Season 1 Episode 6

Mahjongg Night / Stinky Love

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 2007 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Running Gags:
      1) Every time Chowder sneaks in to get meviled eggs, he gets caught by Truffles, and she chases him back upstairs to bed. (Mahjongg Night)
      2) When Kimchi flies into people's faces, their faces change colors or they faint. (Stinky Love)

    • According to his blog, Mahjongg Night was based off of C.H. Greenblatt's childhood experiences with his mother, an avid mahjongg player, and the nights she'd spend playing mahjongg with her friends. Greenblatt was in a similar situation as Chowder, only instead of eggs, chocolates were involved.

    • In the episode, Burple Nurples eggs were called shmeggs. But in this episode, they're normal eggs

  • Quotes

    • Truffles : You are wrong! Wrong times 3!
      Chutney : Ooo! That's a whole lot of wrong!

    • Chowder: (muttering in his sleep) Yes, I'll have thirds, thank you. (Kimchi wakes Chowder up) Good Morning, Kimchi. Who wants some breakfast? Who wants some breakfast? I do! (grabs a bag of pet food) Some for me, (eats a handful of pet food) and some for you.

    • Chowder: Look at all these Mevilled Eggs we made.

      Mung: (Tastes a meviled egg) Mmmm...Just the right of mevil. Not too smooth, not too chunky. Truely the crown of all derves.

      Chowder: Can I try one?

      Truffles: (Hits Chowder with a frying pan) Don't touch! The ladies will soon be here to play mahjongg.

      Chowder: But I didn't ge to taste yet.

      Truffles: Those are for the ladies only. Are you a lady?

      Chowder: If say can I have one?
      Truffles: (Hits Chowder with a frying pan again)

    • Mung: Boy, the smells some people can put up with.
      Truffles: Tell me about it.

    • Mung: Don't worry, your he-man will take care of everything.
      Truffles: We don't have time to wait for him! You do it.

    • Mung: Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between good cheese and bad feet.

    • Gazpacho: You know which ones are fresh? The green ones are fresh.
      Customer: These ones?
      Gazpacho: No, those are obviously yellow green.
      (The customer feels around for fruit)
      Gazpacho: Yea... n-no... Yes! Now pick that up and smell it... ooh, the other end.
      (The customer smells the fruit and Kimchi comes on the customer's nose, causing him to faint)

    • Chowder: I know! I'll forgive Truffles for interrupting her game and she'll be so happy that she'll have to give me some Mevilled eggs.
      Kiwi: That's good thinking, Chowder.

    • Mung: (yelling to Shnitzel on a rope) Don't think about falling... or slipping... or hesitating ...or gravity... or losing or balance... and especially don't think about-
      Shnitzel: RADDA! Whoow whoow WHOOW!
      (grabs on chain and pulls himself in)
      Chowder: Hey, Shnitzel!
      Shnitzel: (lets go of the chain) AHHHH!!!

    • Hopping Guy: We have a saying in my land about being patient... "It is good to be patient."

    • Chowder: (to Truffles) Are you going to make me grow a beard? So you can tear it off?

    • Yak: (eating a thrice cream) Can I help you?
      Chowder: That looks good.
      Yak: Yeah, it is. (licks it once) ... You going to stare at me all day?
      Chowder: Is that chocolate?
      Yak: Yeah.
      Chowder: I like chocolate!
      Yak: Good for you. Look kid, don't make me call the... (Kimchi flies into thrice cream)
      Chowder: Kimchi likes chocolate too.
      Yak: Aw, crud! Well, now you ruined it with your... your stink! What am going to tell my wife, huh? What am I going to tell my wife?! (muttering) Stupid stink cloud! This used to be a nice part of town!

    • Mung: Being a ladies' man, Kimchi, I have a saying, it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.
      Chowder: What does that mean?
      Mung: It means love stinks.

    • (Kimchi gets in Shnitzel's face)
      Shnitzel: Ughhh! Radda radda radda radda!
      Chowder: Aw, Shnitzel, that's just Kimchi's way of saying he likes you. Wanna see Kimchi's way of saying he needs to go to the bathroom?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: Stinky Love

      This could be a parody of the Ne-Yo's song, "Sexy Love."

    • Kimchi is named after the Korean staple, Gim-chi (pronounced kim-chi), which is served with almost every meal. The pronunciation and writing are different because the letter in Korean (similar in shape and function to the Greek gamma) is pronounced as g and k at the same time.

    • Name Mevilled Eggs

      They are a parody of devilled eggs.

    • Mahjongg

      It is a Chinese strategy game that has been around since 500 B.C. In China, people have gambled over games as well.