Season 1 Episode 3

Grubble Gum / The Cinnamini Monster

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Grubble Gum was great but THe Cinnamini Monster was the second okay episode imo

    Grubble Gum: When Chowder buys some Grubble Gum for him and Truffles, he chews all of the Grubble Gumballs! Now, Chowder is having some side effects. Marzipan City is winds up in a sticky situation. I don't see the hate for this episode. To be honest, it was slightly boring in a few scenes such as Truffles trying to find gum on Chowder's mouth, one of the plans to get rid of the gum. There were great parts such as Chowder chewing all the Grubble Gum, Chowder dreaming, Chowder, Mung, Shintzel, and the bear getting free together and blown away by the steamer, but then they're stuck together leading them the rest of everyone in Marzipan City to be stuck on a rolling ball of gum, and that was it. The ending was a letdown. Overall score 8.5/10

    The Cinnamini Monster: When Chowder discovers a lonely monster in the forest, the whole gang soon has to find a way to escape from their emotionally needy new friend. I don't really enjoyed the episode as much as Grubble Gum. I only laughed a few parts like Chowder saying he can see Mung's booger as a tiny size, Chowder reading the rules quickly, My huge problem here is that there's another filler scene with Chowder and the monster just standing there after asking the monster about having friends. It was completely no dialog (expect for the background music) for like 30 seconds. Overall, this was another okay episode. 6/10
  • Grumble Gum was average, But Cinnamini Monster was perfect

    Grubble Gum- Chowder buys a lot of "Grubble Gum" and chews it long enough that him and the rest of Marzipan City get into a really sticky situation. This I thought for the most part was averagely good. Some good parts, but some boring parts too. 7/10 C-

    Cinnamini Monster- Chowder and Mung go into the forest to get Cinnamini, but a monster "shun-in" traps Chowder into a game of Apology. This episode was really funny, one of my favorites of the show. 10/10 A+

    Overall, Grubble Gum was average, but Cinnamini Monster is one of my all-time favorites so it's ok to have an average episode next to one of my favorites. 9/10 A-
  • I was disappointed by this pair.

    "Grubble Gum" - Chowder buys some special bubble gum called "Grubble Gum" while out shopping. There is just one thing he has to remember: whenever somebody brings gum into the catering company, he or she has to share it with Truffles - or else! Without realizing it, Chowder chews all of the gum on his way home! Can he avoid getting in trouble Truffles? This episode was a bit crazy and I did not like the ending very much.

    "The Cinnamini Monster" - I liked this one just slightly more then "Grubble Gum". Mung, Shnitzel, and Chowder venture into the woods to obtain a spice plant called "Cinnamini", which shrinks everything it touches. Chowder, of course, does touch it and shrinks. Soon after, he discovers the plant is inhabitted by a Cinnamini monster, who won't let him out until Chowder beats him at a board game. Can Chowder do it? This episode was a little funnier. This ending was one of the worst ever in my opinion. I recommend these episodes tot hose who are already fans of the show.
  • ? The first BAD episode of Chowder

    Grubble Gum
    Chowder gets addicted to gum and, swallows it. I thought the main idea for this episode was Chowder gets addicted to gum and, they try to get it out of his mouth. And, so. The hole world is covered in gum and, get chewed on by Chowder.
    Final Score: D-

    The Cinnimini Monster
    Now, this is really bad. A monster just wants to play board games. How can he get board games anyways? He's so small? If they can make small board games there is small people so he can have friends. Anyways, The Cinnimini monster locks everybody in his house.
    Final Score: F+

    Final score: D-, 3.0
  • Good episode, but bad response of Truffles.

    "You get the gum, you chew it, but you weren't thoughtful for Truffles." Ok, Ok, ignore the quote. I can't really believe it. This was the first episode that shows the meanest side of Truffles. Chowder remembered to buy gum for Truffles, but he swallowed all of the gum by accident. And so without sharing some with Truffles. I learned that Truffles kills anybody who doesn't share gum with her. Chowder didn't share any gum, but Truffles can't kill him. I can't believe that Panini was in this episode, but not for very long. Good thing Chowder survived the gum issue and the cinnamini monster.
  • Chowder meets a monster and gets tangled in the most dangerous candy ever!!!!!!!!!

    I loved them!!!!!!!!

    Grubble Gum: Chowder buys some gum and doesn't share it with Truffles. After Chowder blows a bubble with it, he gets stuck in it. Then he gets Mung and Schnitzel stuck in it. Then a huge grubble gum ball starts running down all of Marzipan City. A silly episode but lacked storyline.

    The Cinnamini Monster: I liked this a little better than Grubble Gum. This is about Mung, Schnitz, and Chowder going in the forest but then Chowder gettiing shrunk and getting trapped in the tiny house of a cinnamini monster. This ep was great and I really enjoyed it. The monster was likeable and them playing the game was really funny. But the ending was a little wierd but others might argue with me, I don't know.
  • Seemed a little rushed, but it was pretty good.

    The first part was where Chowder bought a ton of Grubble Gum and forgot to share with Truffles. Truffles gets really mad, and then the whole world gets into a big mess of Grubble Gum, sticky and all. The first part seemed a little rush escpecially the ending, but the humour made it seem less subtle for me, at least.

    The Cinnamini Monster was a good episode, never trust any of those things. The whole episode was pretty good involving all the characters with the never ending board game was witty and well staged, including Truffles. So this episode was pretty good overall.
  • a very chewy episode

    well, I guessing i'm more like truffles... I absawlotly love gum!!(including bubble gum) most people love gum like truffles and chowder. and i'm very proud at creator for useing claymason in like every episode, but who's to conplane? the part where every one is stuck to the gum and ends up at the begining, this is opne of those episodes where the main charaters lose at the end(sad sniff). after watching this episode I have learned two things. one: grubble gum is cool! two: never trust a cinnamini monster(I hate that guy =(! as I finish this review i'd like to say: one of the best episodes ever!