Chouseishin Series

Season 1 Episode 33

Vengeful Demon, Logia Again! (Fukushū Oni, Rogia Futatabi)

Aired Saturday 11:55 PM May 22, 2004 on TV Tokyo
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Vengeful Demon, Logia Again! (Fukushū Oni, Rogia Futatabi)
A Department of Defense scientific research lab is destroyed by Impactor Logia so he can regain control of DaiLogian. Makoto meets an old friend, Kaga, as Misonogi reports that Logia also took back his Holosniper. Logia attacks Makoto and Kaga, forcing Makoto to transform in front of Kaga and his camera. Tenma and Akira also fight Logia, but he leaves. Logia later attacks Ran with Jin, Ryoko and Ken facing Gig Fighters. Logia kidnaps Ran and Ryoko, with Tenma going out alone to find him. Tappei is also attacked and disappears. Horiguchi realizes that Logia is taking one member of each tribe so the GranSazers cannot form DaiSazer as they did before. Tenma fights Logia again with only 10 minutes before the captured GranSazers are blown up. Ran has Mika call the Flame Tribe's GranVehicle, FlameDriver. While she fights the Gig Fighters, Akira rescues the others. DaiLogian attacks so Okita calls in Yuuhi but it is overpowered.moreless

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    Ryo Segawa

    Ryo Segawa

    Tenma Kudou/SazerTarious

    Asuka Shimizu

    Asuka Shimizu

    Mika Shidou/SazerMithras

    Soichiro Akaboshi

    Soichiro Akaboshi

    Ichiro Horiguchi

    Kohei Takeda

    Kohei Takeda

    Ken Shidou/SazerLion

    Hideaki Serizawa

    Hideaki Serizawa

    Akira Dentsuin/SazerRemls

    Maya Hoshino

    Maya Hoshino

    Ryoko Amemiya/SazerVelsou

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • As the GranVehicles are launched, Guntras appeared to be missing from Cloud Dragon.

      • Logia recognizes Yuuhi, even though he was not present during it's previous appearance.

      • Logia's plan is to keep the GranSazers from forming DaiSazer by kidnapping one member of each Tribe. However, it would only take kidnapping one GranSazer, as it requires all twelve to summon the four Ultra Star Gods that comprise DaiSazer.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Narrator: Impactor Logia lives. Swearing revenge, Logia takes back DaiLogian, and goes to attack the GranSazers. In the end, where will this battle lead?

      • Tenma: It's terrible! DaiLogian has been stolen!
        Horiguchi: DaiLogian has what?
        Mika: It couldn't be... the Impactors again?

      • Tenma: You! I knew you were alive!
        Logia: kill you! That is the only reason I have come back from hell!

      • Horiguchi: Just what the hell is going on!? I see... is this Logia's plan?
        Mika: What do you mean?
        Horiguchi: It's probable he is capturing a member of each Tribe, so that DaiSazer can't appear. Then his final target is...
        Mika: ...Tenma.

      • Tenma: Mika! Are those GranVehicles!?
        Mika: Yeah, GranSazer's new power. There are four types of GranVehicle. One for each tribe and possessing powers of the same trait. The Flame Tribe's is FlameDriver. The Wind Tribe's is WindDriver. The Earth Tribe's is EarthDriver. And Water Tribe's is AquaDriver. The ancient scientists created these support mecha, GranVehicles.

      • Narrator: With the GranSazers possessing a new power; GranVehicles. Now, the day of the destined battle comes closer.

    • NOTES (3)

      • First appearance of the GranVehicles; Flame Tribe's FlameDriver, Wind Tribe's WindDriver, Earth Tribe's EarthDriver and Water Tribe's AquaDriver. All are fighter aircraft modelled after their respective Ultra Star Gods.

      • Like the Ultra Star Gods, the GranVehicles are stored on Cloud Dragon and, having been built by the ancient civilization, have been there the whole time but where unknown until Ran's vision revealed their existence.

      • It is revealed that DaiLogian and the Holosniper have been in the custody of the Japanese government's defense department since it's defeat by DaiSazer and Logia's apparent death. During that time, DaiLogian's right arm has been reattached after being severed by DaiSazer.

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