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    Correct me if I'm wrong but, is it me or do everyone else notice the BLACK people always get chopped??, Stevie wonder can see the BS!, they make it seem like black people cant cook, or their standards aren't good enough, I'm not saying BLACK people are suppose to always win.. BUT almost never??? something ain't right ////Somebody need to contact the producers of the show, it makes no sense!! people need to start waking up and see this country for what it is...
  • You do not have a chance if you are a minority

    So I am seeing a marathon of cooking shows , chopped, junior chef etc. one thing became abundantly evident. If you are colored, Hispanic, women, minorities in any way and you are pitted against a Caucasian male , 100% of the time the Caucasian will win. Just now Andre a colored immigrant minority lost out to a Caucasian male Adam. Andre is an amazing chef and my sense of fair play got a severe beating by this result. You don't stand a chance in these shows if you any kind of minority.
  • Racist Show Ever!!!

    I dont understand why African Americans keep going on any of this networks competitive shows. YOU WON'T WIN IT'S INEVITABLE!! African Americans are purposely setting themselves up for failure. Whats even more heartbreaking is African Americans send their kids on this network shows to have them heartbroken and totally exposed to the reality that because you have skin pigments given by God which you have no control over you are hated and less than. It's sad and hurtful African Americans don't stand a chance. Please get the memo I dont care how good you are food network DOES NOT WANT YOU THERE!!
  • Know your maple syrup

    I just saw the episode titled _Million_Dollar_Baskets_. The judges made out like grade A maple syrup is something special. ALL consumer maple syrups are grade A.

    The old US and Canadian maple syrup grades

    Grade A Light Amber (Canada No. 1 Extra Light)

    Grade A Medium Amber (Canada No. 1 Light)

    Grade A Dark Amber (Canada No. 1 Medium)

    Grade B (Canada No. 2 Amber)

    Commercial Grade (Canada No. 3 Dark) -- used for stuff like candy making.

    Since the US and Canada harmonized their grading systems we now have

    Grade A Gloden Color, Delecate Taste

    Grace A Amber Color, Rich Taste

    Grade A Dark Color, Robust Taste

    Grade A Very Dark Color, Strong Taste

    Processing Grade (former Commercial Grade).

    The grade has absolutely nothing to do with quality. It has to do with color and [strength of] taste. So making out like Grade A is something special is really quite bogus.
  • WHAT?

    Wow! Big Chopped fan, but... there were 2 contestants that finished early on the 'new years bash' 12/20/16. Funny was the one who was singled out and CHOPPED, because you THOUGHT he had some sort of attitude (which he didn't!). Judge Aaron, what's with the "Oh lordy, lordy, straight afterward? DID NOT go unnoticed! Not cool!

  • This is ridiculous!! Racist all the way!!

    The judges and the people behind the scenes are a bunch of racist bitches!! What's the point of having black people on there at all when u know they are not gonna win anyways. It's just to fill a space and make it look good for . Ur not fooling anybody losers. And they wonder why the bullshit in this country is getting no better.. Now I'm sure they are looking at the reviews and assuming everyone that's writing is black or Hispanic (whatever), well guess what I'm white as snow. I hate unfair bull and this needs to stop!! They need better judges period. Get some real people on the show that aren't bias assholes!!
  • Racist!!!!!!

    Dude at first I was in denial but after the 3rd time watching this show it's very clear they are totally racist specially Chris Santos. Pretty ironic that's he's last name is Hispanic lol

    I'm a strong Latina women and people really need to get over themselves! Diversity is beautiful and makes the world go round!
  • OMG I thought I was the only one!

    Yes this show is super racist. I stopped watching it after they eliminated the Armenian cook, it was just so ridiculous, he was the best, but I guess not white enough. No more chopped Netflix for me. I wasn't sure at first, I was, crap this looks odd, those people seem really racist, and I went to this website and yes I am not alone thinking those three judges are white trashes and garbages. I won't watch the show anymore and will discuss the racism piece of the show with friends. Disgusting. I can't even give it a 0 when this is what the show is worth.
  • Chopped is a racist show.

    All the judges are clowns, and ALL of the white judges are RACIST. Cancel the show if you morons don't start judging fairly!!!!
  • chopped and all food network shows r racist

    as much as white people like to believe this world is racist and I hoped that the cooking competitions would not be, the only thing left on TV I was hoping I could watch, wrong. I see time after time blacks lose especially if they speak of being entrepreneurs or helping their families with the winnings. and I'm not whinning! and I will stop watching. I have seen a black woman get chopped for under cooked red meat, then when there wasn't a black person but a white person against a Latino person the white girl had under cooked fish and she won over the Latin guy. yes every episode has been racist unless the others were so blatantly bad then a black wins. they never have 4 blacks because that will mean a black will win. hummm. but they have 4 italians , 4 whites, 4 Latinos, NEVER 4 africans. . it's to be expected. it's white dominance due to the truth being that afrikans are the original people and huemans and had everything stolen but I will not go any further. I'm sure the white people will never understand.
  • Feeling really insulted

    Ok now you wonder why black actors feel some type of way this is a kids show and I see racisim all the way thru. Me and my 3 yr granddaughter has watched every episode and she asked the question nana do any black kids win and I said no so she is very discouraged. Sit the damn show down
  • one sided show

    People can clearly see how the judges show favoritism with the white contestants. I like to watch the show because I like to see the people cook. But I'm really annoyed at how the whites seem to win no matter how unprofessional, messy, tasteless or undercooked/overcooked their dish is. Judges, if you're going to be racist on broad TV, at least have some couth at doing so. Replace these judges, they have no right to be associated with this show!!!!
  • your judge are racist

    every chief that I seen on the show always get chopped but when a white person leave one thing out in a plate you keep that person go to the last round.. unbelievable.. I will never watch this show again.
  • unfair representation

    I am an african american and i am sick and tired of seeing blacks being underrepresented on this network. We are not cast in a very good light. Not many black hosts and when we are a contestant on shows, more times than not, the blacks never win. this is some straight up bull***. Its just the white mans attempt to keep us down and make us look ignorant and unaware. All of the competitive shows are biased including chopped. I hate the network!!!!!!!
  • Don't try out if you Are African American! (Unless you are going on the show to get noticed elsewhere! )

    It's really clear that after reading All the reviews it is safe to say that the judges appear to be a bit bias. I thought it was the only one that thought African American people always get chopped. I feel that they are bought on the show and made a complete mockery of because the judges have no intention of letting them win even if their dish is the best. .as many episodes I've watched i only saw 1 black male win.
  • Racist as hell

    So I just finished watching the episode about the Bacon Boys & I am livid! The black guy performed well throughout the entire 3 courses and they found every excuse to give it to the white guy! This is bullshit and I will never watch again!!!! Cancel this show!!!!
  • the show Chopped

    I agree that the judges are showing signs of racism with the way they judge. If you like a black contestant dish better than someone of another race, its ok! But dont make them feel like their going to win by giving them high credits on their dishes that they make and then at the very end vote them off because they are not of a certain race, when you knew in your heart that their dish was a winner.
  • Choppism

    This is one of the most "racism by omission" against African Americans show I've seen yet. The judges consistently allow blacks to compete and win until a black contestant gets to the final two, at this point an African American can clearly be winning on every category and its at this point that at least one judge, predominantly a white female trashes the black contestant. The rest is history, pure and blatant racism which is totally unacceptable and needs to be addressed. I believe in fairness not color. Clean it up now!
  • I hate this show

    Why is it that no matter how depressing or horrible their life story is, the coloured never win this show? Yet the whites could be competing for something such as a chance to open their restaurant and they make it to chopped superstars? This show is so extremely biased and overrated, it's absurd. Why does anyone even watch this show, retire it already Jesus Christ.
  • Not a fair show

    I watched chopped America on February 5th.. The chef on the show was chopped due to hair from his beard in his plate. If this is the case the contestants should wear hairnets, beard nets and gloves. It is very unsanitary. I find it not fair..
  • The show is an unprofession view.

    I can't wait to view critics remarks, the judges are so arrogant, they either have their nose up to the ceiling or they smell their own mess. African American's don't have a fair chance on the show. Chefs Collide was the most critical show, this show is so obvious I have cancel all records and I don't watch it anymore. Alex so stuck up, Geoffrey that arrogant sob should have been at home soaking up retirement and Sanchez, not any of them should be judges because there head is so big for thinking they are the only cooks in the world and Alex always messing up because the nose to far in the air. I don't even know why African- Americans let them fool them to be on the show, they are destine to loose only or two has won. I bet that killed the judges because they must let someone black win. I have stopped watching the show it is to obvisious how much prejudice is on there.
  • Desperately seeking Emily

    Rarely do you hear a Judge say "hers was the one that I enjoyed the Least, of all of them tonight", then she wins?

    A joke. The older Black woman clearly out cooked Emily in 2/3 rounds said the Judges, and yet she loses? Not even credible. They so desperately wanted to give her the money-weak.
  • You lost me at EYEBALLS!~

    There was no need to shock viewers with EYEBALLS! The show was perfect already!~ I will never watch again.. !!!! I still feel sick about the eyeball show, which I turned off immediately obviously. You went way too far.. IDIOTS!~
  • Yawn...

    FN should put this one to rest it's only worth falling a sleep to,
  • Frankly Frantic Series (Chopped episode 5284 - Tuesday December 16, 2014)

    This is an issue that has been frustrating me for some time and this episode of Chopped finally prompted me to write.

    Scott Conant is a hypocritical misogynist. He continually attacks female chefs/contestants in a very condescending obnoxious way. In this particular show he rants about the unprofessional way "Kristen" handles a fish; he claims to be "offended" and that it makes all chefs look bad.

    Meanwhile, in every show that Scott is in, he uses his knife as a fork to taste the food. This is not only unprofessional, it is bad etiquette, dangerous and puts all chefs in a bad light.

    Not sure where this resentment towards women comes from but he should seek help and should STOP PUTTING A KNIFE IN HIS MOUTH. I think it is time he resigns as a judge.

  • Teen chopped

    Please don't make these episodes anymore. Those kids talk to much with their sob stories.
  • no point

    A man made soup on a pizza theme.

    No point in the show rules anymore

  • too much bias in show

    after watching the ultimate chop show and some woman who never did go to culinary school beat out a chef with VASTLY higher experience I really feel this show is rigged and bias. To be be fair I think the judges should NOT KNOW who cooked what but each dish has just a number. And given a rating. Base on that it's even possible to have a tie as well. To decide that its one more cook off or double prize. Another peeve is that ech contestant does not have the full opportunity to utilize the kitchen. The Ice Cream machine comes to mind - first come first the pun. Each contestant should have use of a fully operational kitchen segregated from each other. They do not have to say 'behind' to anyone as they are fully isolated from each other. Everyone has a ice cream machine, blast chiller, refrig and you get the message.
  • Skewered Rules?

    I recently watched an episode of Chopped where the final winner missed a key ingredient in the appetizer round. The judges spoke that his dishes were not the best overall and yet he still won. I thought missing a basket ingredient was grounds for disqualification? Am I mistaken? It seems that they have opened a door for each contestant to pick and choose what ingredients he/she wants to prepare their dishes with and still be able to win. The rules are skewered and Chopped has been chopped from any further viewing by me and my family.
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