Season 1 Episode 6

Mahjongg Night / Stinky Love

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • An episode that is based on true accounts and the very first Kimchi episode!

    "Mahjongg Night" - This one was interesting becuase the creator of Chowder (C. H. Greenblatt) based this story on events that actually happened to him! Chowder really wants to try some "Mevilled Eggs", a dish that everybody is raving about, but they are for Truffles and her Mahjongg buddies only. Chowder must find a way to taste the dish without getting in trouble with Truffles. A good episode, but the ending was VERY predictable.

    "Stinky Love" - This is the very first, and hopefully not the last, episode that is about Kimchi (Chowder's pet syink cloud, if you don't know.) Anyway, Mung makes a very smelly dish called "Clabbage Cobbler" that Kimchi is very attracted to the smell of! In fact, he takes the dish up to the roof of the catering company and refuses to give it back! Will Kimchi be able to keep the dish? To be honest, I'm not really sure if I like or dislike this episode. I definitely recommend these episodes to fans of Chowder.
  • Not very great for Chowder so far.

    One of these episodes need to improve.

    Mahjongg Night: Okay, this episode was only good that this episode was based on the childhood from the creator, but this episode? Well, it starts when Meviled Eggs are made, and Chowder can't resist them. I didn't like Truffle's behavior, but I did at the end, but I also didn't like the fact that Chowder hated the Meviled Eggs. That's it for this recap.

    Episode Grade: D+

    Stinky Love: Chowder's pet, Kimchi falls in love with the Clabbage Cobbler. And Mung and Schnitzel has to bring it back. This episode was in fact good. No comment right now.

    Episode Grade: C

    Final Grade: C-
  • PBHT!

    Mahjongg Night
    Okay, I love the idea Mahjongg night. here is the plan. This episode's based of Carl's (The creator of Chowder) time as a kid. Here are the roles
    Chowder- C.H. Greenblatt
    Mung- C.H. Greenblatt's dad
    Truffles- C.H. Greenblatt's mom
    Mahjongg ladys- C.H. Greenblatt's mom's good friends
    Mevelled eggs- Choclates
    Anyways. This episode's good :)
    Final grade: B-

    Stinky Love
    Kimchi, Chowder's stink cloud falls in love with the Klabege Kobbler. And, they get married and, have tons of shmeggs. They all hatch into a mini Klabege Klobber. But, Kimchi has kids and they all leave home already! Plus! The purcauser of the origanal Klabege Klobber takes her away from Kimchi. What a sad ending.... Well, for Kimchi. Final grade: B-

    Final grade: B-
  • I love Mahjongg Night.

    In the first episode Mung Daal makes a meal for Truffles and her friends that are coming over to play Mahjongg.Chowder really wantsto taste it but truffles wont let him.Mung Daal said to Chowder that Truffless takes her Mahjongg game to seriously and she becomes a monster called Mahjonggasour!Chowdwer didnt realyl listen to Mung Daal and really wanted to taste the meal!So he desided to sneak and steal some but he eats some Mahjongg thingys.He was caught several times.In the end Truffles wins thanks to Chowder and lets him taste some meal but he didnt like it!In stinky love Chowder has some problems with Kimchi.

    In this episode Chowder is obsessed that he hasn't had one of Truffles mevelled eggs and, Mung had a beard...(TMI). Hey wait, isn't scrabble like mah jongg? aw well, in the other episode Kimchi is in love with klabbeg klobber. the stinkest food in the history of the universe! Everyone hates stink bubbles but me and, Chowder don't. Those costems that the group had to wear were fat(not the gangsta word phat.). Meveled eggs are like develed eggs so I hate develed eggs so I'll hate meveled eggs. Kimchi and klabbege klobber really love each other that they had eggs thae first day they meet.
  • A Very Fine Installment of Chowder. I'm watching it right now

    Mahjogg Night:
    In this episode, Truffles want's to play mahjhongg With her friend, Mung daal wants to impress Truffles' friend and Chowder Wants to taste Mevild Eggs. Chowder was determend to taste mevild eggs, After 3 different attempts to get meviled eggs, truffes gives the eggs to chowder for savatoging her game just before she was gonna lose. Chowder, appently hates mevild eggs. I knew it of course be cause it is typical in cartoons. but still, something even CHOWDER wouldn't eat, and besides, I don't really like mevild eggs either!

    Stinky love:
    Chowder and Kimchi go fetch some clabbages to make the traditional upper-highland dish, clabbage cobbler. the only promlem is, Kimchi falls in love with the clabbage cobbler. Mung and Shnitzel try to get the cobbler down from the roof (Where Kimchi, Chowder and The Cobbler are) and don't. After a nights rest chowder awakens to find Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of eggs. Which hatch to become a litter of mini clabage cobblers. Kimchi is dissaponted when the original customer takes his clabbage cobbler. But truffles says she knows just the right cassorol for Kimchi...(episode ends (no idea what that means))