Season 1 Episode 14

The Bruised Bluenana / Shnitzel and the Lead Farfel

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jun 12, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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The Bruised Bluenana / Shnitzel and the Lead Farfel
The Bruised Bluenana: Panini tricks Chowder into nursing an injured bluenana back to health in order to get close to him.

Shnitzel and the Lead Farfel: Shnitzel trains to revive his muscles and lift the heaviest object around, the Dreaded Lead Farfel.

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  • Two episodes that hold their own in a series of highs and lows.

    Together these episodes hold their own as a decent representation of what this series and it's creators can make. In a magical food related world, things can be rather wacky, but it does not have to be downright pointless. Sadly the latter did happen as the series progressed.

    The Bruised Bluenana - Panini really takes the cake in this episode as she devises a plan to make her love crush, Chowder, be with her while they help a bruised banana-type creature. To their surprise, it turns out to actually be a creature. The viewer is treated with various techniques in animation in this episode as well, that is unique and quirky only to this show.

    Shnitzel and the Lead Farfel - Schnitzel is a large rock monster who is strong, but in this episode, he realizes he has relaxed too much and lost most of his strength. It takes hard work and a rock music montage to help Schnitzel accomplish his goal which is a good message for kids.

  • Not bad, not bad at all!

    "The Bruised Bluenana" – Hysterical! While trying to run away from Panini, Chowder accidentally bruises a bluenana. Panini, after convincing Chowder that the bluenana is like a baby, tells Chowder that she and him must nurse it back to health, just so she can be close to him! Chpwder know that she won't go away until the bruise is gone, so he has to heal it – and fast! Can it be done? Very good! I think that's all I need to say! "Shnitzel and the Lead Farfel" – While this is a good story, it is not very original. After attempting to lift a heavy item, Shnitzel realizes that he is out of shape – to the point where he cannot even open a pickle jar! What help will he be in the kitchen if he is so weak? Mung and Chowder decide to train him and make him so strong that he can lift anything, including the heaviest object in Marzipan city…the Lead Farfel! This episode, while I did like the talking rocks and toenut jokes, was just plain boring in my opinion and the ending was a little too predictable. I recommend these episodes to Chowder fans, but I'd recommend "The Bruised Bluenana" before "Shnitzel and the Lead Farfel".moreless
  • I liked Bruised Bluenana, but Lead Farfel was dumb.

    The Bruised Bluenana: This episode was about Panini chasing Chowder and then chowder bruising this fruit called a "bluenana" (banana) and then Panini like thinks it's their baby or something. Then chowder is forced by panini to take care of it 24/7. chowder doesn't like it, especailly when panini starts to be around all the time. This one had some good jokes in it and wad pretty funny and was the strongest of the two episodes.

    Schnitzel and the Lead Farfel: I hate this one. It's disappointing to start out with a great episode and end with a very weak stupid one. This segment is basically about Schnitzel, who isn't very strong anymore, so he decides to lift the heaviest thing ever, the lead farfel. This one was very bad, bad jokes, boring, and ends up dumb.

    Brusied Bluenana was the best.moreless
  • Two excelent episodes!

    The Bruised Bluenana

    Panini uses a bluenana to get closer to Chowder. Saying that the bluenana is their baby. Chowder is so stupid. That's why they made him a scatter brain in "Brain Grub" At the end. Chowder hugs Panini. For the first time!

    Final Score: A

    Shnitzel and the Lead Farful

    Now, Shnitzel is overweight he visits the Lead Farful, a lead creature that has a mustash. So at the end. Shnitzel lifts Lead Farful. But, crashs. And, now for the final test. Open the pickle jar. He does it. And, now it's the everybody loves Kuzco dance! (Dances)

    Final Score: A-

    Final Score: Amoreless
  • Another one of my top favorites, though all of the Chowder episodes are excellent!

    In "The Bruised Bluenana," Panini used a bruised bluenana (basically a blue banana)as an excuse to get close to Chowder. Panini loves Chowder and this episode really shows it. She always finds every possible opportunity to let Chowder know that he is her boyfriend. Panini treats the bluenana as a baby, and calls it Chowder's and her baby. This episode is well written and very entertaining the whole way through. In "Shnitzel and the Lead Farfel," Shnitzel becomes weak and soft, in Chowder's words "like a big marshmallow!" Shnitzel must regain his strength in order to keep his job and help in the kitchen. Mung Daal, Chowder, and the Lead Farfel humiliated Shnitzel until he was mad enough to train in order to regain his strength. When Shnitzel believed he was strong enough, he confronted the Lead Farfel. This episode wasn't as good as "The Bruised Bluenana," but it was definately funny and it made me want to keep watching until the very end. Well, all episodes do that. 10/10moreless
Dwight Schultz

Dwight Schultz

Guy #1 / Man / Vendor / Rubble Steve

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John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio


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Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Woman / Bluenana Mom / Mom

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • "Shnitzel & The Lead Farfel" won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual in Animation.

    • In "The Bruised Bluenana" Panini gets a red marker, lipstick, and a foam finger from behind herself.

    • In The Bruised Bluenana, when Chowder is fast-forwarding the episode, the scene where he is running after tearing out of his shirt is playing in reverse. That one scene is being rewind while the rest are being fast-forwarded.

    • Look Hard: In a couple scenes when Panini is in Chowder's shirt with him, Chowder's hand is through the sleeve on Panini's side. It shouldn't be there, because it looks like Chowder's hand is disconnected from his body.

    • Chowder's shirt had long sleeves on it before Panini jumped into it, but when Panini came to Gazpacho, wearing Chowder's shirt, it doesn't have sleeves.

    • Look Hard: After Chowder rips out of his shirt, his shoes disappear.

    • Look Hard: As Shnitzel's carrying the Lead Farfel, you can see one of the lines that has Endive's name on it.

    • Look Hard: The first line in front of the Lead Farfel say's "Mung Daal."

    • Chowder accidentally says banana instead of bluenana while singing to the bluenana.

    • Mung didn't seem to mind when Panini entered his kitchen.

    • In Shnitzel and the Lead Farfel, Chowder asks if he can have another banana. But in The Bruised Bluenana, there were bluenanas, implying that the equivalent to a banana in Marzipan is a bluenana. Thus, bananas shouldn't exist in Marzipan City.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Panini: Hold up! Let's get one thing straight! Right her, right now. (puckers lips and shakes her head repeatedly to fitting music)
      Shnitzel: (stops Panini from shaking head)
      Panini: Thanks Shnitzel.
      Shnitzel: Radda Radda.

    • Gazpacho: (after Chowder explained what happened to the shirt) I see. Mother always tells me that when a woman jumps into your cloak, and pretends to have a fruit for a baby and you can't get away, there's only one thing left to do. (disappears)
      Chowder: Nah. Women can smell fear.
      Gazpacho: (reappears) Aw, nuts.

    • Mung: (referring to Shnitzel) I've seen him lift things that'll melt your brain!
      Chowder: (breaks spine)
      Mung: Chowder? Is that your spine?
      Chowder: Mmm... toenuts.

    • Panini: Did you ever notice that the baby has your eyes? Aww, they're beautiful. Just like you... touch. (Panini touches Chowder's cheek)
      Chowder: AAH! (he hits Panini with red and yellow fruit on a stem that resemble grapes)
      Panini: Chowder, stop! You're making the baby cry! You'd better make it happy or else it wont heal.

    • Chowder: Hey, Panini, Guess what?
      Panini: You love me?
      Chowder: Ewww... NO! We're off the hook!

    • Panini: (looking at Chowder through a heart-shaped telescope) Smart... manly... sophisticated... What more could a girl want?! Time to catch me my man.

    • Chowder: Lullaby, and good night.
      My pretend bluenana baby...
      Please get better quickly,
      so Panini will stop following me.
      All the time! (Falls asleep on Bluenana)
      Panini: Hello, Chowder (Chowder looks up and, he has a beard made from bluenana) Diggin' the new beard.

    • Chowder: Hey, Gazpacho, I gotta need to feed! What's looking good today?
      Gazpacho: Besides my stylin' new gentleman's bouffant. It's like a ladies bouffant, but only for gentlemen.
      (Chowder stares awkwardly)
      Gazpacho: Well, mother likes it.

    • Man: Why don't you love me anymore?
      Woman: I just don't.

    • (Chowder bruised a bluenana)
      Panini: Chowder, what did you do to our baby!
      Chowder: Our... baby?
      Panini: We have to nurse our baby back to health!
      Chowder: We?
      Panini: What?
      Chowder: You said we?
      Panini: We what?
      Gazpacho: Who said what?
      Chowder: She said we?
      Panini: You?
      Gazpacho: Me?
      Chowder: No me?
      Panini: We. (dreamy look)
      Gazpacho: Who?
      Chowder: I don't even know anymore!
      Panini: Chowder! Our baby bluenana is sick! We have no choice but to heal it... together.
      Chowder: We?

    • (as Chowder was about to leave Panini, she cries for real, then Chowder hugs her and rushes off)
      Panini: I knew it! You do love me!
      Chowder: (shouting offscreen) I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND!!
      Panini: Ahh, music to my ears.

    • Mung: Well, you know what you gotta do.
      Chowder: (turns invisible)
      Mung: No, she'll still find you. Women can smell fear.

    • Gazpacho: (after Chowder jumps into the pickle barrel) Uh, Chowder?
      Chowder: Yeah?
      Gazpacho: It's crowded in here.

    • Chowder: (about the bruised bluenana) How long does it take to heal?
      Panini: Hopefully weeks!

    • Shnitzel: (punches a rock several times until it breaks) RAAAAAADDDAAAAAAAAA!!! (He then cheers and leaves)
      Rock: Holy moly! Did you see what happened to Steve!?

    • Chowder: (to Shnitzel) Don't do it!
      Mung: You're not ready!
      Chowder: (pokes Shnitzel) Ew. He still feels a little smooshy. He's gonna die.
      Mung: Think positive. Maybe he'll only be horribly mutilated.

    • Lead Farfel: (to Shnitzel) You! Have you come to cry some more, baby? Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo. I'm a baby and I wear a diaper. Ooh, looky. Ooh, the diaper filled. Ooh, I need some changing.
      Vendor: Why do you wear a diaper?
      Lead Farfel: No. See, I was pretending to be this guy.
      Vendor: Whatever, diaper-wearer.
      Lead Farfel: I hate you, man.

    • (the Buns of Steel fall on top of Shnitzel)
      Chowder: I think he's dead.
      (Shnitzel slowly lifts the Buns of Steel up again)
      Mung: No, he's fine. See?
      (the Buns of Steel fall on Shnitzel again)
      Mung: Okay, now he's dead.

    • Chowder: I've never seen buns that big!
      Mung: I have, but let's leave Truffles' mother out of this.
      Truffles: What was that?!
      Mung: Nothing. Nothing, dear.
      Truffles: Are you talking about my mom's heinie?
      Mung: No, no! Of course not! Why would I be?
      Truffles: Because she has a ginormous tush, that's why!

    • Chowder: Gazpacho, help! I'm being held hostage by a madwoman!
      Gazpacho: Oh, my gosh! A madwoman?! (hides in a pickle barrel)

  • NOTES (12)