Season 6 Episode 5

Step Right Up!

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 01, 2011 on Food Network

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  • Worst Episode Ever!!

    "If you like food, stop watching this show, it will make you hate food and the people that prepare it for That is the thought and feeling I had after watching this episode, way to tie yourself to a completely arrogant and soulless chef, if this is what "Chopped" is turning into, i'll be tuning out, i deal with enough assholes in my life i don't need one ruining my appreciation for staged competitive cookery. What a poor sportsman, what a bad attitude, what a horrible personality, if that's what it takes to impress the judges, i'm out.... don't need it, don't want it, doesn't taste right...
  • Myskeshia, sounds like a typical arrogant nothing

    There is a difference between cockiness and confidence. Myskeshia obviously is not aware of that fact. The only thing worse than a sore loser is a SORE WINNER. I find it funny when people like Myskeshia make excuses for arrogant people. See how far your arrogance will take you in a survival you'd be the first to starve because nobody would share their food with you.
  • Don't be mad when you see confidence...

    I don't think Chef Marcellus was given a pass or not judged as harshly at all. If they didn't have much criticism then maybe it was because there was not much to give. I simply think he was the better chef... obviously! Now say what you want about his arrogance or cockiness but all in all I believe the judges went with their palettes versus who was the nicest. I mean com'on lets face it... it IS A COOKING SHOW!!
  • Get Ready to be Annoyed by Arrogant Chef and Judges

    I generally love this show. However, lately I've seen some episodes where the judges have been arrogant and rude with their comments and the contestants have wasted time putting down the other contestants instead of talking about their food. This is the food network and the show's focus should be food. There is nothing more annnoying than putting in time to watch a show that should have food as the focus and instead focuses on alot of smack. Marcellus is very rude and arrogant and does not deserve to win this competition. All this show proved was that you don't need an heart to win. I understand he was technically sound, however, there wasn't enough criticism on his mistakes. He very obviously took the hard ingredients and used them as garnishes instead. The others who actually took the guts to address them, got burned for following the rules instead. I feel like an fool for wasting my time watching this show tonight and actually finishing it when the smart thing to do was to have changed the channel. Instead of being happy about learning to use interesting ingredients to make wonderful dishes, which is what this show should provide, I just feel cheated and annoyed.