Season 1 Episode 13

The Vacation / The Sleep Eater

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jun 05, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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The Vacation / The Sleep Eater
The Vacation: Mung Daal, Shnitzel and Chowder are about to go to beach when Chowder accidentally locks Mung, Shnitzel and himself in the restroom. They have tried to call for help, and Chowder doesn't remember what to do.

The Sleep Eater: Chowder eats a midnight snack throws his appetite off kilter and becomes a sleep-eater, engulfing wildly only in his sleep and not feeling hungry in the morning. Now he must spend one whole night awake to avoid eating anything so he can get back to normal.moreless

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  • I found it very hard to sit through "The Vacation".

    "The Vacation" - Everybody in the gang (except for Truffles) is going to the beach, but just when think they are ready to leave, Chowder realizes that he forgot to use the bathroom. So, he goes back inside and accidently locks himself inside. In attempts to get him out, Mung and Shnitzel end up locked in there, too! What's worse, Chowder finally remembers what he went up there to do. Not wanting to go in front of Mung and Shnitzel, he holds it, which nearly causes him to explode! Can they get out before that happens. Gross episode, no great jokes, weird ending.

    "The Sleep Eater" - Chowder's late night snacking has turned him into a sleep eater - a creature that is as strong as a "bearilla", only eats at night, and will find something to eat at all costs. The only way this can be fixed is for Chowder to go through a whole night without eating. Can he do it? Not a great episode, sort of boring. A show called "Ed, Edd, n Eddy" did an episode like this called "A Glass of Warm Ed" and I think that was much better.

    I don't recommend these episodes at all.moreless
  • Mung? I have to pee

    The Vaction

    The Vaction is sorta good. When, Mung came into the bathroom. Shnezal and Chowder looked as though they were do a shaving lesson. Chowder despertly has to pee and, they are locked inside the bathroom. And, when they finally get out of the bathroom and, to the beach. Chowder go's into the beach water. Siccccccck.

    Final Score: B-

    The Sleep Eater

    I liked this one better. I loved the part when, Mung lifted his hand and, said "Chowder!" I was laughing so hard after seening that part. Chowder's eating clock is messed up and, so he becomes a Sleep Eater at night.

    Final Score: B+

    Final Score: B, 8moreless
  • while watching the vacation I almost had to go myself. VERY funny.

    This was a great episode I loved it, I liked this one just as much as the episodes sniffleball and mung on the rocks. Chowder get's locked in than Shnitzel get's locked in and in the meantime Mung first get's a parkingticket and than they just tow his car. After Mung gets locked in even his sweettalking to the door doesn't get it open and truffles just lays there and seems the only one who has a nice day. And finally they end up on the beach a bit different than they expected. It was such a funny episode I almost had to run to the restroom myself.moreless
  • Mung Dall catering has to deliver a order to the beach and they decide to spend the day therebut before they go chowder has to use the bathroom/chowder has a sleep eater which makes him eat all this food at night to get rid of it is to not sleep one nightmoreless

    mung dall has to deliver a order to the the beach so they think when there done giving the order to the person that they will spend the rest of the day there the chowder has to use the bathroom so he goes and never comes out so mung sends shiel out to get him and shiel gets stuck in the bath room with him and they try everything to get out so mung goes after them then chowder al most expoldes form having to go to the bathroom.chowder has a sleep eater and so the only way to get rid of it is to not sleep a whole night so he does all these things to stay a wake mung and shiel trys to help but end up geting hurt badly finley chowder out smarts him slef and gets rid of the sleep eater!moreless
  • What happenned to Chowder?

    What happenned to Chowder? It used to be funny a few episodes ago, now it's just lame and unfunny. The art looks a bit awful at times in the second season, and the jokes are awful. The original Chowder feel is missing, what did the first season ever do to the second season to deserve this? I didn't even find any of the jokes in here funny at all. The plot is awful compared to last season. This show is just going downhill fast, it's becoming a second Squirrel Boy. This show will probably be over after this season and they'll repeat it for a while and finally remove it from the Cartoon Network line up. And in five years I'll go up to somebody and say, "Whatever happened to Chowder?" and he'll go, "Chowder who?"moreless
Dwight Schultz

Dwight Schultz

Parking Enforcement / Pigeon / King of the Sky

Guest Star

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Clock Keeper / Sleep Eater

Guest Star

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Sun / Moon

Guest Star

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    • Mung: Just try thinking of something... dry.
      Chowder: Like Shntizel's sense of humor?
      Mung: No, that's too dry.

    • Shnitzel: Radda radda radda.

      Mung: No, we are not going to throw Chowder down on her!

    • Chowder: Mung, I have to pee.
      Mung: Untie him, Shnitzel.
      Shnitzel: (unties Chowder and muttering) Radda radda radda radda radda radda radda radda radda radda radda.
      (Short pause)
      Mung: Well? Go!
      Chowder: I just did.
      Mung: Tie him up, Shnitzel
      Shnitzel: Ohh! Radda! (ties Chowder up)

    • Mung: Listen, Chowder. Late night snacking is not healthy. It can cause a change in your eating and, blah. Blah blah blah blah blah. Blah, blah blah blah. Blah blah. Your not listening to me are you?
      Chowder: Yes I am!
      Mung: What'd I just say?
      Chowder: Blah, blah blah. Blabbity, blah blah. Blah blah. and, I couldn't hear the last part because, I was looking at the food.
      (short pause)
      Mung: Go to bed, Chowder.

    • Chowder: (to his Sleep Eater form) Please stop! We can be friends!
      Sleep Eater: (grumbles)
      Chowder: What do you mean "You don't want to be friends?"

    • Mung: Did I tell you to go before we left?
      Chowder: (calmly) Yes.
      Mung: Did you go?
      Chowder: (calmly) No.
      Mung: THEN GO!

    • Mung: I'd thought I'd never be happy to see my wife!

    • Mung: (to Truffles) The sun can turn these donuts into gooey gooballs.
      Chowder: (offended) Who you calling a gooball?

    • Mung: (After the kitchen is a mess) What did I tell you, yesterday?
      Chowder: Blah blah blah blah-
      Mung: No! I said no-o-o-o-o-o midnight snacking!

    • Chowder: Mung, I did it! I made it through the whole night without eating anything!
      Mung: I knew you could do it, Chowder!
      Shnitzel: Radda radda!
      Mung: Well, I knew he would do it eventually, I just didn't think it would be during our lifetimes!

    • Mung: (referring to the messy kitchen) Chowder, did you do this last night?
      Chowder: Of course not.
      Mung: Then would you perhaps like some scrambled eggs for breakfast.
      Chowder: No, I'm not hungry. (Stops and looks stunned) I'm not hungry? AHHH!!!! What's wrong with me?!
      Mung: I am afraid you have become...a Sleep-Eater! They walk around all night eating things and have no memory of it in the morning.
      Chowder: That's horrible! What good is eating if you can't even remember doing it?!

    • Chowder: (to Shnitzel and Mung) I can't go in front of you. You're both old and grody!
      Mung: You have to go! If you don't, there's a good chance we could all, drown!
      Chowder: Eww!

    • Mung: (to Shnitzel) Maybe we'd better go check on him. And by "we," I mean "you."

    • Truffles: Let me get this straight. You three are going to the beach while I stay here and work my tail feathers off?!
      Chowder: You have tail feathers?

    • Mung: Chowder, you have to stop yourself from sleep-eating. You're our only hope.
      Truffles: Hello? What about me?
      Chowder: No. You're not in this episode!
      (Truffles disappears)

    • Chowder: (tries to stay awake by standing under the shower) That feels good.
      (notices strange man standing in his bathroom)
      Chowder: Who are you?
      Man: I'm the weirdo that haunts your dreams...
      Chowder: My dreams?
      Man: Yeah. You're asleep right now.
      Chowder: Asleep?!

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