Season 1 Episode 9

The Puckerberry Overlords / The Elemelons

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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The Puckerberry Overlords / The Elemelons
The Puckerberry Overlords: When Chowder eats the dangerous puckerberry fruit, he is whisked away to his own mouth. Now realizing that his mouth is in potential danger, Chowder must save his taste buds before it's too late. The Elemelons: While making a special dish that requires Elemelons, large elephant-like fruit, Truffles causes the Elemelons to go on strike. Now being trapped with the Elemelons, Truffles must now make friends with them in order to finish the dish.moreless

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  • "The Puckerberry Overlords" could have been my least favorite episode ever.

    "The Puckerberry Overlords" - Wow, this was different! I felt more like I was watching and episode of "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" than "Chowder"! Chowder eats a fruit called, what else, but a Puckerberry! It's so sour, you'll pucker up until you completely disappear into a black hole. (Again, you have to see the episode to understand it.) Then Chowder ends up inside his mouth and goes on crazy adventure. Not a bad episode, just quite different from the others. "The Puckerberry Overlords" probably has the highest yuck-factor of them all.

    "The Elemelons" - This one was a little boring. Truffles makes fun of the Elemelons, a fruit that contains juice that Mung needs for his latest order. Unfortunately, Truffles offended them so much that they decided to go on strike! SO what they do? Mung locks truffles up in their cage and won't let her out until she makes peace with the Elemelons! Can she do it? I didn't like that she was in the cage for almost the entire episode, because the setting did get old after a while. I recommend the Puckerberry overlords to people who are fans of "Chowder" and can stand the grossness of "Billy and Mandy". I can't really say I recommend "The Elemelons" at all.moreless
  • Now, I thought I could come home to a good episode. WRONG!

    The Puckerberry Overlords

    Now, this is the good of the two episodes. Why? Good jokes and, it is very adventurous. Chowder gets stuck in his mouth and, must get out. By singing. Then, he gets out. And is hugged. But, he's covered in garbege...

    Final Score: D

    The Elemelons:

    Uhhhhhh.... Why'd I watch that? These elephant/melon creatures won't give juice? The plot is more to atracted girl watchers. I'm no girl! I'm a boy! So defently F. Then, at the end. Truffles locks Chowder, Mung and, Shnizel in the Elemelon cage and, go's shoping. Mung did'nt even get to change! Oh well.

    Final Score: F

    Final Score: F+, 3.0moreless
  • Here's what I think for both episode segments.

    Puckerberry Overlords: Well, what can I say? There was nothing wrong with this episode, the plot got pretty interesting, Chowder being transported to his own mouth of course. So then, Chowder defeats the overlords by song, and the end can always be better, but not litteraly for ''The Elemelons.'' The song was good.

    Episode Grade: C

    The Elemelons: Because of Truffle's very obnoxious bevavior with the Elemelons, the fruit goes on strike. Both the end and beginning was bad. I hated how Truffles bullied the elemelons at first, and how she tricked Mung, Chowder, and Shnitzel by locking them inside the elemelons cage while Truffle and the elemelons spend together. What?

    Episode Grade: C-

    Final Grade: Cmoreless
  • Finally! :D Another great episode of "Chowder!" :idea:

    I've been on the fence about whether or not I was going to fave this show in my collection of faved shows. But with this fine episode, I can safely say I will! Because Chowder goes somewhere he hasn't really gone before: into the world of adventure...sort of! Chowder, not knowing about the dangers of the Puckerberry, eats one whole and gets sucked into his own mouth! Now he must somehow find a way to free his taste buds from all the sour overlords in his mouth and restore the balance between sour and sweet. And he does that, through song! And it's a funny song that has a good beat! And despite being written by constant continuity breaker Maxwell Atoms, the first episode segment actually maintained a good amount of continuity and really didn't rely on any gross jokes that C.H. Greenblatt's last boss had been known for! Then Truffles has to do something which she considers impossible: find a way to be nice! And she has to be nice, to the Elemelons! Needless to say, Mung Dall, Chowder, and Schnitzel think this will take Forever! And for a while, it seems like Truffles won't budge in seeking forgiveness or friendship, and she's determined to get her own way like she always does. But no matter how much she pushes, the Elemelons won't work, and Truffles thinks she's lost her touch. But it's only when Chowder reveals the unpleasant truth that Truffles can come off as scary and high-strung at times, that Truffles realizes she can't make the Elemelons work through threats or intimidation, she Needs to try to be friendly to them. So it starts off small, sharing food with them, discussing married life, fashion accessorizing, and even sleep-overs. Truffles finally realizes if she puts her mind to it, she can be a great friend (at least to the Elemelons!) But it's progress, and life for Truffles might finally be sweeter for her! It will certainly be easier! I loved this episode! That's why I reviewed it! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
  • The least best Chowder episode so far.

    The Puckerberry Overlords: Chowder eats a puckerberry and is transported into his own mouth where a bunch of sour guys called the puckerberry overlords are now ruling his mouth. So Chowder must fight against them....with music!! This episode was a little boring and didn't really entertain me that much.

    The Elemelons: Mung Daal forces Truffles to calm down these wierd fruit creatures called Elemelons by locking her in the cage. Truffles is of course not very successful. This episode was kind of boring too but did have a lot more entertaining parts than "Puckerberry Overlords" and was silly with Truffles keep trying to squeeze the juice out of the elemelons but kept getting squeezed herself.moreless
Dwight Schultz

Dwight Schultz

Sweeth Tooth / Tastebud #1

Guest Star

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Wisdom Tooth / Queenie

Guest Star

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Woman Scream / Duchess

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Running Gag(s):

      1) Every time something goes into Chowder's mouth or into the puckerhole, it is seen it falling at one point or another. (The Puckerberry Overlords)
      2) Anything Chowder eats while he is inside his mouth tastes sour. (The Puckerberry Overlords)
      3) Truffles ends getting squashed by the juicer every time she fails to get the Elemelons to cooperatate. (The Elemleons)

    • How did Shnitzel get sucked backwards if the pucker hole was sucking everything forwards?

    • Mung Daal's elemelons were named Queenie, Princess and Duchess.

    • The minimum age to have a wisdom tooth is 15. In The Puckerberry Overlords, Chowder has a wisdom tooth, and he is not yet 15 years old.

    • According to the series, every character was named after food, but in this episode, there were a few characters that aren't named after food.

    • Truffles mentioned that she was a "mushroom pixie".

    • The book one of the elemelons was reading was actually the "pickle in a cup" recipe book from the Burple Nurples episode.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Mung: (Wearing a safety suit while tries to pull a puckerberry fuit off the plant) Stay on target. Steady... steady... Pick the green stem not the red stem.

      Chowder: (Hiding behind wall with Shnitzel) Hey, Mung!

      Mung: (Screams like a girl and drops the puckerberry)

      Chowder: Why are we hiding behind this wall again?

      Mung: Now, Chowder. I've already told you how dangerous these puckerberries are. If it had popped the juices of this forbidden fruit, it could have destroyed us all. I once saw a man who was foolish enough to put one of these in his mouth.

      Chowder: (Swallows a puckerberry) What happened?

      Mung: Well first, his lips started to quiver and his eyes watered. (Chowder's eyes water) Then came the flactiulance. (Chowder farts)

      Shnitzel: Radda radda!

      Mung: And as the poor man thought it wouldn't get any worse... his entire head started to pucker until his whole body emploded.

      Shnitzel: Radda radda!

      Mung: (Turns around to see Chowder emploding)Yeah, like that. (Screams like a girl again)

    • Chowder: (looking around inside his mouth) What is this wonderful place? Whoa! It's a big cave that smells like feet!
      Taste Bud #1: Sweet! Sweet!
      Chowder: No, I said "feet."
      Taste Bud #1: Sweet!
      Taste Bud #2: Sweet!
      Chowder: Feet.
      Taste Bud #1: Sweet!
      Taste Bud #2: Sweet!
      Chowder: Feet aren't sweet unless you had feet made out of caramel. Then I guess they'd be sweet. I wish I had feet made out of caramel.
      Taste Bud #1: Sweet!
      Taste Bud #2: Sweet!
      Chowder: You guys are weirdos. Can't you say anything beside sweet?
      Both Taste Buds: (seeing a Puckerberry demon sneaking up behind Chowder) Sour! Sour! Sour! Sour!
      Chowder: See? That's better.

    • Truffles: (to the Elemelons) It sure is hard to be a strong-willed woman, you have opinions, and they lock you in a cage.

    • (Chowder thinks to himself and the voices say)
      Taste Bud: Sour! Sour!
      Mung: A good chef always knows how to balance sour and sweet.
      Truffles: Did you pee on the seat?

    • Chowder: Why are you guys always so grumpy? Sometimes I get grumpy when I'm hungry.
      Frank the Sour Guard: Quiet!
      Chowder: Shnitzel's usually grumpy, but I think that's 'cause he has to make a poo. Maybe you had to make a poo.
      Frank the Sour Guard: be quiet!!
      Chowder: Sheesh! Grumpy.

    • Truffles: I am not scary. (eats food and spits it out) This food. Now that's scary!

    • Chowder: (to Truffles) You're... you're... SCARY...!

    • Chowder: When everything is sour
      Like before you take a shower
      And your stinky from your head down to your feet
      There is one thing that'll save you
      And it's when you bring your face to
      A big bowl of something really sweet
      Oh, we're sweet,
      and, we're sweet as can be,
      oh, we're the sweetest sweeties of them all
      Oh, we're sweet,
      got it tattooed on my seat.
      So, your empire of sour must fall.
      When, you feel your lips pucker,
      when, your suckin on a sucker
      Then there's way too much sourness in your life
      So, why not be a honey,
      with ears like a bunny
      and sweeten up the dull and sour wife?
      Oh, we're sweet.
      We're as sweet and can be
      Oh, we're the sweetest sweeties of them all,
      Oh, we're sweet

      Wisdom Tooth: And dang gum, their pretty neat!
      Sour Ron: And, my empire of sourness falls down...!

    • Chowder: You all need to take a poo!

    • Truffles: What is that racket?!
      (a giant tennis racquet with arms and legs leaves the scene)

    • Wisdom Tooth: Now, I know what your thinking. Well, stop it, and pay attention to the story. Sickos.

    • Wisdom Tooth: And so Chowder and the enslaved taste buds marched toward what seem like certain doom. Well, maybe not certain doom. More like doom with a strong possibility. Possibiladoom.

    • Chowder: How did you get up in the sky?
      Wisdom Tooth: Kid, I'm gonna spell this out nice and slow-like. You... you still with me... are the only one who can stop these angry sour guys from taking over your mouth.
      Frank the Sour Guy: Move your round pink butts!
      Chowder: How am I supposed to do that? I'm an eater, not a fighter.
      Wisdom Tooth: I don't know. But you don't on it pronto, you aren't gonna have a mouth to eat with anymore.
      Chowder: No mouth?

    • Chowder: (to his wisdom tooth) Hey! I know you. Can I have some cheese, Mr. Moon?
      Wisdom Tooth: I ain't the sassin' frassin' moon, you picklehead! I'm your wisdom tooth!
      Chowder: My wisdom tooth?

    • Mung: Come on, man! Put your legs into it! We gotta pull Chowder out of his mouth!
      Shnitzel: Radda radda radda!
      Mung: I'm not making you do all the work! I'm standing here pointing at the pucker hole, aren't I?!
      (The pucker hole sucks Mung's clothes off)
      Shnitzel: (disgusted) Aw, radda!

    • Truffles: I don't make nice!
      Mung: You better start learning, woman!

    • Chowder: (talking about his sweet tooth) That was my favorite tooth!

    • Wisdom Tooth: This story is about a man. Well, not so much as a man but, a boy. Well, not an actual boy but, as a cat...bear, rabbit thing. So, here's a cat-bear-rabbit thing. You know what? Let's say he's a boy, makes things easier. This here's a story about a boy, a boy... (coughs badly) Sorry about that. That would come to save us in our darkest hour.

    • Truffles: Yeah, baby, let's bring on the crazy!

    • Chowder: Hey, Truffles, I brought you dinner.
      Truffles: LET ME OUT!
      Chowder: Aaaaaah!!

    • Truffles: You silly fruits are going down!

    • Chowder: Don't be scared, we're only going to squish you!

    • Chowder: How do you think that makes me feel?
      Taste Bud: Bitter!
      Chowder: Darn tootin'!

  • NOTES (6)