Season 1 Episode 17

Shnitzel Quits

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jul 03, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Shnitzel Quits
When Shnitzel feels that he is not getting enough of what he deserves he quites and leaves all of them. Later Shnitzel finds an job at Endive's. But Mung tries to get Shnitzel back.

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  • First ever Chowder 30-minute special and it was amazing!!! I loved it :)

    When Shnitzel feels that he is not getting enough of what he deserves he quites and leaves all of them. Later Shnitzel finds an job at Endive's. But Mung tries to get Shnitzel back. I thought that this was a perfect special of "Chowder". The idea to this special was very original and creative. Snitzel quitting his job was a brilliant idea for the writers to do and every moment of this special was nothing but hilarious and genius. Snitzel deciding to work for Endive was very funny and I also thought the running gag with Panini asking Snitzel questions about Chowder was just pure hilarious. I also had to crack up when Panini said "What's Chowder's favorite cartoon? Oh I bet it's Chowder". Mung Daal, Chowder, and Truffles trying to get Snitzel back from Endive was also hilarious as well. It was also very funny when Snitzel was inside a bag and Mung Daal (or Chowder) used it to have a fight with Endive. Endive flirting with Snitzel and going psycho was hilarious as well and it was also even funnier when Snitzel has a pink rock as his girlfriend. Heck, everything about this special was just hilarious and fantastic. I also loved the creator talking to Snitzel about going back to Mung Daal and Chowder. The ending with Snitzel going back to work at Mung Daal's was very nice as well. Overall, a fantastic and hilarious first ever Chowder 30-minute special. 10/10moreless
  • Another Chowder Home-Run

    In this episode, Shnitzel is finally tired of being beaten, abused, and underpayed and finally quits working for Mung's catering company, and leaves to find another job. He soon finds a job with Endive and her catering company. At first, he's enjoying it, he's being properly treated/payed. However, he soon learns that Endive is interested in a relationship with him, and he's prepared to flee. Meanwhile, Mung and Chowder have grown sad without him and plan to take him back. For the most part, this was a very clever and funny episode, I would definitly put this in my top 10. 10/10 A+moreless
  • First 30-minute episode...Awesome!

    "Shnitzel Quits" - What a great episode idea: Shnitzel has been mistreated and overworked lately. He thinks he deserves a raise, but ufortunately, Mung can't give him one. So, he quits working at Mung Daal's Catering Company and starts working for Endive, where he feels more appreciated. At first everything is great, but with Endive falling in love with him and Panini asking questions about Chowder every two seconds, he begins to question whether quitting was the best idea. Meanwhile, Mung and Chowder begin to miss Shnitzel and decided to try to get him back. How will this one end? Watch and find out!

    I recommend this episode, but I suggest you see an episode like "The Wrong Customer" or "Shnitzel Makes a Deposit" first to understand what Shnitzel is going through.moreless

    wow i mean WOW i love this episode not only it was the first 30 min episode but it was also the third best in the serise 2 me ok so mung starts treating shnitzel like dirt so shnitzel gets all mad so he quits and gos to work for endive he knocks on her door he waits for a minite then she awswers she says hes perfect for the job and she developes a cruch on shnitzel very very quickly then he loves the job then they drive him crazy when endive want 2 marry him so he escaps and meets c.h greenblatt lol he tells him all the good thing mung and chowder did for him then it shows then then he drops a giant stick of blutter on them then shnitzel shows up lifts the blutter and saves them then chowder gaves him a pudding cup it was the first thing they ever cooked together so he eats it then he re-joins then shnitzel barfs then they call the hospitle and it ends byemoreless
  • Schnitzel quits!! A great episode idea!!

    This was a great idea. It really shows that mung and chowder really care about Schnitzel. This one is about Schnitzel quitting...of course. Chowder seems like the only one concerned that Schnitzel is gone but over time Mung Daal is also concerned. Schnitzel in the meanwhile goes to endive's place and is going to ask for a job there. endive starts to like schnitzel which scares him and Panini starts to annoy him by asking things about Chowder. then Mung, chowder, and truffles try to get schnitzel back. That's basically the plot. This was definently a very special episode, it had great jokes and humor, and the characters were great especially schnitzel. It was great because it was all about schnitzel and it showed that everybody actually cared about him.moreless
John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Rat #3 / Bird Citizen / Bricabroccli Monster

Guest Star

C.H. Greenblatt

C.H. Greenblatt


Guest Star

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Rat #1 / Egg #1

Guest Star

Mindy Sterling

Mindy Sterling

Ms. Endive

Recurring Role

C.H. Greenblatt

C.H. Greenblatt


Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Shnitzel: Radda?
      Skeleton: I'm one of the skeletons in Endive's closet. Please help.

    • Kiwi: (to Shnitzel) I'll give you my heart forever.

    • Truffles: (to Endive) Step away from my husband, sister!

    • (after Shnitzel decides to work with Endive)
      Endive: One day, you will learn how to treat a man right.
      Mung: I know how to treat a man right! (to himself) Just not a rock monster man.

    • (referring to Endive)
      Mung: (banging on the door) Help! She's going to sit on us!
      Chowder: I don't want to die like that!

    • Panini: (after watching Shnitzel jump off a scaffolding) He jumped, Miss Endive.
      Endive: They always do, dear.

    • Chowder: Miss Endive? I'm going to take my friend Shnitzel back.
      Endive: How are you going to do that?
      Chowder: Like this. (puts his tongue on his nose)
      Endive: And, what do you call that?
      Mung: That Endive, is what we call, a distraction.

    • Truffles: What? What do you want?
      Shnitzel: Radda radda radda.
      Truffles: A raisin? You want a raisin? I don't have any raisins.
      Shnitzel: Radda radda radda.
      Truffles: What, what? I can't hear you.
      Shnitzel: Radda radda!
      Truffles: What? Huh? What?
      Mung: (from the kitchen) Honey, is Shnitzel in there?
      Truffles: Yeah, he's here asking for a raise!
      Mung: You're gonna give it to him?
      Truffles: What, are you crazy?!
      Shnitzel: Radda radda!
      Truffles: Huh? What? Huh? I can't hear you! What? Huh?
      (Shnitzel gets angry and starts to leave)
      Truffles: Where you going? I'm not done ignoring you!

    • Endive: Panini, I want to introduce the new man that will be working for us.
      Panini: You used to work for Chowder, right?
      Shnitzel: Radda.
      Panini: (glances happily) I want you to tell me everything about him. What's his favorite color? What's his favorite food? What's his favorite cartoon? I bet it's Chowder.
      Endive: Get back to work!

    • Panini: Shnitzel, wait! I have one more question about Chowder! Does he want kids? 'Cause I want a million-zillion!

    • Endive: Panini! Toss your cookies!
      (Panini tosses cookies like ninja stars. Chowder jumps and eats the cookies and then slams into the tray Panini holds up)
      Panini: Hi, Chowder.
      Chowder: I'm not your boyfriend! Good cookies though.

  • NOTES (6)


    • Song: Shnitzel Fella

      The song the rats sing about Shnitzel is a reference to the Disney verson of Cinderella's song, Cinderelly.

    • Panini: (about Chowder) What's his favorite color? What's his favorite food? What's his favorite cartoon? I bet it's Chowder!

      Panini refers to the actual show, Chowder.