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  • Chopped

    I think Chopped is only for those with culinary arts training, the episode where the Fireman competed against the resturant chef was garbage and the judges showed definate favortism toward to resturant chef over the fireman. he is a fireman, nowhere in his job descriptipon does it say anything about presentation at all. the show should have known that before recruiting him into the competition and therefore showed that unless you are a chef in a popular food setting you stand no chance of winning chopped.
  • Still love it!

    I hope to learn to cook one day anf be on chopped. (But I get the feeling it's going to cancelled when I get there)
  • Skewered Rules?

    I recently watched an episode of Chopped where the final winner missed a key ingredient in the appetizer round. The judges spoke that his dishes were not the best overall and yet he still won. I thought missing a basket ingredient was grounds for disqualification? Am I mistaken? It seems that they have opened a door for each contestant to pick and choose what ingredients he/she wants to prepare their dishes with and still be able to win. The rules are skewered and Chopped has been chopped from any further viewing by me and my family.
  • non profit chefs

    Have any of you been homeless or even hungry? I'm a homeless veteran! I invite you to a dinner at the mission before you judge chef's that help the homeless!!!
  • chopped background noise

    My husband I have enjoyed watching the chopped shows in past seasons. This year it seems the background noises are taking over. Barely can hear what is being said anymore. If this isn't corrected, Chopped will lose viewers.
  • Premier champion for charity

    Thought judges were bias having Scott win. He truly was not the winner in my opinion
  • Racist

    My wife and I have an ongoing bet that there will never be a black chef to win on chopped. They can be black and from England or France and possibly win but I have never seen a black man win chopped. This is very annoying. Black males are very excellent chefs. It's funny that the show only picks every ethnicity and race but African American. Even Hispanics have a better chance to win. Lastly, look at the panel of judges, where is the ethnicity other than Aaron Sanchez. I am very disappointed.
  • Make a splash

    Ok so I have to say I am a huge, huge fan of chopped. I pray to be on the show one day. I watched the Make A Splash show and I must say that Chef Seamus Mullen is the worst judge I've seen so far. He had nothing positive to say on the show at all and he was extremely negative. I feel that Chopped is a show that yes you can win money but it's also a show that you can learn from the judges and instead of teaching and giving some sort of encouragement he was just extremely negative. I watch this show all the time and I pray I don't see him as a judge again. If you can please let the powers that be know that it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  • Chopped Junkie but ...

    I am a Chopped junkie!!! I love the show and the crazy ingredients that the chefs get in the baskets and their ingenuity at preparing something using the ingredients. But here is where I have a bone to pick with you. The chefs are told "you must use everything in your basket" but when one of the chefs omits an item they are not automatically chopped. In fact, sometimes they actually move on to the next round. If you say "MUST" then failure to do so is grounds for getting chopped. Ted has sometimes even said that failure to use all ingredients is NOT and automatic chop but I have seen shows where the reason the person was chopped despite having a better dish was because they omitted a basket ingredient. Far too inconsistent at times for me. Still love the show but revamping is necessary.
  • bye bye chopped banned from our home have a criteria but do what you want not a good message for our house

    bye bye chopped banned from our home have a criteria but do what you want not a good message for our house
  • firefighters

    Chef Robert from Nashville should have won. The winner put inedible pepper on the plate and should have been disqualified. He also just put a piece of cheese on a piece of bread and did not transform his pudding. Robert from Nashville deserved that win! You need to have him back and give him a fair deal.
  • Respect family's

    I was watching chopped with my 10 year old little girl chopped is our favorite show chopped had been talking to the contestants when a gay women had been talking about her wife what does cooking and being gay have to do with anything please respect morals and traditional family's beeing homosexual is wrong its up to you to respect every body not just gays it is very disrespectful to bring this to my living room I do not want my children being exposed to this kind of thing please do not pollute there minds
  • don't know.

    I'm a little on fence about my opinion of the show. While the concept is interesting enough, there are a few problems.

    1. The rules: Each show has three rounds: "Appetizer, Entree, and Desert. Each contestant much incorporate the mystery ingredients into the dish, before time runs out. The Plate will be judged on taste, creativity, and presentation, if your plate doesn't cut it, you will be HOWEVER:

    - What bothered me is that they continued to scoff the contestants based on technicality. For example: one judge may like their steak medium rare, one judge may like their meat well-done, so that becomes more of an opinionated critique.

    2. They never really follow the rules.

    Similar to the "opinionated critique" they feel like they have to chopped a contestant that left an ingredient off their plate. It's not their fault that they didn't know what to do with jellied eyeballs. I've seen other contestants that literally killed their dish with too many spices or perhaps their execution was just fucked up, but still remain in the competition because "hey, their dish sucked, but at least they got EVERYTHING on the plate. the rules never stated that the contestant had to be Chopped, however the judges decided that it's such an offense that they MUST be Chopped, one way or another.

    3. The judges are pretentious schmucks.

    God, I despise most of the judges, simply because they think they're above everyone. The main judges that we see (Scott, Alex, Amanda) to name a few, have "so-called proper training. They're trained with French and Italian cuisine, and their pretentiousness shines through their greasy faces. They look down on contestants, just because they're not as rich and famous as them (which is bs because most of the chefs own 4 star restaurants). Honestly, it's almost as if being on Chopped is a way for them to prove their worth in the kitchen.

    However three of my least favorite ( I basically despise all of them) but three in Particular are Maneet Chauan, Scott Conant. and Geoffery Zakarian:

    - Maneet is a condescending bitch to say the least (excuse my language). Nothing is ever good for her, and whenever she lists the reasons why a chef got Chopped, she always had that sinister grin, if anything, she seems to be taking pleasure in the fact that she has the power to destroy a contestant's chance of winning ten grand, although the irony is the fact that she was the first to get chopped on "Chopped All-Stars".

    - Scott Conant is a dickhole. I'm trying to refrain from exploding in anger. Apparently one of his pet peeves is "red onions" but hell, if I had that in my Mystery Basket, I'm gonna make it prevalent in my dish and YOU WILL EAT IT! If he's going to get pissy over some red onions he might as well not even be qualified to be a judge if he's scared of some red roots. My guess if that he doesn't want to eat it or else his breath will stink...

    4. Racism? Probably not. Prejudice? Definitely.

    -I have to say that I highly doubt that there's any racism in the show, like for example this black chef named Madison is phenominal, he's won three times in the Chopped. So is this cutie Asian named Jun Lee, ( I'm not sure about his last name), but he's really good as well. However, it stems from the fact that usually French and Italian chefs are the favorite among the judges, because they think they are more refined, and that reflected on their own training. In their eyes, French and Italian are a must, because it speaks luxury and wealth. I dare them tell Soul Chef that their food isn't decadent, (afterall, in their eyes, all it's about is greasy fried chicken, glops of mashed potatoes, and thick, fatty gravy (which we all know is bull crap because who doesn't like soul food ;D.

    Some of the ingredients are hellish:

    -Actually, that's one aspect of the show I really like. It's interesting to create an apetizer out of black jelly beans, mustard, cotton candy, and pickled radish. Actually there was one review commenting about how unfair it was for the viewers to choose the ingredients, but I say bullock. Chopped isn't a walk in the park, and of course it's going to be difficult. As a chef, you're supposed to utilize unusual ingredients to create a delicious entree, apatizer, or dessert, and one female contestant was bitching about how she lost and the people who picked the basket couldn't cook it themselves. Newsflash: you're the goddamn chef, not us. *Sigh* I guess she was just a sore loser*.

    (I'll finish this tomorrow)
  • Whats Up With The Judges.

    The judges do not base the dishes on the way they taste much. They observe how the dishes are made and judge them too much by the way there being prepared or there presentation of how the food looks as they are walked over to them, suddenly the judges will taste it and say it tasted rushed or cooked too fast?! Its very seldom they base it on its taste. They also have "choppy" attitudes that always nock the competitor's confidence off and they wonder about the foods presentation,besides the time limit, they make them nervous as hell!
  • goodbye chopped!!!

    I think chopped is a ripoff... i faithfully watched every single episode ignoring what I was seeing... favoritism and racism... no more!!!
  • Is this show a little prejudice?

    I love to cook! AND Love all people and walks of life. And I never pull the race I have yet to see someone of African/Caribbean decent win??? What is that! Not a good look Chopped. It would be understood if their food was not judged as delicious. Still a good cook show nonetheless.
  • The judges should have a cook-off with winners being the judge

    I am so sick of the judges saying "you should have done this! you should have done that" Chopped should have a judge cook off. Let 4 of the winners of chopped be the judge. Then they can see its not as easy as they critique
  • Racist? Really?

    I'd like to remind those of you who believe chopped never lets anyone other than Caucasian chefs win... I'd like to remind you of Madison Cowan. Stop and think to yourself "Oh yeah, I forgot about Not only was he the FIRST grand champion, but he was also black. The second Chopped champion, Danielle Saunders. African American. OOOOOOOH, but they surely wouldn't let another minority into their club of winners, right? Wrong, Third Champion, Jun Tanaka. Asian ethnicity .

    Now dry your eyes and stop playing the race card. I've seen Caucasian chefs who have been "screwed" out of their titles. Race makes absolutely no difference in this, it's simply due to the fact that their food was sub-par compared to other competitors. Are the judges jerks? Yeah, they are. You obviously have never worked in a professional kitchen if you think that's not normal.
  • Sob story

    First off. EVERY SINGLE CONTESTANT HAS A SOB STORY! I HATE THAT. Boohoo, you all know you're competing for money, not for your dying cat.

    Second, the judges are SO disrespectful and need to get the cock out of their asses. They act like they're so much better than everyone. No.

    Third. The editing is so choppy and terrible. I like the concept of the show but I refuse to watch it unless the judges become more respectful and the editing improves.
  • Only Reality Show I Can Watch

    I can't stand any sort of scripted reality show and so I avoided Chopped up until just recently. One day I sort of came across it during a Summer lull and found it's far from a "reality" show. I really like the format for the most part because it leaves very little time for fake drama and theatrics. The judges are still a little phony with their pros and cons, and they have to throw in the insulting music changes whenever something negative is said, but overall it feels more like a real competition that is civil and focused.

    I'd prefer the judges stop making statements and critiques that hang there awkwardly for dramatic effect (or possibly they stop editing it that way if that's what is going on) but overall it's better than all the other crape out there from American Idol and Survivor to Storage Wars and the Duck/Beard show.
  • Chef Maneet Chauhan's

    My wife and I have been die hard viewers of the chopped. We never missed an episode, until Chef Maneet Chauhan became a full time judge on the show. We have nothing against the lady's ethnicity. I am Asian and have many Indian friends. It is the arrogant composure of Chef Maneet Chauhan that gives us the chills. So now every episode where she is one of the judges is a miss for us.

    Fred & jacqueline

  • Regarding Fan Choices of Basket

    Chopped is our favorite family show. However, we were disappointed in the episode where the fans picked the basket. The baskets seemed to be the most difficult items that people could think of, instead of items that the contestants could work with. When the judges don't even want to try it, you have a serious problem.

    It was extremely unfair of Scott to call someone's food inedible when they had to work with this dog's breakfast of a basket.
  • sensitive people need to learn " its not personal, its business"

    It is only TV show about food people really, if you don't wont to hear the show "someone's sob story" mute it. If you think its "racist" don't watch it anymore.

    I'm not going to point fingers but a few peeps here are looking into things way to much.

    Chopped is the Best thing since MacGyver. Food Network is all I watch! Best thing on TV!!!

    FYI! if you lost lost 2-3 restaurant's you suck! No matter how much you hate this comment lost 2-3 restaurant's? lost? your in the wrong business, plain and simple.
  • this isnt "Who has the biggest sob story"


    I really dont care if your hubby is laid off

    if you were a stripper

    if your mom is a lush


    "Why are you here" they are there for $10K THATS WHY!!!!!!!!!

    its utterly IGNORANT to sit there and chop a chef that actually CAN one that admits they are self taught and have lost 2-3 resturants

    trying to force feed us "human interest" and let them just COOK

    I really dont CARE about their hard lives or their losses

    in short?

  • The butt naked truth

    Theses judges are racist! PERIOD!!! I watched the Grilltastic show today at 7:00. It was a horrible shame that the African American guy was the only contestant to transform his tofu. The judges raved about it and turned around and stabbed the poor guy in his back by eliminating him. Pathetic!!!!! This is not my first concern about this issue and I am done watching this show. There are no need for your comments on my post. I do not know you and you do not know me. I am entitle to MY opinion. FIX IT FOOD IS JUST TOO OBVIOUS!!!!!

  • Sweet Second Chances

    I love "Chopped". I tape all shows so I don't miss them. I almost always agree with the judges BUT the show Sweet Second Chances was NOT based on what the judges had said about the 3 courses. Even the winner said he didn't win but Johann won and he gave her the money to go see her Grandmother. You 3 judges made a huge mistake and I am SURE you know it. What the heck happened???? It was almost enough to make me quit watching the show. Shame shame on you 3.
  • To all the judges

    I like the show overall, but my only quibble is the fact that the judges have to go back and re-evaluate the previous meals. The chefs where already critiqued with those meals. With the last challenge, they need to be evaluated with that solely without going back to their previous dishes. That will really make and break them.

    Why does Ted always have a snotty comment to make????He wasn't chosen as a judge,ever wonder why Ted??
  • Chopped "The Truth"

    What you have to know is this - the producers have little ear mics in the judges ears and tell them to say negative things, to "Critique" the dishes. So that no dish gets all positive. Also, the judges discuss the dishes for a very long time before determining who is sent home. Due to TV, they can not show all of the discussions and sometime arguements. Second, these judges have developed palettes to taste every spice, every ingredient, after all that is their job on the show and in their own business. For those who don't like a judge (Chris Santos, Jeffery Zakarian, etc) not all they say is their own words, again, the producers have great input and make these guys the fall guys. I know for a fact Chris Santos is a teddy bear. As for all the remarks on racism, get a life. Just because the "Black, Latino, Asian, guy/girl doesn't win, doesn't make it about race. Puleeze!!!! If one person is ethnic and other 3 are caucasion, that person has 25% chance to win - get over it. Many ethnic races win. As for women, this is a man dominated occupation, so if you want to hang with the big boys you better bring it. I am a woman, I would like to see all women win, but only if they deserve it. Nuff Said
  • Love watching Chopped

    I love Chopped It is fun to watch and interesting to see what the contestants can make out of such wierd ingredients. Lets have more Chopped episodes and less diner and dives shows. Its getting tiring.