Season 1 Episode 20

The Apprentice Games

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jul 24, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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The Apprentice Games
The Apprentice Games have began, and Chowder feels like he's not prepared until Mung convinces him with the ultimate Thrice Cream. Also, Chowder teams up with Gorgonzola, causing trouble as they lose.

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  • I've had high expectations for this special but it turned out to be a disappointment

    The Apprentice Games have began, and Chowder feels like he's not prepared until Mung convinces him with the ultimate Thrice Cream. Also, Chowder teams up with Gorgonzola, causing trouble as they lose. Man, I was really looking forward to this Chowder special and I was totally ready to watch it when it first premiered. I ended up watching this special which also happens to be the Season 1 finale with disappointment. The special itself wasn't terrible but it just did not live up to the hype and it felt like it ran on too long. I know that it's only 30 minutes long but it just dragged and became boring. Not really a lot of funny parts here. I probably laughed like 4 times in this special and it was ONLY in the first half of the episode. Everything else in this special was just okay but boring and dragging. So yeah, it could have been better and it had potential but it just failed to be an excellent special. Overall, this Chowder special which is also the Season 1 finale was just okay but disappointing. 6/10moreless
  • As much as I like this show this episode disappointed me. I was expecting better from C.H. Greenblatt.

    I wanted to see this episode really badly before it actually aired, and since it's the season finale it would be the most awesome and exciting episode yet. So I was waiting for the episode to start. When I finish watch the whole thing I felt like I only sat down for 7 minutes. This episode could have had a much better story then that. Instead it's like this.

    Mung and Chowder go in to take part in the apprentice games so Mung can win a gold medal like he always dreamed. After they meet their opponents they are assigned to play in teams of two. The teams were Chowder & Gorganzola, Panini $ Ceviche and a bunch of other ones that weren't mentioned. Mung uses a fake trice scream shaped object and calls it ultimate thrice cream to motivate Chowder into competing, but they wind up losing all the events while the other team is wining. After Mung and Stilten sends them away and disguises themselves as them to take their place Chowder and Georganzola spends like 5 minutes talking about how he saved his life. Then when they finally returned- you know what, that's all I gotta say. I don't even wana start the next thing that happened.

    This episode was funny and interesting up to the part where the games finally started. After that it just got stupid. I was expecting more competitive action, it felt way too short, and I don't know how but Endive made it even worse. Overall this episode was just plain stale.moreless
  • Not bad, but a little too long.

    I, personally, enjoyed watching this, but I don't feel that it really needed to be a 30-minute episode. Mung, in hopes of fulfilling his life-long dream of winning a gold medal, has Chowder compete in the "Apprentice Games" – a competition involving a series of games that the apprentices of Marzipan city try to win. Unfortunately, it is a physical competition, which is not Chowder's forte.

    To make matters worse, the apprentices have to work in teams of two and guess who Chowder's teammate is…none other than Gorgonzola! Not one of Chowder's best friends. Can they cooperate for long enough to help Mung get his medal?

    All and all, this was a good episode with – as another user said – character development for Gorgonzola. I recommend this episode to all Chowder fans and anybody who liked the episode "Fry Cook Games" from Spongebob Squarepants.moreless
  • Character development, and an underappreciated episode

    I think that this was unintentionally under appreciated. I loved this episode because it showed Endive for who she truely is, conniving and rude, and it made me laugh. I think this episode might not have been the greatest, but it was a definite stepping stone to the episodes of now in Chowder. Like they probably couldn't have had the Knishmas episode without the Apprentice games, because that relationship wouldn't have been established.

    It was funny on occasion too. Like the Mung scene with Panini.

    Panini: *Looks at Mung* C..Chowder?


    I thought it was funny =)

    And that's my opinion.moreless
  • I'm not amused...

    Everyone seems to like this episode. I did'nt really like it. Mung just gets Chowder to be in the Apprentice game just so he can win a medel! Does'nt seem that funny. Plus, the moment where Chowder saves Gorgonzola. They just talked and talked and talked. And, the song they sung stinks. And, Panini and Ceviei (Or however you spell it) just one every time! And, Endive was ugly in a bra! :p ICK! (Throws up) Plus, Chowder dressing up as a girl? (Throws up even more) So, this is one of the baddest episodes! And, everytime I watch it I"ll throw up.

    Final Score: C-, 5moreless
Dwight Schultz

Dwight Schultz

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John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Paté / Porcupine / Cone / Guy #2

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Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Girl / Queen

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Will Shadley

Will Shadley


Recurring Role

Mindy Sterling

Mindy Sterling

Ms. Endive

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  • TRIVIA (15)

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Stilton: your little screw up, is making my little screw up, screw up

    • Gorgonzola: Good going Chowder now I have to look at you in daylight.

    • Chowder: Should I sing again?
      Mung: Please, no.

    • Gorgonzola: I'm going to kill you
      Chowder: MUNG! I WANT TO GO HOME!

    • Panini: The final event is a dance competition!? We're gonna ace it! Rub noses for luck!
      Panini and Ceviche: Yay!

    • Mung Daal: Failure tastes like a bad turnip...(starts crying) I don't like turnips!

    • Panini: Chowder, you will still love me when I beat you, right?

    • Panini and Ceviche: (cheering) Rule one have fun! Rule two me and you! Rule three you and me, all the way to victory!

    • Endive: What is that awful sound?!
      Panini: It's the most beautiful thing I've ever heard.
      Endive: (grabbing Panini's bunny ears) Give me those ears! Girl, you're not using them! (plugging her ears with Panini's ears) Oh, much better.

    • Endive: Get on your pretty pants, Panini! Time to bring this sucker home!
      Panini: I'm on it, Miss Endive! Ceviche, make yourself useful and zip me up!
      Ceviche: Panini, that was unkind.
      Panini: I didn't intend to be unkind. That's just how I talk.
      (Ceviche stares at Panini confusingly about what Panini said)
      Panini: Don't judge me.

    • Chowder: Thanks, Mung.
      Mung: No, thank you.
      Chowder: No, thank you.
      Mung: No, thank you.
      Chowder: No, thank you.
      Mung: No, thank you.
      Stilton: So, uh, yeah. Thank you, Gorgonzola, for not wussing out.
      Gorgonzola: No, thank you.
      Stilton: No, thank you.
      Gorgonzola: No, thank you.
      Stilton: No, thank you.
      Mung: No, thank you.
      Chowder: No, thank you.
      Gorgonzola: No, thank you.
      Stilton: No, thank you.
      Chowder: No, thank you.
      Gorgonzola: No, thank you.
      Mung: No, thank...
      Endive: Y-A-W-W-N-N-N-N-N!
      (Panini stares at Endive)
      Endive: What?
      Panini: Thank--
      Endive: Don't make me sick! Get out you your claw! I need you to break up this love fest!
      Panini: (remorsefully) Sorry, Chowder, I'll try to make this as painless as possible. (draws her claws and begins to attack Chowder, Mung Daal, Gorgonzola, and Stilton)

    • Stilton: Shalah lah lah lah! Shalah lah lah lah! Shalah lah lah!

    • Chowder: (dresses like a girl) Looks like someones feeling poopy. Scoopidy doop dee doop!

    • Endive: 499, 500. Wow, after all that warming up mama's feeling hungry, go get me a hot dog.
      Panini: Yes, Ma'am.
      Endive: Oh, how did that happen? We seem to be... alone.

    • Gorgonzola: Oh, you think you're gonna ace this one, eh, pudge?
      Chowder: What's the problem? It sounds fun!
      Gorgonzola: Problem is, I have to throw you!
      Chowder: And that's a problem 'cus?
      Gorgonzola: 'Cus you weigh 700 pounds?

    • Chowder: Guess what, Gorgonzola. Mung says I get Ultimate Thrice Cream if I win!
      Gorgonzola: You will not be winning anything.
      Chowder: Why not?
      Gorgonzola: Because I'm going to make sure you lose.
      Chowder: Why?
      Gorgonzola: Because.
      Chowder: Because why?
      Gorgonzola: Just because!
      Chowder: Just because why?
      Gorgonzola: Because I said so!
      Chowder: Well, which is it? Am I gonna lose just because you said so, or did you say so just because I'm gonna lose?
      Gorgonzola: Stop talking!
      (short pause)
      Chowder: So, do you want me to stop talking and lose or lose and stop talking?

    • Mung: The Apprentice Games, where the best representatives of Marzipan City--
      Endive: Give it a rest, Mung. We heard all your blathering in the first part.

    • Gorgonzola: (to Chowder) I guess you're not a total waste.
      Chowder: I guess you're not a solid waste, either.
      Gorgonzola: I'm gonna kill him.

    • (Chowder and Gorgonzola are onstage dressed as Panini and Ceviche respectively)
      Gorgonzola: Chowder, what are you doing?! We're supposed to be dancing! Not singing!
      Chowder: Listen to me, Gorgonzola, we can win this, but you have to trust me! Do you trust me?
      Gorgonzola: Strangely enough, I do.

    • Panini: (looks at Mung, who's disguised as Chowder) Chow--
      Mung: I'm not your boyfriend!

    • Chowder: Mung? These kids are...EXERCISING!!!!
      Mung Daal: Oh? Did I forget to mention this was a physical competition?
      Chowder: (screams) You said this would be fun! Now the fun's GONE!!!!

    • Panini: (Mung enters dressed as Chowder) Chowder?
      Mung: I'm not your boyfriend!

    • Mung: Chowder, stop buttering yourself.
      (Chowder hides)
      Mung: Just wait until I get my hands on you, you greasy butterball.

    • Chowder: Something smell likes...
      Mung: Endive!

    • Endive: Panini, drop and give me twenty!
      Panini: Only twenty? Winners do more than twenty. (drops and does more than twenty pushups) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...
      Endive: That's my girl.

    • Panini: Hey, Num-Nums.
      Chowder: (pulls down his hat and muffles, takes his hat off and it screams) I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND!!

    • Gorgonzola: We need to go out there and reclaim our dignity!
      Chowder: Dignity? Is that a new flavor of Thrice Cream?
      Gorgonzola: I'm still going to kill him.

  • NOTES (10)


    • Who Framed Roger Rabbit

      The bunny that dances with a girl looks similar to Roger from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

    • Names of the Food:

      Pâté- is a form of spreadable paste, usually made from meat (although vegetarian variants exist), and often served with toast as a starter. "Pâté" is a French word which designates a mixture of minced meat and fat.

      Stilton- It is produced in two varieties: the well-known blue and the lesser-known white. Both have been granted the status of a protected designation of origin by the European Commission

      Ceviche- is a form of citrus-marinated seafood salad, popular in mainly Latin American countries.

    • Chowder: There is no "I" in a team. Of course, there is no "O" either.

      This could be a reference of what Hugh Neutron said in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius in Maximum Hugh

    • This episode is probably a reference to the Spongebob SquarePants episode, The Fry Cook Games because he was working on the show at the time.