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  • I love this show; really, I do. However, every time I watch this show, I notice that there are double standards abundant.


    I love this show; really, I do. However, every time I watch this show, I notice that there are double standards abundant. On one episode that I watched, a contestant had a bunch of pots and pans on the floor near his station, which is an accident waiting to happen. He got talked to but just like a passing comment. On another episode, "Flower Power", Chef Lola was berated by judge Geoffrey Zakarian because he swept some of the burdock root peelings on the floor. He went off asking her if she thought this was a joke, which in my opinion was uncalled for. As i said, that instance was one of the episodes where a double standard was held.

    I love the concept and the format, but they should either get one panel of judges for every show and have them remain impartial or crack down on the judges that they have and force them to follow the rules that the show creators made.

  • I love Chopped! I have noticed over the past few months the rules are not upheld.


    They remind everyone that they must useall of the ingredients in the basket some way but when it comes time for elimination they ignore the rule and keep people thatleave the ingredients off. In one episode the man just did not like the item and so he did not use it. He was not eliminated! Ithink if you set rules the judges should have to abide by those rules or the show is not what it is suppose to be. Part of theexcitment of the show is to see how they will use EVERY item in a set time. Allowing them to leave it out is unacceptable! This should be addressed!!

  • Fan gone sour!


    I am normally pleased with this show but lately the judges have been ridiculous with "the Chopping Block". Certain meals that some of the chefs make are not even pleasing to the eye which I thought was a criteria that is supposed to be taken into account with the judging. I agree with some of the reviews in that people have different taste pallets, therefore I feel it should be a different judge panel. Some people like steak rare others like it well done. One episode the judges all liked it bloody! That's very unfair to the chefs who have their own personal style. Please revamp this show!

  • I have been watching chopped for quite some time and I hate to say that every time there is an african american on the show they are eliminated! I have to say that caucasians and african americans cook differently and have different pallets! I wont watch!


    I'm not watching chopped any longer..I have given this show so many opportunities and each time that there is an african american on the show they are chopped!! you are racist and unfair..and I hate when people think that we use the race card but it is very true and I willl not be watching chopped anylonger!!

  • Chopped is a reality "cooking" show that involves four chefs battling it out for $10,000.

    I know this sounds crazy, but I think Food Network is really producing some great shows this season. Chopped is one of them. It is great because it is a fast-paced reality show that puts four chefs up against each other. They have to create three dishes. A chef is "chopped" or kicked off based on his or her performance. It ends up with one winner that wins $10, 000. It is also interesting because the ingredients these chefs have to use are pretty far out there, and most times the ingredients dont mesh well together. The chefs must come up with appetizing dishes with these odd ingredients to impress the judges. It is fabulously entertaining.
  • Fun Show!


    I've been watching Chopped on and off for well over a year now and it never fails to suck me in. Sometimes the eliminations make absolutely no sense and sometimes the person who should win actually wins. I always wonder, though, if a chef is able to get three completed plates and one plate without a particular ingredient (as in one of the re-run episodes I saw last night) WHY do they give the plate that's missing an ingredient to a judge?? That does not make sense to me at all. There were three completed plates and they used one of those to be wasted when they eliminated the chef? I think it is interesting that they will eliminate chefs for "professional issues," such as cross-contamination or running through the kitchen holding a knife. All in all, an entertaining show.

  • I'm a cooking show fan, so it's a good show.

    Chopped is a show about four chefs who compete for 10,000 dollars. Three judges critique on there work each round. As each round passes, a chef is eliminated until there is only one left standing. I like how they use the term: "Chopped" to be rid of the losing chefs. Ted Allen is a good host for this show, they chose a nice one for it. I'm already a Food Network fan, so I happen to watch the channel a lot. I like this show alot, and the judges, can be a tinsy bit too strict at times, but that's what judges are for, right? :D "Chopped" Is a good show, and it's a nice little period of time you should definatly watch when you get the chance.
  • Deeply Rooted

    I am writing you in hope that you will not just simply cast off my sincere yet well rounded viewpoint about your show. I like the concept of your show, but I am disappointed with the consistancy that those who are of African decent are often chopped and I might add unfairly. This is not an attempt to play the race card, but it may be revealing to the deep rooted sickness of racism that is still exist both unconsciously and for some consciously in the minds of our American culture. Please consider diversifying the race of your judges as well giving them equal weight of value." Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" Dr.King I am tired of injustice!
  • just follow the rules?

    It seem that if you dont use all the ingredience you, well you dont have to. if the rule is that you must use them then it shouldnt matter if the other chefs meal isnt as good they should be chopped. the judges seem to forget that sometimes and choose to overlook that simple rule. if a chef forgets a something and another gets everything on the plate but the judge doesnt like the meal as well, Well rules are rules not basic guide lines to follow if you feel like it. they expect the chefs to be consistant well so should the judges.
  • Please take note Chopped producers and judges!!!

    I don't know if you realize this but your judges consistently "chop" every black chef competing in the show in the very first round each time without fail! All the judges are mostly white and do not appreciate the nuances of African American cooking which contains fried food and spice. One of your judges gets upset if chefs use raw onions---what in the world! Tell him to expand his palate a bit or include more versatile judges with a larger, more diverse palate. As a food lover and an avid cook, I find this very unfortunate and I don't know if the judges realize how limited their palate comes across as when they just frown and shake their heads at the use of unfamiliar spices. For the record, I am not black--I am Indian---but this bias was so glaringly obvious on your show that one doesn't have to be black to notice this pattern. I would urge you to take this issues up seriously considering a couple of other people have made similar observations on this thread. Thank you.
  • The Chopped

    I must first start by saying I love the format of the show, the variety of skill set of the contestants, and how the mandatory ingredients not only make the contestants think outside of thier box but inspire and intrigue the viewer. These aspects ensure no two shows are the same and keep me watching and learning. What I DETEST about this shows are the judges. Although respectively they may be great Chefs, as t.v personalities they lack not only likeability but professionalism and for that they should stay in the kitchen. Just because you are a renowned chef does not automatically mean you can in such a forum judge your peers. For this reason my patience is running thin and might cease to watch this otherwise great show. Find t.v personalities that actually have PERSONALITY!
  • For AditiNadkarni

    I have not noticed the black contestants consistently being chopped. I've seen several of them win. Some of them are on my facebook page. I'm not sure where you got that idea. I love the show and I think the judges are fair.
  • Ted's attitude towards the only Chinese contestant

    This may be a late review, but I would like to make a comment on the episode that has a Chinese contestant who used Chinese style of cooking. I have noticed that the judges were all pleased with his food; however, the host, Ted Allen, constantly misled the judges by asking the questions such as "don't you think..." (sorry for not being able to recall completely).

    If I remembered correctly, the contestant made it to the final round, but it was Ted Allen who constantly badgered the judges. Ultimately, he was chopped at the end. I've seen plenty of Chopped episodes, this episode was the first time that I saw Ted Allen making comments when the judges were trying to make a decision. Usually he would ask questions, but in this episode he constantly give his own input (negative inputs of the Chinese contestant). I really started to doubt the "reality" of this show.
  • Judges are Extremely Bias

    My family and I all love the show chopped. What we have been noticing, however, is that the judges are very biased. On the regular chopped episodes, the judges are extremely critical of every detail. On "Chopped All Stars" the judges applaud how amazing each of the star chefs' dishes are. One I recently saw, two of the final chefs competing in the episode "Chef All Stars: Iron Chef America" drank from the rum bottle, then directly poured the rum into their dishes. The judges did not make any comment on this happening and my mouth dropped. I can remember multiple regular chopped episodes where chefs were chopped simply because of using a beverage ingredient in a dish after drinking from the bottle. I hope that this is seen by someone in food network because it is unfair to chefs who simply don't have a TV show to be chopped while these food network stars get to slide by these casualties.
  • Chef Jeff- Baby Octopus/Plantain/Huckleberry- VERY arrogant/VERY entertaining

    Chef Jeff, on the chopped where they needed to use 1. Baby Octopus 2. Green Plantains 3. Huckleberry just pissed me off the entire time he was on my television. What an arrogant asshole. He literally turned and churned my stomach. Gross. I could see the child in his face. 1st off, I can sympathize with him losing his father.. I lost my father in 3rd grade at age 9 and I grew up without a father. Chef Jeff disgusted me with his introduction, almost trying to draw sympathy by solely talking about his "hard week" and "losing his father" Throughout the show, he talks himself up by saying quite competative and honestly, bluntly RUDE things. At one point I believe I heard him say something to the tune of "I am the other chefs biggest competition" He is so full of himself. Then, he LEAVES the plantains in the blender.. And what does he say to the judges? He squeaks out as many little snide comments as possible. Things like "I would have done a few things differently" with a slight smile on his face.. Things like "Now I know how to make my next dish that much better" What? Dude, that honestly didn't even make sense in my personal opinion. Wow. He really dissapointed me with his dish as well. It was a glorified salad. He put octopus on a leaf, made a jelly sauce out of the berries, and forgot the plantain in the blender. Rookie. I grew so sick of hearing his arrogant comments I almost wanted to turn the channel due to him alone. The only point at which I thought OK.. this guys isn't a total and complete child. He wasn't AS immature a he seemed throughout the rest of the episode was while he was leaving. He simply said "it wasn't my 20 minutes" implying it wasn't his time to shine. Whatever. Bext time ur on telivision, try to not seem like your completely full of yourself. I'm sorry about your father jeff, but try to be more hunble with your cooking and don't expect things to be so easy next time. ;)
  • Ummm... Can I get a sweatband/headband PLEASE!!

    I am a dedicated fan of this show, and would be lost without it!! I just don't understand how they allow these chefs to prepare their food without a sweatband on. The judges complain about this, and about that, but yet they don't have anything to say about sweat dripping all into their food. I say for sanitary reason....PLEASE MAKE THEM WEAR SWEATBANDS!!
  • Weird ingredients

    First, I have to say, I never see any racial discrimination towards anyone on the show. In fact, they usually talk about how the chefs background really goes into their "inventions". I like the fact the ingredients are "off the wall" and I at least have an idea what they can be used for, even tho there is a pretty good chance they don't have it in our markets, grocery store, etc., here in Memphis. But I still learn a lot!

    I think one of the most interesting shows was the one with the cafeteria women, who cook better than any school I ever attended! (and much better and more creatively than my mom ever did)They should be part of the group who makes the decisions about the nations schools lunch programs But the one thing that bugged me about the judges wass their hangup with not enough saltfeeding children should not contain so much saltmaybe other spices or herbs could be incorporated, but salt is not one of the flavors any chefs should be concentrating on due to many health issues,i,e, heart disease!

    And some of those judges are pretty nastyand rudeI suggest you go on their restaurant sites and check out their menus. Their food might be cooked really well, but some of those menus are pretty uncreative and boring. Just because some of them have restaurants in NY and Vegas, doesn't mean automatically desirable menus. After checking out what they do, will put a new twist on how obnoxious they really AREN'T entitled to be!
  • Please follow the rules!

    I have been a fan of chopped for a long time but it bothers me that the judges can't follow the few rules set by the producers! Every item in the basket is to be used and the judges act like it is an egregious error when they forget an item then turn around and let it slide in the very next round because someone else made a delicious dish! In my opinion, no one wins when they win like this. I would not want to win by default and anyone who does is not a true sportsman. I think this speaks to the character of the judges and the producers as well
  • Equal Playing Field for Contestants - Basic Equipment and Ingredients

    I love the show but get frustrated when a contestant is unable to complete their preferred dish because there are not enough basic ingredients or equipment. A few suggestions:

    Have enough basic ingredients. In one show a contestant was unable to make the desert they wanted because there were no more eggs. No more eggs?A contestant shouldn't lose because there are not enough essential ingredients.

    Have enough equipment - On one show both contestants wanted to make ice cream but there was only one machine so the contestant had to try something else. A contestant shouldn't lose becasue there aren't two ice cream machines. Let the best ice cream win.

    Have better ovens and preheat them-On many shows contestants lost or had to put things on a pan because the oven wasn't hot enough. How about preheating the ovens to at least 350 or 400 before the show starts and get stoves that have a convection feature. The best food should win. Contestants shouldn't lose because the ovens aren't hot enough.

    That's my two cents. I love the show and the time pressure which makes it fun. If you can give the contestants better tools to compete I think it would be even better. Thanks.
  • yall need southern judges

    yea i was watching your show today and a female judge said the bacon was raw-she crazy.that bacon would have done fine on toast,lettuce,and tomato sandwich.if your judges i think are all northern yankees they would starve to death if they came down here and tried to eat our way of cooking.ya's appetizers would tick us off.if i wanted a dad burn snack we'd eat a snickers-our appetizer can feed atleast 3 people..the cooking on the show looks good but small portions come not everybody likes bacon burnt crisp either!!!! try our style southern cooking then be a judge--you might be surprised..from jw in north carolina--also so bet none of yall even know what good old neese's livermush taste like or grits
  • Chopped Kitchen is "badass"!

    Love, love, LOVE Chopped! The fact that the Chopped Kitchen has become the proving ground that sends even Iron Chefs running for cover is really cool. It was also amazing to see a Chopped Challenge on Next Food Network Stars; the respect for the show is obvious. Is there an archive of the recipes that the judges really like? One critique would be the inclusion of overly emotional stories from contestants. Like to hear their backgrounds but I don't need to hear the sad stories throughout the entire show - only about the food in the Chopped Kitchen. There are also too many chefs sliding through after leaving out an ingredient; should be zero tolerance on that. All in all one of my favorite shows!
  • kind of disappointed

    I do like most "reality" shows that involve food. (Although I don't know what drugs the person was on that put "the chew" on the air.... MUST be a relative of a network bigwig. Yes, it is that bad).

    On a lighter note:Have always like Ted Allen. His perspective, as depicted by his words, at least in the past, have always been as if he was involved. Just watched "Pepper on top" episode....I hope I was not the only one that thought that he was just there wishing that he could have cancelled out all three of the chefs competing or found some gutsier judges. Whazup???? Really.

    Hello out there!?!? Am I the only one that is not impressed with Mr. Hollywood(???)...who is he??? PLEASE!!! The woman? It started to be apparent in this episode that the dark haired Don Juan could have cooked up anything and she would have 'just loved it'...coo...coo...coo. Come on. That makes only one judge available for the reality part of the show....with the exception of Ted.

    You know what I, and I am sure MANY others, would like to see????? The judges being faced with the whole mystery box challenge ordeal. But the box ingredients must be chosen by 12 randomly chosen viewers, and judged by 12 completely different viewers. HELLO NETWORK!!! That would be a Chopped episode to be remembered. This is the reason why: Too many times I hear all the ways that they feel that the contestants should probably be fixing up the given ingredients. Is it really the point to be the best guesser, as a contestant, to just produce what you figure the judges want to see???

    Change it up. Or in this case, put it in the blender and make it alittle SAUCIER!!!!!!!!!

    At least on FoodNetworkStar the judges aren't afraid to say bye bye to a bad dish....and can definitely spot an inedible one.

  • sexist FEMALE contender

    Love the show. Last nights female contender who claimed she was greatly disappointed that there were no female judges since her food was geared toward the "female pallet"....was glad to see this sexist idiot get chopped first. Wow!

    Yankies do you not know that you must purge live crawfish in fresh water? I love the show but sometimes the judges have no clue as to how somethings are suppose to be pre-prepared. Maybe not so much the judges, as it could be the sole person throwing the ingreds. in the basket. Yeah, cooked crawfish that was not purged will be bad and full of mud unless all you use is the tails, But still will hold a mud farm raised flavor.
  • Chopped Liver

    I don't know when this particular show aired . . . I watch Chopped in Kuwait and there are long spells when we don't get it and then suddenly we get the same show several times a day -- no matter, I enjoy it.

    But someone should tell Judge Scott that he's NOT the be-all end-all authority when it comes to pasta. There are people who just might like things a little differently than the way he does, or even differently than what may be "correct" by his standards. In this particular show the chefs cooked pasta and some of it ended up in clumps that could have been avoided -- but -- my grandmother came from Italy as a teenager and undoubtedly made the best pasta in the world -- 2x a week she made it fresh. On Sundays after mass we would go to her house to collect a huge roaster of homemade spaghetti and meatballs and take it to our house for our lunch. My sisters and I used to pray that some of grandma's spaghetti would be in clumps and then we would fight for those clumps. We loved them. Grandma's sauce was also spectacular, always homemade, of course. When I eat spaghetti I still look for clumps and would fight anyone for them. Yea, maybe they don't look pretty, maybe they are raw (grandma's were always cooked) and maybe they're not what Judge Scott prefers -- but some of us don't mind clumps and if I were a judge I'd give points to any chef who produced some clumps. Scott is the most annoying of the judges in my opinion, though Alex runs a second to him. You could replace both of them and the show would be more enjoyable.

    Also, perhaps someone could tell the judges that it's okay to "commend" chefs. Why do so many of them say, "I have to commend you for . . . " Why "have to"? Is it painful? Why not be pleased that someone pleased you! "I really want to commend you for . . . " Because you don't "have to" do anything. And if they earned it, why make it sound like you begrudge them the points?
  • Non gracious winners

    on the July 19th episode of chopped, the contestant Sammy was a winner, but he didnt show humality to the loser/ It was not necessary for him to laugh at the other cook--and he could have kept the smart remarks to himself . its upsetting to some who watched the show- it was not appreciated that he pointed his finger and made faces at the losing cook--Otherwise I do enjoy the show and watch it all the time

  • Bad & Unfair Judges

    I love the show idea but as time goes on the judges seem to be voting for who they want to win rather than who should win. It's the kiss of death on this show to say you are good at something or that you teach. The only judge I really like and that I trust as credible is Zakarian and he is rarely on anymore.

    So for me Chopped has been CHOPPED!
  • dispointed!

    I used to love the show... but not anymore!

    let's be realistic for a second: the best chefs don't win anymore

    the winners are almost always the people with a sad personnal story...

    my tip for future contestant: stop believing that's it's a cooking contest, it's NOT!

    it's a tv show!!!

    if you don't have a sad or difficult past, invent yourselves one! put yourselves in the position of the TV viewers and try to come-up with a story that would make the viewers go like: "wow, poor guy, I'd really want him to win, he deserves it so much"
  • chopped could do better

    lets face it we are all getting bored with chopped witch is sad because i like the show but it getting to be the same old same old the wrong cheifs are costantly being kicked off is the same type of contestants same old competetion i have a list of things that chopped could do to improve there show and if they want to they will and i hope they do because its becoming more and more boring an unfair
  • Love Chopped!

    I love this show.At the strangest times I find myself trying to think of 4 ingredients and what I would do with them.I know- crazy.I wish they would just have regular people competing sometimes.People who just love to cook and can whip up something that tastes great from everyday ingredients , even leftovers.
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