Season 1 Episode 5

The Wrong Address / The Wrong Customer

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • The first pair was more enjoyable, but I enjoyed both of the episodes

    The Wrong Address: I thought this was a very funny episode of Chowder. It was one of the very first Chowder episodes I've ever saw and it was already making me laugh. Those scene that considered funny are Chowder's gut saying cake, Chowder telling Mung to go to weird locations, Mung's joke and Kwiki's cameo saying "that's terrible," Mung taunting st the creatures (and attack on their cans), the pig lady using pepper spray on Chowder, Mung, and the roast, and the ending. 10/10

    The Wrong Customer: Another funny and perfect episode though the Wrong Address was slightly funnier and better. There were some great parts such as the owl landing in the catering company, the owl taking off Schintzel's apron, the introduction of the cops (their first scene), Sr. Hoagie deciding who should go first, the owl burning schintzel's butt, the other telling Sr. Hoagie that he's stinky, dangerous, the owl causing the catering company to be destroyed, and the last scene. 10/10
  • The worst episode ever.

    Ok, this episode was not so good. Panini was not in either part of the episode, but that is not the problem. The main problem is that Mung Daal has lost most of his property. After he left the apartment tower, their car was gone, so Mung Daal blames it on the unsmart gang across the street. Then, they hijacked the pig lady's car and got hurt by pepper spray. When the pig crashed, the customer said he will never order from Mung, again. So, Mung loses one of his customers, and the pig lady stole all of the money that Mung got from the order, just to spray pepper spray on him. Due to what Mung did to the street gang, they chased him. And this is where he found out his kitchen was destroyed. Now, he lost one of his customers, the money he got from the customer, his kitchen, and his wife. And Shnitzel thinks about quitting because of what Truffles and the owl did to him. The second episode was better than the first, but was far too inappropiate for a kid's show. And Truffles was so mean that we can ever think of. The writers got to think clearer next time they write an episode.
  • A perfect Chowder pairing

    The Wrong Address- Mung and Chowder are late with an order, so they must hurry to deliver the order to the customer in downtown Marzipan. Very funny for the most part, also has one of my favorite Chowder quotes: "Pepper Spray! Sounds delicious!" {gets sprayed} "Oh I was wrong I was horribly wrong!!!" 10/10 A+

    The Wrong Customer- In the same timeframe as "The Wrong Address" Truffles and Shinitzel have to deal a near-sighted owl, who is wanted by the Marzipan police. Very funny, like how takes place at the same time as the first episode in the pairing. 10/10 A+

    Overall, two series bests in one pairing. 10/10 A+
  • There were some elements I really liked, and some I really didn't.

    "The Wrong Address" - I prefer this one over "The Wrong Customer". Chowder and Mung are late to finish up an order of "Roast Most" and must deliver it to the customer immediately! Though, the customer lives in an unfamiliar, bad part of town. Can Mung and Chowder find thier way through this neighborhood and deliver the dish in time. Devent episode - liked the pepper spray bit and the guys who talked backwards.

    "The Wrong Customer" - This episode explains what happened at the catering company while Chowder and Mung were gone. I really like that they did that, but some of the humor in the episode was a bit cruder than usual and not really in a good way. I think "The Wrong Customer" could have been better.

    I recommend these episodes to Chowder fans who don't mind the crude humor.
  • Average. That's it.

    The Wrong Address
    Now, The Wrong Address was waaaay better than The Wrong Customer. The Wrong Address had more funny parts. Like Mung Daal fighting the talks backwards guy. And, the rat chasing Mung and Chowder. Pepper Spray? AHHHHHH! I was wrong!
    Final Score: B-

    The Wrong Customer
    Now, what the heck? That was very awful! But, they had...Shnizel screaming from his butt! XD That was a good part. But, mostly this episode was bad. Why? Cause most of this episode was Mr. Sambel crashing the hole kitchin. And, the hole kitchin expoled it this episode. That's bad. Not good.
    Final Score: C-

    Final score: C+, 7
  • At long last, my first review of an episode of "Chowder!" :D

    It's taken me some time to get around to writing an episode review for "Chowder," mainly because I like to watch all the episodes of a show that I might like in the original order they were aired and it took me sometime just to watch this much. Yet at long last, I feel as though I have something to contribute as far as a review for this show goes. But first, I'd just like to say: "Pepper spray? That sounds delicious! Ahhh! I was wrong! I was horribly wrong!" :lol: Maybe the best line in Cartoon Network's history ever, and there are a lot to choose from! Plus the plots in this episode are pretty funny to, Chowder and Mung Dall running here, there, and everywhere around Marzipan City trying to deliver a meal to a customer, while Schnitzel and Truffles have to deal with an insane, near-sighted owl. Even though the wrong customer is supposed to be a menace, it's only Truffles who threatens to kill anybody (and knowing Truffles, she's probably not kidding!) :idea: It sure looks like Schnitzel has his work cut out for him in the immediate future! I sure hope there are more episodes that I want to review for this episode! :D Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • It was okay and really good at the same time.

    I don't know what to think about this episode. It was kind of annoying at some times when the pepper spray salesman kept spraying Mung, Chowder, and the Roast Moast with the pepper spray. And the roast moast was pretty annoying too. But it was pretty good too. It was adventurous with the crazy rat chasing Mung Daal and Chowder down the street and.... ohh, I also have to review the wrong customer. Yeah, that was pretty good too. It was very funny with the short, blind owl guy causing havoc with Schnitzel and Truffles and the hilarious cops too. Yeah, i wasn't that impressed but still it was good.
  • A around episode

    "My kitchin! My beutaful kitchen!" It seems Chowder follows Mung werever he go's like when he went to go get his certifricite, and. Hey! Useully the custotomer comes to pick up his or her's food! why they change it in this episode? Why in this episode's summery they say the crimnal chose the catering kitchen as his hideout if he didn't know where he was hun? Who posted the summery? I'll get them and-moving on! And so, every one his showing bad luck to all the main charactors inthis episode belive me the writters are looseing ecuses threw out this cartoon