Season 1 Episode 3

Grubble Gum / The Cinnamini Monster

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Grubble Gum / The Cinnamini Monster
Grubble Gum: When Chowder buys some Grubble Gum for him and Truffles, he chews all of the Grubble Gumballs! Now, Chowder is having some side effects. Marzipan City is winds up in a sticky situation.

The Cinnamini Monster:
When Chowder discovers a lonely monster in the forest, the whole gang soon has to find a way to escape from their emotionally needy new friend.

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  • Grubble Gum was great but THe Cinnamini Monster was the second okay episode imo

    Grubble Gum: When Chowder buys some Grubble Gum for him and Truffles, he chews all of the Grubble Gumballs! Now, Chowder is having some side effects. Marzipan City is winds up in a sticky situation. I don't see the hate for this episode. To be honest, it was slightly boring in a few scenes such as Truffles trying to find gum on Chowder's mouth, one of the plans to get rid of the gum. There were great parts such as Chowder chewing all the Grubble Gum, Chowder dreaming, Chowder, Mung, Shintzel, and the bear getting free together and blown away by the steamer, but then they're stuck together leading them the rest of everyone in Marzipan City to be stuck on a rolling ball of gum, and that was it. The ending was a letdown. Overall score 8.5/10

    The Cinnamini Monster: When Chowder discovers a lonely monster in the forest, the whole gang soon has to find a way to escape from their emotionally needy new friend. I don't really enjoyed the episode as much as Grubble Gum. I only laughed a few parts like Chowder saying he can see Mung's booger as a tiny size, Chowder reading the rules quickly, My huge problem here is that there's another filler scene with Chowder and the monster just standing there after asking the monster about having friends. It was completely no dialog (expect for the background music) for like 30 seconds. Overall, this was another okay episode. 6/10moreless
  • Grumble Gum was average, But Cinnamini Monster was perfect

    Grubble Gum- Chowder buys a lot of "Grubble Gum" and chews it long enough that him and the rest of Marzipan City get into a really sticky situation. This I thought for the most part was averagely good. Some good parts, but some boring parts too. 7/10 C-

    Cinnamini Monster- Chowder and Mung go into the forest to get Cinnamini, but a monster "shun-in" traps Chowder into a game of Apology. This episode was really funny, one of my favorites of the show. 10/10 A+

    Overall, Grubble Gum was average, but Cinnamini Monster is one of my all-time favorites so it's ok to have an average episode next to one of my favorites. 9/10 A-moreless
  • I was disappointed by this pair.

    "Grubble Gum" - Chowder buys some special bubble gum called "Grubble Gum" while out shopping. There is just one thing he has to remember: whenever somebody brings gum into the catering company, he or she has to share it with Truffles - or else! Without realizing it, Chowder chews all of the gum on his way home! Can he avoid getting in trouble Truffles? This episode was a bit crazy and I did not like the ending very much.

    "The Cinnamini Monster" - I liked this one just slightly more then "Grubble Gum". Mung, Shnitzel, and Chowder venture into the woods to obtain a spice plant called "Cinnamini", which shrinks everything it touches. Chowder, of course, does touch it and shrinks. Soon after, he discovers the plant is inhabitted by a Cinnamini monster, who won't let him out until Chowder beats him at a board game. Can Chowder do it? This episode was a little funnier. This ending was one of the worst ever in my opinion. I recommend these episodes tot hose who are already fans of the show.moreless
  • ? The first BAD episode of Chowder

    Grubble Gum

    Chowder gets addicted to gum and, swallows it. I thought the main idea for this episode was Chowder gets addicted to gum and, they try to get it out of his mouth. And, so. The hole world is covered in gum and, get chewed on by Chowder.

    Final Score: D-

    The Cinnimini Monster

    Now, this is really bad. A monster just wants to play board games. How can he get board games anyways? He's so small? If they can make small board games there is small people so he can have friends. Anyways, The Cinnimini monster locks everybody in his house.

    Final Score: F+

    Final score: D-, 3.0moreless
  • Good episode, but bad response of Truffles.

    "You get the gum, you chew it, but you weren't thoughtful for Truffles." Ok, Ok, ignore the quote. I can't really believe it. This was the first episode that shows the meanest side of Truffles. Chowder remembered to buy gum for Truffles, but he swallowed all of the gum by accident. And so without sharing some with Truffles. I learned that Truffles kills anybody who doesn't share gum with her. Chowder didn't share any gum, but Truffles can't kill him. I can't believe that Panini was in this episode, but not for very long. Good thing Chowder survived the gum issue and the cinnamini monster.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

  • QUOTES (26)

    • Chowder: So are we gonna f-freeze the gum off?
      Mung: Heavens, no. That's much to dangerous!

    • (Chowder is purchasing some grubble gum)
      Chowder: I should get one for Truffles; I remember the last time someone didn't share gum with her.
      (Chowder trembles in fear as screaming is heard; the scene zooms out to show a man selling screams)
      Scream Vendor: That'll be one dollar.
      Chowder: Okay, I'll get this one for Truffles. Sharing is important!
      Grubble Gum Vendor: Not as important as paying.

    • (Mung Daal and Chowder are hitting one another with dumplings)
      Mung Daal: Okay, Chowder, I think the dumplings are fluffed enough.
      Chowder: Awesome!
      (Chowder smiles and gives a thumb up, only to have his tooth fall out)
      Mung Daal: All we have to do is pack 'em up!
      (Mung Daal takes out a tiny purple pack)
      Chowder: Girl, that sack is whack! Let the Chow-Man show you how it's done!
      (Chowder pulls out a giant battleaxe from his pocket)

    • (Mung chuckles)
      Panini: Hi Chowder!
      Chowder: I'm not your boyfriend!

    • Mung: I was sure that cinnamini tree was around here somewhere.
      (Shnitzel sneezes, blowing the foliage away from the area)
      Chowder: Oh, is that it?!
      Mung: Good eye, Chowder! Here boy!
      (Mung Daal takes out a treat and tosses it to Chowder, who catches it in his mouth)

    • (Chowder is reading the instruction card for the board game)
      Chowder: Now let's see. Rule One: roll the dice!
      (Chowder grabs and rolls the dice, causing it to break a vase)
      Chowder: Rule Two: retrieve dice.
      (Chowder retrieves the dice and continues reading the card)
      Chowder: Rule Three: take thirty-nine cards from the middle of the deck, fold each in half, then mail back to manufacturer. Wait four to six weeks for cards to be returned, then divide x by the power of nine times the eighth dimension. Add to which of a moving piece, twenty-seven degrees diagonally, among space time continuum! Whoa. Maybe there's something else we can do?
      Cinnamini Monster: (crying)
      Chowder: No, don't cry!

    • Mung: I must tell you i'm a wiz at board games.
      (rolls dice)
      Mung: One, yes!
      (moves piece up one space)
      Mung: Move back one space, yes! Your turn, Monster.
      (Monster rolls)
      Mung: Ohh... Seventy-three, good roll. Well, you won have a good life.

    • (Shnitzel sneezes on Mung for a second time)
      Mung: Really... you really did that... again.

    • Mung: (to Shnitzel) I don't care if you don't want to be the burnt toast, just roll the dice and move your piece.
      (Shnitzel starts muttering under his breath)
      (Chowder waves his butt at Shnitzel)
      Chowder: Shake-a, shake-a, shake-a!

    • Truffles: (About the Cinnamini monster) What's wrong with his face?
      Chowder: He's a shut-in.
      Truffles: Oh. Hey, a board game!
      Mung: Yes!

    • Mung: Shnitzel!
      Shnitzel: Radda?
      Mung: What do you mean what I've been doing, what I've been playing a board game!
      Shnitzel: Radda?

    • Mung: Really poke the bear, wake him up, wake him up!

    • Truffles: (to Chowder) This is what happens when you don't share.

    • Mung: (about Chowder) If Truffles asks, we'll say he got eaten by bears.

    • Grubble Gum Man: Side effects of swallowing Grubble Gum include, but are not limited to, irritability, tennis elbow, toenail discoloration, big nose syndrome, happy liver disease, mobious loops, fat beets, explosive diarrhea, implosive diarrhea... (cupcake and slice of cake squish him)

    • Mung: Oh, you rolled a 96! (monster flicks it) Oh, my bad. You rolled a 2.
      Shnitzel: Radda radda. (picks up card that says "Radda Radda Radda")
      Mung: Chest of Dreams! That puts you ahead of the Monster!
      (Monster gasps and puts away board game, and takes out new one)

    • Gazpacho: I'm thinking of becoming a ninja.
      Customer: Uh-huh.
      Gazpacho: I've got the moves.
      Customer: Uh-huh.
      Gazpacho: I've got the mental aspect.
      Customer: Yeah.
      Gazpacho: You know what I mean.
      Customer: Uh-huh.
      Gazpacho: You with me?
      (huge wad of rolling gum overshadows them)
      Chowder: Hi, Gazpacho!
      Gazpacho: I regret nothing.
      (gum crushes his store)

    • Mung: Okay, well, I'm open to suggestions.
      Kiwi: End the show now.
      Mung: No, no. That's no good.

    • Truffles: I knew it! I knew you had gum and didn't share!
      Chowder: I-I-I almost shared it with you!
      Truffles: I-I almost am not gonna kill you!

    • Truffles: I still smell gum. Heh, I hope I don't have gum stuck in my nose again.

    • Mung: We got to get rid of this gum before Truffles sees it.
      Shnitzel: Radda radda radda radda.
      Mung: No, we can't chuck him into the furnace.

    • Chowder: Mung, I wanna go home
      Mung: This is home, Chowder. This is home.

    • Mung: Okay team! Group huddle! This is out of control! If we don't win a game soon, we'll never get out of here!
      Chowder: And he is almost out of snacks! (in a fake British accent) I'm hungry, Mung, I really am.

    • Mung: If I have to ask a 26th time, I'll... uh... it's no use!

    • Chowder: Hey, Mung Daal, I can see under your nose! You gots a booger!

    • Mung: Truffles, mind the shop. We need more spice!
      Truffles: Well, I'm glad one of us finally acknowledged it.

  • NOTES (9)


    • Cinamini

      An allusion to Cinnamon. It is also a combination of Cinnamon and Mini, which is fitting, because Cinnamini Powder shrinks whoever goes near it.

    • Man on Radda Radda Radda card

      In the Monopoly game, there's a card like this, but the man is holding a newspaper and yelling Extra Extra Extra! In this episode, it's just a guy yelling "Radda Radda Radda" at nothing.

    • The rolling gum ball scene and music

      An obvious reference to the Playstation 2 video game series Katamari Damacy.

    • Game: Apology

      This is a reference to the Parker Brothers board game, "Sorry".

    • Chowder: (with British accent) I'm hungry, Mung. I really am.

      This line, as well as the way he says it, is a reference to the 1961 Walt Disney animated film "101 Dalmatians", in which the character Rolly says "I'm hungry, mother. I really am." He also has a British accent.

    • Episode Title: Grubble Gum

      It is an apparent spoof of the words, "bubble gum".