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Season 39 : Episode 4

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Season 39 : Episode 4

Episode Guide

  • Clean Eatin'
    Episode 1
    The chefs do healthy dishes, taking into account nutrition and calories. For Round 1, some legumes legitimately confound the contestants. Then, entrées are made with a fancy fish and fermented drink. Finally, the challenge is to turn fruit and grain into tasty desserts.
  • Whiskey and Wings
    Episode 2
    Whiskey and wings appear in some form in every basket, including dessert. Other ingredients include a fun starch in the appetizer round; and hot sauce when making entrées.
  • 1/17/17
    Four former military service members who are pursuing culinary careers compete. Challenges include combining a favorite American comfort food with a sweet drink; making an entrée with a patriotic pasta and a savory pie; and creating desserts out of pudding and cheese.
  • Oodles of Noodles
    Episode 4
    Noodle or pasta dishes must be served each round. First, the basket ingredients point the chefs in an Asian direction. Then, they crank out fresh pasta. Finally, they use their noodles to come up with clever desserts that fit the theme.
  • Game Day Party
    Episode 5
    Basket ingredients have a football theme for the challenge of creating elevated game day food. In the appetizer round, the chefs reinterpret mac and cheese. Then, artichokes prove difficult to work with for some when cooking entrées. Finally, a stadium starch is used to make winning desserts.
  • 2/7/17
    Chocolaty surprises await the chefs. First, the appetizers must combine white chocolate and soft-shell crab. Then, entrées have to incorporate an adult beverage and a showpiece dessert. Finally, apricots are included in the dessert baskets.
  • Blue Plate Fate
    Episode 7
    Four modern diner chefs compete to transform the baskets into blue plate specials worthy of $10,000. In the appetizer round, a classic three-ingredient sandwich must be used. Then, the chefs get creative with a deep-fried snack in the entrée round. Finally, some diner staples are reinvented.
  • Chefs in a Pickle
    Episode 8
    Pickles must be included in every dish, including dessert. In the appetizer basket, the chefs work with brine and Brussels sprouts. Then, they create half-sour flank steak entrées. Finally, peanut butter is a mandatory dessert ingredient.
  • Raw Deal
    Episode 9
  • Something Dumpling
    Episode 10
    Dumplings are the theme for this competition, as the chefs are instructed to make stuffed morsels of dough inspired by any part of the world. A flavorful pork product and a Japanese condiment are part of the first mystery basket—and nerves and timing take a toll. Meat-and-potato dumpling entrées are in order for Round 2. And the two chefs left to cook dessert dumplings must marry some spicy chips with a tropical fruit.moreless
  • Latin Cuisine Dream
    Episode 11
    The baskets are packed with favorite foods from Latin America—and the chefs bring pride of their native countries to every plate. In the first round, the competitors get a soup and a dough to show off their appetizer-making skills. A yummy cookie and a can of beans are part of the puzzle in the entrée round. Then, the final two chefs try to feel the love for the passion fruit in the dessert basket.moreless