Season 1 Episode 4

Certifrycation Class / Sing Beans

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Certifrycation Class / Sing Beans
Certifrycation Class: Mung is forced to attend Chef Certifrycation school where he butts heads with the instructor. Will Mung swallow his pride in order to pass or stay true to his instincts?

Sing Beans: The gang has to pull an all-nighter cooking the performing food, Sing Beans. Chowder finishes the process with wildly musical results.

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  • First one was great; second episode was perfect

    Certifrycation Class: This was a great episode of Chowder. This wasn't my favorite episode since there were some lacking scenes. Mung was a little out of character here since he didn't know how to succeed/ Some of the funny/great scenes in this episode were the beginning, Rubens' appearance throughout, Mung playing with the spoon, Mung doing the ingredients improperly, the montage of Mung messing the recipes, Chowder singing, and Mung stealing Endvice certification. 8.5/10

    Sing Beans:This was the better episode of the pairs. Funny parts were Chowder eating the curtains, Schintzel suggesting "Tootie Tootie Beans," Schintzel drawing a realistic cup with a straw, Mung's drawing, Mung trying to tell a joke, Chower telling a story, but Schintzel and Mung are already asleep, and the gang covering the Sing Beans The song towards the end was the best scene in the episode. 10/10moreless
  • The first musical episodes!

    "Certifrycation Class" - Not the best, not the worst. Mung Daal's certifrycate expires and until he can renew it, the catering company is out of business! Mung and Chowder go off to take a test to get it renewed, only to find that the teacher, Reuben, has a suspicious that Mung is a recipe pirate - and they never get their certifrycate! Will Mung be able to get it? "Sing Beans" - Mung, Shnitzel, and Chowder are ordered to make "Sing Beans", a singing dish that must be cooked all night with constant supervision. Our favorite characters try to keep themselves awake by telling jokes and such, but they are so tired, can they stay up through the whole night and finish the dish? Sort of funny, could have been better.

    I recommend these episodes to all Chowder fans.moreless
  • A pretty good episode.

    The Sing Beans: This funny episode is about Mung, schnitzel, and chowder trying to boil some beans called sing beans and then teach them how to sing for this guy at a theatre. Both of these episodes are pretty much the same, but this one is a little less funnier than certyfication class but still has good humor and jokes. Certyfication Class: In this segment, Mung Daal's certyficate(or however they spell it) becomes expired and has to go to a certyfiaction class to get in renewed. He meets Endive and Panini there and it stirs up competition. In this class, they have to various cooking things like boiling water and making a sandwich. This one was good with good jokes and animation and was a little better than Sing Beans.moreless
  • Sing Beans.......BLEAH!

    Certifrycation Class

    Now, this episode was good. Mung becoming a pirate. I saw a commercial for this episode and, I thought Mung desided to be a pirate cook. But, the first real apperance of Reuban. He's voiced by Paul Reuban, Pee-Wee Herman.

    Final score: C+

    Sing Beans

    Um . . . . . .Now this was trash! Sing Beans so far is the worst episode! The Sing 'Bean song is sooooo bad. It's just the same words over and over again. I would have made Sing Beans better! I bet I would make a show more better than this episode!

    Final Score: F-

    Final Score: D+, 5.0moreless
  • The sing bean song is annoying. That's why I don't like that episode

    Certififrycation class is okay. But, Sing beans? Bleach! That's the worst! Now, Reuban may be great in this episode but, not "The Rat sandwich". That's the worst episode ever! I like how Reuban makes pig sounds when he eats but, why would he not like Mung? Wait! I got something to add to the submittion thing for "Rat Sandwich". Now, Sing Beans is sorta okay but, the're song is annoying! It's basicly the same words over and over again! But, one thing that was funny was Rada's joke. I did'nt understand it. But, I thought it was funny because no one could understand it!moreless
Dwight Schultz

Dwight Schultz

Dog / Guy

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John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Man / Singing Bean #4 / Guy on the Street

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Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Singing Bean #3 / Moon

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Mindy Sterling

Mindy Sterling

Ms. Endive

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Running Gag: Every time Mung does something right or wrong, Reuben counts it wrong and gives him recipe pirate accessories.

    • In Sing Beans, when Chowder was jumping on his chair, Shnitzel smashed it. But later in the next scene, Chowder was sitting on it again.

    • Only ten sing beans were put inside of the pot, but when Chowder looked inside of the pot, twelve beans were there. Later on, sixteen beans were seen in the pot, and when they jumped out of the pot, there were thirty-seven beans.

    • In the episode Certifrycation Class, one of the tasks is to make a sandwhich by following the diagram/recipe exactly.
      While Mung Daal makes his sandwhich, he never put mayo on it. When he gives it to the customer, it has mayo on it.

    • In the episode Certifrycation Class, one of the tasks is to make a sandwhich by following the diagram/recipe exactly.
      When Mung and Chowder bring their sandwich to Reuben, he rejects it because it has mayo and he is allergic to mayo. However when Endive and Panini brought their sandwich to him earlier, he accepted it saying "My dear woman, this is fantastic!", even though the sandwich had mayo on it.

    • Chowder sings the same song he sings in a commercial that shown before the first episode premiered.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • Mung: (after seeing Chowder draw a squiggly) Ooh! Good straw, Chowder!That's gonna be hard to beat! Let's see yours, Shnitzel. (Shnitzel draws a perfect straw) Oh no, that's terrible I don't even know what I'm looking at!
      Shnitzel: Radda radda radda!
      Mung: Okay, I'll show you mine. But just to let you know, I didn't know how to draw a straw, so I drew you drawing a straw! But if it makes you feel better, we'll all take shifts together. That way it's fair. Until I get tired, then you're all on your own!
      Chowder: Wait, what?

    • Man: (to his wife about the fake Sing Beans) Remember when you said this was going to be fun? Well, you lied.

    • Chowder: (tastes one of the Sing Beans and then spits it out) Blech! You guys taste like sweatsock and not the good kind.

    • Sing Bean #1: Said everyone's got a song inside
      Waiting to be free
      And the more I said...

      Sing Beans: Everyone's got a song inside
      Waiting to be free
      The beans are here to show the way
      Come on and follow me
      Everyone's got a song inside
      Waiting to be free
      The beans are here to show the way
      Come on and follow me
      So flap your gums and move your lips
      Let me hear you shout
      Release the song that you have inside
      That's what is all about
      Everyone's got a song inside
      Waiting to be free
      The beans are here to show the way
      Come on and follow me
      Everyone's got a song inside
      Waiting to be free
      The beans are here to show the way
      Come on and follow me
      So flap your gums and move your lips
      Let me hear you shout
      Release the song that you have inside
      That's what is all about
      Everyone's got a song inside
      Waiting to be free
      The beans are here to show the way
      Come on and follow me
      Everyone's got a song inside
      Waiting to be free
      The beans are here to show the way
      Come on and follow me
      Everyone's got a song inside
      Waiting to be free
      The beans are here to show the way
      Come on and follow me...!

    • Mung: Oh, I got it. Let's all tell jokes to pass the time. I got a real doozy.
      Chowder: I love doozies!
      Mung: So, what's the--
      Chowder: (snickering)
      Mung: So, what's the differe--
      Chowder: (giggling)
      Mung: I said, what's the difference between chopped beef...
      Chowder: (laughing uncontrollably)
      Mung: ...and pea soup?
      (Chowder continues to laugh uncontrollably until he stops)
      Mung:Wait for it, wait for it... Everyone can chop beef, but no one can pea soup!
      Chowder: You lied. That wasn't a doozy.

    • Mung: You see, I'm a professional chef. I already know how to cook. If I wasn't, could I do this?
      (starts balancing a wooden spoon on his hand)
      Chowder: Whooo! Go Mung!

    • (Reuben is holding a big hand, motioning for Mung Daal and Chowder to walk the plank)
      Reuben: I can't tell you how let down I am. You really were my favorite pupil. But, recipe pirates must walk the plank!
      Mung: What's that big hand for?
      Reuben: Oh, it helps me make my point!
      (Reuben uses the giant hand to make Mung Daal and Chowder walk the plank, and fall into the dumpster)
      Ms. Endive: How unfortunate, but that's what happens to those who have no business in the kitchen.
      Panini: (sighing) Garbage never looked so dreamy.
      Mung: I might as well hang up my smock.
      Chowder: No! You're the greatest chef in the world! And--and--and... (begins singing)
      I believe you can cook
      You should belive because I believe in you
      You just have to try and trust your guts
      Leaving food on plates
      And you're the best chef in the world!
      Everything I learned I learned from yoooooo-u
      Even if I didn't understand a word
      On the wings of an eagle...!

    • Chowder: (to the Sing Beans) I'm gonna teach you a new song! I know this great one about beans and tooting!

    • Chowder: If I sing too, will that help them cook better?
      Mung: No, Chowder. I don't think-
      Chowder: Beans, beans, beans, green, yellow, and brown. Beans, beans, beans, I gobble all of them down.
      Mung: (Chowder still singing) Schnitzel, hurry! Bring in the next scene!
      (Shnitzel covers the screen with the next scene)

    • Endive: Now Panini, we must use the finest ingredients.
      Panini: Oh, I am.
      Chowder: (with a strainer on his head) Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh.

    • Mung: Any two-bit chef can boil water. (shows Mung and Chowder are on a motorcycle) Yee-ha!
      Chowder: Yeah! Who-hoo!

    • Mung: I think I'm going to be sea sick.

    • Chowder: Oh no, the Yum Yum's going down!

    • Mung: I've got to say, Endive, I'm surprised you let your certifrycation expire as well.

    • Mung: This should be a piece of cake for a chef of my abilities; I've been cooking for three-hundred and eighty-six years, after all.
      Ms. Endive: Is that what you call it? Cooking? It's fun to pretend, isn't it.
      Mung: (angrily) Endive...

    • Mung: This is my domain! I am the master of this kitchen! Do I need to show proof?
      Truffles: Here we go again.

    • Mung: I don't need a certifrycate to cook, I need it to make a living as one.

    • Shnitzel: Radda radda radda rah.
      Mung: Oh, I'm perfectly sure it's okay to tell around small children!
      (After Shnitzel makes a joke)
      Mung: Oh, Shnitzel! You naughty naughty naughty boy!
      Chowder: I don't get it... why did the...
      Mung: (interrupting, sputters a bit) We'll tell you later, when you're older.
      Chowder: But...?
      Mung: When you're older, Chowder!

    • Reuben: Congratulations, ladies. Your Certifrycate, for a job well done.
      Panini: We did it, Ms. Endive!
      Endive: Was there ever any doubt, my dear?
      Reuben: Let me just sign this. (signs paper and gives to Endive) (has phone number on it)
      Mung: (swings down on a Tarzan like vine and snatches paper) See ya, suckers!
      Endive: My certifrycate!
      (short pause)
      Reuben: I guess we get to spend even more time together.
      (Endive frowns)

    • Reuben: For our final exercise, we will be testing your dexterity and wrist techniques. I need you to simply... cut a piece of cake.

    • Reuben: (to Mung) Will it be the pegleg or the eye patch?
      Chowder: Pegleg!
      Reuben: Eye patch it is.

    • Rueben: Pirate!
      Mung: Huh?
      Rueben: Are you a recipe pirate?
      Mung: No!
      Rueben: Whew!

    • Truffles: You did it again, honey. You set the place on fire, AGAIN!!
      Mung: That's what I do, baby, that's what I do.

    • Reuben: Mighty woman, this is fantastic!
      Endive: You will find everything I do is fantastic.

    • Mung: Endive!
      Chowder: Endive!

    • Mung: Expired?! Hah! A good chef never goes bad!
      Truffles: You better get that new certifrycate or you're gonna be the one who expires!

  • NOTES (11)


    • Sing beans are clearly an allusion of String Beans.

    • Mung: ...So enough of this Nautical Nonsense...

      Nautical Nonsense is the name of a DVD in the SpongeBob SquarePants DVD set.

    • The small man taking away Mung Daal's "certifrycate," along with his giant partner, Gherkin, greatly resembles a Doozer, tiny characters found in the Jim Henson show, Fraggle Rock. Doozers are typically small in height, hence the unnamed man's shortness. It also makes the fact that Gherkin is so gigantic all the more ironic, especially considering his name: gherkins are a small variety of pickles.

    • The moon and the sun in Sing Beans are similar to Pac-Man.

    • Theater Manager

      The theater manager (who is a lion) has a voice very similar to the Cowardly Lion from the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz.

    • Flavor Flave

      The clock Mung puts in the pot of sing beans and says it's for flavor is a reference to the singer, Flavor Flave, who wears a clock around his neck.

    • Bean Song

      It is a parody of the Happy Feet song, "The Song of the Heart" by Prince except for the Beans part.

    • Food: Fire Snacker

      It is a spoof of Fire Crackers.

    • Character Name: Reuben

      It is a type of sandwich. It is often grilled or toasted, and made with corned beef or pastrami, sauerkraut, and dressing. His name is similar that to the last name of his voice actor, Paul Reubens.