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  • I'm a cooking show fan, so it's a good show.

    Chopped is a show about four chefs who compete for 10,000 dollars. Three judges critique on there work each round. As each round passes, a chef is eliminated until there is only one left standing. I like how they use the term: "Chopped" to be rid of the losing chefs. Ted Allen is a good host for this show, they chose a nice one for it. I'm already a Food Network fan, so I happen to watch the channel a lot. I like this show alot, and the judges, can be a tinsy bit too strict at times, but that's what judges are for, right? :D "Chopped" Is a good show, and it's a nice little period of time you should definatly watch when you get the chance.
  • Disgusting sweat !!!

    I love this show, I learn from it. BUT, I find so disgusting that some chefs are sweating and dripping their sweat right on the plates while preparing them. If the judges critique lack of salt on some dishes, some of them end up with a whole lot more like sweat salt. Why are the women's hair not tied back, and men not wearing chef hats or something on their forehead to catch all those drips.
  • dispointed!

    I used to love the show... but not anymore!

    let's be realistic for a second: the best chefs don't win anymore

    the winners are almost always the people with a sad personnal story...

    my tip for future contestant: stop believing that's it's a cooking contest, it's NOT!

    it's a tv show!!!

    if you don't have a sad or difficult past, invent yourselves one! put yourselves in the position of the TV viewers and try to come-up with a story that would make the viewers go like: "wow, poor guy, I'd really want him to win, he deserves it so much"
  • too much bias in show

    after watching the ultimate chop show and some woman who never did go to culinary school beat out a chef with VASTLY higher experience I really feel this show is rigged and bias. To be be fair I think the judges should NOT KNOW who cooked what but each dish has just a number. And given a rating. Base on that it's even possible to have a tie as well. To decide that its one more cook off or double prize. Another peeve is that ech contestant does not have the full opportunity to utilize the kitchen. The Ice Cream machine comes to mind - first come first the pun. Each contestant should have use of a fully operational kitchen segregated from each other. They do not have to say 'behind' to anyone as they are fully isolated from each other. Everyone has a ice cream machine, blast chiller, refrig and you get the message.
  • this isnt "Who has the biggest sob story"


    I really dont care if your hubby is laid off

    if you were a stripper

    if your mom is a lush


    "Why are you here" they are there for $10K THATS WHY!!!!!!!!!

    its utterly IGNORANT to sit there and chop a chef that actually CAN one that admits they are self taught and have lost 2-3 resturants

    trying to force feed us "human interest" and let them just COOK

    I really dont CARE about their hard lives or their losses

    in short?

  • Racism--unfair--really?

    Are you REALLY watching the show? In reading just a handful of reviews about this show, I have to ask--are you "reviewers" really watching the show? Or are you just looking for ways to incorporate racism here as well as in every other venue known to man? Incredible. I want my raw meat cooked and I don't want hair in my food--guess that makes me a racist too. Come to my kitchen and watch me cook and I'm sure you'll find something I'm doing that's racist with that too. I'm sure I mow my lawn in a racist manner also. Jeez. Not fair? Oh poor people, fair only counts in baseball. Feeling sorry for someone does not a good chef make. Chopped judges are great--and FAIR. Yes I said it! They're true professionals--just take the time to look at their considerable and impressive credentials. Alex G. is a super individual who is passionate about her field and is looking to help these chefs get to where they want to be (and I say the same of Jeffrey, Scott, Aaron and everyone else up there), but guess what--they chefs can't get to where they "think" they want to go if they don't know what they're doing wrong. And if they can't take the heat--well, you know, I won't say it. Anybody who takes offense (that's the correct spelling people) at the critiques should not be putting themselves in that position. Why do adults get so worked up when they're told they are anything less than perfect?!? Where did this entitlement come from? Do you still cry when you're told not to color outside the lines? True adults realize that a good mentor is how you grow and constructive criticism is vital for success. This is an overall fun show, well put together, and the judges are extremely fair. Most of the contestants seem to be very serious in their endeavors and MOST of them graciously accept the feedback. Now, you whiners--go pacify yourselves with a balloon and grow up someday.
  • Equal Playing Field for Contestants - Basic Equipment and Ingredients

    I love the show but get frustrated when a contestant is unable to complete their preferred dish because there are not enough basic ingredients or equipment. A few suggestions:

    Have enough basic ingredients. In one show a contestant was unable to make the desert they wanted because there were no more eggs. No more eggs?A contestant shouldn't lose because there are not enough essential ingredients.

    Have enough equipment - On one show both contestants wanted to make ice cream but there was only one machine so the contestant had to try something else. A contestant shouldn't lose becasue there aren't two ice cream machines. Let the best ice cream win.

    Have better ovens and preheat them-On many shows contestants lost or had to put things on a pan because the oven wasn't hot enough. How about preheating the ovens to at least 350 or 400 before the show starts and get stoves that have a convection feature. The best food should win. Contestants shouldn't lose because the ovens aren't hot enough.

    That's my two cents. I love the show and the time pressure which makes it fun. If you can give the contestants better tools to compete I think it would be even better. Thanks.
  • The Chopped

    I must first start by saying I love the format of the show, the variety of skill set of the contestants, and how the mandatory ingredients not only make the contestants think outside of thier box but inspire and intrigue the viewer. These aspects ensure no two shows are the same and keep me watching and learning. What I DETEST about this shows are the judges. Although respectively they may be great Chefs, as t.v personalities they lack not only likeability but professionalism and for that they should stay in the kitchen. Just because you are a renowned chef does not automatically mean you can in such a forum judge your peers. For this reason my patience is running thin and might cease to watch this otherwise great show. Find t.v personalities that actually have PERSONALITY!
  • Need too dethrone the Queen

    Time too replace chef Alex as a judge!!! She's too picky and if u disagree with her opinion's you get the common eye roll or blank stare from her. Plus she takes obvious offence if you don't like the guest chef she likes. Gawd almighty already please stop letting all the sob stories and rule breakers win all the time. It's a cooking competition , not a who's the best whiner too the judges competition.
  • Chopped

    I like the concept of the show. I watch a lot of shows from Food Network. What I dislike immensely about Chopped is that judging is quite unfair. It seems like I can pretty much predict who will win by who has the "saddest" story. Take for instance the "Chopped: Teenager chefs." The black girl won because her brother died recently. If you watched the whole episode, you can see by her facial expressions from judges comments that her food was not the best, i.e. under season, sauce did not stick with chicken, crepe was sloppy. Yet she was the champion because the others did not have a "sadder" story. That is crap! Chefs (young and adults) should be judged honestly by their skills and not because judges feel bad about them!
  • Racist? Really?

    I'd like to remind those of you who believe chopped never lets anyone other than Caucasian chefs win... I'd like to remind you of Madison Cowan. Stop and think to yourself "Oh yeah, I forgot about Not only was he the FIRST grand champion, but he was also black. The second Chopped champion, Danielle Saunders. African American. OOOOOOOH, but they surely wouldn't let another minority into their club of winners, right? Wrong, Third Champion, Jun Tanaka. Asian ethnicity .

    Now dry your eyes and stop playing the race card. I've seen Caucasian chefs who have been "screwed" out of their titles. Race makes absolutely no difference in this, it's simply due to the fact that their food was sub-par compared to other competitors. Are the judges jerks? Yeah, they are. You obviously have never worked in a professional kitchen if you think that's not normal.
  • He wouldn't have liked Julia Child !

    Judge Zakarian has no right to sit on the panel ! His obvious dislike of the English female chef on last night's show, was sickening to watch. His comments about her talking and messiness were completely unprofessional and made me very angry. A very small minded man . I hope he is replaced ! He wouldn't have like Julia Child !!!
  • Scott Conant - raw red onion prick!

    the guys is the biggest ass.. just because you don't like red onions doesn't mean you can tear apart someone's dish, they are not your personal chef! props to the guy that used raw red onion twice in episode "in a pinch" > in yo face!
  • Double Dipping

    Why do the judges let the cooks double dip while tasting the food? Don't they realize they're having spit on their food?
  • Great show, but...

    Love the show but can't believe you value the quality of a meal over the value of cooking staff by allowing Chris to get by with falsely accusing his "co-worker" and then stealing from her. Wonder how you all treat your staff? :(
  • Judges are Extremely Bias

    My family and I all love the show chopped. What we have been noticing, however, is that the judges are very biased. On the regular chopped episodes, the judges are extremely critical of every detail. On "Chopped All Stars" the judges applaud how amazing each of the star chefs' dishes are. One I recently saw, two of the final chefs competing in the episode "Chef All Stars: Iron Chef America" drank from the rum bottle, then directly poured the rum into their dishes. The judges did not make any comment on this happening and my mouth dropped. I can remember multiple regular chopped episodes where chefs were chopped simply because of using a beverage ingredient in a dish after drinking from the bottle. I hope that this is seen by someone in food network because it is unfair to chefs who simply don't have a TV show to be chopped while these food network stars get to slide by these casualties.
  • Chopped

    Has there ever been an African American win ever?
  • Whats Up With The Judges.

    The judges do not base the dishes on the way they taste much. They observe how the dishes are made and judge them too much by the way there being prepared or there presentation of how the food looks as they are walked over to them, suddenly the judges will taste it and say it tasted rushed or cooked too fast?! Its very seldom they base it on its taste. They also have "choppy" attitudes that always nock the competitor's confidence off and they wonder about the foods presentation,besides the time limit, they make them nervous as hell!
  • Please follow the rules!

    I have been a fan of chopped for a long time but it bothers me that the judges can't follow the few rules set by the producers! Every item in the basket is to be used and the judges act like it is an egregious error when they forget an item then turn around and let it slide in the very next round because someone else made a delicious dish! In my opinion, no one wins when they win like this. I would not want to win by default and anyone who does is not a true sportsman. I think this speaks to the character of the judges and the producers as well
  • goodbye chopped!!!

    I think chopped is a ripoff... i faithfully watched every single episode ignoring what I was seeing... favoritism and racism... no more!!!
  • Chopped

    Chris Santos is a real jerk. He finds fault with everything & is extremely arrogant. He takes away from the show. Please take him off!!
  • All the ingredents

    One of the rules is that all the ingredents have to be used in so way. Why is it that a chef that uses all their ingredents is chopped when another chef forgets one. I don't think that is right. Go by the rules.
  • Ghost Chile Entre

    Judges get off your high horses and grow some backbones. If you can't handle the heat then get out of the kitchen literally. What kind of a chef or judge compares hot chiles to shards of glass? You guys actually chopped her for putting pieces of ghost chile in her stir fry which actually was one of the four ingredients? And the irony is you kept the one who failed to get all the ingredients on the plates TWICE. The ghost chile is here to stay, what are you guys, chickens?

    Did you even stop to think that a judge or judges going into an extreme hot chile induced HOT OUT will shoot your ratings through the roof? WTH is wrong with you guys, man? Toughen up!

    These judges either need to get used to it or move aside and let more cultured judges do a fair job... chickens.
  • The show is an unprofession view.

    I can't wait to view critics remarks, the judges are so arrogant, they either have their nose up to the ceiling or they smell their own mess. African American's don't have a fair chance on the show. Chefs Collide was the most critical show, this show is so obvious I have cancel all records and I don't watch it anymore. Alex so stuck up, Geoffrey that arrogant sob should have been at home soaking up retirement and Sanchez, not any of them should be judges because there head is so big for thinking they are the only cooks in the world and Alex always messing up because the nose to far in the air. I don't even know why African- Americans let them fool them to be on the show, they are destine to loose only or two has won. I bet that killed the judges because they must let someone black win. I have stopped watching the show it is to obvisious how much prejudice is on there.
  • The butt naked truth

    Theses judges are racist! PERIOD!!! I watched the Grilltastic show today at 7:00. It was a horrible shame that the African American guy was the only contestant to transform his tofu. The judges raved about it and turned around and stabbed the poor guy in his back by eliminating him. Pathetic!!!!! This is not my first concern about this issue and I am done watching this show. There are no need for your comments on my post. I do not know you and you do not know me. I am entitle to MY opinion. FIX IT FOOD IS JUST TOO OBVIOUS!!!!!

  • Sweet Second Chances

    I love "Chopped". I tape all shows so I don't miss them. I almost always agree with the judges BUT the show Sweet Second Chances was NOT based on what the judges had said about the 3 courses. Even the winner said he didn't win but Johann won and he gave her the money to go see her Grandmother. You 3 judges made a huge mistake and I am SURE you know it. What the heck happened???? It was almost enough to make me quit watching the show. Shame shame on you 3.
  • Contestant Advice

    Love the show; it amazes me how anybody can create an edible dish with the bizarre combinations of ingredients they get. Some advice to the contestants: do not attempt to cook rice--it won't cook in time and you will be CHOPPED! A substitute, if available--orzo pasta. Also, do NOT use Truffle oil, I think every contestant who has used it gets CHOPPED! I also suggest if contestants know who the judges are ahead of time that they research their likes and dislikes. I think the Jeoffrey guy hates green peppers, black pepper, and someone--maybe still him--hates red onions. Seems like when he's a judge, if those items get into the dishes, the chef who prepared it gets CHOPPED! Additionally, the round that is beginning to bore me is the dessert round. I am tired of bread pudding. Contestants--please plan ahead and have an adaptable dessert idea if you make it to the final round that doesn't utilize bread. Like, how about a parfait, a mousse, a crunch, or poached fruit? I also think it would be cool if the show would eventually, even just once a year, have a fan competition and allow fans who are not chefs, caterers, or cooks compete. Maybe a celebrity competition, too.
  • Chopped is a reality "cooking" show that involves four chefs battling it out for $10,000.

    I know this sounds crazy, but I think Food Network is really producing some great shows this season. Chopped is one of them. It is great because it is a fast-paced reality show that puts four chefs up against each other. They have to create three dishes. A chef is "chopped" or kicked off based on his or her performance. It ends up with one winner that wins $10, 000. It is also interesting because the ingredients these chefs have to use are pretty far out there, and most times the ingredients dont mesh well together. The chefs must come up with appetizing dishes with these odd ingredients to impress the judges. It is fabulously entertaining.
  • Why do you need to through in the race card on a cooking show

    candyman2487 clearly did'nt watch or hear why his favorite contestant did'nt get to move on,

    he made a taco with a raw tortilla, who in their right mind makes a taco and does'nt heat up

    the tortilla, especially since he had plenty of time to do so. The judges job is hard enough as

    it is to pic a dish that has used all of the ingredients, that is prepared correctly as possible

    which includes needing to be edible, This is absolutely "not " racism, as suggested by

    candyman2487, but lack of culinary skills in regards to preparing Mexican food for a dish

    he was being judged on.

    I think it's time candyman2487 finds somewhere else to grandstand. If he's only interested

    in the show when African/americans get to move on up, or win. Maybe he should watch BET
  • The judges should have a cook-off with winners being the judge

    I am so sick of the judges saying "you should have done this! you should have done that" Chopped should have a judge cook off. Let 4 of the winners of chopped be the judge. Then they can see its not as easy as they critique
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