Season 1 Episode 16

Chowder Loses His Hat / Brain Grub

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jun 26, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Chowder Loses His Hat / Brain Grub
Chowder Loses His Hat: Chowder accidentally throws his hat out of Mung's building and then finds out that Chestnut has it. So Chowder has to do various things for Chestnut and other people in order to get his hat back.

Brain Grub: Mung thinks that Chowder is scatterbrained so he gives him a special type of food called Brain Grub which makes him very smart.moreless

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  • Chowder tries to get his hat back from Chestnut and Chowder has a scatterbrain behavior

    Chowder Loses His Hat: Chowder accidentally throws his hat out of Mung's building and then finds out that Chestnut has it. So Chowder has to do various things for Chestnut and other people in order to get his hat back. I love this episode and it's easily one of the funniest episodes that I have ever seen. Chowder throughout this episode just trading with everyone in town just to get his hat back from Chestnut was very funny. It was also funny when Chowder keeps saying "Rats" everytime his hat was traded to the wrong person. I also found the very ending to be hilarious because Chestnut is living inside Chowder's hat and Chowder isn't allowed to make any noises. Overall, this is one of my favorites, this easily gets a perfect score from me. 10/10

    Brain Grub: Mung thinks that Chowder is scatterbrained so he gives him a special type of food called Brain Grub which makes him very smart. This episode is not quite as good as the first pairing but I still really liked it. My only problem with this episode that Chowder was getting a little annoying and he was even giving me a little headache. Other than that, I really liked it. This episode had some funny parts and the storyline was very original. The funniest part in this episode was definitely the last couple of minutes of the episode with Chowder saying that everything is made up and it's been a cartoon the whole time which makes Chowder change the show and gives the characters' different personalities (that part is definitely drop dead hilarious). Overall, I really like this episode but it's not my favorite.... still, it's enjoyable enough for me to watch it again. 9/10moreless
  • In Chowder Loses His Hat, you can easily tell what is going to happen. In Brain Grub, Mung tries to make Chowder smarter by making him eat Brain Grub.

    Okay, Let's start with Chowder Loses His Hat, obviously because that was the first one shown out of the two. This one is pretty good, and I must admit the song was really catchy. Well Chowder looks all over town for his hat, and then figures out that Chestnut has it. He is willing to trade for it which causes a big line of trading doom. One of the things I found strangely funny was that Ancho had a crush on that pepperspray saleswoman from the Wrong Adress. Soon, after much trading, Chowder got his hat back, but he couldn't make any noise at all. That cracked me up. I give this episode an A. Brain Grub was freaking awesome. Mung realized that Chowder was a scatterbrain (Yes, he just figured that out.) and tried to make Chowder a little more focused. I loved the part where Mung was trying to get Chowder to focus by putting the spoon away. One of the places he put it almost made me fall out of my chair. Then after eating the brain grub, there was a bunch of fourth wall breaking, which I love in a show. "You made the viewers cry!" Then Chowder crushes his brain destroying the whole show. I give this episode an A++!moreless
  • I just love this one! Chowder at his finest! SPOILERS!

    Ok, This is a personal favorite of mine. It's so funny! Both of them! But I will just review:


    WHAT IS GOING ON: Chowder accidentally throws his hat out the window. He and Kimchi go into town to look for it. They soon realize that Chestnut has claimed it and is refusing to give it up. However, if Chowder can get a hydrofoil from Ancho, Chestnut will return his hat. Chowder then asks Ancho if he will give him his hydrofoil. Ancho says if he can get a date with the pepperspray lady, he may get the hydrofoil. The episode continues in this way, with favors being asked, until one man asks for a hat. Chowder then takes the hat from Chestnut to trade with. But it ends up that Chowder can't get his hat back in a fair trade. So then Chowder and Chestnut make a deal. Now Chowder is Chestnut's personal mobile home. THE END.

    WHAT I THOUGHT OF IT: Yes, yes, yes! This episode is a perfect example of taking a very used TV concept, and turning it into milk-out-your-nose funny. I absolutely loved this episode, but then again, all Chestnut Episodes are cool. And widescreen; nice touch. Classic, classic, classic! More like these and I'm hooked!moreless
  • Perfect

    Chowder Loses his Hat- Chowder loses his hat to a little bug named Chestnut, who will only give it back to him if he can gives him some dude's suitcase, who will only give him his suitcase if etc. I liked the song and the plot, so I'll give it a 10/10, A+

    Brain Grub- Ok, so this was the episode that really made me a fan of the show. In it, Mung is tired of Chowder's scatterbrainedness (glad to see a show that doesn't overuse the wor stupidity) so he gives him some Brain Grub to make him smarter. However, he soon becomes to smart, and even realizes he's a cartoon! This is one best of the series, it deserves no less then a 10. 10/10 A+

    Overall,both episodes are perfect, although I'd Brain Grub over Chowder loses his at if I had a choice. 10/10 A+moreless
  • Attention, we have a problem. Our fourth wall collapsed.

    Again, Chowder is just blowing away the CN competition- with this new episode.

    In the first episode, Chowder loses hat to Chestnut and must trade everything he has to people to retrieve it. This episode was great and the song was catchy. Out of this episode, I rate it an 8.5/10.

    The second episode, however, I feel differently about...well...I do give it a 10, but I would give it twice that! This episode has to be the best of the series! Chowder eats this food called brain grub and suddenly crawls away from his scatterbrain ways. As said in my summary, here's the best part. Chowder's simultaneous breaking of the fourth wall. I love it when that happens on shows and this has it for the longest time I know. First he knows the foods aren't real, the colors are too bright, and declares he is in a cartoon, using his brain power to change it into something smarter. Gazpacho becomes an accounter, Endive and Panini perform soft rock, and Kiwi sells used cars. Mung tells Chowder he made the viewers cry.

    The greatest installment as far as installments get (for Chowder, of course). Overall, they're both funny, but the second one, just keep that fourth wall down for now!moreless
Dwight Schultz

Dwight Schultz

Hippo / Scarecrow / Duck Man / Narrator

Guest Star

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Pig Lady / Hamhock / Dr. Carrot

Guest Star

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Bird Man / Short Dogman

Guest Star

C.H. Greenblatt

C.H. Greenblatt


Recurring Role

Mindy Sterling

Mindy Sterling

Ms. Endive

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Mung: It's good to have you back, Chowder.
      Chowder: Where'd I go?Mung: It's a long story, Chowder.
      Chowder: Did it have pirates in it?
      Mung: No.
      Chowder: What about ninjas?
      Mung: What? No.
      Chowder: Cowboy spacemen with rabbits for feet?
      Mung: Yeah, it's really good to have you back, Chowder.
      Chowder: (looks at the on/off switch and pulls it down) Hey, what's this do?
      Mung: Chowder, N...!
      (the whole scene goes black)

    • Hamhock: (after Chowder dips cup) Halt! This be my spring! None shall take it! (Chowder dips cup)None shall take it!(Chowder dips cup)None shall take it! (Chowder dips cup)None shall take it! What part of 'None shall take it' do you not understand?!

    • Tea Set Lady: (song starts) If you want my tea set you must trade me for a red yo-yo.
      Singer 1: And for my yo-yo, I want snowboots.
      Singer 2: Which I'll trade for tweezers.
      Singer 3: Which I'll trade you for one rubber glove.
      Singer 4: For some lip balm!
      Singer 5: New golf clubs!
      Singer 6: A baseball bat made with some love...
      Singer 7: I want a flashy writing pen!
      Singer 8: And trousers with some attitude.
      Singer 9: Does asking for a magic pickle mean that I am being shrewd?

    • Endive and Panini: (singing) I'm leaving on a snail plane...

    • Chowder: Wait a second. Fingerdingies, tangeroos, wee-wee berries, stenchiladas? These aren't even real foods. They're just dumb made-up names.
      Mung: What are you talking about? Of course they're real.
      Chowder: No! This place, these colors. I understand it all!
      Mung: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! That's enough crazy talk!
      Chowder: There's a reason why we're all weirdos who make strange foods. We're in... a cartoon!
      Mung and Truffles: Cartoon?!
      Shnitzel: (at the same time with Mung and Truffles) Radda?!

    • Gazpacho: (as an accountant) My fingers! They don't work on this calculator!

    • Chowder: Okay, Kimchi, it's really important that we find my hat.
      Kimchi: Pbht!
      Chowder: Really, really important!
      Kimchi: Pbht!
      Chowder: Really, really, really, really, important!
      Kimchi: Pbht!
      Chowder: Really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really--
      Kimchi: PPPHHHBBBTTT!!
      Chowder: Okay, okay. Just know that is really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really--
      Kimchi: (farts longer and furiously) PPPPPHHHHBBBBTTTT!!!

    • Chestnut: Earthquake! It's an earthquake!
      Chowder: We were just dancing.
      Chestnut: Well, knock it off!

    • Chowder: I don't know Kimchi, I think he's just a smelly man.
      Smelly Guy: Just a smelly man, Just a smelly man? You see this, huh? I won first place in a garbage eating competiton! I am a champion!
      Kiwi: Champion of stinky.

    • Kiwi: Got all mixed models. No credit? No problem.

    • Mung: Don't worry, Chowder, we'll do something! Shnitzel! Do something!
      Shnitzel: (Runs to put on his hat and jacket, make a sign-off with his hand and, drives away in his car)

    • Chowder: (while being mauled by Muffintops) I want to know if you would go on a date!
      Pig Lady: Oh! Oh, your too young for me!
      Chowder: No, with him!
      (screen goes to a picture of Chestnut)
      Pig Lady: Oh, he's too small for me!
      Chowder: No, with him.
      (screen goes to Ancho)

    • Muffintops: I need liquid refreshment, man!
      Pig Lady: He needs liquid refreshment!

    • Mung: Chowder! Were you listening to anything I said?!
      Chowder: Yeah! You said that it'd be a great idea if we filled the entire kitchen with chocolate pudding, that way we could swim in pudding any time we want!
      Mung: ...Lucky guess.

    • Pig Lady: Muffintops, sick him!
      Muffintops: (to Chowder) I kill you, man!

    • Chowder: That's my hat! It's got my name in it with mustard.
      Chestnut: That's just a bunch of gumpty-goop.
      Chowder: Mung said my handwriting is tragic. He is always giving me compliments like that.

  • NOTES (13)


    • The trading song in Chowder Loses His Hat is sung to the tune (more or less) of the Major General's song from Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Pirates of Penzance."

    • Episode Plot Brain Grub

      It is similar to that of Patrick SmartPants from SpongeBob SquarePants and Waiting For Edward from Camp Lazlo.

    • Name: MuffinTops

      This is a reference to Eggo's waffles Muffintops.

    • Episode Plot: Chowder Loses His Hat

      It is clearly based on the episode of Zoey 101, Favor Chain, since the main characters do many favors in order to get what they want. Also, it is a reference to Who, What, Where, Ed from Ed, Edd 'n Eddy and It's the Great Pumpkin, Juniper Lee and The Life and Times of Juniper Lee.