Season 1 Episode 2

Burple Nurples / Shnitzel Makes a Deposit

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Burple Nurples / Shnitzel Makes a Deposit
Burple Nurples: Mung lets Chowder make a dish on his own, but Chowder poisoned the dish he makes, so Mung tries to stop the others from buying the poisonous burple nurples.

Shnitzel Makes a Deposit: Chowder goes with Shnitzel to the bank under Mung's orders, but Chowder caused trouble for others at the bank.moreless

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  • Burple Nurple was superb but Shintzel Makes a Deposit was a fillerfest

    Burple Nurples: Mung lets Chowder make a dish on his own, but Chowder poisoned the dish he makes, so Mung tries to stop the others from buying the poisonous burple nurples. In my opinion, this is the better episode of this pair. Chowder is actually stuck on the E part of please was funny but it is actually one of the show's first few Overly Long Gag. Mung dressing as different people was pretty funny mainly when he was disguised by a lady. Other memorable moments: Gorgonzla and Mung in disguise kept betting for how much dolaps, the chase scene, and one other part. Overall score 9/10

    Shnitzel Makes a Deposit: Chowder goes with Shnitzel to the bank under Mung's orders, but Chowder caused trouble for others at the bank. This episode wasn't as superb as Burple Nurples. This episode is sort of. a borefest due to the heavy amount of filler it got. There were some such as Chowder making the key dog get in trouble (which was my biggest problem in this episode) and the old man counting the money. IMO, the memorable moments were "would you?" "would I", Chowder holding his breath, and Chowder saying the ABCs. Overall, because it the long scenes it suffer, this was such a boring episode. Nothing much happen during the middle of the episode. 6/10moreless
  • Chowder makes burplenurples and puts in poison so mung daal tries to get rid of them. In shnitzel makes a deposit shnitzel wants to doposit his paycheck but chowder makes it take longmoreless

    While going home with a giant wawamelon chowder saw panini selling cupcakes for 1 dollop each so he asked mung if he could make a recipi on his own aswell mung thought that if Endive's apprentice was ready his must be more than ready so he asked mung what his first dish that he made on his own was Mung replied, "pickel in a cup" chowder thought that was boring so he made the secondd food mung made which was burple nurples but, instead of adding snoriander he put poise so mung threw the nurples in Mount fondoom. Shnitzel got his paycheck so mung told chowder to go with shnitzel so he could start a savings account in the bank shnitzel told chowder to hold his place in line so he could sign the back of the check but instead chowder got a lolly pop chowder did more stupid things that made it take forever for shnitzel to doposit the check and once he had finally gotten there chowder said that he hadn't deposited his money yet.moreless
  • Loved "Burple Nurples", but "Shnitzel Makes A Deposit" was sort of boring.

    "Burple Nurples" - Chowder finds out that Ms. Endive, Panini's mentor, lets her cook dishes all by herself and seel them. He begs Mung to let him do this too, and he does let him, but Mung still isn't quite sure he is ready. Chowder decides to make a recipe called Burple Nurples and completely messes it up - ultimately he puts poison in his dish! Can Mung get the dish back before it poisons anyone...and without hurting Chowder's feelings? Mung resorts to some pretty crazy tactics to get the Nurples back - you have to see them!

    "Shnitzel Makes A Deposit" - Shnitzel gets his weekly pay check and goes to the bank to deposit it. After listening to Mung talking to Chowder about opening a bank account, Chowder wants to tag-along with Shnitzel and start his own. Knowing Chowder, this trip is not going to be uneventful. Not the funniest episode, but there are some good parts here and there.

    I recommend these episodes to all fans of the show!moreless
  • Burple Nurples!

    Burple Nurples

    Chowder wants to make Burple Nurples. But, accidently puts poison in it. And, Mung's the only one who gets them. What a pig! So, I learned that everyone who loves Burple Nurples can't move from one place. So, Mung throws the Nurples into the volcano and, they burn up.

    Final grade: A-

    Shnitzel makes a deposit

    Shnitzel is forced to bring Chowder with him to the bank. So, Mung says to Truffles. "Oh, honey. Your love muffin needs some Kissy-kissy." So, Shnitzel gets stuck as the last person in the line till he finally gets to deposit it. Till Chowder says they forgot to deposit HIS money. And, so Shnitzel's head expoleds.

    Final grade: B-

    Final grade: B, 8.0moreless
  • This episode has a higher rating in my score than what I rated.

    Once again, C.H. Greenblatt made a good episode. I can handle the Burple Nurple episode, but Shnitzel makes a Deposit was average. I didn't really mean to rate it a 4 out of 10. I set up that rating because I wanted the better episodes have a higher average rating. Now to the episode, Chowder shouldn't make things on his own if he makes poisonous dishes, he shouldn't go to the bank if he causes trouble for Shnitzel, and he should stay at Panini's stand if he distracts the man who is counting the dollops. I give Burple Nurples a 9 out of 10, and Shnitzel makes a deposit a 6 out of 10.moreless
Dwight Schultz

Dwight Schultz

Paramedic / Guard / Customer / Burple Nurple

Guest Star

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Greeter Lady / Bird / Toilet / Hunk

Guest Star

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Flower / Tabuleh

Guest Star

Will Shadley

Will Shadley


Recurring Role

C.H. Greenblatt

C.H. Greenblatt


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • Chowder said "ain't that a fun name?" However the captions made Chowder say "Hey, that's a name."

    • When Burple Nurples aired on Cartoon Network UK, the part where Chowder lifts his top saying "There's no room" was cut out. Possibly because they were afraid it might encourage child obesity.

    • Look Hard: According to the book that Chowder holds out, the name of the first recipe he wants to make is called "A Really Hard Recipe".

    • When the old banker collapses from "lack of steam," according to the paramedics, Shnitzel goes into another line. When Shnitzel goes into the other line and begins yelling, look closely and you can see that the man in front of Shnitzel is the health inspector from "The Rat Sandwhich."(the only difference is that he isn't green, however it's possible that he was only green because of the lighting).

    • When Shnitzel is crushed by a chunk of the counter and is trampled by a line of people, if you look closely you can see Reuben and the guy from "Chowder Loses His Hat" who trades a magic pickle for a hat, plus Officer Killbot, from The Wrong Customer.

    • The man and the bear that come to help the old men in the bank looks like the charaters from the comic strip Scene but not heard.

    • Gorgonzola's second appearance

    • Apparently, Chowder and Gorgonzola already know each other, even though this is the very first time they were seen interacting with each other.

    • When Shnitzel stopped the robbery attempt, you can see the old man that was cheering him on, even though he was supposed to be evacuated to a sauna.

    • In Burple Nurples, when Chowder was about to go to the bathroom, you can hear a zipping sound. However, Chowder doesn't wear pants, so there shouldn't be any zipping noise.

    • Burple Nurples was first aired along with Chowder's Girlfriend.

    • The original title of the episode Burple Nurples was The Burple Nurple Stand.

  • QUOTES (30)

    • (Chowder chases Mung up the volcano)
      Chowder: Aaaah! (suddenly stops and starts panting) Wait, fat kid running.

    • Kiwi: Run, Mung, run! Run like the wind!

    • Chowder: Boring, boring, boring, boring, OOOOOH! Add lots of Snor-eander! Ain't that a fun name?

    • Chowder: Guess what, Mung? I think I'm ready to cook something on my own!
      (Shnitzel hanging on a rope quickly moves off-screen)
      Mung: Umm... I don't know, Chowder, you might want to get few more years on your belt!
      Chowder: (lifts his shirt up, revealing a belt) There's no room! (his pupils grow bigger)Pleeeeeeeeease! Pleeeeeeeeease!
      Mung: Chowder, I just don't think you are ready yet!
      Chowder: Pleeeeeeeeease!
      Mung: No, Chowder!
      Chowder: Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeease...
      Mung: No!
      Chowder: ...eeeeeeeeeeeeee... (prolonging 'e' in a monotone)
      Mung: Chowder?!
      Chowder: ...eeeeeeeeeeeeee...
      Mung: Really now, you can't keep that up forever!
      Chowder: (briefly stops) Yes, I can! ...eeeeeeeeeeee...
      Mung: You are not going to change my mind!
      Chowder: (briefly stops) But Ms. Endive let's Panini do it, eeeeeeee...
      Mung: Endive! If that battle axe thinks her apprentice is ready then I'm sure my apprentice is more than ready! Chowder, get ready to cook!
      Chowder: Woo-hoo! eeeeeeee...
      Mung: You can stop now!
      Chowder: I wish I could but I'm stuck. ...eeeeeeee...

    • Mung: Is it fivesday already?
      Chowder: Why does Shnitzel always get so happy on fivesday? Is it the day he makes a poo?

    • (Truffles hands Shnitzel a check and Shnitzel starts kissing it and rubbing it over himself)
      Truffles: Knock it off!

    • Ancho: Guard! Guard!
      Guard: What's the problem?
      Ancho: This man... has made me feel uncomfortable!
      Guard: You sick monster!
      Shnitzel: Radda?
      Guard: Come on, it's the time out booth for you!
      Shnitzel: Radda! Radda radda! Oh! Radda!
      Guard: (to Chowder) You too, kid.
      Chowder: (scurries to Shnitzel)

    • Chowder : (To Shnitzel) So I can touch the ground? You need to make up your mind.

    • Chowder: (to Shnitzel in the Time-Out booth) Last night I dreamed I was a bottle of ketchup... And you were mustard... which is weird because usually you're mayonnaise in my dreams. Why do you suppose that is?
      (Shnitzel says nothing)

    • Bird Lady: Would you care for a free lollipop?
      Chowder: Would I?!
      Bird Lady: Would you?
      Chowder: Would I?!
      Bird Lady: Would you?
      Chowder: Would I?!
      Bird Lady: Would you?
      Chowder: Would I what?
      Bird Lady: Care for a free lollipop?
      Chowder: Would I?!
      Bird Lady: Would you?
      Chowder: Would I?!
      Shnitzel: (annoyed) Radda radda!!
      Chowder: Yes, I would, thank you.

    • Shnitzel: Radda radda radda radda rah.
      Chowder: I got it, no more counting. A, B, C, D, E, F, G.
      Old Accountant: 8, 9, H, I, J... Oh fiddlesticks.

    • Ancho: (to Shnitzel about Chowder) You think this is funny? Letting your child do this to me? Just because I have a tie-shaped growth on my neck!

    • Shnitzel: Radda radda rah.
      Chowder: Okay, I won't touch anything!

    • Woman: I thought I'd never get up here! Well, I'll make this fast. I just need to deposit 200 dollops... in change!

    • Shnitzel: Rada Radda.
      Chowder: Hold our place in line? Okay, I'm good at holding things. (Holds his breath)
      Shnitzel: Rada Radda.

    • (Mung steals the Burple Nurples)
      Chowder: Hey, ugly, you owe me 300 dollops!

    • Mung: (to Truffles) gotta pay Shnitzel! Hurry!
      Truffles: What are you, crazy? I already gave you all the money we had already.
      Shnitzel: Radda radda?
      Mung: Yes, it's Chowder-related.

    • Mung: (disguised) Don't eat that nurple!
      Gorgonzola: Why... old man?
      Mung: Because...because- it is calling out to me, I need that exact nurple.
      Gorgonzola: Uhh...
      Mung: Here, here! I will give you ten dollops.
      Gorgonzola: A hundred dollops!
      Mung: What is with you kids?

    • Chowder: Can I try one?
      Panini: No! (slaps Chowder's hand) But you can buy one, I'm selling them for one dollop each. Of course, for you, there's a special boyfriend discount. (puckers lips)
      Chowder: That's okay. Here's my dollop.
      (Chowder eats one of Panini's sparkle spackles, opens his mouth, a little rainbow pops out, and gives Panini a kiss on the cheek)
      Chowder: I didn't do that!

    • Gorgonzola: What is this, some child bought food stand?
      Chowder: Oh, hey, Gorgonzola. I'm selling Burple Nurples that I made myself, like a real chef.
      Gorgonzola: What? You think you're better than me?
      Chowder: Liten, I have a lot of customers waiting. (zooms out to show the street is deserted)
      Gorgonzola: Let them wait.

    • Mung: (dressed up as a lady) Oh! I simply love burple nurples! Care to give a free sample to a pretty lady?
      Chowder: Sure! You know one?
      Mung: Care to give a free sample to an ugly lady?
      Chowder: No. Ugly ladies have to pay.
      (Mung steals dish)
      Chowder: Hey, ugly! You owe me 300 dollops!

    • Mung: (After seeing the giant holding up the city about to eat the Nurples) HOLY SWISS CHEESE!!!

    • Chowder: Why did you throw the nurples into the volcano?
      Mung: Oh, because of the poison.
      Chowder: What?
      Mung: Oh, never mind.

    • Chowder: Mr. Blutter, meet Mrs. Blutter! (pushes blutter sticks together and makes kissy noises)

    • Mung: Oh. golly, why did I put poison in the spice cabinet in the first place? (giant rat walks by) Oh, yeah, that's why.

    • (Mung is seen trying to hide the Burple Nurples from Chowder, he goes to the restroom)
      Mung: I'm gonna have to flush these nurples away!
      (Mung is about to flush the Burple Nurples away)
      Talking Toilet: I love Burple Nurples!
      Mung: (quickly) No! Don't eat those, or you will die!
      (Mung picks the Burple Nurples up and runs away from the restroom)
      Chowder: Ooh good! A bathroom!
      (Chowder enters the restroom)
      Talking Toilet: I love Burple Nurples!
      Chowder: (runs out of the restroom screaming) AAAAAH!!!

    • Chowder: (chases Mung up Mt. Fondoom) AAAAAHHH!!! (stops, panting) Time out... Fat kid running.

    • Mung: How about this one Chowder, pickle in a cup?
      Chowder: But that's too easy! My chef wings won't soar. What was the first dish you made, Mung?
      Mung: PICKLE IN A CUP.

    • Chowder: Hey, where did that ugly thief lady go?
      Mung: Chowder, that ugly lady was me. You see, there is an ugly lady inside of all of us, and sometimes, that ugly lady makes us do things we're not proud of. But I'm proud of you, Chowder, because you proved that all I thought about you was right.

    • Nurple: You.... will... die...

  • NOTES (9)


    • Giant holding up Marzipan City: Atlas

      The giant holding up Marzipan City resembles Atlas, a giant said to be holding up the sky in Greek myth. He even has the Greek beard.

    • Lord of the Rings

      Mung Daal runs up a volcano called "Mount Fondoom" and throws the Burple Nurples in the volcano. This is a spoof on how Frodo has to throw the ring in the fires of "Mount Doom".

    • Episode Title: Burple Nurples

      It is a spoof of the term, "purple-nurple."