Chowder - Season 2

Cartoon Network (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Tofu-Town Showdown
    Tofu-Town Showdown
    Episode 20.2
    Chowder discovers that Shnitzel had a previous life as a samurai bodyguard.
  • A Faire To Remember
    Episode 20.1
    When a new girl befriends Chowder, Panini goes crazy with jealousy.
  • 9/10/09
    Mung decides to throw the biggest party he can in Chowder's honor. But Chowder's true wishes get lost in all the hoopla.
  • My Big Fat Stinky Wedding
    Chowder visits Kimchi's home in the swamp, only to learn that he might lose his friend forever.
  • Gazpacho Moves In
    Episode 18.1
    After Gazpacho has a falling out with his mother, he moves in to the Catering Company. It isn't long before he overstays his welcome.
  • The Garden
    Episode 17.1
    Chowder becomes Truffles' apprentice, so Mung to tries to win him back.
  • The Dice Cycle
    Episode 16.1
    When Chowder accidentally wrecks Mung's childhood dice cycle, he blames it on ceviche.
  • Paint the Town
    Episode 15.1
    When Chowder discovers an empty canvas dimension behind his bedroom, he paints his own fantastical world where he can do whatever he wants.
  • Endive's Dirty Secret
    Episode 14.1
    Mung (and eventually everyone in town) blackmails Ms. Endive with an embarrassing picture to gain access to her pool.
  • The Lollistops
    The Lollistops
    Episode 13.2
    In order to keep receiving the yummy lollistops he gets at the end of each dentist visit, Chowder destroys all of his teeth. With no teeth, he must find a new way to satisfy his lollistop cravings.
  • The Snail Car
    Episode 13.1
    When Mung replaces their old snail car with a new one, Chowder can't handle the loss. The two cars race to determine which one stays.
  • The Brain Freeze
    The Brain Freeze
    Episode 12.2
    A bad case of brain freeze leaves Chowder trapped in a block of ice.
  • Big Ball
    Episode 12.1
    When the gang caters an important sporting event, Mung and Truffles are at odds when it comes to how the most ridiculous of all sports is played.
  • The B.L.T.'s
    Episode 10.1
    All of Marzipan City's apprentices must take the BLTs (Basic Learning Tests). Worried that Chowder may not pass this arduous test, Mung goes to great lengths to make sure the odds are in his favor.
  • Gazpacho Fights Back
    Gazpacho Fights Back
    Episode 9.2
    A bully starts stealing Gazpacho's produce, so Gazpacho and Chowder must think of a way to fight back.
  • Kid Shnitzel
    Episode 9.1
    Shnitzel tires of his adult responsibilities and decides to act like a child.
  • Big Hat Biddies: It's Truffles big day to impress the members of The Big Hat Biddies, Marzipan City's most exclusive ladies' club. But Chowder, Mung, and Shnitzel's best efforts may hurt her chances more than help. The Deadly Maze: As part of an elaborate revenge scheme, Mung's old apprentice, Gumbo, traps Chowder in a deadly maze! Unfortunately he gets lost in there as well and soon discovers that Chowder's company is worse than any trap he could set.moreless
  • The Won Ton Bombs / The Party Cruise
    The Party Cruise: When Mung takes Chowder and Shnitzel on a fishing cruise, he gets more than he bargained for thanks to captain Rueben. Won Ton Bombs: Mung's old cooking master shows up and embarrasses him, telling everyone about his greatest cooking failure. Now the only way to prove he's become a good chef is to travel back in time with Chowder to fix his mistake.moreless
  • The Party Cruise
    Episode 7.1
    Mung takes Chowder and Shnitzel on a fishing cruise.
  • The Shopping Spree
    The Shopping Spree
    Episode 6.2
    With Truffles sick, Mung, Chowder and Shnitzel are left in charge of the company's money box. However they get so tempted that they go on a huge shopping spree, leaving no money left in the box.
  • The Hot Date
    Episode 6.1
    Sgt. Hoagie prepares to go on a blind date, but first must deal with a crime committed at Miss Endive's swimming pool. Ms. Bellum from the Powerpuff Girls made a cameo as the lead officer's blind date.
  • The Catch Phrase
    The Catch Phrase
    Episode 5.2
    Chowder tries to convince Mung that a catch phrase makes food taste better.
  • 12/11/08
    Against Mung's wishes, Chowder secretly starts his own catering company for a bunch of dirty, trash-dwelling vermin.
  • The Fire Breather
    Episode 3.1
    When Chowder eats hot peppers, he gains the power to breathe fire, becomes an incovenience to the Mung Daal Service, and runs away.
  • Chowder's Babysitter
    Chowder's Babysitter
    Episode 2.2
    While babysitting Chowder, Gazpacho thinks he has killed Chowder and needs to get his "spirit" to pass on to the other side.
  • Panini for President
    Episode 2.1
    When Panini declares herself president of the apprentices society, Gorgonzola competes against her.
  • A Faire to Remember: Panini becomes extremely jealous when a new girl befriends Chowder. Tofu Town Showdown: When Chowder and Schnitzel make a delivery to the Asian section of Marzipan City, Schnitzel is confronted by his mysterious past and his greatest shame. Chowder must help Schnitzel rectify this problem in order to reclaim Schnitzel's honor.moreless
  • The Apprentice Appreciation Day: Mung throws a party for Chowder but Chowder really wants something else. The Grape Worm: When a neurotic parasite takes residence in Chowder's belly, Chowder thinks he's found his inner voice. He soon discovers that they are too different to co-exist together.
  • Gazpacho Moves In: Gazpacho leaves his mother's house and moves in with the Catering Company.

    My Big Fat Stinky Wedding: Kimchi is about to go through an arranged marriage, and Chowder vows to save him from it.
  • 8/20/09
    The Garden: Mung wants to teach Chowder about how to grow food from plants, but when Truffles turns out to be better at growing food than Mung is, Chowder decides that he wants to learn things from Truffles, which Mung is none too happy about. Will Mung lose his mind without Chowder to apprentice? Sheboodles: Ms. Endive is tired of being alone without anybody to call her significant other, so she decides to literally cook herself a boyfriend! Unfortunately, Ms. Endive doesn't let the dish cook long enough, and instead of getting a hunky, adorable guy, she gets a nerdy, hopelessly attached man-creature named Todd! What's even worse for Ms. Endive is that everyone else in Marzipan City seems to like Todd and all the things that he does for him, but Ms. Endive can't stand him as he keeps calling himself Ms. Endive's boyfriend! Will Ms. Endive do something drastic in order to get the guy she wants, or is she making a big mistake?moreless
  • 8/13/09
    The Dice Cycle: Chowder breaks Mung's dice cycle, but blames Ceviche for it. The Chain Recipe: Mung refuses to make a chain recipe, which gives him bad luck.
  • 8/6/09
    Paint the Town: Chowder paints his own world after discovering a blank-canvas dimension behind his bedroom.

    The Blackout: Chowder tries to restore power to the city after he causes a major blackout.
  • 7/30/09
    Endive's Dirty Secret: Chowder, Mung, and Shnitzel want to swim in Endive's pool, but Endive won't let them. So, when they see Endive doing something disgusting and embarrassing, they decide to blackmail her by showing a disgusting, embarrassing photo of her to everyone, unless she lets them use her pool. Big Food: Chowder, Mung, and Shnitzel go camping. Chowder thinks that a creature called Big Food exists, but Mung doesn't believe in Big Food. When a strange creature steals their food, Chowder thinks Big Food did it, but Mung won't believe him. So, Chowder goes out to prove Big Food does exist.moreless
  • 7/16/09
    The Snail Car: Mung Daal is tired of his old Snail Car, so he decides to go shopping for a new one. But Chowder isn't willing to lose the old snail car without a race. Will Gazpacho be able to help Chowder prove to Mung that faster isn't always better?

    The Lollistops: After a dentist appointment, Chowder tastes his first lollistop, and now, he becomes addicted and wanting more.moreless
  • 7/2/09
    Big Ball: Mung Dall, Truffles, Schnitzel, and Chowder are serving food at sports game show, but Truffles is angry because nobody is winning. She decides to take control as one of the team's captains, and tries to end the game once and for all. But Mung Dall doesn't want this to happen and is determined to keep the game going. Can Mung Dall and Chowder prevail against Truffles and her determination?

    The Brain Freeze: When Chowder drinks a Chillado Smoothie too fast, his whole body freezes over and Chowder is stuck inside his own mind! Now Chowder must go on a quest within his own brain to find a way to warm himself up from the inside out. Will Chowder be successful in his quest or be trapped in ice forever?moreless
  • The Garage Sale
    The Garage Sale
    Episode 1.2
    Chowder resorts to drastic measures to save all his precious junk from being sold at Mung and Truffles' garage sale.
  • The Dinner Theater
    Episode 11
    Low on money, Mung and Truffles decides to start a dinner theater, casting Gazpacho and Panini in a murder mystery play. Chowder, however, believes that Gazpacho will really murder Panini, so he, Ceviche and Gorgonzola must find a way to distract the play.
  • The Arborians
    Episode 1.1
    The gang needs special syrup from annoying trees for a recipe.
  • The B.L.T.'s / The Trouble with Truffles
    The B.L.T.'s: Mung tries to help Chowder pass the B.L.T., an exam all apprentices must take.

    The Trouble with Truffles: When Truffles' voice keeps driving customers away, she decides to get a new one.
  • Kid Shnitzel / Gazpacho Fights Back
    Kid Shnitzel:
    Shnitzel is tired of adult jobs, and decides to act like a kid again.

    Gazpacho Fights Back:
    When Gazpacho gets bullied by a strong female bird named Rosemary, Chowder decides to help Gazpacho fight back against the stealing woman first with the help of Shnitzel, than with the training of Truffles.moreless
  • The Big Hat Biddies / The Deadly Maze
    The Big Hat Biddies: It's Truffles' big day to impress the members of The Big Hat Biddies. The Deadly Maze: Mung's old apprentice, Gumbo, traps Chowder in a deadly maze!
  • The Party Cruise / Won Ton Bombs
    The Party Cruise: Mung takes Chowder and Shnitzel on a fishing trip, even though they want to go home.

    Won Ton Bombs: Mung's old cooking master tells about Mung's greatest cooking failure.
  • The Hot Date / The Shopping Spree
    The Hot Date: Sergeant Hoagie is going to have a date, but because someone filled Endive's pool with pudding, he has to solve this crime first.

    The Shopping Spree: Truffles is too ill, so she puts Mung, Chowder and Shnitzel in charge and tells them not to spend any money in the money box. Unfortunately though, they get so tempted that they go on a huge shopping spree, which eventually leaves them with no more money from the money box.moreless
  • Chowder's Catering Company: Chowder has created what he thinks is his best dish creation ever! He calls it a Foof sandwich, but since it's made with stuff that's garbage material, Mung Dall strongly disagrees with Chowder's opinion of the dish. Oddly enough, Chowder ends up getting some unusual customers who think that the Foof sandwich is absolutely amazing! And with such demand for the dish, Chowder is happy to oblige, unaware that his new friends will do anything to make sure that Chowder can keep making his Foof sandwiches. The Catch Phrase: Chowder tries to convince Mung that a catch phrase makes food taste better.moreless
  • 12/4/08
    Chowder worries he won't receive the gift he wants on Knishmas. Meanwhile, Mung wants to make a perfect Schmingerbread house, but he may have to buy one from Mrs. Endive instead.
  • The Fire Breather / The Flying Flinger Lingons
    The Fire Breather: After Chowder swallows a bunch of hot fiery peppers, he discovers that whenever he opens his mouth, he starts to breathe fire. How can Chowder hope to help Mung Dall if he can't even speak when he needs to? The Flying Flinger Lingons: When a troop of acrobats come to Mung Dall's kitchen for an order, Chowder becomes impressed by their antics and starts to dream of life in the circus. Unfortunately, his focus on the Lingon's aerial feets are a distraction to his duties in the kitchen and a hindrance to Mung Dall. Will Chowder leave Mung Dall for a life in the Big Top?moreless
  • Panini for President / Chowder's Babysitter
    Panini for President: Panini runs in an election in Marzipan City.

    Chowder's Babysitter: Gazpacho babysits Chowder while Mung and Truffles are away.
  • The Arborians / The Garage Sale
    The Arborians: After tasting some dry pancakes, Mung, Chowder, and Shnitzel decide to get syrup. But unfortunately, the syrup comes from annoying trees. The Garage Sale: Chowder resorts to drastic measures to save all his precious junk from being sold at Mung and Truffles' garage sale.