Season 1 Episode 19

Banned from the Stand / Créme Puff Hands

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jul 17, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Banned from the Stand / Créme Puff Hands
Banned from the Stand: Gazpacho tries to convince Mung to prove that he is right, but Mung refuses, so he restricts everybody from his stand until it becomes a problem. Créme Puff Hands: Chowder's hand inflates from misdirections, and it becomes helpful to the city at first, but then it becomes dangerous to the city. It also becomes a liability.moreless

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  • Gazpacho banishes Mung Daal and Chowder from his stand and Chowder's hand gets stuffed with creme puff and it becomes unusually helpful

    Banned from the Stand: Gazpacho tries to convince Mung to prove that he is right, but Mung refuses, so he restricts everybody from his stand until it becomes a problem. I thought that this was a perfect episode of "Chowder". It was very funny and it was well written. Gazpacho banning Mung Dall then Chowder than everyone in town was very funny. It was just drop dead hilarious when Chowder said that Panini holding his hand burns. Everything about this episode was just awesome and I loved it. The ending itself was funny as well. Overall, a perfect episode of "Chowder". 10/10

    Creme Puff Hands: Chowder's hand inflates from misdirections, and it becomes helpful to the city at first, but then it becomes dangerous to the city. It also becomes a liability. This wasn't quite as good as the first pairing but it was pretty close. Anyways, I really loved the storyline to this episode and it was just all-round funny yet a little strange. I enjoyed seeing Chowder getting his hand stuffed with creme and how his hand is unusually helpful to everyone in town was very funny. My score is a little low because Chowder telling that man on how honored he is was a filler scene such as when he said "Well I am honorably honored to have this honor of gratitude for the honor of this honorable town" and he went on forever and ever with it plus maybe one or two were a bit boring. Other than that, I really liked this episode. I also thought Mung Daal trying to stop Chowder and get his hand back to normal near the end of the episode was funny as well. Overall, a nice and original storyline with some good humor for this episode. 9.5/10moreless
  • Two enjoyable episodes that, great for my first review.

    Banned from the stand:

    Gazpacho says that some Flossberries are ripe, but Mung disagrees, so he is banned from the stand. Then he end up banning everyone. Not my favorite episode, but it's pretty good. The ending was hilarious, and the fly part was really funny too.

    Overall A-, 8.5

    Créme Puff Hands:

    Chowder gets his hands on a créme machine and it becomes huge. At first it is helpful to the city, but then he gets crazy about it and makes his hand ultra-huge, and destroys the city. Pretty good, but it's only fun the first time you watch it. Then, it gets boring.

    Overall C+, 7.5moreless
  • Please read something important!

    Banned from the stand Please note, I have not seen this episode. So I'm just going to guess on a score here. When I see the episode. I'll edit this review.

    Final score: B

    Cre'me puff hands

    Chowder's hand impoleds so it becomes huge. I really did'nt mind this episode. So, Mung gets his hand huge. And, they do a funnny end. "I want you to hold this shmegg." "Oh, no! I broke it!" "No! You did good!" "I did?" So, basicly. I really did not care for this episode. But, I can't wait to see Banned from The Stand. Final Score: C-

    Final Score: C+, 7moreless
  • Chowder puffs up his hand just to get the flossberries.

    Well, this episode is not as bad as the last one, but I didn't care for the Creme Puff hands one. Chowder and Mung were arguing that if the flossberries are ripe or not, so Gazpacho banned them from the stand. When they tried Panini and disguises, they failed, and Gazpacho banned everybody from the stand. Moral #1: Never mark something bad on the mirror. Gazpacho got himself banned from his stand. Now the second one, Chowder is a goof at making the creme puffs, and his hand got inflated. He saved the town until it deinflated, but when it returned, he ruined the town. Moral #2: Never go into a machine that dangerous. Well, that ends the story.moreless
  • "Banned From The Stand/Creme Puff Hands" has made it to my all time favorite Chowder episodes list! Another perfect episode!

    This episode was excellent! All of the best characters showed up and were very entertaining. There were jokes and gags galore. In "Banned From The Stand" Gazpacho believes he is right about flossberries being ripe, however Mung Daal, being the expert chef that he is, believes that Gazpacho is wrong. Gazpacho bannds everyone from his stand who walks by including Mung Daal, Chowder, and even Panini. In the end he must choose which is more important, being right, or having friends. In the episode "Creme Puff Hands" Chowder accidently fills his hand with creme from the creme puff machine while trying to help fill an order for Truffles. Mung tries to convince Chowder that the hand is dangerous and it's nothing but trouble. At first Chowder is sad, but when a falling baby lands safely on to his creme-filled hand Chowder becomes a hero and feels that he is very helpful. Later on, Chowder refills his hand with creme to try to help more people. However this time around Chowder is anything but helpful. He causes mass chaos and Mung has to stop him, by fighting fire with fire, or in this case, creme with creme. This is one of the best episodes so far! I can't wait for more! 10/10moreless
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    • Gazpacho: YOU'RE BANNED!
      Guy: I'm just looking for the bathroom...
      Guy: I'm banned from the BATHROOM?
      Gazpacho: Every bathroom.
      Guy: NOOOOOO!!!!!

    • Mung Daal: Chowder your his closest, or rather his only friend(reffering to Gazpacho), why don't you go talk some sence into him.
      Chowder: Should I use the...sence talkin' stick?(Chowder pulls out a club covered with spikes)
      Mung Daal: No, words should be just fine.

    • Truffles: Creme Puffs!
      Mung: What? We got an order?
      Truffles: What are you talking about an order? I need Creme Puffs! Me! Mua!
      (short pause)
      Truffles: I'm hungry...
      (short pause)
      Truffles: Now!
      Mung: Chowder, she's in the mood!
      Chowder: The mood?!
      Mung: The mood.
      Shnitzel: The radda?

    • Mung: Oh my golly! Chowder, come back here!
      Chowder: NEVER!! Talk to the hand, girlfriend!

    • Mung: Gazpacho, I'm a professional chef, mmm...okay?
      Gazpacho: What's your point?
      Mung: My point is I know a lot of things, about 578... or 579 the last time I counted, and I know these are grassy green!
      Gazpacho: Oh yeah? Well, I'm a professional fruit seller, and I know like 5...or 6 things about fruit.

    • (referring to créme puffs)
      Truffles: (shriveled up) Créme puffs...
      Mung: Truffles is dying! Quick!
      Chowder: (holds up a rubber chicken) Flour?
      Mung: Oh, so helpless! Do I have to do everything myself?

    • Gazpacho: (miserably) Get your fruit. Get your "not so kind of fresh fruit" here. Anyone want some moderately edible fruit?

    • Mung: Chowder, we need to make créme puffs. Go get some flour!
      Chowder: Right-o! (brings back flowers)
      Mung: Honey, those are flowers!
      Chowder: Yes.
      Mung: I need flour!
      Chowder: Yes.
      Mung: Like for cooking!
      Chowder: Yes.
      Mung: The flour I need is powdery.
      (Chowder tears up the flowers into powder)
      Mung: No! The kind of powder you mix with stuff... usually shmeggs... and stuff.
      Chowder: Yes!

    • Panini: (to Chowder) You know my price. We hold hands the whole way home.
      Chowder: W-we can't do that. My, uh... arms were recently chewed off. (starts chewing on his arms)

    • Gazpacho: Chowder, you don't walk into another man's place and question his authority. You just don't! Besides, if I wanted someone telling me everything I do is wrong, I would go home to mother.

    • (A baby has just fallen out of a windowsill)
      Mother: Someone save my baby! (Baby falls into Chowder's big hand, crowd cheers) That kid just saved my baby! (To her baby) Son, how many times have I told you not to play on the windowsill?
      Baby: (speaks in a deep, low voice) At least seven.

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