Season 1 Episode 1

The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin / Chowder's Girlfriend

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin / Chowder's Girlfriend
The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin: If Chowder can survive making a very complicated dish, he's on his way to becoming a chef. Though it seem's impossible, He stands tall for every step, but the last step is the one that finally breaks him.

Chowder's Girlfriend:
When Panini set her love-struck eyes on Chowder, he tries every trick he can think of to convince her that he's not her boyfriend, but fails.


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  • Perfect start for a superb show.

    The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin: I really enjoyed this episode. I hasn't seen this episode (and Chowder's girlfriend) since April 11, 2010 (yes, I still remember that day I watched it), but I'll try to remember the parts that were great/funny. The parts that I liked were the beginning, Schintzel repeatdly being attacked by the creature (it remains me of that Family Guy episode), the steps for the recipe, Chowder eating the Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin, and that's pretty much it. Overall, a perferct first episode of Chowder. 10/10

    Chower's Girlfriend: Like the previous one, this episode was perfect. It is a tad bit better than FACT since I laughed so hard at this episode. It introduced Ms. Endive and Panini (if I spelled their names right). The part where Panini see Chowder and try to taste the food (forgot what it called) was funny. Gazpacho's part in this episode was hilarious when he was singing "I'm not your girlfriend." I laughed so hard when Panini holds Chowder and then Chowder splits at her and then everywhere for a long time. I laughed as well when Chowder try to bring a present for Panini, being someone (when he thinks that he's dead) and try to bring the cake. Those parts were super hilarious. I really need to watch this episode again. Overall, it was perfect and hilarious. 10/10moreless
  • Chowder and Shniztal try to make a deposit.

    This episode is hilarious, and it has one of my favorite lines in Chowder history, Candy Lady: Would you like a lollipop? Chowder: Would I!

    Candy Lady: Would You?

    Chowder:Would I!

    Candy Lady: Would you?

    Chowder: Would I what?

    Candy Later: Would you like a lollipop?

    Chowder: Would I!

    This episode will go down as a classic, Chowder's a great show with a lot of potential, and hopefully it will be the first Cartoon Network show to make a 100 episodes. The animation in this episode is great with a lot of epic shots and lots of crowd shots. Chowder has great animation. The writing was great and was completely character-driven. I love Chowder and hope it lasts a long time.moreless
  • "Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin" was just okay, but "Chowder's Girlfriend" was a gem!

    "Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin" - This was the very first episode of Chowder and it is pretty good considering. It's basically about the characters working together to make a very complicated dish (and when I say complicated, I mean it has almost 70 steps to it!) before the customer comes to pick it up. Quite funny and it portrays the characters very well. "Chowder's Girlfriend" - To this day, this is one of my favorite episodes! Chowder runs into a girl named Panini while out shopping. She instantly falls in love in Chowder, but Chowder does not feel the same way. He tries to tell this to Panini, but she doesn't seem to be able to get the hint! Can he tell Panini how he feels without breaking her heart? Hilarious - definitely a must see!

    I recommend these episodes to all fans of Chowder and similar cartoons.moreless
  • An awesome beggining

    Let's just say the show was amazing. First off panini thinking chowder and her are boyfriend and girlfriend? makes the show 2X as funny as it would be without. chowder always tries to shake her off but it will never work!. And the froggy apple crumple thumpkin. The name is out of this world. And boy did the episode make me laugh. Chowder and mung's first dish was an amazing one, that you have to beat in a thumb wrestle. And obviously mung leaves the hard part to chowder. Even though it was the first episode it seems so deep into the series considering how funny it is.moreless
  • Classic! The best so far!

    Okay, Chowder by far is the greatest show on Cartoon Network! Shnitzel is the best!!! Chowder is also awsome, infact, all of the characters are amazing!!! this pilot episode is especially great though. It is a true pilot because it shows a regular day at Mung Daal's catering company. It doesn't have any side tracks, and it introduces the four major characters and the Marzipan city, the location of the Chowder series. The only detail I don't like though is that it is a pilot, and in true pilot fasion, the places, characters, voices, and facts are all slightly different. If they were to remake this episode, exactly the sam, but with updated characters, voices, settings, and facts to modern chowder, I would give that episone a perfect 10!moreless
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Dwight Schultz

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Tara Strong


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Mindy Sterling

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Goof: Panini tells Chowder in this episode that she's breaking up with him and they can still be friends, but in following episodes she keeps trying and saying Chowder is her boyfriend.

    • Look Hard: In "Chowder's Girlfriend", the first time Chowder goes over to Ms. Endive's, he enters through what looks like the back door. (How would he know how to go that way, anyway?) But in all his succeeding visits there, he goes through the front door (even ringing the doorbell), where Panini answers him.

    • Since "The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin" is a full screen format episode, it wasn't shown correctly on the Chowder DVD volume 1 disc.

    • Panini makes her first apperance in Chowder's Girlfriend.

    • The animations were different in The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin than future episodes. For example, the interior of Mung Daal Catering Company is different than usual, Truffles doesn't have a pattern on her dress like she did in future episodes, Gazpacho is wearing purple clothes instead of blue, Shnitzel's pattern is a bunch of squiggles and curls rather than straight lines, and Mung's ears are bigger.

    • If the little monster from the no-fruit is disliked by Mung and the others, why was it liked by Panini?

    • If Panini said that she needed her space and they could just stay friends, then why in later episodes, she bothers Chowder trying to kiss him or get close?

      Response: Panini likes when Chowder plays hard to get.

    • In Chowder's Girlfriend, they had grabbles. But in The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin, they had apples instead of grabbles.

    • In The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin, Shnitzel was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson instead of by John DiMaggio.

    • The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin was first aired along with Shnitzel Makes a Deposit.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • (Panini, sipping juice from a box, stares lovingly at Chowder, who tries to get away from her, but she's blocking his passage.) Panini: Hi, Chowder! Chowder: Uh... hi. (The two stare at each other for several seconds. Panini smiles, but Chowder just looks at her blankly.) Chowder: Why are you staring at me? Panini: Because.... Chowder: Because why? Is there something on my face? (He gently rubs his cheeks.) Panini: When we were shopping today, we picked up some powdered flearts. (She offers him a fleart - a heart-shaped cookie.) You want one? Chowder: What do they taste like? Panini: Taste it and find out. Chowder (not believing her): Is it salty? Panini (trying to convince him): Well, taste it and find out. Chowder (still not convinced): Is it spicy? Panini (a bit angry, holding the fleart closer to him): TASTE IT! (Chowder then grabs the fleart from Panini's hand and eats it.) Panini (dreamily): I love flearts. (bats her eyes) They're famous for romance. Chowder (coughing out some crumbs): Romance is a little dry. Panini (offering Chowder her juice box): Have a sip of my juice? (Chowder takes a few sips)

    • Mung: (after the stink sack explodes) Aw, Shnitzel! What did you eat, man?!

    • Mung: It's been a few hundred years since I've made this, so we have to confront the really...really...really big book of recipes.
      Chowder: Excitement!
      Mung: A little lower please, Shnitzel. (Shnitzel lowers Mung and he accidentally smacks in to the book) Too low! (Gets pulled up) Now, we'll need the following ingredients.

    • (The telephone rings several times, until Truffles answers it)
      Truffles: Hello! Mung Daal Catering Company! You book it, we cook it! Ah, you'd like to place an order? Ah, terrific!
      (The customer's dialogue is deliberately unintelligible)
      Truffles: Oh, you mumble, darling. Could you please spell that?
      (The customer's dialogue is deliberately unintelligible)
      Truffles: Excellent! Oh, you spelled it wrong, so spell it again.
      Customer: Uh, is that really any necessary?
      Truffles: Well, look, which one of us is the chef here? Me or you?
      Customer: You?
      Truffles: Oh no, not me; I am the chef's wife, but I'll tell him what you want. He will know you don't know how to spell.

    • (Chowder throws up a marching band guy)
      Marching Band Guy: Thanks for the ride. (All marching band guys march out)
      Mung Daal: Sweet beans in a basket. Shnitzel, if you would.

    • Panini: Oh my gosh. That is the sweetest thing anybody ever done to me. You're the best boyfriend in the whole world. (kisses Chowder)

    • Mung: Gazpacho! My man! What's new?
      Gazpacho: I did a sit up this morning.
      Mung: That's teriffic! Maybe tomorrow, you can go for two.
      Gazpacho: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...WHOA! No need to get crazy.

    • (the customer has just received the Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin, which Chowder wants to eat)
      Mung: Hurry, run for it! I can only hold him off for so long! Book it, man, your life depends on it!
      Truffles: And please, come again soon.
      Mung: That went well.
      Truffles: Oh, yes.
      Shnitzel: Radda.

    • (Chowder rings Panini's doorbell and Panini answers the door)
      (Chowder is seen panting, holding a cake and wearing a suit)
      Chowder: Okay, now I got the cake, we can get married now.
      Panini: What are you talking about, dude?
      Chowder: We need to get married... (panting) and save your reputation.
      Panini: Ummm... how do I say this? You're getting wayyy to clingy. You come around like every five seconds.
      (Panini puts her hands in the air and starts waving them around)
      Panini: See this?
      Chowder: Uh huh.
      Panini: This is my space. I need my space.
      Chowder: Uh huh.
      Panini: But we can still be friends, 'kay, dude? (closes door)
      Chowder: (walks away happily, singing) I'm not your boyfriend. I'm not your boyfriend. I'm not your boyfriend. I'm not your boyfriend...!

    • Gazpacho: (listening to Chowder's song on the radio) I'm not your boyfriend... I'm not your boyfriend... I'm not your boyfriend... Okay, that's enough.

    • Panini: (to Gazpacho in a happy voice) I'm Chowder's girlfriendand he is my boyfriend. And we're totally going to be together forever and ever! And now, we're holding hands! (grabs Chowder's hand)
      Chowder: (spits out juice at Panini)

    • (Chowder rings doorbell and Panini answers the door)
      Panini: Oh, hi, Chowder.
      (Chowder extents a present to Panini)
      Panini: (her eyes widen) A present? for me?
      (Panini opens present and a spitting monster comes out spitting everywhere)
      Chowder: Pretty gross, huh? Bet you don't want me to be your boyfriend anymore.
      Panini: (with monster kissing her) Oh my gosh, Chowder you are so thoughtful! I Love it! Now Ms. Muppet has a boyfriend of her own. (reveals another pet. Both pets spit at each other then start to kiss)
      Chowder: Aww, man! I'm not your boyfriend!

    • Mung: Great gobs of gravy, something's blocked out the sun!
      Chowder: I'm scared, I'm scared!
      Endive: (turns around) Playing with our food again, Mr. Daal?
      Mung: (narrows eyes) Endive...!

    • (Chowder rings the doorbell)
      Panini: Hello again, Chowder.
      Chowder: Um, hello, Panini. I have a message for you from Chowder, who I am not.
      Panini: Un, huh.
      Chowder: Yes, Chowder has moved far away, and cannot be your boyfriend.
      Panini: Where did he move to?
      Chowder: Um, down the street, to the next city...
      Panini: Yes?
      (short pause)
      Chowder: He's dead, Chowder's dead.
      Panini: Wanna a cookie, Chowder?
      Chowder: Would I?! Aw, man!

    • Chowder: (to Mung) Say there was this girl who wanted you to be her... boyfriend.
      Mung: (excited) She wants me... to be her boyfriend?! Come on, out with it! Who is she? Is she cute? I bet she's cute!
      Chowder: No, she's icky!
      Mung: Icky, huh? Well, it's lucky that I'm a married man.
      Chowder: But what if you weren't married?
      Mung: If I wasn't married? (eyes sparkle with glee) Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee! (Truffles flies by and whacks him in the head) Love ya, baby!

    • Chowder: (to Kimchi) I don't wanna be a boyfriend! Boyfriends have to do all kinds of weird stuff, like hold hands, and write poetry, and hold hands, and hold hands, and be together forever! FOREVER'S A LONG TIME!

    • Panini: Oh, hi, Chowder.
      Chowder: I'm not your boyfriend! Hey, are those cookies?
      Panini: I made them for you.
      Chowder: Thanks!
      Panini: No problem. It's what girlfriends do.
      Chowder: (walikng away) Girlfriends? Ah, man!

    • Mung: (talking about fighting the thumpkin) Alright, Chowder, are you ready?
      Chowder: Say what?

    • Mung: There's only one more step left in making a froggy apple crumple thumpkin... You have to beat it at thumb wrestling!!

    • Kids: (in the background tired) Step 68.
      Kid: (whining) I wanna go home!

    • Shnitzel: Radda radda radda.
      Mung: No, I'm not going to have Chowder sit this one out. We're making a froggy apple crumple thumpkin!
      Shnitzel: A radda radda radda radda?!
      Chowder: A froggy apple crumple thumpkin?!
      Shnitzel: Radda radda radda radda! Ya' radda!
      Mung: Yes, I know it's a very difficult dish to make. Shnitzel, how many years have you worked for me?
      Shnitzel: Radda radda.
      Mung: And how many times have I been wrong?
      Shnitzel: Radda radda.
      Mung: Really, that many?

  • NOTES (8)


    • Family Guy:

      There are a couple similarities in this episode with the Family Guy episode To Love and Die in Dixie.

      When Mung Daal is looking at the dish and says "it's easy to mistake for bad feet, or good cheese" it is nearly a direct quote of when Brian says when walking in the broken down safe house, "this smells like bad meat, or good cheese."

      Also when Shnitzel has that creature continually attack his face it is very similar to when Peter continually has a Raccoon attack his face throughout the entire episode.

    • Characters' Names:

      1) Chowder - Thick soup.
      2) Mung Daal - a spicy stew with beans.
      3) Truffles - A sought-after edible fruiting body of a group of subterranean ascomycete mushroom.
      4) Shnitzel - A thin cutlet of veal, usually seasoned, that is dipped in batter and fried. The word is suppose to be spelled with the letter "c" between "S" and "h."
      5) Panini - Italian sandwiches made usually with vegetables, cheese, and grilled or cured meat. Her name is a plural noun for Panino.
      6) Miss Endive - An Indian plant (Cichorium endivia) cultivated for its crown of crisp succulent leaves used in salads.
      7) Gazpacho - A chilled soup made with chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, and herbs.
      8) Gorgonzola - A pungent, blue-veined, pressed Italian cheese made of cow's milk.
      9) Kimchi - A Korean dish made of vegetables, such as cabbage or radishes, that are salted, seasoned, and stored in sealed containers to undergo lactic acid fermentation.