Season 1 Episode 10

Sniffleball / Mung on the Rocks

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 06, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Sniffleball / Mung on the Rocks
Sniffleball: Feeling that Chowder's been spending too much time in the kitchen, Mung forces him to play sports with the other kids. Beset by Panini's kisses and Gorgonzola's taunts, Chowder has to figure out a way to escape the game and get back home. Mung on the Rocks: Mung forgets his and Truffles' anniversary, so Truffles starts to ignore him which affects his cooking. So Chowder had to help them out.moreless

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  • "Sniffleball" really brought back some memories.

    "Sniffleball" - I can really relate to Chowder in this episode. Socializing and exercising were among my least favorite activities when I was a little kid and I have been in a very similar situation. Mung thinks Chowder is spending too much time indoors so he makes him go outside and play sniffleball with the neighborhood apprentices, something Chowder really does not want to do - he just wants to go home! Will he end up home free? This episode had a pretty good mix of characters in it: Gazpacho, Panini, and Gorgonzola! Excellent episode!

    "Mung On The Rocks" - The forgotten anniversary episode. Mung, completely forgetting what day it was, went out fishing for the entire day of his and Truffles' 450th wedding anniversary. Truffles is furious and refuses to speak to Mung after that, which makes Mung the most depressed thing you've ever seen. Chowder feels like he should get them back together, so he seeks advice from Gazpacho. Can Chowder get Mung and Truffles back together. A few really funny parts, though I did not like the ending very much and they way Mung was drawn towards the middle of the episode made him look sort of gross.

    I recommend "Sniffleball" to anybody and "Mung On The Rocks" to older Chowder fans.moreless
  • Sniffleball!


    Now this was a good episode. I could'nt wait to watch it. It took about 2 months just to show us it! But, Chowder's forced to play Sniffleball. and, Gorgonzola's mean to him. I'm glad they brought him back. He's a good charactor. And, they need to show him more.

    Final Score: A

    Mung on the Rocks

    A Mung Episode! Mung forgets about Truffles anversery. So, Truffles ignors him. So, Chowder go's to the love doctor, Gazponcho. So, the hole towns flooded. And, their love life is better. But, I thought Mung hated Truffles and, wanted a new wife? Meh, whatever.

    Final score: B

    Final score: A-, 9moreless
  • WOW

    this episode was so awsome i barfed out awsomeness its well just awsome the panini parts made me shack and gorgenzola made me laugh i just cant keep up i i sorry lol well i loved this episode i remembered when they showed the premere but didnt show it on friday insted they showed it on thursday a mounth later well thats all i can handle luigi 29 wait i need a few more word sniffil ball is awsome mung on the rocks is avrage now i am so awsome me luigi 29 mua ha ha ha ha ya byemoreless
  • Chowder learns what misery is all about in the game of Sniffleball, while Mung and Truffles rekindle their love for each other.

    While this episode is good, it's not what I would consider perfect. Don't get me wrong, I loved the reference to the original "Super Mario Bros." in Sniffleball, I just wish they hadn't made Chowder be so miserable. Chowder's a nice, good kid. He's doesn't deserve to be miserable. I don't understand why Gorgonzola holds a grudge against Chowder. What did the cat-bear-rabbit ever do to him? And despite Chowder's continued attempts, Panini refuses to get the hint that Chowder isn't ready for a love commitment. So all Chowder wants to do is get out of playing sports as fast as he can (fat kid running! :lol: ) Couldn't resist a callback to the first episode, and end the game so he can get back to the kitchen, where Chowder's truly comfortable. The second segment was much better. Despite Truffles tendency to be mean and nasty, Mung Dall still fell in love with her. But Mung's love for his kitchen interferes with his love for Truffles. All Truffles wanted Mung to do was to remember their 450th anniversary, and Mung couldn't even do that! So for once, Truffles anger is justified and she gives Mung the cold shoulder, which effects his cooking. So Chowder decides to set things right. However, Chowder makes a mistake during his attempt. But this mistake turns out to be a blessing in disguise as Chowder's soda causes a flood which Mung tries to rescue Truffles from, but Mung isn't a good swimmer. But Truffles realizes Mung loves her more than anything else in the world, so Truffles rescues Mung and their love is rekindled. When the couple flashback to when they were first starting out, it turns out the younger Truffles looks very pretty and attractive! So now it makes sense as to why Mung fell in love with Truffles in the first place! It looks like Mung and Truffles are going to be spending some very private time together hint, hint! :idea: So overall, this is still a fine example of how a cartoon show should be written! :D Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
  • Good episode, but saved Chowder from the writer's strike.

    This eppisode was great. Sniffleball was good, because it had Panini in it, but Mung on the Rocks was pretty boring. There should be a few improvements needed. Mung should be a little nicer to Chowder, and not leave him in Panini's kissing in Sniffleball, Mung should've hit Truffles harder than how she hits in Mung on the Rocks if she tries to ignore him (cause I know that ignorance never works when people are trying to hurt your feelings by physical harm), there should be fewer underwear pictures in Sniffleball (there are only two in that episode), and this episode should've aired in January 1 week after the Puckerberry episode. Well, there would be more Gorgonzola episodes after this one.moreless
Dwight Schultz

Dwight Schultz

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John DiMaggio

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Cindy Morrow posted the original story outline for this episode on her website. The original version was vastly different compared to the version that aired. The differences are:

      1. It was originally titled "A Golden Anniversary"
      2. Mung and Truffles were married for only 50 years instead of 450.
      3. Chowder had an actual motivation of bringing Mung and Truffles back together: he wanted Mung out of his room and was also starving due to the lack of meals.
      4. Shnitzel, meanwhile, was afraid of losing his job due to the business at the catering company dwindling.

    • The last few lines of Mung on the Rocks suggest that Chowder doesn't know about sex.

    • Running Gags:
      1) Every time Chowder runs a base, Gorgonzola fails to catch him, except for home base. (Sniffleball)
      2) Truffles ignores Mung when he tries to talk to her. (Mung on the Rocks)

    • In Sniffleball, Chowder didn't want to go outside at all, but in Mung on the Rocks, Chowder seemed fine with going outside.

    • Since when can Gazpacho fly?

    • Apparently, Mung "deteriorates" when Truffles is really mad at him.

    • This episode contained a brief scene which showed Mung Daal and Truffles as they were when they were younger, presumably when they were in the process of courting one another. Truffles was somewhat taller and slimmer in her youth, while Mung Daal had black hair and was sporting a more causal garb.

    • Look Hard:

      Look right before Chowder pulls off the man's clothes off. When Chowder runs and puts it back on, it looks different.

    • Chowder says to Gazpacho that Panini keeps kissing him, but she only kissed him once.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Gorgonzola: Don't get excited, big boy. There's still twelve more bases to go.

    • Chowder: What did Gazpacho say mabout shaking it up? (thought bubble appears)
      Gazpacho: Be sure to shake it up, Chowder. Shake it up good. A-and when you're done shakin' it...SHAKE IT SOME MORE!

    • Chowder: No. I'm going home now.
      Gazpacho: Or going home now is good, too.
      Dog Kid: But it's my turn.
      Chowder: I'm...going...home...NOW.

    • Mung: Chowder,when was the last time you went outside?

      (Mung opens the window and Chowder hisses while scary pipe organ music plays in the background)

    • Chowder: Hey, you guys are back!
      Mung Daal: Back and badder than ever!
      Truffles: I think it's time to get cooking!
      (Truffles kisses Mung Daal on the cheek)
      Mung Daal: Oh, boy!
      Chowder: Yay! The juice worked!
      (Mung Daal and Truffles walk out of the kitchen and walk towards their room)
      Chowder: Hey! Where you going?! The kitchen's back here!

    • Mung Daal: Why is this pillow so lumpy?!
      (Mung Daal lifts up the pillow, revealing ham to be underneath it)
      Mung Daal: Ham?! Chowder, why is there ham under the pillow?!
      Chowder: Because mine already has cake.
      (The scene changes to show Chowder and Mung Daal eating the cake)
      Chowder: Mung, are you gonna be living up here now? 'Cause if you are, we need to talk about bathroom rules.
      Mung Daal: No! No! Truffles will calm down by morning.
      Chowder: Why's she so mad at you?
      Mung Daal: Well, women have these things in their bodies called expectations.
      Chowder: Are expectations bad?
      Mung Daal: Well, they're bad for us. But we can never live up to them. Once she learns to lower her expectations, everyone will be happy.
      Chowder: You'd think after four hundred fifty years her expectations would be really low. I mean, really, really, really, really, really, really…
      Mung Daal: (interrupting) I get it, Chowder! Just go to sleep. I guarantee, she'll be a lot happier tomorrow.
      Chowder: Okay!

    • Gorgonzola: You shouldn't have come here, Chowder.
      Chowder: Oh, hi, Gorgonzola.
      Gorgonzola: You should've stayed in the kitchen where you belong.
      Chowder: That's what I told Mung.

    • Gorgonzola: (to Chowder) Hey, Chowder, are you ready to find out why they call me "The Zinger?!"
      Kid: (offscreen) Just throw the ball already!

    • Chowder: There it is! Home! But I'm all out of kitchen utensils to help me.
      Gorgonzola: Then I guess you won't make it.
      Chowder: Yes, I will! I will become "the utensil!"
      Gorgonzola: You're becoming stupider.

    • Gazpacho: The joyous sound of mother burping lets me know that all is right with the world. I just wish she wouldn't... (Gazpacho burps) ...blow 'em at me.
      Chowder: Fizzy River Juice Fruit! Thanks, Gazpacho!
      Gazpacho: Just don't shake it up! It gets too fizzy! (Gazpacho takes another sip of Fizzy River Juice Fruit and burps loudly).

    • Chowder: I may not understand why Mung needs Truffles, but I know he needs her. And I may not know how to fix them, but I know someone who does! And I may not know what's in this cookie... (lifts cookie) ...'cause I found it on the floor, but I'm gonna eat it anyways! (Chowder eats the cookie)

    • (The kid who picks up the sniffleball in front of Panini being near Chowder)
      Kid: Get a room!

    • Mung: It's the zinger!

    • Gorgonzola: (to Chowder) You think you can walk in here, and show me up? Well, do you? Huh? Huh, do you? Do you? Huh? Huh? Well, sniffleball is my thing and, I worked very hard to get where I am.
      Kid: (walks in) Hey, bat boy, where's my bat? (Gorgonzola hands the kid a bat)

    • Chowder: Mr. Spoon, run interference for me! (Chowder throws the spoon).
      Gorgonzola: (screaming) My eye! My eye! My eye!

    • Gazpacho: Don't sweat it, Chowder. Being out isn't so bad. Mother calls me out all the time.
      Chowder: (crying) I... don't... want... to play anymore! Gorgonzola's mean to me, Panini keeps kissing me, there's nothing to eat. I just wanna go home!

    • (Chowder puts his hand on a sniffleball to pick it up, and Panini puts her hand on his)
      Panini: (slowly) Hi, Chowder.
      Chowder: (quietly) I'm not your--
      Panini: Shhhh. Don't say another word. (A small cloud appears by Panini's head, and a rainbow arches over to Chowder. A small blue creature with pink glasses, pink underwear, and pink wristbands appears and laughs. It then slaps Chowder and hearts appear around its hand. The creature, clouds, and rainbow disappear)
      Panini: (very quickly) I didn't know you like to play sniffleball. I like to play sniffleball too. I guess we have a lot in common, which is important if we're going to spend the rest of our life which each other, right? Boy, you sure look yummy in that hat.
      Chowder: Look, a monster! AAAAH! (Chowder runs away)
      Monster: Hi, Panini.
      Panini: Oh, hi, Hamhock.

    • (Mung and Truffles walk in)
      Chowder: Hey, where are you going? The kitchen's back here!

    • Gazpacho: Then the angry lady would look in the fridge and say, "did you eat the last pizza pocket?" Then I'll say, "No, I had the last four pizza pockets."

    • Chowder: I think something's wrong with Mung.
      Shnitzel: Radda radda radda r-radda.
      Chowder: Why would he be upset about Truffles? She stopped yelling at us, and she never comes in here now. It's perfect!
      Shnitzel: Oh, radda radda.
      Chowder: What do you mean, I wouldn't understand?
      Shnitzel: Radda radda ra-radda radda.
      Chowder: What do you mean, stop repeating everything you say?
      (Shnitzel growls)

    • Mung: Chowder, why is there ham under this pillow?
      Chowder: Because mine already has cake.

    • Mung: Chowder, quit kissing my kitchen!

    • Gorgonzola: Easy out.
      Panini: (offended) What did you say?! (hits the ball so hard it knocks back Gorgonzola)

    • Panini: (to Chowder) Go, Num-nums!

    • Gorgonzola: I'm incredible!

    • Gazpacho: (blowing different variety of whistles) Huh? Huh?! Normally, I'm not allowed to blow whistles 'cause of mother. But I'd figured she can't hear me way out here. You don't think she can hear me, do ya? Maybe I better keep it down just in case. (blows the whistle and whispers) Play ball.

    • Mung: And look at all the kids playing sniffleball. Now, doesn't that look like fun?
      Chowder: (yelling) NO! NO!! NO!!!
      Mung: (slaps Chowder's mouth shut) Well, it is. In fact, this is the perfect place for you to make new, non-utensil friends.

    • Mung: (hears fart sound) Boy, Kimchi sure is noisy tonight.
      Chowder: Umm... that wasn't Kimchi...

    • Gorgonzola: You're going down!

  • NOTES (5)

    • Credits: Mung Daal shows Chowder how to make art with the mustard marker. He draws a Wamburger and Chowder takes a bite out of it. Then Chowder draws a Frapple Turnover Cake. When Mung tastes it, he said it tastes terrible, and makes a joke to Chowder about how he has no taste.

    • Introduced Foods and/or Recipes:

      Super-Happy Cake
      Fish Sticks and Stones
      Fizzy River Juice Fruit
      Frapple Turnover Cake

    • Truffles doesn't appear to be in the episode, Sniffleball. Yet, she was in all episodes before this one, but she isn't in one of the episodes.

    • This marks the third appearance of Gorgonzola since Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin. Though it is his first speaking role since the very first episode, Burple Nurples.

    • Mung and Truffles have been married for 450 years.


    • Episode Title: Mung on the Rocks

      The title of this episode is a parody of Neil Diamond's "Love on the Rocks".

    • Mung: We have fish sticks and fish stones. (to Shnitzel) Careful with those fish stones! They will break your bones!

      This is a reference to the saying: "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me."

    • When Gorgonzola took off his nose and inflate it to fly, it can be a reference to the episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Wild Parts, where the Nasalmancer blows Billy's nose up like a balloon in order to escape.

    • Visual: 13 bases

      This is a reference to the Calvin and Hobbes book series. Sometimes when they play baseball, they sometimes use more than 6 bases.

    • Visual: Super Mario Bros.

      When Chowder was trying to get to 12th base there was reference to Super Mario Bros. Mario was trying to get pass A Bowser like Gorgonzola and when Chowder passed him, Gazpacho popped out of a tube. A way people in the game travels.
      Panini is like Princess Peach being held by Bowser. She is being held by the Bowser-like Gorgonzola if you look closely.

    • Sniffleball: Baseball

      Sniffleball seems to be a spoof of the popular sport, wiffleball.