Season 12 Episode 2

Sunny Side Apps

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jun 05, 2012 on Food Network

Episode Recap

Tony Kang is the sous chef at Brookville Country Club in Upper Brookville, New York.
Brian Howard is the executive chef at Comme Ça at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Jesse Kramer is the chef and restaurateur of Brooklyn Taco Co. in New York, New York.
Cory Bahr is the chef and restaurateur of Cotton in Monroe, Louisiana.
Appetizer Baskets:
Corned Beef
Gummy Fried Eggs
Black Olives
Baby Corn
Chef Tony - Smoked Corned Beef with Corn Sauce
Chef Brian - Corned Beef Taco with Black Olive Tabbouleh
Chef Jesse - Mixed Green Salad with Corned Beef Vinaigrette
Chef Cory - Pan-Roasted Corned Beef over Vegetable Hash
Chef Jesse Kramer was chopped after the Appetizer round.
The judges explained that the ingredients were not proportioned properly in his dish.
Entrée Baskets:
Striped Bass
Sour Lemon Candy
Jerusalem Artichokes
Cream of Mushroom Soup
Chef Brian - Striped Bass with Sunchoke Three Ways
Chef Cory - Seared Striped Bass with Sunchoke Purée
Chef Tony - Roasted Striped Bass & Mushroom Fritter
Chef Brian Howard was chopped after the Entrée round.
The judges found that the fish he made was undercooked and that he failed to render a crispy skin.
Dessert Baskets:
Spearmint Leaf Candy
Almond Flour
Raisins on the Vine
Chef Cory - Bread Pudding with Mint Julep Sauce
Chef Tony - Almond Chocolate Chip Cookie
Chef Tony Kang was chopped after the Dessert round.
The judges did not think his Dessert was executed properly.
Chef Cory Bahr won the $10,000 prize.