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Season 40 : Episode 68

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  • New Year's Bash
    Episode 8
    A New Year's party kicks off with the competitors making appetizers with extravagant ingredients, including $50 worth of caviar. Then, they find premium products and lucky legumes in their entrée baskets. Finally, dressed-up ice cream cones and a limited number of grapes are what the chefs have to work with in the dessert round.moreless
  • 12/5/16
    Four stars of reality TV compete in holiday-themed challenges. First, they must use an edible wreath and festive bread. Then, the judges are surprised to learn that one of the competitors has never eaten a common green veggie found in the entrée basket. Finally, marshmallow men and holiday cocktails make for an unpredictable dessert round.moreless
  • Turkey Day Heroes
    Episode 6
    Four chefs who cook in soup kitchens compete in a Thanksgiving challenge. Round 1 features creative uses for some fun bread and orange sauce. Then, an epic cake and traditional turkey are the entrée ingredients. Finally, healthy yogurt and fruit are used to make dessert.
  • Web Stars
    Episode 5
    Online cooking show hosts compete. In the appetizer round, they are given emoji cookies. Later, the judges predict one basket item won't be ready in time. Finally, desserts are made with a familiar boxed ingredient.
  • 10/6/16
    Duck tongues show up in the appetizer baskets; and a seaweed pasta product makes for a weird entrée item. Also: Spicy alcohol and a sweet cream are among the components the chefs must use in their desserts.
  • 10/3/16
    The competing chefs get into the Halloween spirit as they take on a wild collection of appetizer ingredients. Then, pork tenderloin entrées are served to the eager judges. Finally, the competitors scare up a dessert using a spiky fruit and clever cookie-crumb creation.
  • Sweetbread Dread
    Episode 2
  • 9/27/16
  • Kefir and Loathing
    Episode 1
    Kefir and a basket ingredient with a "secret" history are at the forefront of the appetizer round; a strange blue drink trips up the chefs when faced with deceptively simple entrée components; and the two finalists decide to go in similar directions when making desserts with something normally not found in a can.moreless