make them look stupid or something and hes rude to the female contestants as well.

  • They favor the black chefs

    The black chefs are like children and don;t know how to cook. If they make a meal that a child could make they expect to win the whole show. All they know is jerk seasoning, why are they so ignorant?
  • Judges are Mean and disrespectful

    CHOPPED is a good show, but the judges are mean and disrespectful specially to the minorities competitors! It is very frustrating and maddening to see the judges on TV showing disrespect to the colored chefs!!
  • The judges suck and are NOT REALISTIC!!!

    The judges ony chopped are unrealistic and arrogant as hell. Let's see there uppity overly critical asses go up there and do better!!! And the y are petty and racist . One of the female judges with blonde hair is always high as fuck, looks like she's high off of pills her eyes are always low as hell and she looks high. And she has the nerve to be a judge !!! Wow the judges are petty and jealous and can't cook that well BC the food on their cooking show looks Nasty and flavorless and burnt!! They should be the ones CHOPPED
  • Chris Santos

    I LOVE watching chopped BUT can not stand Mr. Arrogance himself Chris Santos , ugh I loathe when he's a judge it ruins the whole show. He's an asshole point blank to the point pompous asshole and I wish he'd leave the show! I absolutely can't stand him! Sit up for Christ sakes! Stop slouching and stop acting like you're holier than thou ! It's as though you get your jollies from being condescending and rude to the competitors!
  • Not a fair show

    I watched chopped America on February 5th.. The chef on the show was chopped due to hair from his beard in his plate. If this is the case the contestants should wear hairnets, beard nets and gloves. It is very unsanitary. I find it not fair..
  • Great show, but...

    Love the show but can't believe you value the quality of a meal over the value of cooking staff by allowing Chris to get by with falsely accusing his "co-worker" and then stealing from her. Wonder how you all treat your staff? :(
  • Double Dipping

    Why do the judges let the cooks double dip while tasting the food? Don't they realize they're having spit on their food?
  • The show is an unprofession view.

    I can't wait to view critics remarks, the judges are so arrogant, they either have their nose up to the ceiling or they smell their own mess. African American's don't have a fair chance on the show. Chefs Collide was the most critical show, this show is so obvious I have cancel all records and I don't watch it anymore. Alex so stuck up, Geoffrey that arrogant sob should have been at home soaking up retirement and Sanchez, not any of them should be judges because there head is so big for thinking they are the only cooks in the world and Alex always messing up because the nose to far in the air. I don't even know why African- Americans let them fool them to be on the show, they are destine to loose only or two has won. I bet that killed the judges because they must let someone black win. I have stopped watching the show it is to obvisious how much prejudice is on there.
  • Need too dethrone the Queen

    Time too replace chef Alex as a judge!!! She's too picky and if u disagree with her opinion's you get the common eye roll or blank stare from her. Plus she takes obvious offence if you don't like the guest chef she likes. Gawd almighty already please stop letting all the sob stories and rule breakers win all the time. It's a cooking competition , not a who's the best whiner too the judges competition.
  • Desperately seeking Emily

    Rarely do you hear a Judge say "hers was the one that I enjoyed the Least, of all of them tonight", then she wins?

    A joke. The older Black woman clearly out cooked Emily in 2/3 rounds said the Judges, and yet she loses? Not even credible. They so desperately wanted to give her the money-weak.
  • You lost me at EYEBALLS!~

    There was no need to shock viewers with EYEBALLS! The show was perfect already!~ I will never watch again.. !!!! I still feel sick about the eyeball show, which I turned off immediately obviously. You went way too far.. IDIOTS!~
  • Yawn...

    FN should put this one to rest it's only worth falling a sleep to,
  • Chopped

    Has there ever been an African American win ever?
  • Frankly Frantic Series (Chopped episode 5284 - Tuesday December 16, 2014)

    This is an issue that has been frustrating me for some time and this episode of Chopped finally prompted me to write.

    Scott Conant is a hypocritical misogynist. He continually attacks female chefs/contestants in a very condescending obnoxious way. In this particular show he rants about the unprofessional way "Kristen" handles a fish; he claims to be "offended" and that it makes all chefs look bad.

    Meanwhile, in every show that Scott is in, he uses his knife as a fork to taste the food. This is not only unprofessional, it is bad etiquette, dangerous and puts all chefs in a bad light.

    Not sure where this resentment towards women comes from but he should seek help and should STOP PUTTING A KNIFE IN HIS MOUTH. I think it is time he resigns as a judge.

  • The Issue of the Ice cream machine!!

    The contestants on the program CHOPPED ought to be able to rely on an ice cream machine that WORKS. It should not be held against a chef if plans have to be abandoned because this machine is so tempermental, and I for one am tired of the judges commenting while a chef is trying his/her best. The machine should either WORK, or be removed for the show and chefs informed ahead of time. What would you do if the burners didn't work, or other appliances just did not work? How would you expect the chefs to deal with that?
  • Teen chopped

    Please don't make these episodes anymore. Those kids talk to much with their sob stories.
  • "Waste Not" Episode

    I love watching Chopped. I have always admired the judges for judging fairly by judging food only. Well in this particular episode I feel a chef was sent home based on her attitude. Soon after she was reprimanded she was sent home. In all fairness, I have seen worst attitudes shown toward judges. Life is life and people will be people, the whole scene was unfair. I am not saying her attitude wasn't bad but if others don't want to deal with you, leave them alone. Their attitude isn't about you anyway. I have heard worst comments on this show. The judges just ganged up on that chef because they were in the position to do so. Judge the food leave her attitude in God's hands.
  • no point

    A man made soup on a pizza theme.

    No point in the show rules anymore
  • Charity chefs


  • too much bias in show

    after watching the ultimate chop show and some woman who never did go to culinary school beat out a chef with VASTLY higher experience I really feel this show is rigged and bias. To be be fair I think the judges should NOT KNOW who cooked what but each dish has just a number. And given a rating. Base on that it's even possible to have a tie as well. To decide that its one more cook off or double prize. Another peeve is that ech contestant does not have the full opportunity to utilize the kitchen. The Ice Cream machine comes to mind - first come first the pun. Each contestant should have use of a fully operational kitchen segregated from each other. They do not have to say 'behind' to anyone as they are fully isolated from each other. Everyone has a ice cream machine, blast chiller, refrig and you get the message.
  • Disgusting sweat !!!

    I love this show, I learn from it. BUT, I find so disgusting that some chefs are sweating and dripping their sweat right on the plates while preparing them. If the judges critique lack of salt on some dishes, some of them end up with a whole lot more like sweat salt. Why are the women's hair not tied back, and men not wearing chef hats or something on their forehead to catch all those drips.
  • Very Interesting Show

    Chopped is probably one of the better shows on Food Network. The concept is very creative, and I'm always interested to see what the contestants do with the ingredients they're given. The judges they bring in are also very likable. Their opinions are very constructive, and don't get too negative or rejectful like on Shark Tank. If you want some good competition and interesting meals, eat this one up.
  • It's covertly racist + sexist! Just Watched 4 episodes- same results

    Hi foodies,

    I just had a Chopped marathon tonight via the Food Network, as I love cooking and find cook off challenges fun and entertaining to watch. Though the show does provide a good format for TV viewers to engage their senses and interest, Chopped is one food show I will never again watch in my life.

    The four episodes viewed tonight were undeniably covertly racist and sexist. The show has a panel of three Caucasian, middle class chefs, judging four contestants, in these cases consisting of a variation of a token woman; the token Ethnically diverse man; and the consistently winning Caucasian white male.

    "Chopped" Producers: diversifying your contestants should not just be some formulaic , predictable procession - here you have failed terribly and I daresay it borderline on being quite offensive, frankly.

    It has been consistently shown in just these 4 shows that your judges clearly have their taste buds set on this order:

    First; the clear loser loses; giving some relief to the audience.

    Then, the woman gets cut;

    Between the remaining Ethnically diverse man and Caucasian man; it's consistently shown that your winner is determined to the one who seeming represents your panel of judges best; the Caucasian chef.

    I wish it wasn't so apparently formulaic and that I could just loose myself in the illusion of the show; but whether it be bad programming tonight or bad producing; you've really got to look into this aspect of your show because this will not work for the general viewers in the long run.

    Good luck.
  • don't know.

    I'm a little on fence about my opinion of the show. While the concept is interesting enough, there are a few problems.

    1. The rules: Each show has three rounds: "Appetizer, Entree, and Desert. Each contestant much incorporate the mystery ingredients into the dish, before time runs out. The Plate will be judged on taste, creativity, and presentation, if your plate doesn't cut it, you will be HOWEVER:

    - What bothered me is that they continued to scoff the contestants based on technicality. For example: one judge may like their steak medium rare, one judge may like their meat well-done, so that becomes more of an opinionated critique.

    2. They never really follow the rules.

    Similar to the "opinionated critique" they feel like they have to chopped a contestant that left an ingredient off their plate. It's not their fault that they didn't know what to do with jellied eyeballs, and I'm not even trying to "excuse" that. I've seen other contestants that literally killed their dish with too many spices or perhaps their execution was just fucked up, but still remain in the competition because "hey, their dish sucked, but at least they got EVERYTHING on the plate. the rules never stated that the contestant had to be Chopped, however the judges decided that it's such an offense that they MUST be Chopped, one way or another.

    3. The judges are condescending schmucks.

    God, I despise most of the judges, simply because they use their position to talk down to the contestants. The primary judges that we see (Scott, Alex, Amanda) to name a few, have "so-called proper training. They're trained in Premier French and Italian cuisine, and their pretentiousness shines through their greasy faces. They feel entitled to critiquing contestants, just because they're not as rich and famous as them (is it me, or is it an occurring theme on FN that being famous equates to superiority, no matter how inadequate you are in the kitchen). Honestly, it's almost as if being on Chopped is a way for them to prove their worth in the kitchen.

    However three of my least favorite ( I dislike most of them) but three in Particular are Maneet Chauan, Scott Conant. and Geoffery Zakarian:

    - Maneet is a crude, cold bitch to say the least (excuse my language). Nothing is ever good for her, and whenever she lists the reasons why a chef got Chopped, she always has a sneer, if anything, she seems to be taking pleasure in the fact that she has the power to destroy a contestant's chance of winning ten grand, although the irony is the fact that she was the first to get chopped on "Chopped All-Stars".

    - Scott Conant is a dickhole. I'm trying to refrain from exploding in anger. Apparently one of his pet peeves is "red onions" but hell, if I had that in my Mystery Basket, I'm gonna make it prevalent in my dish and YOU WILL EAT IT! If he's going to get pissy over some red onions he might as well not even be qualified to be a judge if he's scared of some red roots. My guess if that he doesn't want to eat it or else his breath will stink...

    4. Racism? Probably not. Prejudice? Definitely.

    -I have to say that I highly doubt that there's any racism in the show, like for example this black chef named Madison is phenominal, he's won three times in the Chopped. So is this cutie Asian named Jun Takanawa, and I would consider them as top-notch chefs, these are true inspiration for an aspiring cook. However, the preference stems from the fact that usually French and Italian chefs are the favorite among the judges, because apparently, they are portrayed as more refined, and that reflects on their own training. In their eyes, French and Italian are a must, because it speaks luxury and wealth. I dare them tell Soul Chef that their food isn't decadent, (afterall, in their eyes, all it's about is greasy fried chicken, glops of mashed potatoes, and thick, fatty gravy (which we all know is bull crap because who doesn't like soul food ;D.

    Some of the ingredients are hellish:

    -Actually, that's one aspect of the show I really like. It's interesting to create an apetizer out of black jelly beans, mustard, cotton candy, and pickled radish. Actually there was one review commenting about how unfair it was for the viewers to choose the ingredients, but I say bullock. Chopped isn't a walk in the park, and of course it's going to be difficult. As a chef, you're supposed to utilize unusual ingredients to create a delicious entree, apetizer, or dessert, and one female contestant was bitching about how she lost and the people who picked the basket couldn't cook it themselves. Newsflash: you're the goddamn chef, not us. *Sigh* I guess she was just a sore loser*.

    And another thing I forgot to mention is the favor of the gay/lesbian winning. Please stop that shit, please. //gag//
  • Chopped

    I think Chopped is only for those with culinary arts training, the episode where the Fireman competed against the resturant chef was garbage and the judges showed definate favortism toward to resturant chef over the fireman. he is a fireman, nowhere in his job descriptipon does it say anything about presentation at all. the show should have known that before recruiting him into the competition and therefore showed that unless you are a chef in a popular food setting you stand no chance of winning chopped.
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