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  • The new chopped

    Love seeing Martha Stewart on chopped. I think you'll made a good choice with her. I hope she replaced Amanda and her chocolate fetishist.

    I've watched the show for years. Over time I've had my moments of questionable racist moments. I didn't want to believe it because I love the idea of the show. I also am one that doesn't leave negative reviews unless I feel strongly about a matter. However I can no longer ignore the fact that I DO believe this show is racist! Especially Scott Connant and Manheen Chauhan (Manheen, really.... you??? of all people). I've watched my last episode and I'm done. Ted Allen this show has a good concept but there should be no room for the racism that I'm sure you know exists on your show. Rise above it, Ted!

    I have come to the conclusion that this show is SUPER RACIST will not be watch ANYMORE!
  • Goodbye Chopped

    I've enjoyed your show but I will not be watching her majesty, Martha Stewart, as a judge. Up until now the judges have seemed sincerely fair to contestants. I see it turning into an "all about me "Martha" show and no longer about the chefs true abilities. No thank you to the drama queen. I still remember your past mistakes and don't think all is forgiven. You can't fool everyone.
  • Chopped is not racist

    For all the people saying chopped is racist, it's not. If they were racist, why would they let people of different skin color go on the show at all? And a lot of you are mainly talking about blacks. Lots of black people have won on this show. Actually, I'm pretty sure on the very first episode of Chopped a black lady won. So what if more people that aren't black win? I seriously doubt they're doing that on purpose. I have to admit, it has crossed my mind before, but I swiped it out of my mind after thinking it was ridiculous and no one else thinks that. Guess I was wrong.
  • No Stewert

    love this show but im wont be watching anymore maybe just the old reruns with out that pompas witch
  • How About a Challenge to Judges & Contestants

    In the mystery basic, I have never seen all plant-based foods.

    Given that Food Network and especially the "Chopped" icounts upon meat, how about doing some vegan challenges?

    This would challenge both the contestants and the judges.
  • Love Chopped Stewart will end this show for me

    I've watched every episode of Chopped since the start numerous times as a matter of fact, but if Martha Stewart is going to be a judge that'll be the last for me sorry to hear you couldn't find a better person for the job
  • Haven't missed an episode

    I guess all good things come to an end. I have never missed an episode but now we have to watch some manly voiced untrustworthy convicted felon be a judge. If she will be a regular I won't watch the show until she either leaves or gets kicked off or if we are lucky, her judgment day comes.
  • Nasty feedback

    Watching reruns (what else???) Have noticed that the judges can provide really nasty feedback. If something isn't right, you can give constructive feedback- most of the judges have also competed, so they know the stress & pressure, but their fellow chefs treat them with kid gloves. When contestants are arrogant, they need some tough, direct feedback. When it's folks trying to do the best they can, lighten up!
  • A Gut Reaction

    had a chance to watch old show season 12 episode 3 A Gut Reaction. i couldn't believe the final outcome. a chef handed in two undercooked plates. one was raw duck the other was under cooked bread pudding where the middle of the pudding was raw and they won out over a chef who handed in fully cooked plates but was penalized for not using enough imagination. how ridiculous can it get. a competent chef loses out too a chef who can't fully cook their food because a lack of imagination. shame , shame the bias showed all the way back then. watch the show and you decide.
  • Food Contamination

    I really enjoy watching Chopped,.. is basic food safety not a concern? It's a great show that teaches a lot of viewers new recipes and new techniques, however, I think that teaching viewers how to cook food safely would be a great benefit for the show and their viewers. I am watching the show now, and basic hygiene does not seem to matter. The contestant "Zack", has a "scrubby" beard all over his face and neck. Contestants should be required to shave and wear hair nets. And using your bare hands to mix a salad is absolutely gross, especially when I've never, ever seen a contestant wash their hands to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Is Chopped Judges Prejudice or Not????

    I wondered these every since I've been watching it all the way to the Goldd Medal games for the grand finale.

    Reason I am having this question in my mind is because everytime a Black chief enter and the make a simple mistake like not enough season vs a white chief leaving one of the basket ingredients out of the appetizers, the main meal, or dessert round. I feel like leaving out an ingredient is ruled as an automatic disqualification due to they didn't preform there ultimate best as a chief if they didn't incorporate the entire basket in their dish especially for a chance of $50,000.00.

    At first I thought I was wrong but every episode I've seen with a black chief in the competition get cut out of every one I've seen in the new episode..

    Just asking. 01/30/2017 I just watched the Gold Medial games episode for the $50,000 and not one BLACK PERSON on there to have a chance to win and to see thia was the concern in 2016 and no one changed it is awful why so u Judges dislike BLACKS if u was somewhere and saw a soul food place u would go and eat there bur u don't like BLACKS REALLY ... Its like that on the kids show as well OMG at least The grocery show with GUY on it isn't just last night a little BLACK girl won $20,000.


  • Love the for....................

    I think the show is great, especially the chopped juniors. My biggest complaint is: contestants touches their hair while cooking. In all the kitchens I've worked in, we always either wore nets or had our hair pulled away from our face. It is gross to watch a cook push their hair away with their hands while preparing ingredients, YUK! I just watched the blue haired junior win chopped and she several times had her hands on her would have instantly chopped her just for that. Why aren't they told before they even enter the kitchen to do something with their hair. I've seen the adults do it too, along with sweating over the
  • Go Home!

    Alton Brown, the science guy: go home, this is a food show, enough of your posturing, blah, blah, blah.
  • season33 ep6

    A black male was on the show and the judges where reviewing his dish and the were correcting it and they judges said what he had to correct and said If you don't know now you know. I thought there was no reason to say that just because he was black.
  • Racist?

    I am surprised at these reviews saying the show is racist. I just finished watching the latest episode, and a black chef, from Haiti, won, and deservedly. I also remember a few seasons ago, a black chef won the tournament of champions. So, I am not sure how these opinions fit. i don't always agree with the judges, but that is the suspense of the show.
  • This show is racist and I'm done watching it

    I thought it was just me but after watching my LAST episode of chopped, the Father's Day special with dad's and their daughter or son. The team from NJ didn't transform an ingredient and they still won? But this was not my first time noticing this. I NEVER see black people win. This includes chopped jr too! I'm done watching it's clearly a racist show.
  • they choose who they want!

    now I have watched plenty of chopped episodes. Even though I have watch a fair share of them, i guess I never payed very close attention it. i just got done watching season 34 episode .Newlywed game. And can't nobody tell me they didn't cheat them african American couple out of a win. I say that because the caucasian couple had a raw tortilla and raw dough in the third round. and they was still able to win? especially when they chopped the second couple for overcooked meat.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but, is it me or do everyone else notice the BLACK people always get chopped??, Stevie wonder can see the BS!, they make it seem like black people cant cook, or their standards aren't good enough, I'm not saying BLACK people are suppose to always win.. BUT almost never??? something ain't right ////Somebody need to contact the producers of the show, it makes no sense!! people need to start waking up and see this country for what it is...
  • African Americans always get chopped first

    I thought I was the only one to notice that African American chefs are always/most of the times the first ones to get chopped. I can't say the same of other groups such as Latino or Italians for instance because I've seen them win. I'm not Af Am by the way
  • Chopped judges are just racist

    People of color have pretty much no chance of winning. They come on the show and either get Chopped first or lose in the dessert round. It's happens so often that it's really obvious. On Chopped Junior, children of color ALWAYS lose to the "adorable little white It's just so annoying, and it makes the show unbearable to watch. Literally every single time so watch Chopped I make a bet with myself that the chef of color will be chopped first and 8/10, I'm right.
  • No chance!

    I love Chopped it is one of my favorite shows. But I have a problem. If you are a black chef you do not stand a chance at winning the show. I've watched so many episodes when black chefs clearly cook better than any other chef. Make it to the desert round & then gets chopped. Like it's so many shows where they, no matter what always chop the black chef at the end. It hurts because it seems like they set the chef up for disappointment. I don't think this show is fair at all. Maybe all blacks should stop going on this show, because clearly if you're black you will not win!!
  • You do not have a chance if you are a minority

    So I am seeing a marathon of cooking shows , chopped, junior chef etc. one thing became abundantly evident. If you are colored, Hispanic, women, minorities in any way and you are pitted against a Caucasian male , 100% of the time the Caucasian will win. Just now Andre a colored immigrant minority lost out to a Caucasian male Adam. Andre is an amazing chef and my sense of fair play got a severe beating by this result. You don't stand a chance in these shows if you any kind of minority.
  • Disappointed

    My husband and I enjoy watching Chopped but when a person of color is a contestant we automatically know they are not going to make it to the finish line and we have been correct 99% of the time. It is truly disheartening and disappointing to consistently watch this show and see people of color consistently get chopped.
  • Mean Judges

    I've just recently started watching this show. I like learning the cooking techniques and terms and I like competition. I actually like the show, but I am getting very annoyed with the judegs, because I can't figure out what is the purpose of of being mean? Is this suppose to make the show more exciting? The judges glare at the chefs and rarely smile. They do not seem to have a sense of humor or personality, because they all seem to be the same, just plain mean. Does being a chopped judge mean you are a snob and everyone is beneath go out of their way to be mean. What's up with that? Seems a little harsh and unnecassary, even if some of it, all of it is WHY?
  • New judges

    Who ever said Afro American get chopped first was right on point. Please take a look at season 31 episode 20 was clearly base on not the food but a Filipino sad story. I love watching chopped but now something is going on with the maybe prejudice judge ales the Italian women judge..
  • Racist Show Ever!!!

    I dont understand why African Americans keep going on any of this networks competitive shows. YOU WON'T WIN IT'S INEVITABLE!! African Americans are purposely setting themselves up for failure. Whats even more heartbreaking is African Americans send their kids on this network shows to have them heartbroken and totally exposed to the reality that because you have skin pigments given by God which you have no control over you are hated and less than. It's sad and hurtful African Americans don't stand a chance. Please get the memo I dont care how good you are food network DOES NOT WANT YOU THERE!!
  • Know your maple syrup

    I just saw the episode titled _Million_Dollar_Baskets_. The judges made out like grade A maple syrup is something special. ALL consumer maple syrups are grade A.

    The old US and Canadian maple syrup grades

    Grade A Light Amber (Canada No. 1 Extra Light)

    Grade A Medium Amber (Canada No. 1 Light)

    Grade A Dark Amber (Canada No. 1 Medium)

    Grade B (Canada No. 2 Amber)

    Commercial Grade (Canada No. 3 Dark) -- used for stuff like candy making.

    Since the US and Canada harmonized their grading systems we now have

    Grade A Gloden Color, Delecate Taste

    Grace A Amber Color, Rich Taste

    Grade A Dark Color, Robust Taste

    Grade A Very Dark Color, Strong Taste

    Processing Grade (former Commercial Grade).

    The grade has absolutely nothing to do with quality. It has to do with color and [strength of] taste. So making out like Grade A is something special is really quite bogus.
  • WHAT?

    Wow! Big Chopped fan, but... there were 2 contestants that finished early on the 'new years bash' 12/20/16. Funny was the one who was singled out and CHOPPED, because you THOUGHT he had some sort of attitude (which he didn't!). Judge Aaron, what's with the "Oh lordy, lordy, straight afterward? DID NOT go unnoticed! Not cool!