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  • Please take note Chopped producers and judges!!!

    I don't know if you realize this but your judges consistently "chop" every black chef competing in the show in the very first round each time without fail! All the judges are mostly white and do not appreciate the nuances of African American cooking which contains fried food and spice. One of your judges gets upset if chefs use raw onions---what in the world! Tell him to expand his palate a bit or include more versatile judges with a larger, more diverse palate. As a food lover and an avid cook, I find this very unfortunate and I don't know if the judges realize how limited their palate comes across as when they just frown and shake their heads at the use of unfamiliar spices. For the record, I am not black--I am Indian---but this bias was so glaringly obvious on your show that one doesn't have to be black to notice this pattern. I would urge you to take this issues up seriously considering a couple of other people have made similar observations on this thread. Thank you.
  • They favor the black chefs

    The black chefs are like children and don;t know how to cook. If they make a meal that a child could make they expect to win the whole show. All they know is jerk seasoning, why are they so ignorant?
  • Deeply Rooted

    I am writing you in hope that you will not just simply cast off my sincere yet well rounded viewpoint about your show. I like the concept of your show, but I am disappointed with the consistancy that those who are of African decent are often chopped and I might add unfairly. This is not an attempt to play the race card, but it may be revealing to the deep rooted sickness of racism that is still exist both unconsciously and for some consciously in the minds of our American culture. Please consider diversifying the race of your judges as well giving them equal weight of value." Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" Dr.King I am tired of injustice!
  • Love the show,but!

    I see this show is obviously racist against African Americans. Unfortunately, but not surprising. If not for that, I would've rated it a 10.
  • Very Interesting Show

    Chopped is probably one of the better shows on Food Network. The concept is very creative, and I'm always interested to see what the contestants do with the ingredients they're given. The judges they bring in are also very likable. Their opinions are very constructive, and don't get too negative or rejectful like on Shark Tank. If you want some good competition and interesting meals, eat this one up.
  • For AditiNadkarni

    I have not noticed the black contestants consistently being chopped. I've seen several of them win. Some of them are on my facebook page. I'm not sure where you got that idea. I love the show and I think the judges are fair.
  • Respect family's

    I was watching chopped with my 10 year old little girl chopped is our favorite show chopped had been talking to the contestants when a gay women had been talking about her wife what does cooking and being gay have to do with anything please respect morals and traditional family's beeing homosexual is wrong its up to you to respect every body not just gays it is very disrespectful to bring this to my living room I do not want my children being exposed to this kind of thing please do not pollute there minds
  • It's covertly racist + sexist! Just Watched 4 episodes- same results

    Hi foodies,

    I just had a Chopped marathon tonight via the Food Network, as I love cooking and find cook off challenges fun and entertaining to watch. Though the show does provide a good format for TV viewers to engage their senses and interest, Chopped is one food show I will never again watch in my life.

    The four episodes viewed tonight were undeniably covertly racist and sexist. The show has a panel of three Caucasian, middle class chefs, judging four contestants, in these cases consisting of a variation of a token woman; the token Ethnically diverse man; and the consistently winning Caucasian white male.

    "Chopped" Producers: diversifying your contestants should not just be some formulaic , predictable procession - here you have failed terribly and I daresay it borderline on being quite offensive, frankly.

    It has been consistently shown in just these 4 shows that your judges clearly have their taste buds set on this order:

    First; the clear loser loses; giving some relief to the audience.

    Then, the woman gets cut;

    Between the remaining Ethnically diverse man and Caucasian man; it's consistently shown that your winner is determined to the one who seeming represents your panel of judges best; the Caucasian chef.

    I wish it wasn't so apparently formulaic and that I could just loose myself in the illusion of the show; but whether it be bad programming tonight or bad producing; you've really got to look into this aspect of your show because this will not work for the general viewers in the long run.

    Good luck.
  • Make a splash

    Ok so I have to say I am a huge, huge fan of chopped. I pray to be on the show one day. I watched the Make A Splash show and I must say that Chef Seamus Mullen is the worst judge I've seen so far. He had nothing positive to say on the show at all and he was extremely negative. I feel that Chopped is a show that yes you can win money but it's also a show that you can learn from the judges and instead of teaching and giving some sort of encouragement he was just extremely negative. I watch this show all the time and I pray I don't see him as a judge again. If you can please let the powers that be know that it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  • Is this show a little prejudice?

    I love to cook! AND Love all people and walks of life. And I never pull the race I have yet to see someone of African/Caribbean decent win??? What is that! Not a good look Chopped. It would be understood if their food was not judged as delicious. Still a good cook show nonetheless.
  • To all the judges

    I like the show overall, but my only quibble is the fact that the judges have to go back and re-evaluate the previous meals. The chefs where already critiqued with those meals. With the last challenge, they need to be evaluated with that solely without going back to their previous dishes. That will really make and break them.
  • Racism--unfair--really?

    Are you REALLY watching the show? Or are you just looking for ways to incorporate racism here as well as in every other venue known to man? Incredible. I want my raw meat cooked and I don't want hair in my food--guess that makes me a racist too. Come to my kitchen and watch me cook and I'm sure you'll find something I'm doing that's racist with that too. I'm sure I mow my lawn in a racist manner also. Not fair? Oh poor people, fair only counts in baseball. Feeling sorry for someone does not a good chef make. Chopped judges are great--and FAIR. Yes I said it! They're true professionals--just take the time to look at their considerable and impressive credentials. Alex G. is a super individual who is passionate about her field and is looking to help these chefs get to where they want to be (and I say the same of Jeffrey, Scott, Aaron and everyone else up there), but guess what--they chefs can't get to where they "think" they want to go if they don't know what they're doing wrong. And if they can't take the heat--well, you know, I won't say it. Anybody who takes offense (that's the correct spelling people) at the critiques should not be putting themselves in that position. Why do adults get so worked up when they're told they are anything less than perfect?!? Where did this entitlement come from? What is the entitlement with race? Why even bring that into it? Why do you go looking for something that isn't there? How is the victim mentality working for you? Do you still cry when you're told not to color outside the lines? True adults realize that a good mentor is how you grow and constructive criticism is vital for success. Race has NOTHING to do with it. Grow up people. This is an overall fun show, well put together, and the judges are extremely fair. Most of the contestants seem to be very serious in their endeavors and MOST of them graciously accept the feedback. Now, you whiners--go pacify yourselves with a balloon and grow up someday.
  • "Waste Not" Episode

    I love watching Chopped. I have always admired the judges for judging fairly by judging food only. Well in this particular episode I feel a chef was sent home based on her attitude. Soon after she was reprimanded she was sent home. In all fairness, I have seen worst attitudes shown toward judges. Life is life and people will be people, the whole scene was unfair. I am not saying her attitude wasn't bad but if others don't want to deal with you, leave them alone. Their attitude isn't about you anyway. I have heard worst comments on this show. The judges just ganged up on that chef because they were in the position to do so. Judge the food leave her attitude in God's hands.
  • non profit chefs

    Have any of you been homeless or even hungry? I'm a homeless veteran! I invite you to a dinner at the mission before you judge chef's that help the homeless!!!
  • I have been watching chopped for quite some time and I hate to say that every time there is an african american on the show they are eliminated! I have to say that caucasians and african americans cook differently and have different pallets! I wont watch!


    I'm not watching chopped any longer..I have given this show so many opportunities and each time that there is an african american on the show they are chopped!! you are racist and unfair..and I hate when people think that we use the race card but it is very true and I willl not be watching chopped anylonger!!

  • chopped is racists

    I think the show is unfair to African Americans I was just watching the show and the black made a taco and they like it but they didn't like that he didn't heat the tortilla and the other guy they said his was over cook and was not tasty but he had a good presentation I thought this was a cooking show how can u win with a presentation and bad food I was disappointed a black person never won chopped and I see why
  • Used to like this show a lot but...

    It seems the more I watch, the more I realize that it is very biased against the women chefs. I know that the majority of chefs in restaurants are men. Most shows start out with 1 women and the rest men. In the first round, the woman is the first to go much of the time, even when their mistakes are less than the others. It seems like women are only wanted on the show to go through the motions of having women players and the men (white men) are often excused from same or worse mistakes than the them. It has become very obvious that this is the way they role on here... don't know how much longer I will watch this. And I agree that Zakarian is nasty sometimes with people he doesn't "like"
  • chopped background noise

    My husband I have enjoyed watching the chopped shows in past seasons. This year it seems the background noises are taking over. Barely can hear what is being said anymore. If this isn't corrected, Chopped will lose viewers.
  • firefighters

    Chef Robert from Nashville should have won. The winner put inedible pepper on the plate and should have been disqualified. He also just put a piece of cheese on a piece of bread and did not transform his pudding. Robert from Nashville deserved that win! You need to have him back and give him a fair deal.
  • Chopped Junkie but ...

    I am a Chopped junkie!!! I love the show and the crazy ingredients that the chefs get in the baskets and their ingenuity at preparing something using the ingredients. But here is where I have a bone to pick with you. The chefs are told "you must use everything in your basket" but when one of the chefs omits an item they are not automatically chopped. In fact, sometimes they actually move on to the next round. If you say "MUST" then failure to do so is grounds for getting chopped. Ted has sometimes even said that failure to use all ingredients is NOT and automatic chop but I have seen shows where the reason the person was chopped despite having a better dish was because they omitted a basket ingredient. Far too inconsistent at times for me. Still love the show but revamping is necessary.

    You need to do a gluten free episode!!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband has celiac disease and loves your show but would never be able to be on it because he wouldn't be able to try any of the food he'd cook. Please please please please please please please do a gluten free show(s). It's becoming more popular now because of the dietary reasons and trend of eating healthy. Please please please please!
  • A New Kind Of Challenge

    First off, I would like to say this is one of my favorite shows. Right now as I am writing this, I am watching your Halloween Episode. What I would love to see would be everyday wives/husbands doing these challenges. There are lots of us out there that are good cooks and are just as creative using the basket ingredients. (I am not saying this for me, because I could not maneuver around the kitchen that fast anymore, am disabled). Also, why is it when a cook gets into a bind they always seem to turn to arugula? I think unless you have arugula in the basket it should not be able to be used.Keep the show showing.... it has given me some great ideas for cooking with. One idea is that I had a mystery ingredient given to me. A three pound container of mango puree. Not wanting to let it go to waste I finally decided to make a jam with it. Then when in the frig realized I had a large bowl of fresh jalapenos from my garden. So with the taste testing done by my husband (you can't make it hot enough for him) I made a hot jalapeno mango jam. The mango puree mainly acting as a base. Needless to say, I have a jam that I can use for cooking with also. Heat from your food needs to be balanced. Watching your show and listening to my husband, I have learned how to use cracked red pepper, not so much to add heat, but to strenghten the taste that is already there.

  • WHAT?

    Wow! Big Chopped fan, but... there were 2 contestants that finished early on the 'new years bash' 12/20/16. Funny was the one who was singled out and CHOPPED, because you THOUGHT he had some sort of attitude (which he didn't!). Judge Aaron, what's with the "Oh lordy, lordy, straight afterward? DID NOT go unnoticed! Not cool!

  • no point

    A man made soup on a pizza theme.

    No point in the show rules anymore

    Why does Ted always have a snotty comment to make????He wasn't chosen as a judge,ever wonder why Ted??
  • What is even happening anymore

    This show is honestly awful. All I think while I'm watching is: how much worse can it get? Each round gets weirder and worse. The amount of fake accidents/acting hurts my soul. The chefs all are awful. It's not that hard to boil your ravioli Jack. I've had it. Watching these shtheads miss putting their sauces and secret ingredients in the plate. Jeez man. Overall the chefs suck, judges are awful and acting is outrageously hurtful. 1.5/10
  • Regarding Fan Choices of Basket

    Chopped is our favorite family show. However, we were disappointed in the episode where the fans picked the basket. The baskets seemed to be the most difficult items that people could think of, instead of items that the contestants could work with. When the judges don't even want to try it, you have a serious problem.

    It was extremely unfair of Scott to call someone's food inedible when they had to work with this dog's breakfast of a basket.
  • Jan. 29 final round.

    Shocking decision on part of judges. Sickening. Male chauvinist to the extreme. Horrible decision. You know she was the better performer. Hands down she deserved to win. She is clearly an amazing chef- Wonder if male judges have chip on shoulder where she is concerned because she is not intimidated? Male judges seem to have a serious man crush on Jun. and taken by his accent and demeanor. Most disappointing episode ever. Getting so tired of male dominated approach to judging food on this show.
  • Chooped

    I have been watching Chopped for such a long-time and the only judge that I feel is unfair is the mexican judge Arone Sanchaz. He will support his race no matter what. See I am spanish,indian and black. I live in San Diego California and I know how mexcian stick together no matter what, if it was not for the other judges all the mexicans that came threw chopped Arone would vote for no matter what. The spanish is tought to stick by your culture no matter what.
  • Chopped Beer and Pizza episodes

    Wtf was that?? How did that lady win when she forgot an ingredient?! She should never have made it passed the first round. For anyone who says that this show is racist against 'minorities' is nuts! There are 'minorities' in every episode and often they will win bc it seems like they are afraid of chopping them. Ridiculous. If you are good, you are good. It doesn't matter what race...

    AND, the pizza did that guy get passed the first round when he made soup??! SOUP! He should have been chopped immediately! You tell me why he was let through. He didn't even make pizza the second round lol. He flattened deep dish pizza dough through a pasta machine and put stuff on top.

    Plus, these judges are pretty terrible. What's with the lady from India who always wants more salt on the dishes??! Give me a break.
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