Season 2 Episode 11

The Dinner Theater

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jun 25, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • Great episode. I loved all of it.

    Ruffles says that they need a new way to earn money so Gazpacho recomends Dinner Theater. The next day they hold auditons. Panini gets the part of the murdered girl, Gazpacho gets the part of Bon Bon the murderer, and Chowder becomes the detective. Not realizing that it's play, Chowder believes that a lot of the cast members are really being killed. On the opening night, Chowder turns the play into a musical. In the end Gazpacho chases everyone out of the resturant. Overall I give Dinner Theater a 9.4. It was an excellent episode and I enjoyed every bit of it.
  • It was a better full episode.But had a bad ending.

    Man,this was pretty even better than Big Ball.I never knew how Chowder could make even better episodes.Mostly of this episode,I love those speeches that they make.But mostly,Panini.But a thing that disturbs me is when Cevive or what the heck his name is gets a extreme close-up.That was very disturbing.Another thing that is really horrible is the end of this episode.It was very horrible to who played who.It was the worst thing ever of the show.And it's even worst than that.Why the heck is Gazpacho is acting like a total killer?!It's so not really cool,but I really loved the full episode.