Season 2 Episode 12

Big Ball / The Brain Freeze

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jul 02, 2009 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • When Truffles said "cockamamie food puns", the captions said "Cockamamie corn!"

    • Big Ball marks the second time Chowder becomes incredibly huge and round from having too much of something in his body. The first time was in The Vacation.

  • Quotes

  • Notes

    • "The Brain Freze" aired July 9th.

    • "Big Ball" aired July 2nd.

    • Break the Fourth Wall:
      1) Mung askes Chowder to move out of the screen and says "Your head is blocking the vehicle".
      2) After the team breaks, Truffle says "I hate this show" and Mung looks at the screen and says "Don't judge me" after he tells Chowder to warm a bench.

    • Credits: While sweeping, the music begins playing and Shnitzel starts dancing. Then Truffles pops up and says, "What are you doing?!" Shnitzel told her he was just dancing, Truffles showed him how it's done, and she begins boogeying down.

    • Big Ball's full title is Field Tournament Style Up and Down On the Ground Manja Flanja Blanja Banja Ishka Bibble Babble Flabble Doma Roma Floma Boma Jingle Jangle Every Angle Bricka Bracka Flacka Stacka Two Ton Rerun Free for All Big Ball.

  • Allusions

    • Super Mario Bros.:

      The hats that the team wear with red and an "M" symbol on it is a parody of Mario's hat from Super Mario Bros.

    • Ice Age:

      When Gazpacho was a mammoth named Flazpacho, he looks similar to Manfred (Manny for short), the wooly mammonth from the Ice Age movie series.

    • Calvin and Hobbes:

      The long winded name game for the sport Mung Daal and Truffles play against each other might be a parody/tribute to a sport played in the famous comic strip series, which was called Calvin Ball. The sport of Calvin Ball, like the sport played in Chowder had no clear rules, no concrete obstacles, no clear objectives, no one ever really scored, and it was impossible to win the game since the rules and objectives and the obstacles kept changing while the game was being played all the time.

    • Super Mario Bros.:

      The big lizard dinosaur who lifts up the Marzipan City coliseum after Truffles scores the winning goal, looks very similar to the main antagonist from the famous video game series from Nintendo. The antagonist was named Bowser who is also known as King Koopa.