Season 1 Episode 12

At Your Service / Chowder & Mr. Fugu

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 01, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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At Your Service / Chowder & Mr. Fugu
At Your Service: Mung and Chowder had to race Endive to get the rare fruit, but Endive got it first, so they had to work for her to get the rare fruit from her.

Chowder & Mr. Fugu: Mung sends Chowder to go with Mr. Fugu, a customer who can eat more than Chowder and doesn't like sharing food.moreless

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  • At Your Service could have been better

    At Your Service was pretty good,but I hated Panini's behavior.Endive told her to harm Chowder and she did!Come On!I would never do that if I was her.And she was supporting Endive,saying she looks pretty and giving her a massage.Come on!Endive's a fat,stinkin,idiot who needs to lose some weight.The end was pretty good.But why would Panini throw Chowder in there?She loves Chowder!Someday,Endive will do something so bad that she'll tell to go harm Chowder and she'll never do it.She must break up with Endive.Endive is ugly with her bathing suit and dirty back.And I hate her for being like that.Mr Fugu was okay,but he didn't even let Chowder eat a single thing in that episodemoreless
  • Endive is her worst in "At Your Service" and Mr. Fugu was not overly kind either.

    "At Your Service" - Gazpacho gets a rare fruit called mood fruit in stock and Mung is just dying to make a dish with it. Unfortunately, Endive buys the fruit out! However, she does make them a deal: If Mung and Chowder cater to her every whim for the entire day or admit that she is the better chef, she will give them the fruit. Can they stand it? I liked the song in the middle of this episode, but I hated the ending of this episode. "Chowder and Mr. Fugu" - One character, Foie Gras, was the best thing (possibly the only positive thing) about this episode. Mr. Fugu, a customer who spends more at the catering company than all the other customers combined, needs Chowder to take him around to all the local eateries while his order is cooking. Chowder is starving, but Mr. Fugu refuses to share any of the food they buy. Can Chowder survive him or will his extreme hunger cause Mung to lose this very important customer. Again, this is one of the grosser episodes - this is especially evident at the very end!

    I don't really recommend these episodes to anybody but huge fans of this show.moreless
  • This is the worst episode I seen.

    Chowder did get a try to get the fruit. Now, I wanted Panini to be supportive to Mung Daal because she was mean due to Endive's orders. Endive was so horrible in that episode. She ruined Mung's chance to get the stuff he wants, and told Panini to harm Mung Daal and Chowder, but she didn't do it right, which is good. Ms. Endive also cheated by using her big butt on Mung Daal. Before she got the fruit, Chowder should've fired a dart at Endive in the butt, and take Panini as a special item of Mung. Endive wasn't the only baddie, Mr. Fugu was greedy too. He eaten everything that Chowder got on his plate.moreless
  • Hmm...

    At your service

    I don't know why Turtle4Apple keeps rambling on about how bad this episode is. I liked it. Plus... He won't stop talkin' about it! We get it! You hate this episode! Anyways, Endive gets the rare mood fruit and, Mung must get it back. And, Endive destroys it at the end.

    Final score: B

    Chowder and Mr. Fugu

    Now, I don't know why this episode was bad. I loved Mr. Fugu's cat. He was the main reason this episode was good. And, Mr. Fugu was a hog and, did'nt share food with Chowder. What a balloon thing....

    Final Score: C-

    Final Score: Cmoreless
  • At your service was okay but, Chowder and Mr. Fugu was bad

    At first when I saw the commercial of this episode, I thought nthe cat thing was Mr. Fugu! But, I think that the cat was the only thing good about the whole episode. Plus, Chowder's nurples show up! Where were they in The puckerberry overlords? But, that's okay plus, the part where Chowder was climbing Ms. Endive was freakin hilarus. So funny, I don't know but, it was okay. So, another review wroten by me. I noticed a banner. That's sweet. Well, this review is all most over. So ends another episode of Chowder. By the way. I'm not using my computer, I'm using the libery's.moreless
Dwight Schultz

Dwight Schultz

Oyster / Beetle / Thrice Cream Vendor

Guest Star

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Ice Cream Cone / Baby Bird #2

Guest Star

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Baby Bird #1

Guest Star

Mindy Sterling

Mindy Sterling

Ms. Endive

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Chowder and Mr. Fugu first appear in the bird nest, Chowder isn't holding on to Mr. Fugu, but he isn't flying away.

    • What happened to Kimchi when they were at the Mama Bird's nest? First he was talking to Chowder, then when the bird comes down in the next scene Kimchi disappeares

    • Running Gags:
      1) Miss Endive tries to force Mung Daal to say that she's a better chef than him, but he refuses. (At Your Service)
      2) Whenever Chowder buys something to eat, Mr. Fugu selfishly keeps eating Chowder's food. (Chowder and Mr. Fugu)
      3) Mr. Fugu farts every time he finishes eating Chowder's food. (Chowder and Mr. Fugu)

    • According to this episode, Endive does not wear shoes.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Chowder: (singing) I'm very bad at singing, I get the words all wrong. If you could do it better, why don't you sing along? Mung?
      Mung: I'm very good at singing songs, my singing voice is strong. A ding-a-ling could sing along. Just try and prove me wrong! Shnitzel?
      Shnitzel: Radda radda radda, ra-radda radda radda. Radda radda radda radda radda radda radda radda.
      Chowder: Now you!
      Clam: I'm very good at singing songs, especially when I wear my thong!

    • Mung: You can't dish out anything we can't take, Endive. (rimshot) Get it? It's a food metaphor! (Panini throws tomato at Mung)

    • Mung: You better forget about that fruit, Endive, because I'm the one who's gonna get it!
      Endive: As usual there's nothing but crazy talk coming out of your mouth.
      (Mung staring at Endive's butt bouncing in front of him)
      Mung: I'll tell you what's crazy, this rump of yours that's what's crazy. Now would you kindly move it out of the way!!
      Endive: (deviously) I'd be happy to oblige Mr. Daal.
      (whacks him with her butt) Whoops.

    • Chowder: (about the Mood Fruit that turned brown) They're doo-doo brown!

    • (Mr. Fugu floats up high into the sky because Chowder let go of the string. As Mr.Fugu ascendes, Chowder devours the crown roast)
      Chowder: All right, Mr. Fugu, are you ready for the next stop? Mr.Fugu? (Chowder looks up) Oh, no!
      Mr.Fugu: Oh, help me! Help me someone please!
      Chowder: Mung's gonna kill me! I can't die, I haven't had dessert yet!

    • Chowder: If I don't return, please bury me in my maid's outfit.

    • Chowder: (to the flinging man) One fling, please. (Flinging man grabs Chowder and throws him)

    • Panini: Num-nums, are you... (starts touching Chowder) Okay?
      Chowder: Please don't touch me.

    • Gazpacho: Hey, Chowder, I never knew you we into, wait for it boxing! You get it?
      (Panini throws a tomato at Gazpacho and shakes her head no)

    • Endive: Panini, silence the fat one!
      Gazpacho: But I didn't say nothing.
      Ms. Endive: I mean the fat, purple bunnycat kid!
      Bunnycat: I didn't say nothing.
      Endive: (holds up Chowder) This one! Silence this one! (Throws Chowder at Panini)
      Panini: With pleasure. (Chowder lands in Panini's arms) Kiss me, you fool!

    • Baby Bird #1: Why don't you want to eat momma's food?
      Baby Bird #2: She does her best to bring home bacon.
      Chowder: Bacon? (Opens his mouth and, the Momma bird feeds him) That's not bacon.

    • Thrice Cream Vendor: Hey, it's Chowder! Now I can pay my rent again.

    • Chowder: Love hurts! (right after Panini throws tacks in the shape of a heart at Chowder)

  • NOTES (4)