Season 2 Episode 1

The Arborians / The Garage Sale

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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The Arborians / The Garage Sale
The Arborians: After tasting some dry pancakes, Mung, Chowder, and Shnitzel decide to get syrup. But unfortunately, the syrup comes from annoying trees. The Garage Sale: Chowder resorts to drastic measures to save all his precious junk from being sold at Mung and Truffles' garage sale.

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  • Not the best "Chowder" has to offer.

    "The Arborians" - Mung whips up a batch of pancakes, but they are too dry to eat! They need syrup - and the best syrup comes from properly-grown Arborian trees. Though, Arborians are very hard to please. They constantly need fancy stuff like marble columns and statues of lions to grow.

    Will the gang be able to put up with them long enough to get some syrup? The Arborians were very mean/rude to the main characters and I did not like that at all. The best part of this episode is when you see what happens to the Arborians in the end.

    "The Garage Sale" - Nothing truly special in this episode. The gang realizes that the catering company is so cluttered they can't find anything, so they decide to have a garage sale and sell everything they don't need anymore. Chowder is horrified - he thinks they are selling all his important stuff! So he goes to great lengths to save it all. Don't get too excited about this pair - a bit disappointing.moreless
  • This is the worst so far.

    The Arborians: Apparently, I need to see this episode more, on the other hand, this episode is the worst so far for the show. I miss some part of the beginning, I don't know how the pancakes got dry, so they have the Arborians to get syrup. I don't get this episode because they somehow refuse the syrup and annoy them more by staying at Mung's with their other relatives! Why?! At the end, the Arborians go to Endive's, and Chowder states that they still have their DRY pancakes, then an Arborian comes by. What now with the pancakes :(

    Episode Grade: D+

    Garage Sale: Mung finds his kitchen a mess, so he sells what he doesn't need as a garage sale. No! I want somethinng to do with cooking!(Although there are some eps like that)When Chowder thinks 'his stuff' is being taken by others, he starts to eat all the unwanted items. At the end, Chowder's stuff gets away. The Chowder-Going-Crazy part became worse.(Not at the end) Anyway, where's the introduced foods?

    Episode Grade: C-

    Final Grade: D+moreless
  • Well, it hasn't aired yet but i am looking forward to it. It seems like a fun episode even if I don't know what it's about. Someone changed the name from "Panini for President" to " N/A". I can't wait to hear what it's about. Will Panini become president?moreless

    Ok nice episode. Must be about Panini becoming president, which is the title. I can't wait to hear about it and learn more of what it's about. I want to find the date. And probably write another review. I wonder why it's called Panini for President. Panini must be " Living her dream" as president in this episode. I hope she is. Maybe Chowder will get a kiss from the president. Maybe, just maybe. And maybe Chowder will become jealous and run for president. Will he? Tune in later to find out what this amazing, wonderful episode is truly about. Will Chowder or Panini be living the sweet life?moreless
Dwight Schultz

Dwight Schultz

Cousin Arbor / Tubby #2 / Crab

Guest Star

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Brother Arbor / Meat Oaf / Tubby #1

Guest Star

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Baby Arbor / Arbor's Other Daughter / Lady / Bear

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (12)

    • Chowder: (takes a bite out of Mung's new pancakes) The pancakes are a wittle dwy.
      Mung: I agwee.
      Shnitzel Wadda wadda.
      Mung: What we need is some syrup!
      Chowder: Yay!
      Mung: (Holds up a seed) The best syrup is Arborian syrup, and that only comes from an Arborian tree.
      Chowder: Mung, that's a seed, not a tree.
      Mung: (flatly) Let's go to the next scene before I say something I'll regret.

    • Chowder: Mung? Are you in here? (sees skeleton shaped like Mung Daal) Aaaaah!
      Mung: Calm down, Chowder! I just made this out of flour & water. Like it?
      Chowder: Eh, it's pretty cool.
      Mung: (Shnitzel enters the closet) Shnitzel? What happened?
      Shnitzel: Radda radda.
      Mung: YOU didn't want to marry the daughter, either?

    • Man: Does this toaster work?
      Mung: Yeah, it works great.
      Chowder: He's lying! That toaster hasn't worked in years! Don't listen to the crazy old blue man!
      Man: So you're trying to sell a broken toaster? I can't trust no one no more.

    • Mung: (dressed as Arborian with strong accent) This place is disgusting home! More marble columns! More tigers holding lightning bolts! This is disgraceful Arborian home! Right, Chow--I mean, little Arbor Jr.?
      Chowder: (accent) This place disgusting! I spit on floor! (spits)
      Mung: (normal voice) Don't spit on my floor!
      Chowder: (normal) Sorry.

    • Chowder: (sniggering) Hehehehehehehehehehehehe.
      Mung: Did you find it?
      Chowder: Nope.

    • Mung: (nervously) Uh...once upon a time there was uh... a p-pretzel named Kevin.
      Meat Loaf: Ooh?
      Mung: ...He lived happily ever after. The end.

    • Truffles: And if we get enough money, we can--
      Chowder: Buy a cow?
      Mung: Why do you want a cow?
      Chowder: 'Cause cows make delicious.
      Mung: Delicious what?
      Chowder: What?

    • Gazpacho: Do you take credit cards?
      Mung: Sure.
      Gazpacho: I do not have credit cards, Mother says they create temptation. Do you take checks?
      Mung: Okay.
      Gazpacho: I don't have checks. How about an I.O.U.?
      Mung: Yes...
      Gazpacho: Do you have a pen and some paper?
      Mung: Just take the forks!

    • Mung: What are you doing?
      Yellow Bird: I'm just look through your stuff.
      Mung: Well, we're not open yet, so you have to go away.
      Yellow Bird: Aww, come on, I'll be your best friend!
      Mung: No! I already have a best friend, his name's Tony.
      Tony: 'Sup.

    • Chowder: You! Don't buy those records, you'll die!

    • Mung: Oh, no! Chowder's turned into a hideous sea creature! Oh, wait... that's just Truffles.

    • Chowder: Speaking of which,where is Mung?
      Arbor: I locked him in the...I mean...I think he had to go pee.
      Chowder: That's weird. It's been ten days and it usually takes only seven or eight days to pee. I'm gonna go look for him.
      Arbor: Wait! I will let you marry my most pretty daughter.
      Arbor's Daughter: Here I am, Father!
      Arbor: No, not you! I said most pretty daughter.
      Arbor's Other Daughter: Here I am, Father!
      Chowder: Blagh! Blagh! No way! Girls are icky!

  • NOTES (3)


    • The part where Shnitzel chases the "early bird" away with an parasol may be a reference to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where Henry Jones Sr. scared a flock of seagulls with his parasol.

    • The Arborians take their name from the Latin word "arbor," meaning "tree." Every Arborian is called either Arbor, if it is a male, or Arbora, if it is female.

    • The part when Shnitzel was asked to play seed planting music was a spoof off of the band Devo. Aparently, Shnitzel was wearing a yellow turtle neck sweater and a pink bucked hat which was what the members of the band wore alot.