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  • UGH... err, i mean meh.

    I cannot STAND Chowder.

    Edit: 8/8/2017

    Looking back at this review, I guess I wasn't that clear. And I can tell by the downvotes. I by no means think this show is bad. But, I still don't think this show is amazing. I'll admit, I haven't watched this show alot, but I have seen enough of it to make a review. This show is just mediocre in my book. Its jokes are funny, and its plot is meh. You can downvote this more if you want, but I'd much rather have this back then the "shows" we have now. (I'm looking at you TTG, Powerpuff Girls Reboot, and Ben 10 Reboot!)
  • I Miss Chowder

    I wish there some way for chowder to return Because i been watching the crap out of it on Netflix. I hope someday it return some how some way i just got finish watching the christmas episode
  • Cool show.

  • The first season was good, but it sinks in the second season, and luckily got cancelled after the third.

    The first season was pretty good, I liked a lot of episodes from Season 1. The jokes were funny and the animation was creative and original. The jokes were also funny and the fourth wall breaking wasn't over used. All in all, Season 1 is good. The only episodes that I don't recommend are The Wrong Address, The Wrong Customer, and The Puckleberry Overlords. I would rate Season 1 an 8/10.

    However, the animation changes in the second season and that's where trouble starts. The jokes start to become less and less funny, the characters start becoming annoying, and the fourth wall is broken almost all the time. The animation should've just stayed the same, because it actually looked good. Overall, season 2 isn't good. I would rate it a 3/10.

    By Season 3, this show had sunken into infamy. By now, the animation completely fails and looks like something out of Adventure Time. The fourth wall is broken CONSTANTLY, all jokes resort to toilet humor, and the plots are poorly executed. I am SO GLAD that this show was put out of it's misery after this season. I would rate this season a 0/10.

    Overall, watch season 1, but don't watch seasons 2 and 3. It's pretty telling when only one good 13-episode season comes out of a show with three seasons and 49 episodes.
  • The definition of a wacky cartoon.

    Chowder has always been a show that was made for one reason and one reason only: to make people laugh. While it succeeded in the comedy department, provided with its blend of 2D, 3D, stop-motion, and puppets (predating The Amazing World of Gumball), it's weakest aspect was once again the writing. I'm sensing a pattern here; Cartoon Network shows from back in the day were remembered for there laughs and quirky characters, not so much for their stories. In a show like this, typically the protagonist learn something from each episode and grow as the series progresses; this did not happen in Chowder, and when Chowder did grow up in the series finale, we didn't feel that he deserved to be the man that he became because throughout the show, all Chowder did was eat, mess up Mung's dishes, and constantly tried to convince Panini that he's not her boyfriend (it was funny the first time but it got old very fast). Chowder isn't a hatable character, but he doesn't grow as a character throughout the show; I'd by Mung as a ladies man, if he wasn't married. That personality trait doesn't work on his character because he's happily married; he shouldn't even look at another woman in that manner because he'd come across as a creep. Truffles is loud; you'd think she'd cool it later in the series, but the writing prevents that from happening. Shinitzel is the straw man of the show, or should I say abuse victim; he get beaten, eaten, crashed, smashed, and humiliated all throughout the show through no real fault of his own. Panini is given the least character development out of the entire cast; like Berry from Foster's, she immediately likes Chowder because potatoes (but unlike Berry, she's not hateable). Endive is Mung's rival and while they go at it every time they're on screen together, their reasoning behind their rivalry is never explored; no flashbacks, no questions, nothing. Gazpacho is Chowder's best friend who lives with his mother (whose face is never shown). Chowder's not a bad show, but it does suffer from bad writing like alot of Cartoon Network shows; thankfully the characters are likeable and the jokes are laugh out loud funny, otherwise it'd be like We Bare Bears.
  • Nosalgic

    I really liked this show. Sadly it ended too early.
  • Aden and mine favorite show from cartoon network from a long time

    What's a good show when there's a amazing bunny eared named chowder? Easy this show is a masterpiece filled of awesome made inside in a crazy show. Dude I bet this show would be famous but sadly it passed away again because of UNCLE GRANDPA! I hope Uncle Grandpa gets cancelled soon
  • Oh my god, it's one of my unforgettable shows!

    "Chowder" is so funny and just amazing.
  • This show saved CN from its downhill going.

    While CN was starting to go downhill with its live action crap, Chowder easily saved the network from becoming any worse. The show was about a rabbit bunny creature named Chowder who wants to become a chef and gets trained by Mung Dal. While learning the basics of becoming a chef, Chowder and his friends embark in crazed adventures around his town. This show was very original and creative and knows how to keep everything unique, and everything was done right from the stories to the characters. I love Chowder and his random use of humor that anyone of any age could enjoy. The artwork in this show was really unique and had so much color to it but thankfully isn't too colorful. I love how creative the food looks in this show and how it parodies real life food, there was so much effort put into this show and it ended too early just so more CN Real crap could pollude the channel. I highly recommend Chowder to those who haven't seen it yet, go watch it online or buy the DVD's of it.
  • A show from the crap side of Cartoon Network

    It sucks!! It sucks!! It sucks!! It sucks!!
  • Radah Radah Radahl!

    They suddenly (mid-June, 2014) started showing Chowder regularly again, on Boomerang, in 3 one-hour blocks throughout the day, and I had forgotten all about it and was excited to see it again. Don't get me wrong, Looney Toons, Tom and Jerry, the Flinstones, Scooby Doo, all classics and deserve to be on somewhere, but after watching those constantly as a kid in the 80s, I just can't watch that really old stuff anymore. It's classic, I'm not bashing it, but just can't watch it anymore. So this was a breath of fresh air!

    It was created at a tumultuous time when Cartoon Network couldn't seem to decide what their audience demographic really was, and what they really wanted it to be, and were messing with terrible, terrible live acting shows instead of all cartoons, and they also had on cartoons aimed directly at little kids and also at older kids and adults, just a mess all over the board. I think a lot of people hate Chowder because it came from that time when everyone hated CN and just didn't give Chowder a chance.

    As everyone else has been over, the static, vividly colored patterns they use for their clothing and some scenery is really unique and cool. They use a layer of that colored pattern underneath the character, who has a blank space where the pattern shows through, and as they move across it, it seems to move on their bodies but it's the other way around, neat idea.

    The food references are pretty funny, and I'm not a food fanatic or anything or a chef or cook, but stuff like making a Belgian Slobber-Barker Waffle is pretty hilarious. And Schnitzel the Rock Monster with his Rada Rada Rada!! Is hilarious.

    Compared to the current crap they're showing, like the total Drama island shows, Chowder is a 10+, but just rating it on it's own merit and not against the rest of the crap, it's like an 8.

    I don't see why the fart jokes are so terrible to so many reviewers. It's not like it's in smell-o-vision and actually somehow making your eyes and nose cry. Are they terribly witty? Hell no. Are they old hat? Hell yes. But come on, it's just a cartoon, you never see any poop (which you see in your own toilet most days so it's not like it's completely foreign to anyone). Yeah ok it's not that funny because poop jokes are only funny to drunk frat guys and little kids, but it's not seriously offensive! More like just "meh, saw that coming".

    It's too bad it went only 3 seasons, but they did nearly 125 episodes in that short time, enough to keep busy for a while.
  • eh, I guess its ok... decent

    I never watched it when it aired, but I've watched a few episodes on netflix... it hasnt made me laugh once,... but its not bad, either.
  • Definitely has everything that seems like fun.

    Ever since a small boy, I loved this show, and I still love it today. This show was very nostalgic, colorful, and creative. By the way, this show was made by a former writer/director of another great show, SpongeBob SquarePants. So, this was guaranteed to be good. All of the characters are named after food, and was a good idea. The whole show has colorful patterns that never move with the objects/characters, making more tantalizing to look at. Almost everybody in my family happen to enjoy this show, too. I have no clue why CN would take down something this good. Well, they're CN. Whatever happened to Cartoon Planet, I seriously want to know why. I highly recommend this show to children AND adults, of ANY age because this show is amazing.
  • Disgustingly terrible show.

    This show was created by sick minded people. I am sorry, but it is honestly a disgrace to I cannot believe that you people rated it so high? this is not what the cartoon deserves! its awful! Look at other great cartoons! like phineas and ferb! and johnny test! my little pony and more and this show has high ratings? you guys are clearly like the creators of this show if you rate it that high
  • Worst CN show I ever watched

    Why do I say this in my title? I`ll tell you why: The characters all lookstupid, the plots look stupid and everything else is stupid, even the credits. I was overjoyed when they finished the show and pulled it from airing on Cartoon Network, and I`ve never been overjoyed to see a show end.
  • Show's still rad, but STOP CRYING

    Ah, chowder, boy haven't you been in a polarized mess with the critics. The minute I saw the pilot I liked the show. You got nice looking visuals, fun loving characters, Tara Strong, good voice actors, Tara Strong, good animation, Tara Strong. But of course Tara Strong can't seem to please the angered children that swarmed the forums asking for attention.

    A lot of people didn't seem to enjoy the show because of some of its "Bathroom by that I mean "the poopies". But come on, so many other Cartoon Network shows had toilet jokes, why not let this one slide? I think this question can best be answered with the main character, "Chowder".

    A lot of people found him to be utterly annoying, especially when he cries. Don't get me wrong, I think we all wanted to smash his face out of the ballpark the minute he started crying, but still I liked the unusually entertaining surreal-ness of this show, it made it fun.

    The show went on for a good three years, until one day I guess the ratings went low or lack of interest started to up-rise, and the show ended. Leaving with a finale of chowder growing up and marrying his most hated "not his girlfriend" Panini, in which they had FIFTY CHILDREN. I guess "fucking like rabbits" is brought to a whole new level now.

    To rap it up, this show was pretty fitting for cartoon network, as it should be. Check it out on Cartoon Planet sometime.

  • Best at it's 1# season

    The show start as funny and silly, then became a food and fat joke's.
  • Aw I miss this show ):

    This show was so good and funny why did it have to end????
  • ***ed

    It's funny. OHMAIGODILOVETHISSHOWOFTHATFACTOR. I don't know how to describe it except ***ed and funny!
  • Its an ok show

    its an ok show
  • this show is awesome

    this is a great show. Why did it have to end. RADA RADA RADA RADA
  • My review of "Chowder". (Updated 3/5/10)

    If you think this is just another ordinary cartoon the network was thinking about using leftover junk, lack of effort and hired someone to put it all together, or in other words "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack" then you are definitely wrong because this cartoon is actually worth looking at. It's a show called Chowder that C.H. Greenblatt created after making storyboards for "Billy & Mandy". This show has a nice classic 90's feel. For those of you who are already familiar with what the show is about can see what I think.

    Here is what I think of Chowder.

    Unique art and character design.
    Nice original background music.
    Nice voices for most of the characters.
    Good stop-motion animation scenes.

    End credit puppet segments can't be seen on tv.
    Too much fourth wall breaking.
    Lost its classic feel near the end of season 2 and forward.

    This show is alright and does have a surprising comeback in animation in cartoons of today but does still have points where it seems unfinished C.H. Greenblatt also picked the best voices for the main characters especially Nicky Jones as Chowder. The music is catchy, and original. Forth wall breaking is the biggest thing you will notice in this cartoon. It is funny at times but used a bit too much. This show is good, some episodes may seem like it's going downhill but it's probably the last decent thing you'll see on Cartoon Network, sometimes.
  • Hilarious...

    This show tried hard to be funny and random, I think it was effective. I laughed at least 2-3 each episode. I haven't seen it for a while now, but anyway it was hilarious! Definitely would recommend it, Chowder is crazy :)
  • i miss dis show ;(

    It's soo funny and the theme song is so freakin catchy
  • Such a great show with a creative plot and setting

    I can recall watching Chowder quite a bit while it was still airing. It's really a shame that Cartoon Network never shows it any more.

    PLOT: Chowder (a rabbit-bear-cat hybrid) is an apprentice of famous Marzipan chef Mung Daal, and has to follow Mung's teachings in order to become a successful cook.

    CHARACTERS: Chowder, despite his flaws, is a bundle of sunshine. Sure, a lot of people dislike him because he's "annoying", but then again, aren't ALL little kid characters annoying? It just comes along with the personality; they're almost guaranteed to be pains. Mung Daal is good (along with his wife, Truffles). I really like Schnitzel, though. I know for a fact that C.H. Greenblatt (creator of the cartoon) story-boarded a bunch of classic Spongebob episodes, and that kind of eggs me on to believe that Schnitzel is based off of Squidward. But I think that my favorite characters would be either Ms. Endive or Gazpacho. Gazpacho is a man-child that runs a food stand that Mung and Chowder frequently visit (providing comic relief), and Ms. Endive is a rival of Mung (the show always pokes fun at how fat or how suck up she is). Can I just point out how I freaking LOVE how all of the characters are named after foods? And bizarre foods, for that matter?? I mean, I don't think there's ever been a plain character with the name "Apple". Or "Pizza".

    ANIMATION: Very unique! I do rather enjoy it.

    HUMOR: It really depends on this one. The humor can range to plain annoying (over-using a gag or gross-out joke), weird, or laugh-out-loud hilarious.

    ROMANCE: yeahhhh A girl named Pannini (Endive's apprentice) constantly urges Chowder into a romantic relationship with her. Chowder always denies her, saying "I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND!!" (Mostly a comic relief relationship).

    Overall, a great show while it lasted. It will be missed by many, and the witty humor it provided.
  • Stay awhile, 'cause something's always cooking, YEAH!

    This show... is decent, really. I watched The Toots. O.O Anyways, on to the review!

    Plot: A rabbit/cat creature spends his time cooking with Mung Daal, Snitchel and Truffles, and belives he will be a great chef one day. 9/10

    Characters: Chowder, a rabbit cat creature who loves cooking with Mung Daal. He is known for being the main character of the show, and loves driving the s*it out of Mung Daal(as proven in The Toots).

    Mung Daal, is a guy who is a teacher while being a chef. He coaches Chowder along the way.

    Snitchel, from memory, is a rock monster and says 'rada rada'.

    Once again, Truffles, from memory, is a grumpy wife who helps work for Mung Daal.

    The characters are clever and funny. 10/10

    Art: Still, clever. 10/10

    Therefore, this was not a GREAT show, but it is a classic, and shall R.I.P. while people who work at CN now take over and ruin CN. CN, WHY?!!?!?! :'(

    It gets a 7.5 for me.

  • Why end such a great show so soon?

    CN had one of its bright moments with the show, Chowder. It was about a young bear rabbit creature named Chowder who was a chef's apprentice to Mung Dall. Throughout the series, Chowder had wonderful and random humor that anyone and any age could enjoy. The animation was really great, it had nice set designs, it was colorful, but no too colorful, and the character designs were unique. I also love how in Chowder, they have such unique food and how it looks, there was a lot of great effort put into this show. But why did it have to end so soon? Seriously, it could have gone on for 3 to 4 more years. I personally blame Stuart Snyder and those new CN Real shows like Tower Prep and Unnatural History, thanks CN you certainly know how to run a great network (sarcasm). Good-bye Chowder, you will not be forgotten with your great humor that we still laugh at and you will be missed by many.
  • After 2 years of awful cartoons, when this was released in 2007 it seemed like gold.

    I feel sorry for Greenblatt, it seemed he made his show at the wrong time. Even though Chowder wasn't bad, and it wouldn't really look out of place along side any of the cartoon cartoons, 2007 seemed to be the time when everyone on the internet hated CN.

    Most of the people who criticize Chowder had no real reason to, they just disliked it simply because they didn't grow up with it. I can promise you that if this show had been released in the late 1990s it would've been a big hit. The stories were okay, it often had quite a few good jokes, none of the characters (bar a floating fart) where annoying, it had an incredibly interesting art style, and it had puppet shorts after each block! What more could you want?

    Admittedly the show wasn't the most original ever, and towards the end of its run it went downhill, but unlike what drips said, Greenblatt (thankfully) did not go on to make fish hooks.
  • This is considered a CN Original?!

    I liked it better when the creator of this show, C.H. Greenblatt, was voicing FredFred Burger on Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. I'm sorry but come on, Chowder?! Sure, like one episode of this show was decent and funny, probably the one with those purple nurples or whatever the heck they were called. I have heard reviewers on this show, especially on the CN forums talk about how this show is just as great as the Cartoon Cartoons and is an "original." (Facepalm) Anyway, as a positive comment for this show, i'd have to say it IS better than Adventure Time in my opinion. Although both of them are weird and have moments that are uncalled for and arent meant for young viewers eyes. Didn't C.H Greenblatt go on to make FishHooks? Yeah...That show, I think I found something else that Chowder is better than.
  • Horrible

    No, this show is just downright terrible. I do not understand how somebody could like this show. I gave up on Cartoon network, I really have. It is just horrible.
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