Season 3 Episode 6

Season's Choppings

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 08, 2009 on Food Network

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  • Unfair Judging

    This episode calls into question the integrity f the entire series. Chef Jon should have been eliminated on the first dish, he didn't have one element on his plate that was completely his We knew who was going to win after that When there was a conflict between one or two of the judges they should have removed themselves from judging so there would be no bias. So for this episode it is a complete fail.
  • Season's Choppings Unfair Ruling

    1. Obvious distention from the judges towards Jason, and unfairly ruled against him based primarily on emotions. blender Jon swiped was indeed filled with alot of Jason's roux, and not cleaned, which perhaps added to Jon's dish as well as demonstrated how unsanitary he is as well as how unfair the judges voted.

    3. Judge Alex always looks like she's pissed off, or has bowel problems. Very ugly!