Season 2 Episode 6

The Hot Date / The Shopping Spree

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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The Hot Date / The Shopping Spree
The Hot Date: Sergeant Hoagie is going to have a date, but because someone filled Endive's pool with pudding, he has to solve this crime first.

The Shopping Spree: Truffles is too ill, so she puts Mung, Chowder and Shnitzel in charge and tells them not to spend any money in the money box. Unfortunately though, they get so tempted that they go on a huge shopping spree, which eventually leaves them with no more money from the money box.moreless

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  • Officer Hoagie must solve a crime before going on his date and Truffles becomes really sick

    The Hot Date: Sergeant Hoagie is going to have a date, but because someone filled Endive's pool with pudding, he has to solve this crime first. I thought that this was a perfect episode of "Chowder". The episode was just non-stop hilarious and genius all the way through. This is definitely one of the best episodes of this show that I have ever seen. The humor was very very creative and excellent and the storyline was very original. There are definitely NO issues with this episode. I couldn't stop laughing at so many parts in this episode and I loved how this episode actually focused on Officer Hoagie and the rest of the police department. The parts that did make me laugh hard was the "spill the beans" joke, Gazpacho's cameo appearance, Chowder confessing to the police which wastes more time for Officer Hoagie, The whole police department plus Mung Daal, Chowder, Schnitzel, and Truffles sitting at a huge dinner table at a restaurant waiting for Officer Hoagie's date to show up, and many many more. Miss Bellum from "The Powerpuff Girls" making an appearance near the end of the episode was very funny as well and I also thought it was funny for Officer Hoagie to ride with Ms. Endive at the very end of the episode. Overall, an insanely hilarious and excellent episode of Chowder". 10/10

    The Shopping Spree: Truffles is too ill, so she puts Mung, Chowder and Shnitzel in charge and tells them not to spend any money in the money box. Unfortunately though, they get so tempted that they go on a huge shopping spree, which eventually leaves them with no more money from the money box. This episode was just okay but it was nowhere near as good as "The Hot Date". The middle half of the episode was probably the best part of the episode. I don't know what to say about the first half or last half of the episode. I did not like the first half of the episode because it was so disgusting and unnecessary to look at Truffles being really sick with boogers, ear wax, and her face just looked horrible. Also, the ear wax squirting out of Truffles' ear was so disgusting and the most disgusting and disturbing part of the entire episode... why would the writers go too far with crude humor like that? So yeah plus Mung Daal, Schnitzel, and Chowder getting the money box and thinking about what to spend on it was boring. The middle part of the episode did offer some laughs though and that's what my score a little high. The storyline was also somewhat executed well so that gets credit for that. Though, it could've been executed better. I really enjoyed seeing the voice cast of "Chowder" in that scene of the episode when there was no more animation and they have a car wash to raise money to bring back the animation so I thought that was cool. However, the ending in this episode is something that I didn't like and it could've been better. Overall, this is just an okay episode of "Chowder". 6/10moreless
  • Two episodes, each with a surprise!

    In the first one, we get to see the Marzipan Police Department again, and this time, Sgt. Hoagie is going on a blind date, but is stuck interrogating the Mung Daal Catering Co. over allegedly filling Endive's pool with pudding. My favorite parts were Shnitzel dancing for Endive and the cameo of Ms. Bellum from PPG.

    The second story has the gang spending the company's money on flashy accessories so Mung can impress the ladies, while Truffles is sick in bed. At one point the money runs out, and the show's voice actors (in a special live-action scene) have to wash cars to afford more animation!

    All in all, another great episode of a cartoon where anything can happen and usually will.moreless
  • This had to be one of the best episodes so far...

    The Hot Date: Officer Hoagie is going on a date, but he has to solve a crime first. Who filled Endive's pool with pudding? They arrest Chowder, Mung Daal, Snitzel, and Truffles. The officers were talking to the gang in Mung Daal's and Chowder said what he did in the past. He said "In that episode I switched the show to a boring show." That was refering to Brain Grub.

    Oh my gosh! Sara Bellum in The Hot Date? *faints happily*


    The Shopping Spree: When Truffles becomes ill, the gang (execpt Truffles) goes on a shopping spree. They end up spending all the money from the box and Mung Daal said: "No animation means: NO ANIMATION!" So the gang has to raise the money to get the animation back. Truffles finds out that all money is spent so the gang (exept Truffles) has to work for it.


    FINAL SCORE: 10.0 (Perfect)moreless
  • The Hot Date- Chief Hogie has a blind date tonight, but a case involving the main cast might get in the way! The Shopping Spree- Truffles is sick, so the others use this to their advantage as they go on a hild shopping spree... with disasterous resmoreless

    The Hot Date- Despite prefering the other episode better, I did like this one, with the call backs to previous episodes, and the humor was pretty good. Also, the cameo by Miss Bellum of the PowerPuff girls fame was a nice surprise!

    The Shopping Spree- It was amusing to see how, when given the chance (not to mention a lot of money), Mung, Chowder and Schnitzel go all out on their shopping spree to the point where there's no money left! And apparently they need the money to pay for the animation, which leads to a great fourth-wall breaking moment where the voice actors (still in character) have to raise money to fix it! The quality of the episode sorta drops after this part, but it's still good.moreless
  • Not the best episodes, but pretty funny. And the surprise the creator promised did not disappoint!

    "The Hot Date": I liked this one more then "The Shopping Spree". Just hours before, Sergeant Hoagie (from "The Wrong Customer"), has a date planned, he is assigned a special case. Somebody has filled Ms. Endive's pool with chocolate pudding! But who did it? With the prime suspects being the employees at Mung Daal's Catering Company, this could take awhile. Will Hoagie solve the case in time for his date? Funny episode with a surprise guest at the end!

    "The Shopping Spree":

    This one wasn't at all like I thought it would be. When Truffles gets sick, she gives them one rule: Don't spend any of the money in the money box behind the counter. Of course temptation strikes and Chowder, Mung, and Shnitzel go to the local mall. Without realizing it, they spend all of the money! Can they replace it before Truffles finds out? There is a great surprise in the middle of the episode that I think most of the fans will love. Anyway, there were a few funny parts and they got what they deserve in the end, but it was a little weird.

    I'd recommend these episodes.moreless
Diedrich Bader

Diedrich Bader

Sergeant Hoagie / Officer Snow Leopard / Beaver Cop

Guest Star

Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin

Ms. Sara Bellum

Guest Star

Dwight Schultz

Dwight Schultz

Officer Sloppy Joe / Officer Po-Boy / Guy

Recurring Role

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Officer Grinder / Robot / Delivery Guy / Officer Cheesesteak

Recurring Role

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Baby Cop / Officer Loose Meat

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Look Hard: In the episode The Shopping Spree, when Truffles throws Mung's soup at his face on accident, Mung says "My face! My beautiful face!". During he says that, one of the earrings he had on his ear (all the way in the top) vanishes out of nowhere!

    • In the episode "The Hot Date," when Chowder, Mung Daal, Shnitzel and Truffles are in a police line up the each hold up a sign with a number. However, Shnitzel's sign, instead of having numbers, has the words "Mung did it!" on it.

    • This is the second episode to reveal Ms. Endive still has a crush on Shnitzel. The first was "Shnitzel Quits".

  • QUOTES (7)

    • (Mung opens the money box, revealing it to be empty)
      Mung: We're out of money!
      Chowder & the Robot: What!?
      Shnitzel: Radda!?
      Mung (with his hands on the delivery guy's shoulders): Do you know what this means, man!?
      Delivery guy: You're not getting your delivery imitatoes?
      Mung: No! Worse than that!
      Delivery Guy: Your wife is gonna kill you when she finds out you spent all the money?
      Mung: Even worse than that!!
      Delivery Guy: Even worse tha... I give up. What?
      Mung: No money means.....

      (The scene abruptly shifts to a live action shot of Cartoon Network Studios' voice recording facility. Positioned in front of their microphones, left to right, are Nicky Jones (Chowder's voice), Tara Strong (Truffles' voice), Dwight Schultz (Mung Daal's voice), and John DiMaggio (Shnitzel's voice).)
      Dwight: .....NO ANIMATION!!
      Tara: What are we gonna do!?
      John: Radda radda!
      Dwight: No, we are not going home. We've got to save the show.
      Nicky: But where are we gonna get the money to pay for it!?
      (The four think it over for a few seconds.)

      (At a parking lot, Nicky, Tara, and John hold up signs offering passing motorists a car washing service. They then spend the next minute hosing, soaping, and wiping cars, while Dwight collects the money drivers pay each time a job is done.)

      Dwight (holding up the money collected from a number of jobs done): I think we made enough.....

      (The scene shifts back to the show's last scene before it was cut off.)
      Mung: get the animation back! Phew! Now, we gotta replace all the money that we took from the money box.

    • Chowder: Mung, can we buy a Bazooka?

    • Delivery Man: Yeah I got a shipment of 10 pounds of motatoes.
      Mung: Just put it over there next to our 43 massage chairs and our 17 marble tiger sculptures.
      Delivery Man: Ok, that'll be 40 dollops.
      Mung: Here you are my good man. 40-- Aaaaah! We're out of money!

    • Sgt. Hoagie: In your opinion, which would be better to bring on a blind date: chocolates or flowers?
      Gazpacho: I don't know! I've never been on a date before! I'm scared of girls - so very scared!

    • Chowder: Mung, what's happening? Are we gonna go to jail?
      Mung: No, Chowder. They ain't got nothin' on us 'cause I ain't sayin' nothin' and you ain't sayin'. Ya get what I'm sayin'?
      Chowder: What are you sayin'?

    • Mung: (after he sees Chowder has had his plate piled with food) Chowder!
      Chowder: What? Sgt. Hoagie said that we could eat as much as we wanted! (eats all the food in one bite)
      Mung: Chowder, it's not very-
      Chowder: (burps in Mung's face, interrupting him)

    • Mung: All right! Let's go home and roll around in our useless possesions!
      Chowder: But like, you like tottaly didn't go to like, Bob's like, tanning, nose job, like lipo and smoothie shop like, totaly!
      Mung: I don't know....
      Chowder: Like, ladies, like totaly!
      Mung: Like totaly! Let's go!

  • NOTES (5)

    • In The Hot Date, Chowder breaks the fourth wall when he mentions an episode that changes the whole show.

    • Even though Panini didn't appear with Ms. Endive in any of the two episodes, she made a cameo as a puppet at the end of the credits.

    • Credits: Mung presents the never-ending smaghetti. Chowder starts sucking in the smaghetti. Then, Panini pops out and Chowder ran away screaming.

    • "The Hot Date" ended prematurely in the original airing. After Sgt. Hoagie left with Endive, it cuts back to the restaurant, where we see that Hoagie's date was in fact waiting for him at the restaurant. The uncut version is available on iTunes.

    • In "The Shopping Spree", when Mung states that a lack of money leads to no animation, there is a switch to a live scene showing four of the cartoon's voice actors: Nicky Jones (Chowder), Dwight Schultz (Mung Daal), Tara Strong (Truffles), and John DiMaggio (Schnitzel). This lasts for a couple of minutes before they earned enough money from a car wash fundraiser for the final minutes of the episode's animation.