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  • Fantastic show.

    One of my favorite shows. I've learned a lot from watching it and it's always to see them handle these crazy ingredients.

    My biggest issue is how many fans accuse it of being racist. There's a good reason why there are more white male winners, and that's because that's the majority of the contestants that appear on the show. I've rarely seen a chop that I disagree with.
  • Rasist

    Has any black participant ever won Chopped? Never or rarely... Every time the person getting chopped is a non-white guy or Gal. We know the result you don't need to elaborate on it. You guys are so biased when it comes to selecting the winner.
  • The household judge

    Dear Chopped,

    I love the show. I understand in reality TV there is always a certain amount of scripted material to make the show more entertaining. My only vision for improving the show would be to have a household judge: someone with no formal culinary experience. The vast majority of the viewers are everyday people. The palate of everyday people would be an asset to the show. Imagine the clientele of the household judges: mothers who prepared meals from whatever available food items in the house; people who frequently dine out; and the list can go on. In any event, I volunteer to be the first household judge.
  • Racism--unfair--really?

    Are you REALLY watching the show? Or are you just looking for ways to incorporate racism here as well as in every other venue known to man? Incredible. I want my raw meat cooked and I don't want hair in my food--guess that makes me a racist too. Come to my kitchen and watch me cook and I'm sure you'll find something I'm doing that's racist with that too. I'm sure I mow my lawn in a racist manner also. Not fair? Oh poor people, fair only counts in baseball. Feeling sorry for someone does not a good chef make. Chopped judges are great--and FAIR. Yes I said it! They're true professionals--just take the time to look at their considerable and impressive credentials. Alex G. is a super individual who is passionate about her field and is looking to help these chefs get to where they want to be (and I say the same of Jeffrey, Scott, Aaron and everyone else up there), but guess what--they chefs can't get to where they "think" they want to go if they don't know what they're doing wrong. And if they can't take the heat--well, you know, I won't say it. Anybody who takes offense (that's the correct spelling people) at the critiques should not be putting themselves in that position. Why do adults get so worked up when they're told they are anything less than perfect?!? Where did this entitlement come from? What is the entitlement with race? Why even bring that into it? Why do you go looking for something that isn't there? How is the victim mentality working for you? Do you still cry when you're told not to color outside the lines? True adults realize that a good mentor is how you grow and constructive criticism is vital for success. Race has NOTHING to do with it. Grow up people. This is an overall fun show, well put together, and the judges are extremely fair. Most of the contestants seem to be very serious in their endeavors and MOST of them graciously accept the feedback. Now, you whiners--go pacify yourselves with a balloon and grow up someday.

    You need to do a gluten free episode!!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband has celiac disease and loves your show but would never be able to be on it because he wouldn't be able to try any of the food he'd cook. Please please please please please please please do a gluten free show(s). It's becoming more popular now because of the dietary reasons and trend of eating healthy. Please please please please!
  • Season 2 Episode 9

    That chef was gross who tried to feed the judges his blood then double dipped in the last 2 challenges. Will never and would never want to eat at his restaurant. They should have chopped him the second round because they warned him the 1st round and he didn't care. His unsanitary ways and total disregard for the judges was unacceptable! He cooks this way all the time because he didn't even realize the last challenge he double dipped. His gross behavior should have gotten him eleminated immediately!!!!!! no matter how great the food tasted yall shouldn't have eaten any of his dishes yall should have chopped him in the first
  • Back Stories are making me crazy!!!!

    We all have dead mothers, fathers, brothers and do we have to be reminded of them every time we watch chopped?? I cook for 150 senior citizens for a free lunch every Thursday and get a "chopped basket" from the local foodbank every week. I'm sorry you've lost a loved one, but we all have. I want to know how you decided how to use the unrelated ingredients to make an edible meal. I don't tell you about my murdered brother or abusive father or sweet grandmother that taught me how to make gravy, so why do I need to know ALL of that about you and your family. WE ALL HAVE A STORY! Get it back to a cooking show instead of a sob show or I'm done. I'm hearing the same thing from many people that try to help me with my challenge each week, so it might be something to consider. It's a great show if you go back to the original purpose - cooking.
  • chopped Review

    I love to watch chopped at times I tear up like the NYC Firefighter that lost his wife I watch the reruns doesn't matter I absolutely love the show.
  • So what happened to the judges comments!!

    Why are they messing with a great format!! We really miss hearing the judges deliberations!!
  • Still love it!

    I hope to learn to cook one day anf be on chopped. (But I get the feeling it's going to cancelled when I get there)
  • sensitive people need to learn " its not personal, its business"

    It is only TV show about food people really, if you don't wont to hear the show "someone's sob story" mute it. If you think its "racist" don't watch it anymore.

    I'm not going to point fingers but a few peeps here are looking into things way to much.

    Chopped is the Best thing since MacGyver. Food Network is all I watch! Best thing on TV!!!

    FYI! if you lost lost 2-3 restaurant's you suck! No matter how much you hate this comment lost 2-3 restaurant's? lost? your in the wrong business, plain and simple.
  • Chopped "The Truth"

    What you have to know is this - the producers have little ear mics in the judges ears and tell them to say negative things, to "Critique" the dishes. So that no dish gets all positive. Also, the judges discuss the dishes for a very long time before determining who is sent home. Due to TV, they can not show all of the discussions and sometime arguements. Second, these judges have developed palettes to taste every spice, every ingredient, after all that is their job on the show and in their own business. For those who don't like a judge (Chris Santos, Jeffery Zakarian, etc) not all they say is their own words, again, the producers have great input and make these guys the fall guys. I know for a fact Chris Santos is a teddy bear. As for all the remarks on racism, get a life. Just because the "Black, Latino, Asian, guy/girl doesn't win, doesn't make it about race. Puleeze!!!! If one person is ethnic and other 3 are caucasion, that person has 25% chance to win - get over it. Many ethnic races win. As for women, this is a man dominated occupation, so if you want to hang with the big boys you better bring it. I am a woman, I would like to see all women win, but only if they deserve it. Nuff Said
  • Love watching Chopped

    I love Chopped It is fun to watch and interesting to see what the contestants can make out of such wierd ingredients. Lets have more Chopped episodes and less diner and dives shows. Its getting tiring.
  • Blood spills

    I could never come up with the cooking ideas these cooks come up with. I just want to say that if a person could come on this show and get kicked off in the first round, they are still doing more then what I could do. Cheers to you people..

    I think it would be fare if someone cuts themselves then they should get a 5 minute cleanup time to correct the problem. It seems really unlucky that a potential winner looses a chance at winning because they are bleeding.

  • A New Kind Of Challenge

    First off, I would like to say this is one of my favorite shows. Right now as I am writing this, I am watching your Halloween Episode. What I would love to see would be everyday wives/husbands doing these challenges. There are lots of us out there that are good cooks and are just as creative using the basket ingredients. (I am not saying this for me, because I could not maneuver around the kitchen that fast anymore, am disabled). Also, why is it when a cook gets into a bind they always seem to turn to arugula? I think unless you have arugula in the basket it should not be able to be used.Keep the show showing.... it has given me some great ideas for cooking with. One idea is that I had a mystery ingredient given to me. A three pound container of mango puree. Not wanting to let it go to waste I finally decided to make a jam with it. Then when in the frig realized I had a large bowl of fresh jalapenos from my garden. So with the taste testing done by my husband (you can't make it hot enough for him) I made a hot jalapeno mango jam. The mango puree mainly acting as a base. Needless to say, I have a jam that I can use for cooking with also. Heat from your food needs to be balanced. Watching your show and listening to my husband, I have learned how to use cracked red pepper, not so much to add heat, but to strenghten the taste that is already there.

  • Class Acts

    Best best best episodes on chopped ! The real cooking heroes ! We need more !
  • I Love Chopped. I hope it never ends....

    I love chopped. It is always exciting and different.

    I do kinda agree about not asking each chef what they'd do with the winnings. I know the judges are very fair, but sometimes it seems like they favor some of the sob stories from the contestant chefs. Ask the winner instead. I hope chopped never ends. I have it set to automatically record all the new shows. Food Network is probably the most watched tv channel for me. I never cook a recipe I have seen, but I do enjoy watching others cook. I rarely cook anything because I am disabled and cannot stand very long at one time. FNC keep up the great shows.
  • African American and Bi-Racial discrimination

    I also agree that African Americans are critiqued very hard on this show and all of the Food Network Channels. I have seen episodes where other minorities miss ingredients and miss use ingredients and still move on to the next round. I feel that African Americans and Bi-racial contestants are given no leniency , I am also sure that there are more Cooks and chefs of African American minority wither Bi-Racial or not that are skilled chefs that deserve to be on the show. Besides it being complex enough to become a Black person or a person mixed thereof it is exceptionally hard for the women that falls into theses categories as well. I feel that this is a misrepresentation of cooking and a downfall upon today's reflected society. In addition Indian judges no matter the complexion are not African American Judges since I understand that color is so important to culture here. If you want culture and freedom and fairness it truly has to be embraced and not half done. Make it fair, showcase, and let win and not overly critique and drain the ones who are African American or Mixed with it. Such a disappointment. It makes the network look like a bunch of racist pricks.
  • why are you so Racism

    I watch your show all the time but one thing need to understand why man always win's in this show? I watch a lot of them and thought that the woman should win. I wish to understand why the woman does not win in this show. I see white man win and some black not win, I don't care for racist at all. I watch the food network all the time and to me some of the people that win should not of won at all. I've seen so many African Americans get chopped and they were great through out the entire show. I'm so made right now. I hope that show goes off. Bunch of ass holes. I have watch on Thursdays Bobby and there is no way in hell you could win every time no way. those show are fault and something needs to be done. we love guy so far he has woman wining on his show and
  • Aussie baskets show

    I think the judges need to go back To school as the voted off the older guy who over cooked the beef where the younger guy served raw beef and as far as safety, health issue the one who served raw beef should have gone home as raw beef can cause server health issues. If I served raw beef and health dept found out I be out of work while over cooked I may have to cook a new steak but it would not be a health issue I guess they love raw meat
  • Good idea for a show.

    Why are chefs on this show always full of theirselves. but love the show.
  • I'm a cooking show fan, so it's a good show.

    Chopped is a show about four chefs who compete for 10,000 dollars. Three judges critique on there work each round. As each round passes, a chef is eliminated until there is only one left standing. I like how they use the term: "Chopped" to be rid of the losing chefs. Ted Allen is a good host for this show, they chose a nice one for it. I'm already a Food Network fan, so I happen to watch the channel a lot. I like this show alot, and the judges, can be a tinsy bit too strict at times, but that's what judges are for, right? :D "Chopped" Is a good show, and it's a nice little period of time you should definatly watch when you get the chance.
  • Mean Judges

    I've just recently started watching this show. I like learning the cooking techniques and terms and I like competition. I actually like the show, but I am getting very annoyed with the judegs, because I can't figure out what is the purpose of of being mean? Is this suppose to make the show more exciting? The judges glare at the chefs and rarely smile. They do not seem to have a sense of humor or personality, because they all seem to be the same, just plain mean. Does being a chopped judge mean you are a snob and everyone is beneath go out of their way to be mean. What's up with that? Seems a little harsh and unnecassary, even if some of it, all of it is WHY?
  • Sad Stories

    I love your show but I have to tell you, I find it's quite a turn off listening to the sad stories of most of your contestants. You've got to be kidding me if anyone likes those stories. The sadder the story the more I want them to be copped and the mother thing .... forget about it.

    Other then that I like the show ....... captlen

  • The Unused Ingredient

    One of my greatest pet peeves for this show is when a contestant doesn't use all the mystery ingredients and still wins the round. The justification is that their dish was so much better than their opponent's that it overcame this misstep, but we don't know what would have happened in the counterfactual universe where the opponent also only had to use 3 or less ingredients. It might have been even more amazing. I would like to propose a solution to this problem. Whenever a contestant doesn't use an ingredient, it should be placed right on top of their dish as an untransformed ingredient. That way the judges could still get a sense of whether or not the ingredient might have worked in the dish, and it would also affect the plating, which I think is completely ignored when an ingredient is left out. I have a couple more minor comments as well. I really wish the show used a blind taste-test as they do on Beat Bobby Flay. I often feel as though judgments are made about the character of the chefs rather than their culinary abilities. Even if that's not true, as an audience member I would still find it more satisfying. Finally, I feel like the show tries too hard to create suspense when someone is about to get chopped with the side effect that some dishes are probably presented as more worthwhile than they really are . they are falsely shown to be as good as their competitor's). What this does is lead to a sense of injustice on the part of the audience member, because when the judges act like the dishes are really close in quality, the audience gets a sense that they can tell which is better, and then is disappointed with the judgments. If a dish sucks, don't pretend like it's got a lot of merit, it just makes the audience mistrust the judges.
  • Racist? Really?

    I'd like to remind those of you who believe chopped never lets anyone other than Caucasian chefs win... I'd like to remind you of Madison Cowan. Stop and think to yourself "Oh yeah, I forgot about Not only was he the FIRST grand champion, but he was also black. The second Chopped champion, Danielle Saunders. African American. OOOOOOOH, but they surely wouldn't let another minority into their club of winners, right? Wrong, Third Champion, Jun Tanaka. Asian ethnicity .

    Now dry your eyes and stop playing the race card. I've seen Caucasian chefs who have been "screwed" out of their titles. Race makes absolutely no difference in this, it's simply due to the fact that their food was sub-par compared to other competitors. Are the judges jerks? Yeah, they are. You obviously have never worked in a professional kitchen if you think that's not normal.

    I can't stand it when the chef's are asked why they're on the show and they break down crying and say it's in memory of their dying parent, sick kid, poor childhood-who cares----it's as if they're begging for sympathy-just cook! The show is great-no need for sad sob stories.
  • Guilty Pleasure

    Just got into Chopped within the last year and I can definitely say I am hooked. It's given me so many ideas for cooking and I just can't get enough!
  • Contestant Advice

    Love the show; it amazes me how anybody can create an edible dish with the bizarre combinations of ingredients they get. Some advice to the contestants: do not attempt to cook rice--it won't cook in time and you will be CHOPPED! A substitute, if available--orzo pasta. Also, do NOT use Truffle oil, I think every contestant who has used it gets CHOPPED! I also suggest if contestants know who the judges are ahead of time that they research their likes and dislikes. I think the Jeoffrey guy hates green peppers, black pepper, and someone--maybe still him--hates red onions. Seems like when he's a judge, if those items get into the dishes, the chef who prepared it gets CHOPPED! Additionally, the round that is beginning to bore me is the dessert round. I am tired of bread pudding. Contestants--please plan ahead and have an adaptable dessert idea if you make it to the final round that doesn't utilize bread. Like, how about a parfait, a mousse, a crunch, or poached fruit? I also think it would be cool if the show would eventually, even just once a year, have a fan competition and allow fans who are not chefs, caterers, or cooks compete. Maybe a celebrity competition, too.
  • Chopped Kitchen is "badass"!

    Love, love, LOVE Chopped! The fact that the Chopped Kitchen has become the proving ground that sends even Iron Chefs running for cover is really cool. It was also amazing to see a Chopped Challenge on Next Food Network Stars; the respect for the show is obvious. Is there an archive of the recipes that the judges really like? One critique would be the inclusion of overly emotional stories from contestants. Like to hear their backgrounds but I don't need to hear the sad stories throughout the entire show - only about the food in the Chopped Kitchen. There are also too many chefs sliding through after leaving out an ingredient; should be zero tolerance on that. All in all one of my favorite shows!
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