Season 1 Episode 8

Gazpacho Stands Up / A Taste of Marzipan

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Gazpacho Stands Up / A Taste of Marzipan
Gazpacho Stands Up: When Chowder has trouble with his handwriting, he decides to train himself by writing Gazpacho's comedy routine for the evening. But things get sticky when Chowder realizes that he still cannot write and that Gazpacho's comedy act may be ruined. A Taste of Marzipan: The Taste of Marzipan Fair has begun, and it seems that Mung and Endive have both brought the same dish. This results in a all out war between the two to prove who's dish is better.moreless

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  • Comedy And Action! This show can deliver! :idea:

    Now that I've finally watched the entireity of this episode, I can acurately review it to the best of my ability. Plus, with the exception of "Schnitzel Quits," I as of now have seen everything that's been seen in "Chowder" up to this point. This episode proves that this show can handle two different elements in the very same show-kind of like cooking! :idea: Apparently, Chowder isn't only a scatterbrain, he doesn't know how to write. Try as he might, his handwriting is tragic. Even when he practices jotting down the comedic jokes that Schnitzel makes (which are actually pretty funny! :lol: ) Chowder can't tame the wild nature of the alphabet. His only hope is to fill the comedy joke book with pages from cooking menus and hope that Schnitzel can make a joke out of them. Oddly enough, not only Does Schnitzel make jokes out of the recipes, he does a good job of joking to! Proving that sometimes its not the material, its the delivery of a joke that matters most! Plus, what lengths will Mung Dall and Endive go to in order to prove to the other who the better Chef in Marzipan City is when they make the same dish? The lengths they would go to would be to start a full-scale food fight war with each other! It was funny to see Chowder and Panini sneaking around, trying to make surprise attacks on the other side! This episode shows the beginning of Endive's involvement with Panini's love life! And it shows that no amount of love that Panini has for Chowder will make Endive prevent her from Forcing Panini to attack him! Eventually, the war ends when both sides run out of food and the food's all ruined! Of course, Mung Dall wins in the end by throwing the version of his dish that Endive also made, into Endive's face! And a good thing to, that evil woman deserved it! This episode marks the beginning of Chowder's golden age on Cartoon Network! May it last a long time! 8) Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
  • Food fight!

    "Gazpacho Stands Up" - Even though I have seen this episode quite a few times - I still love it! Gazpacho decides that his next move will be to master comedy and perform on stage. He thinks he has some great ideas, but he thinks so quickly that he doesn't have time to write them down! Chowder offers to do it for him and Gazpacho accepts his help. Too bad Chowder has awful handwriting! Chowder must learn to write well or Gazpacho will fall flat on his face! Great episode...and somewhere down the line one of the characters will really surprise you!

    "A Taste of Marzipan" - Everybody at the catering company goes to annual "Taste of Marzipan" fair with an amazing dish that they've worked very hard on! Then they get to their stand to find that Endive and Panini have made the exact same dish! So who's is better: Mung's or Endive's? They go to extreme tactics to answer that question! Another great episode.

    A recommend them to all Chowder fans (like most episodes I review!)moreless
  • Okay...

    Gazponcho stands up

    The first Gazponcho episode! For everyone who loves the big lug. We learn that he wants to be a comedian. So do I. Plus, the introduction of a meany cream cake. It sounds good. . .And, evil.

    Final Score: B

    Taste of Marzapan

    Now, this was'nt the episode I was expecting. Chowder and Panini dancing behind the dumpster. That was funny. Plus, I like how Gazponcho made a cameo apperance in this episode. But, why is Marzapan City all about food? Sure they're named after food. So, well. Yeah. It does have to be all about food.

    Final Score : C

    Final Score: C+, 7moreless
  • The episode you can't fight over.

    That was pretty amazing. It all started with the mean old cake. If Chowder can't write, will he even become a chef. So he helps Gazpacho with his comedy act, but did not defend him from the war with Endive. I can't believe that Gazpacho's mother ordered a mean cake. But Ms. Endive made the same dish Mung did. They did three plans to prove that Mung's dish is better, but Ms. Endive always has the better child worker. I love it when Panini danced with Chowder behind the dumpster, and I like Panini in the army clothes she has in this episode.moreless
  • 'A Taste of Marzipan' was just my taste! And Gazpacho REALY stood up in 'Gazpacho stands up'!

    Gazpacho stands up was an excellent episode because they gave a little more of Gazpacho's intrests, but it needed more Shnitzel in it. And the meanie cream cake with his cool accent made me go for more! ("Is that a nose or a parade float?" XD)

    A taste of Marzipan was just as great as 'Gazpacho makes a stand', and the food war just made me go for more! But the part I found the most funniest was when Gazpacho was 'dying', it was just so silly. ("I'm dying! Why now?! I'm too young and beautiful to die!!" XD) So in the end, this episode of course gets a 10/10.moreless
Dwight Schultz

Dwight Schultz

Hippo / King of the Sky / Patron #2

Guest Star

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Cake / Emcee / Kapusta / Patron #1

Guest Star

Mindy Sterling

Mindy Sterling

Frog Lady

Guest Star

Mindy Sterling

Mindy Sterling

Ms. Endive

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In "A Taste of Marzipan" when Panini was in Chowder's way of tasting their dish, Chowder should have just turned around and run back to his stand.

    • Mung: (reffering to the book, Comedy Gold) Chowder, half of this isn't even language, and the other half is (tasting the jelly) ...strawberry jelly.
      Chowder: I ran out of ink!

      Chowder claims that he ran out of ink, but he was writing with a pencil, not a pen.

    • In Gazpacho Stands Up, the Chocolate Chuckle Hut said "No minors." But they don't care that Chowder was in there.

    • If you listen closely when Shnitzel does his comedy act, you can hear him say "Okay" instead of Radda.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Gazpacho: I had so much to almost live for!

    • Gazpacho: What's the deal with walking? It's like, people got some place to be?
      Chowder: Oh yeah. Right, right.

    • (Mung Daal had attempted to throw some food at Ms. Endive, but failed)
      Endive: Ha! You throw like an old woman!
      Truffles: That is not true! I throw much better than he does!

    • Chowder: The Taste Of Marzipan Festival is so exciting!
      Mung: This will be my three hundred and eleventh time representing...
      Kapusta: Mung Daal!
      Mung: Kapusta! It's good to see you again!
      (The two of them hug one another)
      Kapusta: Oh, Mung, I've missed you so, so, so, so, so, so much. So, what amazing dish have you got planned for this year's festival?
      Mung: Oh, it's a surprise. But I can tell you this: it's gonna knock your pants off!
      Kapusta: (sadly) I had to sell my pants to afford this nice hat.
      Mung: (nervously) Uh, yeah, it's a nice hat. Well, be seeing ya'.
      (Chowder and Mung Daal walk off)
      Mung: (to Chowder) Why didn't you tell me he wasn't wearing any pants?

    • Mung: That was fantastic, Gazpacho!
      Gazpacho: Thank you, Mung.
      Mung: You know what I liked best about your act? It was in good taste!
      Truffles: Ugh, I've had enough.
      Gazpacho: (to Chowder) They totally loved me tonight!
      Chowder: You were great!
      (Gazpacho gives Chowder the Comedy Gold book)
      Gazpacho: Here. Now that I've mastered comedy, I don't really need it anymore. Besides, I feel my true calling is ice-dancing. Well, I gotta go. Mother's waiting.
      Chowder: I hope she's not mad at you.
      Gazpacho: She usually is, but not tonight! She even ordered me a cake!
      (The scene changes to show the meanie cake blowing raspberries)

    • Mung: Now, we have to write something on top.
      Chowder: Something nice?
      Mung: Chowder, this is a meanie cream cake.
      Chowder: Oh, I get it. Can I write something?
      (Chowder talks as he writes)
      Chowder: Dear smelly. You smell really bad. P.S. You're stinky. There.
      Meanie Cake: You call that handwriting?! My crumbs make more sense than that!
      Chowder: (sadly) Why you gotta be so mean?
      Mung: Well, he is a meanie cake.
      Chowder: True 'dat.

    • Truffles: (to Gazpacho) You! Be funny!

    • Gazpacho: I've got no material!
      Chowder: Sure you've got material! You have yards and yards of it over your body!
      Gazpacho: Oh, great, the kid's got talent, but I don't!

    • Gazpacho: What's the deal with hats, why do people wear them on their heads, what about on their butts?
      Chowder: Then they would be called butt hats!
      Gazpacho: Chowder, don't interrupt the creative flow, actually, write that butt hat thing down, it's good!

    • Truffles: (points to a bystander) Hey, you try each of the dishes and say that ours is better!
      (Customer tries several of each dish and keeps saying: Good.)
      Mung: Okay, that's it, get out of here!
      Customer: Do you have a drink I can taste test?
      Mung: Shnitzel!!
      (Shnitzel comes out and starts chasing the customer away)
      Shnitzel: RADDAAAA!!!

    • Gazpacho: I'm too young and beautiful to die!!!

    • Panini: Hi, Chowder, what cha doing?
      Chowder: Uh, um, not sneaking around.
      Panini: You know it's kinda romantic, you and me being here behind the dumpster... TOGETHER!
      Chowder: Uh, um, gotta go. Gotta secret misson to do, um, sorry. (Panini grabs Chowder's hands) You're in my personal space. Help! Somebody? Helllp!

    • Mung: (laughs) Well, I'm impressed, Chowder, because it's worse than the last one. And, you used grape jelly.
      Chowder: We-we're out of strawberry!

    • Mung: (thinking while writing in his diary) It's been months that I seen my loving wife and kids
      Truffles: What are you talking about? We don't have kids!
      Mung: (thinking) I hated when that woman read my thoughts.

    • Mung: (thinking while writing in his diary) Day 43, I'm not sure how much more of this war we can take, the will of my men are slowly being broken.
      Chowder: Mung, can we go home? I'm getting tired.
      Mung: Less talk, more bang-bang!
      Chowder: Okay.

    • Chowder: What's observation comedy?
      Gazpacho: It's where you examine the things and sites around you and make comments on them.
      Chowder: Like your fly being down?
      Gazpacho: What? Oh, uhh no. (zips fly up) That is what we call a... sight gag.

    • Shnitzel: Radda radda radda radda.
      Mung: Ooh, good one, Shnitzel. This will teach Endive to think I'm a two-bit chef. Hey, Endive, the hair company called! They want their hair back!
      Shnitzel: Radda radda radda.
      Mung: What do you mean I "messed up?" I didn't mess up!
      Shnitzel: Radda radda radda radda.
      Mung: Ohhh, okay. Hey, Endive! (chuckles) The wig company called! They want their wig back!
      Shnitzel: Ooh, radda!
      (Mung and Shnitzel start laughing)

    • (After Gazpacho cleans the scribble off the screen, Chowder points to the "CN" logo in the right bottom corner)
      Chowder: What about that one?
      Gazpacho: That one doesn't come off. I've tried.

    • Mung: I've poured my blood, sweat, and tears into every morsel of this dish.
      Chowder: It's the blood that makes it good!

    • Panini: Bye, Chowder.
      Chowder: I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND!!

    • Shnitzel: Radda radda radda radda (drums play) radda okay. Radda radda radda radda radda. (Mung and the gang are in the audience, Shnitzel runs off and crashes through a wall)

  • NOTES (6)


    • The music in the background when Chowder and Panini are sneaking up n each other is a reference to "The Pink Panther" theme.

    • Kapusta is the Russian, Polish, and Slovak word for cabbage, is a popular dish in Polish cooking and Slovak cooking. Its primary ingredient has been pickled into sauerkraut and, in some places, kapusta simply refers to this plain sauerkraut. But in many other homes, this base is frequently amplified with a mix of mushrooms and onions, and that is what is meant by the term kapusta. Some cooks also add meat (usually pork, either rib meat or bacon), resulting in what is often called bigos.

    • Name: Grenapes

      They are a reference to grapes and grenades.

    • Gazpacho: Uhhh, that one doesn't come off.

      He's referring to the Cartoon Network screenbug that appears throughout each show.