Season 2 Episode 10

The B.L.T.'s / The Trouble with Truffles

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jun 11, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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The B.L.T.'s / The Trouble with Truffles
The B.L.T.'s: Mung tries to help Chowder pass the B.L.T., an exam all apprentices must take.

The Trouble with Truffles: When Truffles' voice keeps driving customers away, she decides to get a new one.

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  • Bacon lettuce and Tomato!

    The B.L.Ts

    This episode was pretty good. One day while shopping, Endive remins Mung of the B.L.Ts. Which means basic learning test. But Chowder can only think of bacon, lettuce, and tomatos. Mung Daal tries to train Chowder but he is easily distracted. Finally the test day comes and Chowder goes to school with Chesnut as his teacher. Mung keeps trying to help Chowder pass the test, but he keeps getting beat up by Chesnut. Mung later finds out that the test was just for enthusiasm, and Chowder has it.

    The Trouble with Truffles

    Truffles keeps scaring away customers with her loud voice so she goes out to town to get a new one. She finally gets a new voice which makes her sound kind and gentle. Soon the boys start taking advantage of Truffles by acting like caveman. Truffles dresses up as cavegirl which distracts Mung to give back the device that controls Truffle's voice. She sets it to her old voice and is back to her own self again, giving orders.moreless
  • Panini finally returns!

    "The BLTs" - Chowder has to study and learn everything for his BLTs (Basic Learning Test) in just a few hours! If he doesn't pass, he won't get to be a chef anymore! Mung doesn't want that to happen, so he has to make sure Chowder passes the BLTs - even if it means cheating. I really liked this episode, i thad some pretty funny moments. It wasn't perfect, though. I explained why below.

    "The Trouble With Truffles" - Truffles, after many complaints by the gang and the customers, figures out that her voice is getting too loud. She finds out that with the help of a special gadget, she make her voice sound as calm and pleasant as she desires. However, being unable to yell anymore, how can the gang take her seriously? This is truly a special episode - there is a very cool surprise that you would not expect!

    These episodes, in my opinion, are some of the best there's been in a long time. There was only one thing that prevented me from giving them a 10. *SPOILER ALERT* In "The BLTs" Chowder throws a book at Panini, which I thought was uncalled for and quite mean.moreless
Nicky Jones

Nicky Jones


Guest Star

Dwight Schultz

Dwight Schultz

Sailor / Flu-Berry / Behind the Scene Friend #2 / Worker #2

Guest Star

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Calm Sexy Voice

Guest Star

Mindy Sterling

Mindy Sterling

Ms. Endive

Recurring Role

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    • Chowder: Hey, Mrs. Unicorn!
      Unicorn: Hello, Chowder.
      Chowder: I'm gonna fail this test!
      Unicorn: That means you'll never cook with Mung again! Do you need any help failing?
      Chowder: Nah, I got this!

    • Truffles: Voice lessons? Two easy steps? Oooh.. that's one less than three! (walks inside)
      Voice: Please, sit down. What is your name?
      Truffles: Truffles?
      Voice: Good. You have passed the first step. Now for your second step.
      Truffles: (sees knob) A knob? What kind of mashugenah voice lessons are these?
      Voice: Try it on.
      Truffles: OK, but if this activates my fibromialga, I'm gonna-- (puts knob on, turns it) (Indian accent) Honey? I got the Stevenson account. Now we can finally take that trip to Cabo.

    • Mung: You guys notice with Truffles being quieter it's been so... calm?
      Shnitzel: Yeah. I'm so calm. Now the audience can finally understand what I'm saying! Yo! What's up? I'm Shnitzel! All right!
      Chowder: Nah, that doesn't work for us.
      Shnitzel: (grumbling) Grrrr... radda radda radda radda.

    • Chowder: Aw, poor Truffles. She missed the door.
      Mung: Yeah, boy. Sometimes it's hard being a pixie sprite.
      Shnitzel: Radda radda-ra!
      Mung: Yes, Shnitzel, we all know it's hard being a rock monster, too, but this episode's not about you, is it?

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