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Season 35 : Episode 17

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  • Fried Chicken Time
    Episode 1
    The chefs take on fried chicken. To start, a weird syrup and savory pancake are among the mandatory appetizer ingredients. Later, peach cobbler must be incorporated into entrées. And finally, the judges prepare for an interesting dessert round.
  • Snail Snafus
    Episode 2
    The chefs have just 20 minutes to make snails work with their other appetizer ingredients, including some troublesome sprouts. Later, garlic knots are easy to use in the entrée round; and a light and airy cake leads to focused and inspired desserts.
  • Hot Doggin'
    Episode 3
    The chefs cook with hot dogs. Other mystery basket items include an uncommon condiment in the appetizer round; and a problematic and tiny ingredient in the entrée round.
  • Souper Chefs
    Episode 4
    A seventysomething competes. Included: In the appetizer round, trout dishes must include dill pickle soup as a component. Then, a weirdly spicy beer is one of the entrée basket ingredients. And finally, dough and sugar in the dessert basket give the chefs a false sense of security.
  • Chili Cook-Off
    Episode 5
    A chili cook-off begins with chocolate and sausage as the mandatory ingredients in the appetizer round. Then, degrees of spice and levels of creativity are big factors when judging entrées. Finally, the chefs find sweet inspiration.
  • 8/23/16
    Part 1 of 5. A teen tournament begins with the challengers having to create an appetizer with a strange hybrid snack and a decadent pork product. Then, in the entrée round, poultry must be combined with a weird casserole; and desserts are made using a spicy nut and a savory green fruit.moreless
  • 8/30/16
  • 9/6/16
    Part 3 of 5. Teen chefs put their energy to good use making short rib appetizers. Later, they are puzzled by an already cooked, artificially colored ingredient in the entrée basket. And for dessert, it's a wonder what to do with a pastry bag of pate a choux.
  • Twins for the Win
    Episode 9
    Teams of twins compete. For the first round, they face some improbable eggs and incomplete crustaceans. Things get interesting when making entrées with a royal-inspired meat product and a soda-shop staple. And some surprising choices are made when pastry dough is found in the dessert basket.
  • 9/13/16
    Part 4 of 5. Teen chefs battle it out for the last spot in the $25,000 finale. First, they must deal with a can of something strange and a bottle of something sour when making appetizers. Later, one competitor decides to deep-fry the entrée round's protein. And finally, the big challenge is how best to repurpose cake.moreless
  • Naan The Wiser
    Episode 11
  • 9/20/16
    Conclusion. A teen tournament ends with one young chef winning $25,000. But first, they face a surf-and-turf combo in the appetizer round; a test of their butchering skills when making entrées; and one competitor correctly predicts mango as a dessert ingredient.