Chorlton and The Wheelies

ITV (ended 1979)


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Chorlton and The Wheelies

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Classic kids' stop-motion cartoon from the creators of DangerMouse. Chorlton (a magical dragon) wakes up from an egg one day and he awakens the Wheelies and brightens up the Wheelie World. It had been a long time since Wheelie World had seen a ray of sunshine. The evil the green kettle witch Fenella who lives in Spout Hall (between Wheelie World and the Sad Lands) is not happy about Chorlton's appearance and is determined to destroy him so that Wheelie World can stay in darkness again. Though Charlton isn't as smart as you might think, he and all his Wheelie friends always manages to beat Fenella and her servants known as the Spikers and the Toadies at their own game. Now Jump in, take a spin and go round the Wheelie World! "By 'eck!"