Season 1 Episode 11

The Heavy Sleeper / The Moldy Touch

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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The Heavy Sleeper / The Moldy Touch
The Heavy Sleeper: Mung falls asleep because of the blormed milk he made, and Chowder must wake him up before Truffles finds out. The Moldy Touch: Chowder receives the power turn anything he touches into mold. When Mung knew that Chowder got the moldy power, he comes to fight Chowder.moreless

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  • One was about Mung Daal falling asleep and the other was about Chowder meeting a "spice" which turned the town into mold.

    Okay so far, this is the worst two episodes of Chowder ever made. The Heavy Sleeper was okay, but when I saw Shnitzel getting beaten up too much, it gets kind of tiring. Chestnut was also annoying. I never really liked Dracula and I do not like Chestnut that much either. I would The Heavy Sleeper a B-. Then there is The Moldy Touch. *sigh* Where do I start with this one? So Chowder goes into the creepy cellar and meets that special spice that tricks Chowder into thinking he makes food better. I don't think that he would be THAT stupid and gullible. Then when Mung tries to stop him. He tells a lame story and it is just sappy at the end. I would give The Moldy Touch an F.moreless
  • "The Heavy Sleeper" was pretty good, but I'm not sure how I feel about "The Moldy Touch".

    "The Heavy Sleeper" - Mung is having a hard time sleeping so he makes blormed milk (obviously their version a warmed milk) to help. Chowder helps make it, but accidently puts too much blorm milk in it and now Mung can't wake up! How will he fill the orders? It's up to Chowder and Shnitzel to find a way to wake him up...before Truffles finds out! I liked this episode, a few really funny parts, but I do think it could have been a little better.

    "The Moldy Touch" - Chowder has been screwing up a lot lately, so he will do anything to be helpful. When Mung needs fizzle spice for his dish, Chowder feels like he must go down to the creepy cellar to find some. There he meets "Fungl", a so-called super spice that makes everything he touches better. Chowder immediately befriends him, but can he be trusted? This was one of the grosser episodes. Sort of funny, but not the best episode.

    I recommend both episodes to Chowder fans, though I would recommend others before "The Moldy Touch".moreless
  • Could be better

    The Heavy Sleeper

    Now this can I say? I dunno. I like this more than Moldy touch. But still good episode. Mung drinks milk and, makes him sleep too long. Then, at the end Mung go's back to sleep. This was the first episode of Chestnut.

    Final Score: C

    The Moldy Touch

    Now, this episode had grossness from The Puckerberry overlords in it. Like the line "Hey Mung! I'm going to make you pee your pants!" That was funny. XD Then, Funji (Then villan) throws up. Chowder thinks that's gross but not the line, "Hey Mung! I'm going to make you pee your pants!"?

    Final Score: C-

    Final score: C, 6.0moreless
  • A good episode indeed.

    Okay, the first episode segment was okay.

    Heavy Sleeper: Because of the Blormed Milk Chowder made for Mung, Mung falls into a doze. And Chowder has to wake him up before Truffles finds out. This episode was okay since there's nothing very important.

    Episode Grade: C-

    The Heavy Sleeper: This episode was better than I expected, well except for Mung being a little out of character in the beginning. So Chowder finds the Fizzle Spice that lets him turns stuff into mold, and in the ending, Mung lets us reveal about his life with the Fizzle Spice. There was nothing wrong with the Moldy Touch.

    Episode Grade: C

    Final Grade: Cmoreless
  • Okay, but.....

    The Heavy Sleeper: This was much better than Moldy Touch but still wasn't all that good, it's basically about Mung falling asleep because of too much of a "sleep cocoa" thingey. Then, Mung can't do anything in the kitchen because of course he's asleep, so Chowder and Schnitzel try to get the cure but of course lose Mung and have to get him back. Not too good jokes, not really funny or engaging. The Moldy Touch: Chowder has to retreive a special spice in the creepy cellar but instead gets a mold pixie that lies to him and says that he makes everything delicious so Chowder uses the mold pixie to try to make things taste good but he just makes them moldy. Mung has to save the day, few good jokes, kind of boring.moreless

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    • Old Man #1: Move your queen there.
      Old Man #2: Didn't I say I didn't need a blasted hint? Didn't I? Fine, I'll move my queen there.
      Old Man #1: Checkmate. I win.
      Old Man #2: Oh, I hate you so much.

    • Mung: Funjl, if you don't release Chowder, I'll have to introduce you to my friend, Mr. Fisty and his wife, Elaine.
      Funjl: You're all talk, Mung. You never had the guts to...
      Mung: (grabs the snail car) Hold still, Funjl! Your ride is here! (slams the snail car on Funjl and Chowder's faces)

    • (Chowder sneaks up behind Mung while he's making Blormed Milk)
      Mung: AAAAH!! Don't sneak up on my like that! (panting)
      Chowder: How do you want me to sneak up on you?
      (Another Chowder pops in)
      Chowder #2: Like this?
      Mung: AAAAH!! Knock it off!

    • Chowder: Hey, Mung, I'm gonna make you pee your pants!

    • Funjl: Do you want to make him really happy?
      Chowder: Yeah!
      Funjl: Really, really happy?
      Chowder: Yeah!
      Funjl: Pee-his-pants happy?
      Chowder: Oh, that's gross, but yeah!

    • (Mung Daal, still asleep, rolls down the street, off of the dock, and into the water. Chowder and Shnitzel run to the dock, but are too late to catch Mung. They appear sad and fear the worst)
      Mung: (His head quickly raises out of the water and he is shocked to find out where he is) What the!? Who the!? (Chowder splashes the hot clawfee on Mung's face). AHHHHH!
      Chowder: I woke him up!

    • Chowder: Don't worry Shnitzel, I heard roller skating is easy. Ready go! (pushes Shnitzel down a big hill and Shnitzel yells) . Maybe we shouldn't have started with such a big hill.

    • Mung: You don't need special spice to be a great chef, all you need is a great moustache.

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