Chorlton and The Wheelies

ITV (ended 1979)


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Chorlton and The Wheelies

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Classic kids' stop-motion cartoon from the creators of DangerMouse. Chorlton (a magical dragon) wakes up from an egg one day and he awakens the Wheelies and brightens up the Wheelie World. It had been a long time since Wheelie World had seen a ray of sunshine. The evil the green kettle witch Fenella who lives in Spout Hall (between Wheelie World and the Sad Lands) is not happy about Chorlton's appearance and is determined to destroy him so that Wheelie World can stay in darkness again. Though Charlton isn't as smart as you might think, he and all his Wheelie friends always manages to beat Fenella and her servants known as the Spikers and the Toadies at their own game. Now Jump in, take a spin and go round the Wheelie World! "By 'eck!"

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  • one of the best, for all ages, looking forward to doing it all again

    How could anyone not love this show? This and Jamie and The Magic Torch were 2 oif my faves growing up.

    I was an 80's child but it were still being shown then and the wheelies were excellant I watched this with my brother all the time. It was a somewhat strange show but so much fun and short enough to hold my attention for the whole time without my mind wandering but long enough to get a nice little story in. Still great now had to get the dvd dor the memories and I look forward to when my daughters old enough to see it. Great show, Great memories!!!moreless
  • Children's television at its strangest and best.

    It's all well and good recommending it, but you wont actually understand how great it is until you experience it for yourself. In short, it was a children's television series from the UK, broadcasted in the 1970's. What's made it stand the test of time is how wonderfully surreal it all was. Psychedelic doesn't even come close to describing it. Here's how the story went, the evil witch Fenella, who lives with her army of evil toadstools in Spout Hall (a giant kettle) has cast a spell upon Wheelie World, inhabited naturally by the Wheelies. The Wheelies are basically talking balls on wheels and are usually very happy and energetic little creatures, but Fenella's spell has left them in a lifeless world of silence and misery. That is, until a mysterious giant egg comes onto the scene. Out of this egg hatches Chorlton, the Happiness Dragon, who looks more like a plump dog and has a thick Northern accent. Chorlton brings back happiness and joy to Wheelie World, much to the annoyance of Fenella, and she proceeds to try and wreck havoc on Wheelie World, but always ends up failing miserably.

    What made Chorlton & The Wheelies excellent were the unforgettable characters. They were truly magical creations. Chorlton was just loveable, with his cries of "Goodbye, little old lady!" to Fenella every time she fled Wheelie World being just perfect. He really had no idea that he was such a hero, and that made him all the more sweeter. Fenella was fantastic, always scowling and screeching in a sometimes unfathomable dialect (I still think it was Welsh), and becoming exasperated at every turn she took. The way she morphed in and out of the ground was pretty nifty too. The Wheelies themselves were usually rather annoying (Zoomer and Jenny really did need a good kicking), but the star Wheelie was the fabulous Queen Doris, forever saying "Gorgeous!". Believe me, she was. If you ever do stumble upon Chorlton & The Wheelies, you're in for a real treat. An advance warning though, once you hear that infectious theme song, it wont leave your head in a hurry.moreless