Season 1 Episode 7

The Thrice Cream Man / The Flibber-Flabber Diet

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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The Thrice Cream Man / The Flibber-Flabber Diet
The Thrice Cream Man: Mung tries to find a way to break Chowder's obsession with thrice cream, so he gets a real life Thrice Cream Man to visit. After a day of fun, Chowder's new friend turns out to be a nightmare. The Flibber-Flabber Diet: Truffles puts everyone on a diet of eating only the stinky, unappealing Flibber-Flabber. Will she lose weight before everyone else lose their minds?moreless

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  • Thrice Cream Man was better

    Thrice Cream Man: I thought this episode was perfect. I thought it was funny that Chowder won't stop getting thrice cream every 10 minutes. Mung getting a Thrice Cream Man was very cool. It was very funny that Truffles was at the oven. Chowder not feeling good after he ate of lot of thrice cream was funny. Shintzel and Mung getting rid of the thrice cream and then got brain freeze was very funny. The ending was very interesting and funny. Overall, a perfect episode of Chowder. 10/10

    The Fibber Flabber Diet: I thought this was a great episode. I thought it was super funny that Truffles destroyed some of the building. It was funny that Chowder, Mung, and Scintzel decided not to join the diet thing. The last 2 minutes was funny that they grew the place and then it shrank eventually. My score is lower because I thought Truffles was getting a little annoying (although it was kinda funny when she said me like 30 times) and I thought the part that Mung getting splitted on was kind taking long. Overall, a great episode. 8/10moreless
  • Very funny, but Truffles was kind of annoying.

    "The Thirce Cream Man" - Chowder just can't go five minutes without eating Thrice Cream, which is distracting him from his cooking lessons. Mung, believing that you can definitely have too much of a good thing, makes a Thrice Cream Man for Chowder. He hopes that if Chowder spends enough time with the Thrice Cream Man, he will get sick of Thrice Cream once and for all! Is that possible? This was a pretty good episode.

    "The Flibber-Flabber Diet" - Truffles thinks she is fat and that she absolutely must go on a diet. Of course, she blames Mung for "cooking food that makes her fat", and makes him start cooking nothing besides an awful-tasting food called Flibber-Flabber, which nobody can stand except for Chowder. Will they be able to stand it until Truffles loses weight? This episode was quite funny, but Truffles was really annoying. (Then again, when is she not?)

    I'd recommend these episodes to fans of Chowder.moreless
  • I was highly disappointed.

    Ok, Chowder, Best fantasy cartoon ever!!! But this episode was one of my top least favorites. I mean, I expect these are the top 3 things on Chowder:




    I only got one third of that, and that was "puns". I expected more from the creators. I mean, this is all that happened:

    The TCM:

    Mung was annoyed with Chowder's obsession with Thrice Cream, so makes a Thrice Cream man and see if Chowder can get sick of it.

    The F-FD:

    Truffles thinks she's fat and puts every one on a diet.

    See! Simple and somewhat funny. Therefore, this was not my favorite Chowder episode and I expect more from the creators.moreless
  • Not my favorite episode, but it's in a good episode class.

    Well, this episode did okay. Chowder is enthusiastic about common foods like Thrice Cream and Flibber-flabber. He likes to eat a lot of it, but until it becomes regrettable. Eating too much Thrice cream won't only make you sick, it will cause a brain freeze headache. I saw thrice cream in later and earlier episodes, but we need to see more flibber-flabber. Flibber-flabber may be the grossest-tasting food in the world, but Chowder liked the taste of Flibber Flabber. He thinks that is the best food he ever tried, but it's the worst food to the others. Maybe I would need to try flibber-flabber, because I am fat. Hope the taste is good, because it is said that if you eat a ton of it, you will lose a lot of weight. Well, it's a good episode, and I liked the puppet show at the end.moreless
  • The rareist episode ever!

    The Thrice Cream man

    Now, I love Ice cream. I see how me and Chowder can relate. But. I giant Thrice Cream man? (Licks lips) If Mung could just make a giant Ice cream man for me. Mmmmm. . . . . . . Delicous.

    Final Score: A-

    The Flibber Flabber Diet

    Belch! Flibber Flabber. Awful stuff! And, Truffle has a huge butt! Ehhhh... And, Chowder becomes so fat. I mean FAT. I think I've got it! With a Flibber Flabber diet makes you fat but it's so bad you can't become fat! So Mung's catering company grows HUGE then, small.

    Final Score: A-

    Final Score: A-, 9moreless
Dwight Schultz

Dwight Schultz

Thrice Cream Vendor / Food

Guest Star

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio


Guest Star

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Strange Troll Dude / Thrice Cream Woman / Lady

Guest Star

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • At the dinner table, Chowder is in between Shnitzel and Mung, but at the end of the scene, Chowder's chair is gone.

    • When the thrice cream was first put in the glass cup, it was a light blue-green, but when Larry, the cherry-like fruit landed on it, it was white.

    • In the preview before this episode premire, Shnitzel was weighing himself, then broke the scale. When it premired, there was no part of the episode that Shnitzel weighed himself.

    • Flibber-Flabber was meant to make those who eat it lose weight, but Chowder ate piles of it, and it only made him gain weight.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Truffles: I gotta little junk-junk, in the trunk-trunk! A little booty-booty, so fresh and fruity, mmmmm! I gotta little rump-rump, and I'll do a little BUMP-BUMP!

    • Mung: (To the thrice cream man) Is this a family recipe?

    • Chowder: (Thinking to himself) I like thrice cream.

      Mung: Chowder! Focus, boy.

      Chowder: I am focused. (Makes hand motions)

      Mung: (While Chowder's handing him the ingredients) Time to squeeze in some squash. Make space for some spice. Make room for the mushroom.

      Chowder: (Hears thrice cream cart, runs off, and comes back) Here's your mushroom.

      Mung: But we already...(Opens oven to see Truffles sitting in it agrily) Not done! (Closes oven)

      Chowder: (Hears thrice cream cart and runs off)

      Mung: We gotta get rid of this kid's thrice cream obsession!
      Shnitzel: Radda.

      Truffles: (In the oven, talking to Mung) Oh, honey.

      Mung: (To Shnitzel) Run, man! Run! (Shnitzel grabs Mung and runs off)

    • Truffles: Honey, tell me the truth. Have I become a little large in the barge?
      Mung: Chowder, take cover. (to Truffles) Um, No.
      Truffles: Is that a question?
      Mung: (nervously) No.
      Truffles: So I've put on weight?
      Mung: I didn't say that.
      Truffles: I need to go on a diet?
      Mung: I didn't say that!
      Truffles: Come on! Out with it! Am I fat?!
      Chowder: Fat? Yeah!
      (Mung Daal bops Chowder on the head)

    • Chowder: Thrice cream, please don't ever go away!
      Mung: (to the thrice cream salesman) GO AWAY!

    • Truffles: Chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, butterscotch, you are none of these. Tapioca pudding, this is you!

    • Chowder: I'm sorry, Thrice Cream man. I still like you, I just can't smell you, touch you, or be near you at all.

    • Thrice Cream Man: Scoop in mouth time!
      Mung: Oh, I think Chowder has had enough scoop in mouth, for a while.
      Thrice Cream Man: (sadly) No scoop? Thrice Cream Man bad!
      Mung: No! You were great! Really!
      Chowder: I'm sorry, Thrice Cream Man. I still like you... I just can't be near you, or smell you, or look at you is all.
      Mung: Don't worry! We'll find you some other nice kid who would love to eat thrice cream.
      Thrice Cream Man: (angrily) No! Scoop in mouth for Chowder only!

    • Truffles: We're all back on the diet!
      Mung and Shnitzel: (groaning in disappointment)
      Chowder: Yeah!

    • Mung: (about Chowder) This kid is a bottomless pit.

    • Truffles: (to Chowder on the map) Why are those dots following us? Run, Chowder!

    • Mung: Wearing bigger shirts makes you feel skinnier? That gives me an idea...
      (Mung tries to feed Truffles flibber-flabber again, but fails)
      Mung: Wait, I've got another idea.

    • Mung: Chowder, life lesson number one: never tell a woman she's fat.
      Truffles: (crying) If anyone needs me, which I doubt because I'm so hideously disgusting, I'll be in bed, hanging out with my only friends: peanut and butter!
      (Truffles takes out a bottle of peanut butter and a stick of butter, dips the butter in the peanut butter, and eats it)
      Truffles: Oh, yes, so… I hate you! I love you! I hate you! I love you! Ah! I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep.
      Mung: Well, we got off easier than I expected.
      (Truffles flies back into the room and points at him)
      Truffles: (angrily) You! You did this to me!
      Mung: What are you talking about?!
      Truffles: Are you or are you not the chef here?
      Mung: (proudly) Indeed I am!
      (Mung Daal places a chef's hat on his head, though Truffles knocks it off)
      Mung: My hat!
      Truffles: (angrily) You make this food that makes me fat! You get some sort of sick kick outta keeping me fluffy?
      Mung: (angrily) Woman! You crazy! My cooking does not make anyone fat! The rest of us here are doing just fine! We are the picture of health!
      (The scene shows Chowder, Mung Daal and Shnitzel, all fatter than they normally appear)

    • (Mung tries several other ways to make Flibber-Flabber taste better but fails)
      Mung: That's it, I've had enough!
      (tries again)
      Mung: Okay, now I've had enough.

    • Truffles: That's it! I can't eat this slop, and it's your fault! You need to make it taste better!
      Mung: But this stuff is straight nasty.
      Truffles: And I thought I married a chef... not a crybaby!
      Shnitzel: Ooh...
      Mung: Stop doing that!

    • Mung: I'm quite proud of my girlish figure, thank you! I caught you staring, Shnitzel.

  • NOTES (8)