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Season 40 : Episode 5

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  • Hungry for Love
    Hungry for Love
    Episode 7
    Eight singles are paired up on blind cooking dates in this battle. Ingredients for Round 1 include scallops in the shell and a strange citrus; all six competitors choose to grind their entrée protein; and creme anglaise seems like a gift when it comes time to make desserts.
  • Deadliest Baskets
    Episode 10
    Ingredients that are actually dangerous are found in the baskets, beginning with poisonous seeds in Round 1. Later, a potent alcohol and shellfish put fear in the chefs; and some ugly fungus and a deadly fruit keep the finalists on their toes when making desserts.
  • Tortellini Trials
    Tortellini Trials
    Episode 8
    The competing chefs have difficulty getting creative with pasta in the appetizer round. Later, the judges worry about how a chocolate-covered ingredient will be handled; and desserts are made with a tropical fruit and an extremely savory jarred product.
  • Chopped Champions: Battle 3, Chefs in Control
    Part 3 of 5. Returning champions compete. Included: The appetizer baskets contain a hard-to-melt candy and a difficult-to-prep veggie; a seemingly cheffy protein proves difficult to handle in the entrée round; and bison jerky must be used in desserts.
  • Chopped Champions: Conclusion, $50,000 Pay Day
    Conclusion. Returning champs compete for $50,000. Appetizer ingredients include unusual clams and a decadent meat; a protein that takes up almost the entire basket is used in the entrée round; and onions pose a challenge when making desserts.
  • Chopped Champions: Battle 4, Kitchen Storm
    Part 4 of 5. A husband and wife are among the returning champs. Challenges include making appetizers with crab claws and vanilla frosting and entrées with wild boar. Lastly, a savory mousse must be used in the dessert round.
  • Chopped Champions: Battle 1, Best of the Best
    Part 1 of 5. The Chopped Champions tournament begins with four defending champs taking on pig ears in the appetizer round; the combo of fish and cheese when cooking entrées; and artichokes as a mandatory ingredient when making desserts.
  • Chopped Champions: Battle 2, Fighting Shape
    Part 2 of 5. Returning champions compete. Included: The appetizer basket features a deceptively simple sausage and cabbage; entrée dishes center around an organ meat; and the final two chefs face an extremely challenging dessert round.
  • Summer Heat
    Episode 9
    Seasonal summer foods are in the baskets, including lobsters and cocktails in Round 1. Later, entrées are made using seafood and potato chips; and a refreshing beverage and indulgent frozen treat are among the dessert ingredients.
  • 5/3/16
    A Cinco de Mayo theme takes the chefs by surprise, especially when a green pie and a big fish fillet are revealed in the appetizer baskets. For entrées, a cheese blend and Mexican barbecue specialty are combined; and black beans and chocolate come to play in the dessert round.
  • 6/7/16
    The perfect pub Scotch egg offers a bit of a challenge to the chefs in the appetizer round; big fish and a black liquid need taming when making entrées; and an extremely sugary kids' cereal goes into the finalists' desserts.
  • 7/26/16
  • 7/12/16
    Part 2 of 5. Outdoor grilling in Napa Valley, Cal., begins with baked beans and lamb belly. Later, a seafood-heavy basket requires a lot of work and creative thinking for the competing chefs; and in the dessert round, one of the mystery ingredients shows a tendency to char quickly.
  • Leap of Faith
    Episode 13
    A priest, a nun-in-training, a rabbi, and a pastor compete. In the first round, one of the cooks shocks the judges by admitting they have never worked with the basket ingredient of salmon—or for that matter any fish— before. Later, fruit and wine must be incorporated into entrée dishes; and yummy fig desserts represent the heritages of the two finalists.moreless
  • San Franchopco
    Episode 12
    Four chefs from San Francisco battle. In the first round, a midnight snack poses a creative challenge. Later, a beer and a bird are familiar entrée ingredients; and premium chocolate bars and Irish coffee are found in the dessert baskets.