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In the fantasy town of Marzipan, a very succesful kitchen is run by Mung Daal. But Mung is also a teacher.A young child by the name of Chowder is the well-known chef's apprentice. Chowder believes that one day, he will be a widely respected chef like the one he is working with. However, Chowder has a problem. He cannot stop gorging himself on the culinary delights by which he finds himself surrounded.And when you mix in a rock monster named Shnitzel and a bad-tempered wife, Truffles, then there`s nothing less than absolute chaos to be found in Marzipan. Character Bios: Chowder - A small, eccentric, and slightly overweight child who wants to become a great chef. The problem is he will eat any culinary concoction he finds himself tempted with. Chowder's pet is Kimchi, who is a cloud of "stink". He's a Cat/Bear/Rabbit thingy Mung Daal - A food genius and Chowder's master. He is teaching Schnitzel and Chowder how to be chefs. He knows of rare foods like the "No Fruit". He is like a father to Chowder. Truffles - Mung Daal's wife, Truffles is a bit moody,and it doesn`t` take much to get on her bad side. She serves as a mother for Chowder. Shnitzel - A professional chef who works at Mung Daal's Catering. All he says is "radda", although the other characters have no problems understanding him. Panini - The same species as Chowder, who has a crush on Chowder (who does not return her feelings), who thinks she is Chowder's girlfriend, and lets him know this at every time she can. She is also Ms. Endive's apprentice. Ms. Endive - A chef who teaches culinary skill to Panini with strict discipline. She is often unkind, and considers Mung Daal to be her inferior rival. She is tall and pudgy. Gazpacho - A wooly mammoth who is a storekeeper, selling strange food to customers. Kimchi - A stink cloud that is Chowder's best friend and pet. Most people don't want to be around Kimchi because of his smell. He often just follows the group. Chowder just seems to ignore his smell. Theme Song: Mung Daal: You take the moon, and you take the sun... Chowder: You take everything that seems like fun! Truffles: You stir it all up, and when you're done... Shnitzel: Rada rada rada ra-ra rada rada! All: So come on in, feel free to do some looking Stay a while, 'cause something's always cooking Come on in, feel free to do some looking Stay a while, 'cause something's always cooking Yeah!moreless

    March 3rd, 2009 DVD Releases

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    • One of the good CN cartoons, too bad it's cancelled.

      I enjoyed Chowder a lot back then and I still like it. It is a good cartoon. I can't believe it is cancelled. One of the good CN cartoons. It is not better than Adventure Time, Regular Show or Steven Universe, however. Chowder is a great show, sometimes it is disgusting but I can ignore it.
    • The first season was good, but it sinks in the second season, and luckily got cancelled after the third.

      The first season was pretty good, I liked a lot of episodes from Season 1. The jokes were funny and the animation was creative and original. The jokes were also funny and the fourth wall breaking wasn't over used. All in all, Season 1 is good. The only episodes that I don't recommend are The Wrong Address, The Wrong Customer, and The Puckleberry Overlords. I would rate Season 1 an 8/10.

      However, the animation changes in the second season and that's where trouble starts. The jokes start to become less and less funny, the characters start becoming annoying, and the fourth wall is broken almost all the time. The animation should've just stayed the same, because it actually looked good. Overall, season 2 isn't good. I would rate it a 3/10.

      By Season 3, this show had sunken into infamy. By now, the animation completely fails and looks like something out of Adventure Time. The fourth wall is broken CONSTANTLY, all jokes resort to toilet humor, and the plots are poorly executed. I am SO GLAD that this show was put out of it's misery after this season. I would rate this season a 0/10.

      Overall, watch season 1, but don't watch seasons 2 and 3. It's pretty telling when only one good 13-episode season comes out of a show with three seasons and 49 episodes.moreless
    • UGH...

      I cannot STAND Chowder
    • The definition of a wacky cartoon.

      Chowder has always been a show that was made for one reason and one reason only: to make people laugh. While it succeeded in the comedy department, provided with its blend of 2D, 3D, stop-motion, and puppets (predating The Amazing World of Gumball), it's weakest aspect was once again the writing. I'm sensing a pattern here; Cartoon Network shows from back in the day were remembered for there laughs and quirky characters, not so much for their stories. In a show like this, typically the protagonist learn something from each episode and grow as the series progresses; this did not happen in Chowder, and when Chowder did grow up in the series finale, we didn't feel that he deserved to be the man that he became because throughout the show, all Chowder did was eat, mess up Mung's dishes, and constantly tried to convince Panini that he's not her boyfriend (it was funny the first time but it got old very fast). Chowder isn't a hatable character, but he doesn't grow as a character throughout the show; I'd by Mung as a ladies man, if he wasn't married. That personality trait doesn't work on his character because he's happily married; he shouldn't even look at another woman in that manner because he'd come across as a creep. Truffles is loud; you'd think she'd cool it later in the series, but the writing prevents that from happening. Shinitzel is the straw man of the show, or should I say abuse victim; he get beaten, eaten, crashed, smashed, and humiliated all throughout the show through no real fault of his own. Panini is given the least character development out of the entire cast; like Berry from Foster's, she immediately likes Chowder because potatoes (but unlike Berry, she's not hateable). Endive is Mung's rival and while they go at it every time they're on screen together, their reasoning behind their rivalry is never explored; no flashbacks, no questions, nothing. Gazpacho is Chowder's best friend who lives with his mother (whose face is never shown). Chowder's not a bad show, but it does suffer from bad writing like alot of Cartoon Network shows; thankfully the characters are likeable and the jokes are laugh out loud funny, otherwise it'd be like We Bare Bears.moreless
    • Nosalgic

      I really liked this show. Sadly it ended too early.
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    Grade Schoolers, quirky characters, sight gags galore, poor eating habits, kids hijinks