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  • Fantastic show.

    One of my favorite shows. I've learned a lot from watching it and it's always to see them handle these crazy ingredients.

    My biggest issue is how many fans accuse it of being racist. There's a good reason why there are more white male winners, and that's because that's the majority of the contestants that appear on the show. I've rarely seen a chop that I disagree with.
  • Rasist

    Has any black participant ever won Chopped? Never or rarely... Every time the person getting chopped is a non-white guy or Gal. We know the result you don't need to elaborate on it. You guys are so biased when it comes to selecting the winner.
  • The household judge

    Dear Chopped,

    I love the show. I understand in reality TV there is always a certain amount of scripted material to make the show more entertaining. My only vision for improving the show would be to have a household judge: someone with no formal culinary experience. The vast majority of the viewers are everyday people. The palate of everyday people would be an asset to the show. Imagine the clientele of the household judges: mothers who prepared meals from whatever available food items in the house; people who frequently dine out; and the list can go on. In any event, I volunteer to be the first household judge.
  • What is even happening anymore

    This show is honestly awful. All I think while I'm watching is: how much worse can it get? Each round gets weirder and worse. The amount of fake accidents/acting hurts my soul. The chefs all are awful. It's not that hard to boil your ravioli Jack. I've had it. Watching these shtheads miss putting their sauces and secret ingredients in the plate. Jeez man. Overall the chefs suck, judges are awful and acting is outrageously hurtful. 1.5/10
  • Racism/New Judges

    The concept of the show is great, but racism is all over it. Why not just say no blacks are allowed? This is ridiculous how long this show has been getting away with this. Someone needs to do something. The judges can't give a reason for the blacks being eliminated. O, just because your black. No Black winners or judges
  • Racism or naw

    I watch chopped everyday and I believe that every good black American dish is chopped. Even it is best please address this alot of African American have stop watching because of this. Where is Barbara Smith or Bryant Terri get diverse chefs
  • Need to stop handicapping contestants

    The idea is to see how well contestants can do in converting basket items and make a good dish. BUT, You have 2 contestants in desert round and often one is sabatoged by the other because there is not enough time to share ice cream maker... Be fair get a 2nd ice cream maker. Similar deal with fryer .. 3-4 contestants and one fryer with 2 baskets.... at least 1/3 of time someone cant utilize fryer in time to do dish ... get another fryer. I dont think you should handicap them over cost of a fryer and ice cream maker.
  • Suspicion confirmed

    It's funny because I started watching this show and realized EVERY show had 1 black contestant and I started wondering if it was their way of trying to avoid raising suspicion of being racist and then I started realizing they are ALWAYS chopped. They tried to hard to not look like what they are. You put a black person on EVERY SHOW and chop them every time. That was a red flag in itself. Dummies
  • Marc Murphy comment

    I watched the "hot dog" episode. Marc Murphy, a judge, made a comment on his description of a dish describing it as someone with a disability. How dare you. You should be removed from this show and any others as a judge.
  • Just plain Racist....

    Everyday I think this show is getting more and more unfair. Recently a rattlesnake episode had a young black boy, who wanted to be an army like his father, chopped for just plainly DROPPING a piece of a rice krispy treat! 3 white kids all had faulty excuses but the black boy had to be the one to go... One of the white kids had overcooked her meat and it was BLACK all over yet the black boy had to go...... You can easily see the black boy crying when he left......
  • No Salt, burnt food, you are white no problem!

    I have been binge watching this show and it is a shame how racist this show is. In one episode, one person served burnt potato, another added no salt to her lamb. The third person made a Bangladeshi curry, the best tasting bite according to judges, with peppers which masked the flavor of Rhubarb she was shown to have added to the dish. She get chopped for these reason and Mr Burnt and Ms No Salt proceed.

    In another episode, an Armenian creates the best lamb according to the judges themselves, the judges show other dishes having serious flaws such as raw meat, they chop the Armenian for adding mayo to his alioli.

    In yet another case, an Indian chef makes and presents the best dish per judges, other two have serious problems like omission on their dishes, the Indian chef gets chopped.

    In another, a black kid gets chopped in the final round when the competing dish is a mess.

    I mean the judges' decision should at least be consistent with their own critique! Or may be they should mention ethnicity in the critique openly and face up to it.

  • This is ridiculous!! Racist all the way!!

    The judges and the people behind the scenes are a bunch of racist bitches!! What's the point of having black people on there at all when u know they are not gonna win anyways. It's just to fill a space and make it look good for . Ur not fooling anybody losers. And they wonder why the bullshit in this country is getting no better.. Now I'm sure they are looking at the reviews and assuming everyone that's writing is black or Hispanic (whatever), well guess what I'm white as snow. I hate unfair bull and this needs to stop!! They need better judges period. Get some real people on the show that aren't bias assholes!!
  • Racist!!!!!!

    Dude at first I was in denial but after the 3rd time watching this show it's very clear they are totally racist specially Chris Santos. Pretty ironic that's he's last name is Hispanic lol

    I'm a strong Latina women and people really need to get over themselves! Diversity is beautiful and makes the world go round!
  • So Disappointed!!!

    I really like this show but I am angry it is so racist!! I am white and recognize no matter how good the black contestants do they always get chopped!!! The show is getting old now because I can already choose the winner from the beginning. I am really disappointed in the show.
  • OMG I thought I was the only one!

    Yes this show is super racist. I stopped watching it after they eliminated the Armenian cook, it was just so ridiculous, he was the best, but I guess not white enough. No more chopped Netflix for me. I wasn't sure at first, I was, crap this looks odd, those people seem really racist, and I went to this website and yes I am not alone thinking those three judges are white trashes and garbages. I won't watch the show anymore and will discuss the racism piece of the show with friends. Disgusting. I can't even give it a 0 when this is what the show is worth.
  • Chopped is a racist show.

    All the judges are clowns, and ALL of the white judges are RACIST. Cancel the show if you morons don't start judging fairly!!!!
  • Judges are so prissy

    Aaron Sanchez goes on to a contestant about all of the flaws with her dish and then goes on to say there isn't enough on the plate to judge on. Clearly there was enough for him to make so many critical remarks. Prissy little girl, that Aaron.
  • The judges

    The judges need to cut the crap on the salt I feel like sending them a box of salt just to shut them up. So what if they use wrong bread, forget an ingredient if it take good without it what does it matter. The judges are so aggravating to seasoned or not seasoned enough give people a break.
  • Definitely need racially diverse judges

    Not being whiny. I have observed and commenting on what my eyes see and ears hear, Chopped needs to judge fairly and not be racist.
  • 2nd place again!!!

    For the second week in a row,a black child has come in second place! I'ma keep it short n sweet, this shit blows! How can someone in the entree round makes 1 taco and that's considered an entree,she should have lost by that aspect alone! I've seen it done when all the are white! I really like this show,cause I like that these kids are really great chefs! I wish they would have had something like this when I was growing up. Clearly this show is racist!Tease them with second place and know one will notice! I'm really pissed,cause this child was representing Philly! I'm done watching! Food network..

    You need to do better by these kids!!

  • chopped and all food network shows r racist

    as much as white people like to believe this world is racist and I hoped that the cooking competitions would not be, the only thing left on TV I was hoping I could watch, wrong. I see time after time blacks lose especially if they speak of being entrepreneurs or helping their families with the winnings. and I'm not whinning! and I will stop watching. I have seen a black woman get chopped for under cooked red meat, then when there wasn't a black person but a white person against a Latino person the white girl had under cooked fish and she won over the Latin guy. yes every episode has been racist unless the others were so blatantly bad then a black wins. they never have 4 blacks because that will mean a black will win. hummm. but they have 4 italians , 4 whites, 4 Latinos, NEVER 4 africans. . it's to be expected. it's white dominance due to the truth being that afrikans are the original people and huemans and had everything stolen but I will not go any further. I'm sure the white people will never understand.
  • Blacks = 2nd place

    Watched the show today and man I can't explain how black girl and black adult did not win. It's hard to understand. There needs to be a more strategic way to judge because it's starting to feel like race is an issue
  • Let an african american win, let latinos participate!

    Me and my husband are mexican, my husband pointed out that there's no latinos competing, maybe we dont teach our kids how to cook anymore the way our grandmas did in the past... But then I noticed that EVERY single time there's a white and black in the final round, white always wins, why? Why chopped, why?
  • More diversity is needed.

    I love this show soo much and only watch the food channel for it.... but I NEVER SEE an african american contestant win.. all the way down to the chopped jr. Shows. Either we need new judges or, maybe all the contestants should be black that way they will be forced to let one win.

    I am in no way racist or anything,but after watching for an extended amount of time you start to notice.
  • Hard to watch as a Black person...

    I try to watch Chopped more often than I should. The judges are so obviously against the Black chefs. No, I am not one of those people who cry racism every time a White person wins over a Black person. But I do cry racism when the judges praise Black chefs but they cut them on the exact same dish they praised them on for some innocuous reason: "you had a bent mint leaf; your cheese was delicious, but it wasn't goat cheese; you pronounced agave incorrectly; one of my chicken gizzards didn't have enough pepper on it; I only had 7 croutons, everybody knows a good salad has 8" I just can't understand how these judges consistently evaluate Blacks on a different and almost impossible scale to win. I believe they look at bad dishes by White chefs as a fluke, and they look at successful dishes by Black chefs as a fluke as well. Therefore, the White chef always gets the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to continue on the path to $10,000 and the Black chef goes home.
  • Feeling really insulted

    Ok now you wonder why black actors feel some type of way this is a kids show and I see racisim all the way thru. Me and my 3 yr granddaughter has watched every episode and she asked the question nana do any black kids win and I said no so she is very discouraged. Sit the damn show down
  • Chopped

    Fire Alex
  • one sided show

    People can clearly see how the judges show favoritism with the white contestants. I like to watch the show because I like to see the people cook. But I'm really annoyed at how the whites seem to win no matter how unprofessional, messy, tasteless or undercooked/overcooked their dish is. Judges, if you're going to be racist on broad TV, at least have some couth at doing so. Replace these judges, they have no right to be associated with this show!!!!
  • I don't trust the judges ...

    I can see how they judge the minorities harsher and the whites clearly get passes on their dishes on the judging ... Rigged ...
  • Annoyed

    I think the judges need to keep their mouths shut while the chefs cook, cause how do they expect them to concentrate on their dish. I guess they dont worry about bringing someones self esteem down. Some of their comments are really rude. I do not care for Alex, Marc, the bald guy or the other foreign judge!!!