Season 1 Episode 18

The Broken Part / The Meach Harvest

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jul 10, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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The Broken Part / The Meach Harvest
The Broken Part: When Chowder breaks a part of a machine, Mung Daal sends him out to fetch a new one, but Chowder has trouble remembering what he has to get.

The Meach Harvest: Mung has to make a dish that requires a fruit that he fears, so he sends Chowder and Shnitzel to get the fruit.moreless

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  • "The Broken Part" definitely makes my day

    The Broken Part: When Chowder breaks a part of a machine, Mung Daal sends him out to fetch a new one, but Chowder has trouble remembering what he has to get. I love this episode of "Chowder" and it's definitely one of my favorites even though it has one nit-pick. My only nit-pick about this episode was that Chowder repeatedly forgetting what to buy for Mung Daal was getting annoying but I didn't take away points but I will admit that it's very funny at the same time. Chowder throughout this episode trying to buy the legs for Mung Daal was funny. That man full of gold was also very funny. Oh my gosh, I also had to crack up when Chowder was in the legs and dressed up as a woman and said "Hey pretty boy". The very ending of the episode was hilarious as well. Overall, with only one nit-pick... this is easily one of my favorite "Chowder" episodes and it was good to watch again since it has been like two years since I've watched it. 10/10

    The Meach Harvest: Mung has to make a dish that requires a fruit that he fears, so he sends Chowder and Shnitzel to get the fruit. This episode was enjoyable but it wasn't as good as "The Broken Part" though. My score is a little low because the storyline to this episode does scare me especially the flashback with Mung Daal getting attacked for 25 years by those meaches until his spirits were lost. I just find it to be scary and I feel so bad for Mung Daal. Usually in cartoons, a character being attacked is hilarious but the flashback with Mung getting attacked by the meaches just was NOT funny at all and it just scared me plus Mung's face expressions thinking about the meach scares me as well. This episode also didn't have a lot of funny parts so I only laughed like three times out of the whole episode. The funniest part of the episode is probably the very ending. Overall, despite the fact that the storyline actually scared me, this episode was overall enjoyable but not my favorite. 9/10moreless
  • "The Meach Harvest" gets my vote as the scariest episode of Chowder.

    "The Broken Part" - This one was not very good, in my opinion. All Chowder has to is pick up a new set of feet for Mung's Feetza 3000 machine, but whenever he goes out to get it, he can not remember what to get! After many tries, Mung tells CHowder that if he does not have the feet the next time he comes to the catering company, his head will explode! Chowder, actually believeing that, wouldn't want that to happen! Will he be able to remember what he needs long enough to buy it? This episode had a pretty good song in it and good character, but most of the episode was pretty boring.

    "The Meach Harvest" - A customer wants Mung to make him a Minced-Meach pie, a dish that brings back some horrible memories for Mung. He does not want to go near the Meaches, so he sends CHowder and Shnitzel out to get them. Will they suceed? Again, they draw Mung in a very grotesque-looking way. There are some funny things in this episode, but overall this is one of my least favorite episodes.

    I don't recommend them.moreless
  • What? Are they even trying anymore?

    I mean seriously, This episode was so stupid! they barely are even a part of the plot, i mean they both are needed to make a dish but still, completly off topic, it even had bad jokes and not many at all. the only thing i really liked about this episode was grits, who is now my favorite charecter, this is the only thing that brought light to these two episodes, i almost regret watching this and wasting my time that thursday night, don't get me wrong i am a big chowder fan, but really, C.H greenblatt, you can do better then this, COME ON! is your mind already running out of idea's? please, make more episodes that are as good as the others.moreless
  • Still in shock watching Chowder in woman's clothing

    The Broken Part

    Now, I like this. Chowder must get a part to replace a broken one. Soon, he meets Fritz, A golden statue. He helps Chowder get more money for the Broken part. So, at the end, Chowder and his friends help him make the pizzas.

    Final Grade: C+

    The Meach harvest

    This was a Mung Daal episode. And, it was pretty bad. Mung must concure his fear of Meaches. Cause he made a miss meaches pie. And, got mauled by the Meaches for his hole life. That is the reason he has a mohawk. So, he concures his fears and, Shnezal loses his body. And, gets tomarrow off. Final Grade: D+

    Final grade: C, 6moreless
  • Chowder must find some legs for the pizza machine.

    Chowder was dressed up as a girl, Went through a montage, and met Gritz. Chowder though a fish cloud was a chicken. Old man lollipop freaked me out. I also liked the depressed hot dog guy. In all, It was a prety good episode. One of my favorites. The meach harvest was okay. The mairachi costumes were unique. We got to see a flashback of mung's past. Mung also Goes crazy, as seen in Mung on the rocks. There was a lot of violence, because of the Meaches. Not as good as the broken part, but was okay. Panini wasn't in either episode.moreless
Dwight Schultz

Dwight Schultz

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John DiMaggio

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Tara Strong

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