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  • Premier champion for charity

    Thought judges were bias having Scott win. He truly was not the winner in my opinion
  • bye bye chopped banned from our home have a criteria but do what you want not a good message for our house

    bye bye chopped banned from our home have a criteria but do what you want not a good message for our house
  • Respect family's

    I was watching chopped with my 10 year old little girl chopped is our favorite show chopped had been talking to the contestants when a gay women had been talking about her wife what does cooking and being gay have to do with anything please respect morals and traditional family's beeing homosexual is wrong its up to you to respect every body not just gays it is very disrespectful to bring this to my living room I do not want my children being exposed to this kind of thing please do not pollute there minds
  • this isnt "Who has the biggest sob story"


    I really dont care if your hubby is laid off

    if you were a stripper

    if your mom is a lush


    "Why are you here" they are there for $10K THATS WHY!!!!!!!!!

    its utterly IGNORANT to sit there and chop a chef that actually CAN one that admits they are self taught and have lost 2-3 resturants

    trying to force feed us "human interest" and let them just COOK

    I really dont CARE about their hard lives or their losses

    in short?

  • The butt naked truth

    Theses judges are racist! PERIOD!!! I watched the Grilltastic show today at 7:00. It was a horrible shame that the African American guy was the only contestant to transform his tofu. The judges raved about it and turned around and stabbed the poor guy in his back by eliminating him. Pathetic!!!!! This is not my first concern about this issue and I am done watching this show. There are no need for your comments on my post. I do not know you and you do not know me. I am entitle to MY opinion. FIX IT FOOD IS JUST TOO OBVIOUS!!!!!

  • Sweet Second Chances

    I love "Chopped". I tape all shows so I don't miss them. I almost always agree with the judges BUT the show Sweet Second Chances was NOT based on what the judges had said about the 3 courses. Even the winner said he didn't win but Johann won and he gave her the money to go see her Grandmother. You 3 judges made a huge mistake and I am SURE you know it. What the heck happened???? It was almost enough to make me quit watching the show. Shame shame on you 3.

    Why does Ted always have a snotty comment to make????He wasn't chosen as a judge,ever wonder why Ted??
  • Love the show,but!

    I see this show is obviously racist against African Americans. Unfortunately, but not surprising. If not for that, I would've rated it a 10.
  • Winner being judged on more than dessert round

    Why are the chefs being judge in the final round on more than the dessert they made? My point being if they are in the dessert round that's what they should be judged on not the appetizer or entree, they were already judged on those.
  • Maybe not fixed but certainly racist

    Fisrt show the Black fireman was eliminated his meat over cooked but so was another

    Next show a White lady left off her almonds; she won the show against a Black whose food was just as good and he didn't miss any ingredients.

    Next show a White left off ingredient the judge said that was a terrible error and was chopped

    I like the show but didn't realize how racist the judges were. I won't watch when Black chiefs are on because I know the outcome! Shame on the judges! It's insulting to listen to them make up reasons to chop the Blacks. Aired 11/6
  • Bad & Unfair Judges

    I love the show idea but as time goes on the judges seem to be voting for who they want to win rather than who should win. It's the kiss of death on this show to say you are good at something or that you teach. The only judge I really like and that I trust as credible is Zakarian and he is rarely on anymore.

    So for me Chopped has been CHOPPED!
  • Make a splash

    Ok so I have to say I am a huge, huge fan of chopped. I pray to be on the show one day. I watched the Make A Splash show and I must say that Chef Seamus Mullen is the worst judge I've seen so far. He had nothing positive to say on the show at all and he was extremely negative. I feel that Chopped is a show that yes you can win money but it's also a show that you can learn from the judges and instead of teaching and giving some sort of encouragement he was just extremely negative. I watch this show all the time and I pray I don't see him as a judge again. If you can please let the powers that be know that it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  • Sob story

    First off. EVERY SINGLE CONTESTANT HAS A SOB STORY! I HATE THAT. Boohoo, you all know you're competing for money, not for your dying cat.

    Second, the judges are SO disrespectful and need to get the cock out of their asses. They act like they're so much better than everyone. No.

    Third. The editing is so choppy and terrible. I like the concept of the show but I refuse to watch it unless the judges become more respectful and the editing improves.
  • Regarding Fan Choices of Basket

    Chopped is our favorite family show. However, we were disappointed in the episode where the fans picked the basket. The baskets seemed to be the most difficult items that people could think of, instead of items that the contestants could work with. When the judges don't even want to try it, you have a serious problem.

    It was extremely unfair of Scott to call someone's food inedible when they had to work with this dog's breakfast of a basket.
  • Ghost Chile Entre

    Judges get off your high horses and grow some backbones. If you can't handle the heat then get out of the kitchen literally. What kind of a chef or judge compares hot chiles to shards of glass? You guys actually chopped her for putting pieces of ghost chile in her stir fry which actually was one of the four ingredients? And the irony is you kept the one who failed to get all the ingredients on the plates TWICE. The ghost chile is here to stay, what are you guys, chickens?

    Did you even stop to think that a judge or judges going into an extreme hot chile induced HOT OUT will shoot your ratings through the roof? WTH is wrong with you guys, man? Toughen up!

    These judges either need to get used to it or move aside and let more cultured judges do a fair job... chickens.
  • Chopped

    I like the concept of the show. I watch a lot of shows from Food Network. What I dislike immensely about Chopped is that judging is quite unfair. It seems like I can pretty much predict who will win by who has the "saddest" story. Take for instance the "Chopped: Teenager chefs." The black girl won because her brother died recently. If you watched the whole episode, you can see by her facial expressions from judges comments that her food was not the best, i.e. under season, sauce did not stick with chicken, crepe was sloppy. Yet she was the champion because the others did not have a "sadder" story. That is crap! Chefs (young and adults) should be judged honestly by their skills and not because judges feel bad about them!
  • biased?

    I was just watching the current episode on TV, and had to switch to other programs. I don't understand, for the entree part, the female chef completely messed up the duck breast, which I think is the most important component of the entree. She simply didn't have time to cook the duck breast. But she wasn't chopped!! The chef who was chopped cooked perfect duck breast, only one piece of potato was raw taste. This is not fair. I bet the judges can enjoy their raw duck breast with large portion of raw fat on it. But I cannot!
  • EXPERTS???

    This show had the 2 chefs from Boston. The "Expert Judges" are to be fair when they do their PAID job.... right? So you keep a chef who had two Big Major mistakes on the main dish and you still chopped an up coming young chef who did everything right. Yep that's normal for Paid Experts who do it for their bosses to keep the show ratings up. More can be said but why? this might not be posted for telling the truth.
  • dispointed!

    I used to love the show... but not anymore!

    let's be realistic for a second: the best chefs don't win anymore

    the winners are almost always the people with a sad personnal story...

    my tip for future contestant: stop believing that's it's a cooking contest, it's NOT!

    it's a tv show!!!

    if you don't have a sad or difficult past, invent yourselves one! put yourselves in the position of the TV viewers and try to come-up with a story that would make the viewers go like: "wow, poor guy, I'd really want him to win, he deserves it so much"
  • Chef Maneet Chauhan's

    My wife and I have been die hard viewers of the chopped. We never missed an episode, until Chef Maneet Chauhan became a full time judge on the show. We have nothing against the lady's ethnicity. I am Asian and have many Indian friends. It is the arrogant composure of Chef Maneet Chauhan that gives us the chills. So now every episode where she is one of the judges is a miss for us.

    Fred & jacqueline

  • Chopped

    Chris Santos is a real jerk. He finds fault with everything & is extremely arrogant. He takes away from the show. Please take him off!!
  • General Comment

    I have been an avid chopped viewer since season one. I am extremely unhappy with the fact that you say, in the beginning of each show, that you must use everything in your basket and then when people don't, sometimes you let them move through to the next round. This is incredibly wrong. Must means MUST,no matter if someone is a better chef or not they MUST use all of the ingredients. I will soon be discontinuing watching your show if this policy continues. You are entirely inconsistent when it comes to this matter.
  • All the ingredents

    One of the rules is that all the ingredents have to be used in so way. Why is it that a chef that uses all their ingredents is chopped when another chef forgets one. I don't think that is right. Go by the rules.
  • chopped could do better

    lets face it we are all getting bored with chopped witch is sad because i like the show but it getting to be the same old same old the wrong cheifs are costantly being kicked off is the same type of contestants same old competetion i have a list of things that chopped could do to improve there show and if they want to they will and i hope they do because its becoming more and more boring an unfair
  • Ted's attitude towards the only Chinese contestant

    This may be a late review, but I would like to make a comment on the episode that has a Chinese contestant who used Chinese style of cooking. I have noticed that the judges were all pleased with his food; however, the host, Ted Allen, constantly misled the judges by asking the questions such as "don't you think..." (sorry for not being able to recall completely).

    If I remembered correctly, the contestant made it to the final round, but it was Ted Allen who constantly badgered the judges. Ultimately, he was chopped at the end. I've seen plenty of Chopped episodes, this episode was the first time that I saw Ted Allen making comments when the judges were trying to make a decision. Usually he would ask questions, but in this episode he constantly give his own input (negative inputs of the Chinese contestant). I really started to doubt the "reality" of this show.
  • I give up, the judges are bigots!!!

    I watched this show from the very start. I remember the food network when Sara Moulton and David Horowitz were the big cheeszes. The ridiculous number of rehash shows have finally bored me to not tuning in much any more. This show in particular is so slanted to favor blacks and other now favored ethnicities. The New Orleans episode was the last straw to give the nod to the least competent chef simply because she gained notoriety during Katrina ended it for me.
  • I have been watching chopped for quite some time and I hate to say that every time there is an african american on the show they are eliminated! I have to say that caucasians and african americans cook differently and have different pallets! I wont watch!


    I'm not watching chopped any longer..I have given this show so many opportunities and each time that there is an african american on the show they are chopped!! you are racist and unfair..and I hate when people think that we use the race card but it is very true and I willl not be watching chopped anylonger!!

  • Racist

    My wife and I have an ongoing bet that there will never be a black chef to win on chopped. They can be black and from England or France and possibly win but I have never seen a black man win chopped. This is very annoying. Black males are very excellent chefs. It's funny that the show only picks every ethnicity and race but African American. Even Hispanics have a better chance to win. Lastly, look at the panel of judges, where is the ethnicity other than Aaron Sanchez. I am very disappointed.
  • goodbye chopped!!!

    I think chopped is a ripoff... i faithfully watched every single episode ignoring what I was seeing... favoritism and racism... no more!!!
  • Is this show a little prejudice?

    I love to cook! AND Love all people and walks of life. And I never pull the race I have yet to see someone of African/Caribbean decent win??? What is that! Not a good look Chopped. It would be understood if their food was not judged as delicious. Still a good cook show nonetheless.
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